undead_celestial-666-SA33undead_celestial-666-SA34 UNDEAD CELESTIAL
of Reality-666

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional / Alternate Reality (Earth-666) magic-user; possible zombie

Occupation: God-like being

Group Membership: Likely part of a group of Celestials

Affiliations: Avengers of the Undead ("Black Widow," Brother Voodoo, "Captain America," "Daredevil," "Hawkeye," Man-Spider (Peter Parker), "Punisher," Thor the Accursed, Wolverine (Logan));
    it presumably had some past or present association with Shuma-Gorath, but even that is speculation

Enemies: Beast-616 (Hank McCoy), Captain Britain-616 (Brian Braddock), Hawkeye-616 (Clinton Barton)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Hawkeye called it a "nut"

Base of Operations: Shuma-Gorath's Ego Maze, Reality-666

First Appearance: Secret Avengers#33 (December, 2012)

Powers/Abilities: As a Celestial, it presumably had vast abilities to manipulate energy, rearrange or transmute matter, and travel across or warp space, etc. It likely was virtually immortal and indestructible (although it seemed to missing a chunk of armor over its right forearm)

    As an undead being, its powers were somewhat magical in nature, and it seemed to be surrounded by various spirit forms. It could also project presumably vengeful spirits from its eyes.

    Armed with the Orb of Necromancy, it hoped/planned to spread undeath to the ends of reality.

Height: Unrevealed (perhaps 2000'; the standard height for most Celestials)
Weight: Unrevealed (most Celestials seemed to be energy within their armor, whereas the Undead Celestial appeared to be a reanimated semi-humanoid being)
Eyes: Apparently solid red
Hair: None (or possibly sparse black hair over his head)

Secret Avengers#33 (fb) - BTS) - The Undead Celestial was worshipped by the Avengers of the Undead.

(Secret Avengers#35 (fb) - BTS) - Following this, Brian Braddock (Captain Britain) went through his father's files and found that James Braddock, Sr. had borrowed Merlyn's Orb of Necromancy to give the spark of true life to the automatons he had helped create.

(Secret Avengers#33 (fb) - BTS) - To prevent Father from obtaining the Orb of Necromancy (which he might use to grant true life to more of his Descendants), Captain Britain hid it with the Avengers of the Undead on Earth-666, telling them never to release it.

(Secret Avengers#33 (fb) - BTS) - Brother Voodoo hid the Orb within Shuma-Gorath's Ego Maze with the Undead Celestial; to recover it, one must journey into the Center Tower, where a living man could die of introspection.

undead_celestial-666-SA34-eyeblast-close(Secret Avengers#33 - BTS) - Seeking to use the Orb to stop Father's use of nanotechnology to transform all life in the universe into Descendants, Captain Britain and Hawkeye traveled to Earth-666 and met with its Avengers.

    As they reached the final threshold, Britain insisted they must have the Orb, and Voodoo opened the portal while explaining they would need to convince the Undead Celestial to surrender it. undead_celestial-666-SA34-eyeblast-distant

    After Voodoo explained that the Undead Celestial heard no plea from the living, Thor struck Captain Britain from behind with his hammer, after which the other Avengers rushed forward.

    Wolverine then explained that, with the Orb, the Undead Celestial was going to spread undeath to the ends of reality.

(Secret Avengers#34) - Captain Britain flew Hawkeye toward thre Undead Celestial. Exhorting, "Orb raise the dead across the forever. Undead evolution is true nature!" the Celestial fired an eyeblast at them.

    As Captain Britain flew and Hawkeye jumped over the blast, Hawkeye snagged the Orb with some sort of suction or putty arrow, allowing him to tow it away as he landed back on Captain Britain's shoulders and the pair flew away.

(Secret Avengers#36 - BTS) - The Reality-616 heroes escaped back to Earth-616 with the Orb of Necromancy

Comments: Created by Rick Remender and Andy Kuhn.

    Nothing has been revealed of the Undead Celestial's origins. We can only speculate on whether it had origins similar to Reality-616's Celestials (which are largely unrevealed) or whether it somehow achieved its current power/status by other means, perhaps by feeding on an existing Celestial...

Comments: Created by Rick Remender and Andy Kuhn.

Profile by Snood.

The Undead Celestial
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images: (without ads)
Secret Avengers#33, pg. 12, panel 1 (confronts Captain Britain and Hawkeye; face detail);
    #34, pg. 10, panel 1 (full, shadowed);
          panel 4 (eye blast, close);
       pg. 11, panel 1 (eye blast, distant, ghosts)

Secret Avengers#33 (December, 2012) - Rick Remender (writer), Andy Kuhn (artist), Jake Thomas (assistant editor), Tom Brevoort with Lauren Sankovitch (editors)
Secret Avengers#34-36 (January-March, 2013) - Rick Remender (writer), Matteo Scalera (artist), Jake Thomas(assistant editor), Tom Brevoort with Lauren Sankovitch (editors)

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