Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Terrestrial android;
    active in the modern era, as well as the
18th century;
    and possibly Earth-94012, approximately 5 years in the relative future

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former war chief of an
18th century Siksika tribe

Group Membership: Partner of Elsie-Dee;
    presumably the Seething Snikters (
Mean-5311, Wild Thing-982/MC2, Wolverine-811/Days of Future Past, Wolverine-2301/Mangaverse, Wolvie of Mojoverse, Wolverine-51518/Battleworld's Age of Apocalypse, Wolverine in original costume (possibly Wolverine-74135), unidentified Wolverine in old brown costume)

Affiliations: Hunter in Darkness, Jocko, Kimura, Molokai, Mystique (Raven Darkholme), Reno, Sally (presumably short for Salvatore), 18th century Siksika tribe sect opposing Man-Killer Wolf, Spiral, Tyger Tiger, Wolverine (James Howlett, aka Logan);
    ally of convenience with
Bloodscream (although Bloodscream secretly wished them to lead him to Wolverine so he could seek vengeance against his foe, he worked together with Albert and Elsie-Dee in the process, fighting off shared enemies, etc.)
    formerly Donald Pierce

Enemies: Adversary, Bianca LaNiege and her mutated Blattarian? servants (Blurry, Brainy, Greasy, Spikey, Stinky, Warpy, Windy), Club Azimut staff, Cypher (Doug Ramsey), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Deadpool (Jack/Wade Wilson), Jade Dragon triad, Karamazov Brothers, Misty Knight, Man-Killer Wolf, Masque, Frank McGee, Northrop Aircraft, Donald Pierce and his Reavers Universal Robotics creations, Ranger Outpost Nine rangers (Alice, Chris, Gates, Tom), Reavers (Bonebreaker and others), Sabretooth (Victor Creed),  Sachiko, 18th century Siksika tribe sect following Man-Killer Wolf, Turtle Head Wu, US Air Force, Venice Beach police and unspecified federal agents, Vladivostok mafia, unidentified Morlocks
    formerly Jocko & Sally and those associated with their gambling dens, Kimura and his Yakuza clan, Wolverine (James Howlett, aka Logan);
    opposed the Amazing Arachnids (Spider-Ham-8311, Spider-Man-138/Spider-Punk/Hobie Brown, Spider-Man-833/Spider-UK/Billy Braddock, Spider-Man-2301/Mangaverse, Spider-Man-928/"2099"/Miguel O'Hara, Spider-Man-9500/"2211"/Max Borne, Spider-Man-50101/"India" /Pavitr Prabhakar, Spider-Man-51778/Takuya Yamashiro, Spider-Man-90214/"Noir," Spider-Monkey-8101, Spider-Woman-807128/Ashley Barton; possibly Spider-Man-3145/Ben Parker; possibly Spider-Man-94100/six-armed) in a baseball game

Known Relatives: None;
Donald Pierce (creator); Elsie-Dee (same creator and created at the same time, so akin to a sister)

Aliases: Wolverine doppelganger, simulacrum, clone, cyborg, etc.;
    "Dummy" (Elsie-Dee called him that prior to his memory and processing upgrades);
    "Frank-Insense Monster" (I didn't record and unfortunately forget who called him that!)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly mobile across the USA, at least, in his stealth bomber;
    formerly a Canadian burial ground;
    formerly 18th century Canada;
    constructed in the Reavers' Australian Outback base;
    possibly Earth-94102

Education: Massive data uploads and speed-reading of manuals, access to the internet, ability to access otherwise-closed databases

First Appearance: (As Wolverine robot) Wolverine II#37 (March, 1991);
    (as Albert) Wolverine II#38 (April, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Albert is an android, composed completely of synthetic materials. He has a molybdenum-steel laminate exo-skeleton with Adamantium claws, which are virtually indestructible and are capable of cutting through most substances. His exterior surface is bulletproof to small caliber weapons, at least, and resistant to electrical shock, being able to tear through an electrical fence without harm. Latter upgrades (circa 2020 iWolverine#1) rendered him immune to Pierce's robotic restrain devices.
    He can repair, rebuild, and upgrade/enhance his abilities (or those of Elsie-Dee or another mechanical/computer systems) as needed.
    If he exhausts his battery's power and is unable to recharge, he will shutdown, but can be reactivated with an electrical charge over 200 years later

    Designed and programmed to be a pure killer, Albert is an extremely skilled warrior, able to use his claws to highly destructive and/or deadly effects as needed. He can lift (press) approximately 1 ton.

