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Real Name: Peter Parker

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-666) human mutate

Occupation: Member of the Avengers

Group Membership: Avengers of the Undead ("Black Widow", Brother Voodoo, "Captain America", "Daredevil", "Hawkeye", "Punisher", Thor, "Wolverine")

Affiliations: The Undead Celestial

Enemies: Avengers of Earth-616 (Beast/Hank McCoy, Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, Hawkeye/Clint Barton), Inheritors of Earth-001 (Bora, Brix, Daemos, Jennix, Morlun, Solus)

Known Relatives: Most likely the same as his Earth-616 counterpart

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Avengers headquarters, Earth-666

First Appearance: Secret Avengers I#33 (December, 2012)

Powers/Abilities: Like all other inhabitants of Earth-666, Man-Spider was a member of the undead. His body had been transformed into that of a huge spider covered in thick grey fur. He only had three fingers and three toes. Besides his appearance, the Man-Spider could stick to walls with his clawed tentacles and feet. It's unrevealed, though not unthinkable, if he could produce organic webbing.

Height: 6'2" (by approximation)
Weight: 285 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Glowing red
Hair: Body covered in grey fur

History: (Secret Avengers I#33) - Man-Spider and the Avengers of the Undead were met by Avengers Captain Britain and Hawkeye from Earth-616, who were on a quest to retrieve the Orb of Necromancy. Captain Britain had previously left it in Brother Voodoo's possession for safekeeping. Brother Voodoo and the Avengers of the Undead, however, had no intention of returning the Orb. Instead, they wanted to spread the plague of the undead to the ends of all reality.

(Secret Avengers I#34) - Man-Spider and the Avengers of the Undead ambushed the two Avengers who nevertheless tried to retrieve the Orb from the Undead Celestial. Without too much trouble, Captain Britain and Hawkeye managed to grab the Orb from the Celestial and fled the scene while the Avengers of the Undead gave chase. Thanks to Brother Voodoo's magic, the duo couldn't escape that reality but, as luck would have it, they were joined by Beast from Earth-616.

(Secret Avengers #35 - BTS) - Man-Spider remained at the Avenger's side as they chased the 616 Avengers. After dealing with Thor and Wolverine of the Avengers of the Undead, the 616-Avengers devised a plan to return to their own dimension by using the Orb.

(Secret Avengers I#36) - While attending a meeting of the Avengers of the Undead, Man-Spider and the other Avengers of the Undead discussed their need for the Orb of Necromancy and how they feared the living would destroy their Universe now that their plans had been revealed. Just then Captain Britain, Beast and Hawkeye entered the Avengers meeting hall to confront Brother Voodoo, claiming they had arrived to return the Orb so they could leave this dimension. Before Brother Voodoo could accept the Orb, Captain Britain used its powers to return Voodoo back to life. This canceled out his undead spells, allowing Captain Britain to open a portal to return the Avengers back to Earth-616.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#9/2 (fb) - BTS) - Man-Spider was severely injured and captured by Bora. She was one of the Inheritors, dimension-hopping beings who were massacring and feeding on Spider-Totems throughout the multiverse.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#9/2) - Man-Spider was taken back to the Inheritors' headquarters on Loomworld where he and several other alternate reality Spiders were prepared for dinner. After some debate over who had caught the best Spiders, the Inheritors feasted on the Spider-Totems, killing them. Other Spider-Men devoured during the meal were Spider-Vampire (Earth designation unrevealed), Spider-Man (Earth-9105/Forever Yesterday) and Spider-Man (Bruce Banner, Earth-70105/Bullet Points).

Comments: Created by Rick Remender (writer) and Andy Kuhn (pencils, inks).

Observant readers might spot that Man-Spider has four back tentacles in the main image the Man-Spider, while he sports six in his Amazing Spider-Man appearance. If you study the included panel where he attacks the Avengers closely, you'll notice he has three of 'em on his left side, which makes for six tentacles including his two actual arms which adds up to the 8 arms commonly associated with spiders.

Also, the only Avengers of the Undead who have been named on panel have been Thor and Brother Voodoo and although we might know some of them are based on other characters like Captain America/CapWolf or the Punisher/Franken-Castle, I've decided to list them with the names that had actually been used in this story.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Man-Spider has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Secret Avengers I#33 , p9, pan1 (main image)
Secret Avengers I#34 , p8&9 (attacking the Avengers)
Amazing Spider-Man III#9, p28, pan2 (caught by the Inheritors)

Secret Avengers I#33 (December, 2012) - Rick Remender (writer), Andy Kuhn (pencils, inks), Tom Brevoort, Lauren Sankovitch (editors)
Secret Avengers I#34 (January, 2013) - Rick Remender (writer), Matteo Scalera (pencils, inks), Tom Brevoort, Lauren Sankovitch (editors)
Secret Avengers I#35 (February, 2013) - Rick Remender (writer), Matteo Scalera (pencils, inks), Tom Brevoort, Lauren Sankovitch (editors)
Secret Avengers I#36 (March, 2012) - Rick Remender (writer), Matteo Scalera (pencils, inks), Tom Brevoort, Lauren Sankovitch (editors)
Amazing Spider-Man III#9/2 (January, 2015) - Dan Slott (writer), Giuseppe Camuncoli (pencils), Cam Smith (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

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