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Real Name: Dr. Robert Bruce Banner

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-70105) human mutate

Occupation: Scientist, SHIELD Agent

Group Membership: S.H.I.E.L.D, Spider-Army (Captain Spider/Flash Thompson of Earth-78127, Captain Universe/Peter Parker of Earth-13, Old Man Spider/Ezekiel Sims of Earth-4, Prince of Arachne/Peter Parker of Earth-71004, Spider-Girl/Betty Brant of Earth-78227, Spider-Girl/May Parker of Earth-982, Spider-Ham/Peter Porker of Earth-25, Spider-Man/Max Borne of Earth-9500, Spider-Man/Ben Reilly of Earth-94, Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O'Hara of Earth-928, Spider-UK/Billy Braddock of Earth-833, Spider-Woman/Gwen Stacy of Earth-65)

Affiliations: Reed Richards, Dr. Janice Rose, Scarlet Spider of Earth-616 (Kaine), Tony Stark

Enemies: Galactus, Inheritors of Earth-001 (Bora, Brix, Daemos, Jennix, Morlun, Solus), Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Known Relatives: Most likely the same as his 616 counterpart; Brian Banner (father), Rebecca Banner (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York, USA
                                  formerly S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters, location undisclosed

First Appearance: Bullet Points I#4 (April, 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Banner was a brilliant scientist, primarily responsible for the design and creation of the Gamma Bomb. After the spider bite, Banner's body suffered an extreme reaction to his mutation because of his bodies maturity. Reed Richards suggested if he would have been younger at the time of infection, the reaction would have been less severe. While the growth processes would still have been ongoing, his hormonal system would have been able to integrate the changes into his body. Banner's mutation made him highly aggressive and unable to retain his human side until after years of therapy and medical research, he learned to let his human side take over again.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

History: (Bullet Points I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Bruce Banner was responsible for the creation of the Gamma Bomb.

(Bullet Points I#3 - BTS) - During a Gamma Bomb explosion, young Peter Parker was turned into a mutated, rampaging powerhouse that the media called the Hulk.

(Bullet Points I#4 (fb)) - A SHIELD team was gathering all kind of radiation samples (soil, minerals and life-forms) from the test range and contacted Dr. Bruce Banner and Doctor Janice Rose to figure out what had happened. Feeling personally responsible for the fate of young Parker, he would always be the first to arrive for work and the last to leave, obsessing over the job.

(Bullet Points I#4 (fb)) - Banner figured he might be able to cure Peter if he could study a tissue sample of the Hulk. He asked SHIELD director Reed Richards if he could head up a survey team and visit some of the places the Hulk had been sighted at recently to look for samples. Richards declined the request, deeming Banner too valuable for such a potentially dangerous field mission. This sadly drove Banner on a dangerous path as he decided to work on the samples SHIELD had collected earlier. Banner planned to dissect an irradiated spider and took off his radiation gloves, believing it was already dead. The spider proved very much alive, however, and bit him. The irradiated venom affected Banner at a genetic level and his adult body had great difficulty processing the venom, leading to severe complications. The next day Banner woke up stuck to the ceiling covered in webbing and the spider-venom had caused him to become unstable and aggressive with his humanity completely subsided. The enraged Spider-Banner eventually escaped the SHIELD base, clinging onto an airplane headed for New York.

(Bullet Points I#4 (fb)) - Banner arrived in Manhattan, where he went into hiding, living on vermin and remaining in the shadows of buildings in his webbing. It took a full two year for SHIELD to track Banner down and with some difficulty, they brought him back into custody.

(Bullet Points I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Banner underwent multiple years of intensive research, therapy and medical treatments designed to help him regain control. Thanks to SHIELD, Banner was able to rediscover the man within the spider. After the last day of treatment, Banner received a special costume and was offered a position within SHIELD.

(Bullet Points I#4) - Wearing his new Spider-Man costume, he was visited by Reed Richards, who introduced Tony Stark to him. Before Richards could check on Banner's progress, he was whisked away to the war room to deal with the arrival of Galactus, the all mighty world-eater.

(Bullet Points I#5) - To stop Galactus from activating his planet-killer in twelve hours, all of Earth's heroes combined their powers to fight the devourer and his herald, the Silver Surfer. As Spider-Man, Banner fought the Surfer but was struck down by his cosmic powers. When the battle seemed at its worst, it was Parker who resurfaced as the Hulk to fight Galactus. His perseverance inspired the Silver Surfer to oppose his master and he went forth to destroy the planet-killer. Banner and Earth's heroes could do nothing but look on as the events unraveled.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#9 - BTS) - Banner was one of many alternative Spider-Men contacted by Billy Braddock, the Spider-UK of Earth-833. Braddock explained that beings called the Inheritors were massacring and feeding on Spider-Totems throughout the multiverse. To counter this, he was gathering an army to defeat the Inheritors. Banner decided to join UK on Earth-13.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#9/1) - Banner joined a team of Spider-Men (Old Man Spider (Ezekiel Sims of Earth-4), Spider-Man (Ben Reilly of Earth-94), Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy of Earth-65)) on a mission to rescue another Spider-Totem: the Scarlet Spider of Earth-616. Sadly, Daemos of the Inheritors had already traveled to Earth-616 and defeated the Scarlet Spider and his team the New Warriors in battle. Right before Daemos could devour the Scarlet Spider's life force, Banner's team teleported in, trying to keep the Inheritor distracted long enough for them to rescue the spider. Unfortunately this meant the end for Banner as Daemos broke his spine. The Spiders decided to take their loss and fled.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#9/2) - Banner was taken back to the Inheritors' headquarters on Loomworld where he, and several other alternate reality Spiders, were prepared for dinner. After some debate over who had caught the best Spiders, the Inheritors feasted on the Spider-Totems. Other Spider-Men devoured during the meal were Spider-Vampire (Earth designation unrevealed), Spider-Man (Earth-9105/Forever Yesterday) and Man-Spider (Earth-666).

Comments: Created by J. Michael Straczynski (writer) and Tommy Lee Edwards (pencils, inks).

It's interesting to note that in Morlun's earliest appearances (also written by JMS, incidentally) it was established that he can barely stomach devouring Spider-Totems that are "tainted" by radiation. That's what saved Earth-616's Spider-Man during their initial encounter. However, while "Bullet Points" Spider-Man was also clearly irradiated (and probably got an extra dose or two working on the Gamma Bomb) Morlun and company feasted on him with no visible problems. Guess they eventually developed a taste for radiation? --Norvo

Unless otherwise specified, all locations and beings related in this profile refer to Earth-70105 versions.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Spider-Man has no known connections to

Dr. Janice Rose

Dr. Janice Rose was a radiation specialist from the Fermi National Accelerator lab in Batavia, Illinois. Rose was called in by the head of SHIELD to lead a team together with Dr. Bruce Banner to figure out what had happened after the Gamma Bomb explosion turned Peter Parker into the Hulk.


--Bullet Points I#4

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Bullet Points I#4, p15, pan3&4 (mutating)
Bullet Points I#4, p10, pan5 (Dr. Janice Rose)
Amazing Spider-Man III#9, p17, pan3 (death)

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