    Albert's upgrades have made him loyal, compassionate, and highly analytical. He is of genius level intellect, with advanced tactical and logic capacities, as well as extensive knowledge of science, technology, culture, and history. He can rapidly upload data and can speed-read and assimilate data from technical manuals.
From available materials, he can build advanced technology, including a miniature particle accelerator and a strange matter generator.

    He has an internal modem and radio with which he can communicate with Elsie and others remotely. He can also wire directly into equipment via a modem port in his finger. He can also plug into and recharge other mechanical objects or androids. He possessed infra-red vision.

    Albert often buzzed >bzzt< when he spoke. Despite numerous upgrades, he retains this speech pattern, and he has acted that he is not even aware of it.

    Albert utilized a Stealth Bomber (Northrop B-2 Spirit), which could fly undetected by most forms of technology; he could plug into the aircraft and pilot it while standing astride its exterior; he greatly enjoyed the feeling of freedom (and also feeling like a bird) that this gave him. Albert could pilot the craft with sufficient accuracy to strike a single human-sized target atop a skyscraper without colliding with the building.
    The bomber was further enhanced by Albert; per Wikipedia standard stealth bombers can fly at 628 mph with a range of nearly 7000 miles.
The aircraft was formerly equipped with a cruise missile, which Albert converted from a nuclear weapon device to an anti-matter implosion device.

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 300 lbs.
Eyes: Red (usually solid red, but sometimes shown with what would appear to be a white sclera and red iris)
Hair: Black

Wolverine II#37 (fb) - BTS) - Desiring a robot that would be free of any consciousness or sense of self like the cyborgs he worked with in the Reavers, Donald Pierce began work on a Wolverine robot.

(Wolverine II#53 (fb) - BTS) - Pierce used components from Spiral's Body Shop on both this android and another, in the from of a young girl.

(Wolverine II#37) - As Lady Deathstrike was summoned back from a time travel trip to 1938 to the Reavers' Australian base, she emerged in a tank with the Wolverine robot. Seeing it face-down and thinking it to be Wolverine, she asked if he was dead at last, and it turned its face toward her and replied, "Sorry to disappoint you, darlin'..." As she raised her claws in hopes of decapitating her foe, Pierce stopped her, revealing the robot's true nature, and telling her that the killer robot was merely the bait to get Wolverine close to the real killer, a young girl-like robot named Elsie-Dee.

(Wolverine II#38 (fb) - BTS) - To lure Wolverine to them, the Wolverine robot (dressed in Wolverine's standard civilian garb, with a cowboy hat) and Elsie-Dee began looting gambling dens in Los Angeles, California (specifically those owner by Jocko and Sally).

(Wolverine II#38 (fb)) - At least one of these robberies was caught on the gambling den's security cameras. One of the security men shot the Wolverine robot in the back 6 times to no effect, after which the robot extended his claws and turned on the man.

(Wolverine II#38 (fb) - BTS) - Elsie and the Wolverine robot stopped at a number of "Radio Hut" stores all over town where they bought tools, circuit boards, and "computer stuff," and Elsie speed-read numerous computer manuals and schematics.

(Wolverine II#38 (fb) - BTS) - Jocko and Sally put a wanted poster, offering $10,000 to anyone who could lead them to or otherwise stop the man in the security films. They assumed that the girl assisting in the robberies was his hostage. They also had their pit bosses stash miniature transmitters in with their money so that the next time they were robbed they could track the thieves.

    Learning that someone was impersonating him and committing crimes in LA, as well as the wanted poster, Wolverine traveled to LA by bus.

(Wolverine II#38 - BTS) - Jocko and Sally's associates Molokai and Reno spotted Wolverine and assumed him to be the guy in the poster. Wishing to find whoever had put out the poster, Wolverine allowed the two men to take him captive.

(Wolverine II#38) - The Wolverine robot and Elsie-Dee entered another gambling den in "the Hills" (presumably Beverly Hills, breaking down the door when asked for a password and recognized as the guy from the poster. Shrugging off a number of bullets to the chest, he extended his claws and demanded the money.

(Wolverine II#38 - BTS) - Just as Sally received a report on this newest attack, Molokai and Reno arrived and announced that they had captured the wanted man. As Sally argued with them, telling them they were tracking the robbers and that they had just gotten off the freeway and were on Venice Boulevard, heading toward the beach, Wolverine tore his way out of the trunk and headed to that location.

(Wolverine II#38) - The Wolverine robot yelled at the beach-goers to get out of his way until they got a parking garage, where he totaled up their recent collection at $50,000, making a total of $300,000. He also discovered the transmitter hidden among the bills and wondered if he should smash it, but Elsie-Dee reminded him that the more people who knew where they were, the greater the chance of the real Wolverine finding them. The Wolverine robot worried that they (or, at least, Elsie-Dee) would be destroyed upon encountering Wolverine; however, Elsie-Dee told him she had some surprises for him.

albert-wolverine-robot-w38-upgrade    Unable to override her own programming, Elsie "turbo-charged" the Wolverine robot, boosting his logic and tactical capacities (after which she started calling him Albert, as he would be a regular Einstein) so that he might have a chance to defeat Wolverine, which would save Elsie from having to detonate her plastic explosives body. Now more intelligent and able to have feelings, Albert noted that he would sure miss her if anything happened to her. She assured him that he would never have to be alone again as she had given him a modem.

    Elsie then installed an FM radio link between herself and Albert, after which he told her that he saw Wolverine approaching and heading for the boardwalk. Elsie had then both exit through the trap door, after which Albert tore through the boardwalk from underneath, leading Wolverine to leap down after him. 

    The two fiercely fought, claw for claw, until Wolverine realized he was fighting a robot and nearly cut Albert in half. Fearing he was dying, Albert asked Elsie-Dee for help, but she assured him he had back-up systems and he just had to hide somewhere to repair himself. While Albert didn't want to leave her, she explained she could not override her primary directive and that she had to draw Wolverine to herself so she could detonate and kill him. Albert subsequently collapsed, while Wolverine rushed off to save the seemingly innocent young girl trapped in the burning building.

(Wolverine II#39) - As Wolverine tried to rescue Elsie-Dee, Albert pushed himself through the hole in the boardwalk, considering how things were so much more simple before Elsie's upgrades that allowed him to feel things. albert-wolverine-robot-w38-vswolv

    He communicated with Elsie-Dee, wondering if Wolverine had found her and she would fulfill her prime directive, and she sadly acknowledged this.

    As Albert emerged in Venice beach, he encountered Jocko, Molokai, Reno, and Sally, vaguely remembering them. Hoping to use the android to their advantage, Jocko offered to help Albert if he helped them.

    Agreeing and following Elsie-Dee's guidance, Albert led the group to a Radio Hut, in which he swiftly reviewed a number of manuals. With his associates pressuring the store manager's compliance, Albert used his finger modem to interface with one of the computers, after which he accessed the National Security Agency's multiple computer's databases below Maryland. With this, he was able to decode Elsie's detonation sequence, which she had been forcibly resistance. Though he was shot repeatedly by investigating federal agents, Albert transmitted the code to Elsie and saved both her and Wolverine.

    At the conflict's conclusion, Albert was incapacitated and on his back, and Elsie, unable to contact him, believed him dead.albert-wolverine-robot-w40-self-repair

(Wolverine II#40 (fb) - BTS) - Unequipped to store Albert, the federal agents instructed the Venice police to put him in custody. Assessing Albert as inert and with the morgue refusing to take his robotic form, they put him in the property room.

    Albert spent the weekend using the confiscated electronics, weapons, and bulletproof vests to rebuild and upgrade himself in every way, even adding an advanced stereo system and a Kevlar vest.

    Desperate to save Elsie-Dee and figuring she had only temporarily halted her detonation, Albert resolved that the best way to prevent her from having to fill her prime directive was by killing Wolverine himself.

(Wolverine II#40) - Monday morning, as the investigating federal officers and local police checked in on him, Albert shrugged off their bullets, extended his claws and escaped; as Reno, Rocco, and Sally recognized him, Albert sliced their cell bars open, allowing them to escape as he told them he was heading to Palmsdale, where the Northrup (presumably Northrop) Aircraft plant was located.

    Upon arriving, Albert tore through the plant's electrified fence, shrugging off the guards' gunfire and then stealing a stealth bomber so he could travel undetected to New York, where Elsie had traveled alongside Wolverine. Meanwhile, Elsie detected a transmission from Albert, proving he was alive, but nothing further. She convinced Wolverine to take her to where they could get the best reception, the tallest building in Manhattan (see comments).

    As he passed over Chicago astride his stealth bomber, Albert considered how he was now wired into a really powerful transmitter and could now calculate things he never even knew existed, like terminal trajectories and target bias.

    Once Elsie reached the top of the center, Albert was able to communicate with her directly and was pleased to learn her location atop one of the World Trade Center towers and that she had brought Wolverine with her. To prevent their discovering his plan, Albert told them to look for his satellite in the East.

(Wolverine II#40 - BTS) - Meanwhile, US agents, perhaps the Air Force, sought out the missing stealth bomber to no avail.

(Wolverine II#40) - As they approached, Albert was frustrated by the stealth bomber's inability to safely target Wolverine due to Elsie-Dee's proximity, and he authorized activation of non-stealth systems, including pulse Doppler radar. As he approached, Albert told Elsie to duck, and he slammed the ship into Wolverine.

    When the surviving Wolverine climbed into the aircraft's cockpit, Albert followed him, noting his jealousy over Wolverine's biological nature, but Wolverine noted his hatred and jealousy, but reminded him of his love for Elsie-Dee. Albert further noted the freedom he had felt in flying cross-country atop the ship and that he wanted her to feel free as well.

    However, Elsie then arrived in the ship and chastised Albert for attacking Wolverine, eventually convincing him she had escaped her programming. After Wolverine offered that he had no personal problem with Albert, Albert agreed to drop him off somewhere and they would call it even. However, Albert's activation of the Doppler radar had allowed the US agents to locate the stealth bomber, and they shot it down. Albert was incapacitated by a number of bullets even before the ship crashed in the East River.

(Wolverine II#41) - Albert was inert and floating by the sunken stealth bomber when Forge and Jubilee investigated and found Elsie and Wolverine missing.

    Sometime later, however, Albert revived with a powerful electrical discharge and called out for Elsie-Dee.

(Wolverine II#42) - As Sabretooth prepared to destroy Elsie-Dee's head (as she had detonated her body earlier to destroy a barrier) below the water's surface, Albert slashed Sabretooth with his claws, briefly incapacitating Sabretooth so Albert could escape with head. As she was dangerously low on power, he used one of his own wires to plug into and recharge her.

(Wolverine II#43 (fb) - BTS) - Albert promised to build Elsie-Dee a new body.

(Wolverine II#43) - Emerging (with Elsie's head in his hands) from the waters in the storm drains near the Morlock Alley, Albert confronted Masque and a pair of unidentified large and strong Morlocks, telling them he needed power. Noting that he also craved power and killed for it, Masque sent his two agents to kill him, but Albert swiftly struck both Morlocks down with his claws, apparently killing them, as he noted that they couldn't kill him as he wasn't alive. Confronting Masque and extending his claws beneath his chin, Albert reiterated that he needed power, the electrical power of a junction well as an electronics lab, a machine shop, hydraulic tubing, and access to a mainframe: He needed to patch in an external power source to Elsie-Dee or her memory would crash. Now much more compliant, Masque asked what power they wanted.

    Albert assured Elsie-Dee that the new body he would make for her was going to be really nice: Just you wait and see!

(Wolverine II#45 (fb) - BTS) - Albert diverted all of the Morlocks' power cables to a laboratory where he began assembling a new body frame for Elsie-Dee.

(Wolverine II#45) - As he worked on Elsie's frame, Albert told Elsie he was going to make her a body ten times better than the one Pierce had built her: stronger and faster, with more options, auxiliary data banks, high amperage linear drive motors, and third generation passive night vision. Elsie noted that that would take too much power, but he told her that he was going to build her a strange matter reactor that would produce 20 million electron volts. He further explained that he was building a particle accelerator to produce the strange-lets, but he still needed more power.

    While the Morlocks grumbled, Masque was afraid to defy him. Albert subsequently demanded access to the main power trunk.

(Wolverine II#46 (fb) - BTS) - Albert completed his particle accelerator, utilizing a hyper-cryogenic electromagnetic at its center so his would function despite being only several feet in diameter.

    After making bypass circuits to avoiding blowing generators and transformers, Albert diverted the main power trunk --blacking out much of Midtown Manhattan during a battle involving the Hunter in Darkness, Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Lady Deathstrike.

(Wolverine II#46) - Albert brought the power trunk to Elsie and showed her his particle accelerator, which would generate strangelets.albert-wolverine-robot-w51-atop-stealth

    As he worked on completing Elsie's frame to get her on her feet, Albert noted the sound of an alligator screaming in pain and noted there was a hunter in the tunnels (it was the Hunter in Darkness).

(Wolverine II#51 (fb) - BTS) - Albert completed Elsie's frame, duplicating her previous electronics via a blueprint in her memory, and some of her sensor components came from Spiral's body shop.

    Albert also built a tunnel from the Alley to the stealth bomber that had crashed in the river, and he repaired that as well, enhancing its stealth qualities, installing a larger strange matter reactor in it, and converting a cruise missile from a nuclear weapon to an anti-matter implosion initiator.

(Wolverine II#51) - After Albert announced their work's completion and decided it was time to leave the Alley, the Hunter in Darkness arrived. Masque fearfully instructed Elsie-Dee to tell Albert to rip the creature's arms off, but Elsie, befriended the creature, naming it "Puppy," and invited him to come with Albert and her. When Elsie noted that some of her sensors were recalibrating themselves, as if there was a flux in the continuum, Albert asked if that was bad, but she told him it was just strange. The trio then boarded the stealth bomber, departed the Alley, and took to the skies with Albert standing atop the ship and enjoying the feeling of freedom this gave him.

(Wolverine II#52) - As the ship flew over the Cloud 9 Hotel in Salem Center, Westchester County, New York, Elsie-Dee sensed something strange, and she had him hover over it (Wolverine, Mystique, and Spiral were fighting a Plasma Wraith within a "cardinal locus," the intersection of five different strings in the timestream). Before they could sense what it was, Spiral shielded the room with a cloaking field so they assess the situation without interference. No longer sensing anything of significance, Elsie had Albert continue north toward Canada.

(Wolverine II#52 (fb) - BTS) - The Hunter in Darkness apparently led them to an ancient Canadian Blackfoot burial ground next to which was an abandoned government covert facility.

(Wolverine II#52) - Finding access to information on the location to be locked out with security shields, Albert noted that the burial ground was not consistent with known funerary practices, and he wondered why the Hunter was so interested in this location. As the Hunter excitedly pointed at the burial mound, Albert set the stealth bomber to be parked in hover mode. After Albert helped the Hunter dig into the mound, they found a skeleton with Wolverine-esque Adamantium claws (belonging to Wolverine-94102).

(Wolverine II#53) - Back aboard the stealth bomber, Albert evaluated the skeleton, confirming the Adamantium claws and Adamantium bonding to the bones. Eventually determining it to be over 200 years old via evaluating the comparative rate of soluble mineral-leaching , Albert used facial reconstruction programs to flesh out the tissue: An image resembling Logan appeared.

    When Mystique and Spiral -- having traveled back from the end of time while Wolverine faced Mojo and his Plasma Wraiths -- arrived and insisted they needed the bomber's missile to save Wolverine, who was trapped in the distant future and battling Mojo.

    Noting the skeleton to be a relic from an alternate time string, Spiral arranged an agreement with Elsie-Dee: Spiral sent Elsie-Dee, Albert, and the Hunter back in time to investigate the skeleton while sending the missile forward in time to help Wolverine.

(Wolverine II#83 (fb) - BTS) - The Hunter, Albert, and Elsie-Dee arrive amidst a battle between some Native Canadian tribes.

(Wolverine II#86 (fb)) - Via recognizing their speech as a dialect of Algonkian (sic; Algonquian?), which was stored in his data banks, Albert identified the groups as factions of a branch of the Siksika.albert-wolverine_robot-w86-arrive-past

    Believing the new arrivals to be  hungry ghosts summoned from the sky by their rival faction ("the dog-eating unbelievers"), Man-Killer Wolf (an agent of the Adversary) struck Albert with his bone club while noting that no weapon could pierce him. Swiftly proving him wrong, Albert slashed Man-Killer Wolf with his claws, tearing open his abdomen and disemboweling him.
    The other warriors piled on Albert, leading Elsie-Dee to direct the Hunter in helping him. After the warriors stopped fighting, Elsie instructed the Hunter to step down, at which point they were confronted by Forge of Reality-94102 (who had traveled there with Wolverine from a time 10 years after the time from which Hunter Elsie-Dee, and Albert had come, in order to thwart a plot of the demonic Adversary that threatened the entire time continuum). Forge further revealed that Man-Killer Wolf was an agent of the Adversary, and that half of the Siksika tribe followed Man-Killer Wolf while the others were aware of the Adversary's involvement and opposed it.

    Adversary healed Man-Killer Wolf, enhanced his power, and sent him to capture Forge. Aided by Wolverine, Forge blasted Man-Killer Wolf back, and Wolverine had Elsie-Dee, Albert, and the Hunter stay back to protect the Siksika while he and Forge went after the Adversary.

(Wolverine II#83 (fb) - BTS / Wolverine II#86 (fb)) - Not trusting these travelers whose arrival coincided with the recent destruction and terror, the Siksika had Albert run a gauntlet, setting him aflame and striking him with weapons while he ran through rows of the warriors with the goal of taking arrow from the shaman at the end of the file. As Albert ran the gauntlet, he discussed his interest in their dialects, weaponry, and traditions. Suspecting the arrow to be Pikuni and mastering the Siksika dialect, Albert queried the shaman, who confirmed that the arrow was Pikuni and had been taken from a great war chief. Claiming the arrow, Albert exclaimed that it had now been returned to war chief. He asked if there were any who would challenge his claim to war chief of the Siksika, but the tribesman all shouted their approval.

(Wolverine II#86 (fb)) - The Hunter, Albert, Elsie-Dee, and the Siksika then heard an explosion from the direction to which Wolverine and Forge had gone; sensing residual electromagnetic radiation and plasma flux, Albert determined that there had not been an explosion, but rather a temporal displacement. Feeling that the skeleton they had found indicated that Wolverine and the others had only traveled a few years into the future, Elsie advised the others to keep looking for him.
(Wolverine II#84 (fb)) - The Hunter, Albert, and Elsie-Dee searched for Wolverine in hopes of rescuing him from whatever horrible fate caused his skeleton to be in that burial mound, but despite the Hunter's enhanced senses and tracking skills (and Albert's advanced technological tracking equipment), they never found him. The more Albert and Elsie-Dee used their sensors, the more they depleted their batteries. As the robots reached the point they would need to turn back and put themselves into system sleep, the Hunter refused to give up; eventually they found a whole pack of Hunter in Darkness-like creatures, and the Hunter/Puppy left with them.

(Wolverine II#86 (fb) - BTS) <According to Albert and Forge in Reality-94102> - Albert, Elsie, and the Hunter displacing themselves back in time negated (more likely diverged) the timeline in which Wolverine was slain and his skeleton was left there (see comments).

(Wolverine II#82) - After the vampiric Bloodscream had found Elsie-Dee within the burial mound and recharged/revived her via jumper cables from his truck, Elsie led Bloodscream back to the mound where they unearthed Albert; using the jumper cables and the truck's battery, Elsie revived Albert, although Bloodscream considered his countenance to be "singularly horrific."

    Reviving, Albert performed spectrographic analysis of Bloodscream's exhalations, carbon dated his skeletal tissue, and analyzed his voice stress and blink rate, after which he noted that Bloodscream was not human. Bloodscream alleviated their concerns by telling them that he was a mutant.

(Wolverine II#83) - As Elsie questioned Bloodscream she instructed Albert to run a heartbeat and respiration scan on him to make sure he was being truthful; Albert was happy to comply, but they were interrupted by a group intending to poach the sacred burial ground. The poachers swiftly shot Elsie and then Albert, after which Bloodscream assumed his more monstrous appearance and attacked them. As the poachers tried to flee, Elsie and Albert; as he smashed a pair of the poachers' heads together, Albert told them they were violators of a sacred ground, plunderers of a vanishing culture, and would-be murderers of a girl-child. He further noted that it made no difference that they didn't know she was an android, as their intent was still heinous.

    As they finished off the poachers, Albert noted that humanity hadn't improved in the last 300 years. Bloodscream's actions and powers convinced Elsie that he was a mutant, and he drove the two androids to deliver their attackers to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). En route, Bloodscream told them that Wolverine was sick and needed their aid, leading Albert to access some government databases to determine that Wolverine was also in Canada.

(Wolverine II#84) - Receiving an update from a satellite bounce, Albert reported that all communications with the Canadian Arctic Research Station had been shut down due to harsh weather. As Bloodscream became exhausted, unable to keep up with androids' pace, Albert powered up for a long-range scan, via which he sensed the presence of the same Hunter in Darkness with whom they had traveled to the past.

(Wolverine II#86) - Via their stealth-bomber, Albert, Elsie-Dee, and Bloodscream arrived on Muir Island only to learn that they had just missed Wolverine. Engaging long-range scanners, Albert found Wolverine was either not on Earth or in a place hidden by alien technology (he was in Tibet, hidden via Phalanx technology in Cable II#16). Elsie-Dee then shared their time travel adventure with Bloodscream.

    Albert then sensed as the previous blockades dropped, and he noted a number of mutants, including Wolverine, in Tibet, and so Albert, Elsie-Dee, and Bloodscream boarded the stealth bomber and took off after him.

...and that plotline has yet to see any resolution. See comments.

(Generation X I#42 - BTS) - In their stealth bomber, Albert and Elsie (inadvertently?) clipped a Blattarian Hyper-Space Cruiser containing Bianca LaNiege and her seven dwarves, shearing off the port power pod; not having seen what had hit them, they began plummeting.

(Generation X I#42) - While Elsie suggested they turn around and see if whoever they hit needed any help, Albert noted that they had clipped a Blattarian Hyper-Space Cruiser, which meant one less nest of roaches as far as he was concerned.albert-wolverine-robot-toosoon

(Deadpool, Too Soon#3 (fb) - BTS) - Albert, or perhaps an alternate reality counterpart (see comments), joined a group of Wolverine counterparts known as the Seething Snikters. They apparently gathered on Earth-616 in Manhattan's Central Park to play a baseball game against a similar Spider-Man counterpart gathering, the Amazing Arachnids.

(Deadpool, Too Soon#3) - When their game was interrupted by Deadpool, who was seeking out the Amazing Arachnids' Spider-Ham, Albert was amongst the players who rushed Deadpool and threatened to destroy him.

(Deadpool, Too Soon#3 (fb) - BTS) - Deadpool escaped his pursuers.

albert-wolverine-robot-weaplost3-upper(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#2 (fb) - BTS) - In Ranger Outpost Nine in Meadow Lake Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Canada, Albert attacked and badly injured ranger Gates, at least. The other rangers found that nothing they did could hurt their attacker.

(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#2) - Albert returned to the Outpost as rangers Alice, Chris, and Tom sought to contact help but found their antenna was apparently damaged, preventing them from radioing out. By the time Alice got a signal out, reported the attack by a clawed man, and requested an airlift, however, Gates was already dead. Albert then slashed into cabin.

(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#2 (fb) - BTS) - Albert slew Alice, Chris, and Tom.

(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#2 - BTS) - Alice's report was picked up by Cypher, who was assisting Daredevil, Inhuman detective Frank McGee, and temporarily retired private investigator Misty Knight in trying to locate Wolverine, who was reportedly back from his apparent death (being sealed in molten Adamantium) and making mysterious appearances. They flew McGee's Attilan Security Force Skycharger to Saskatchewan.

(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#2 (fb) - BTS) - Albert took Alice with him into the woods, leaving a trail others could follow; he left her body by a cliff's ledge and then sneaked back toward the outpost.albert-wolverine-robot-weaplost3-profile-organic

(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#2 - BTS) - Finding the male rangers dead but the female missing, Daredevil picked up her scent and led McGee and Knight into the woods while instructing Cypher to lock himself in the Skycharger for safety.

    Addicted to the internet, Cypher instead went into the cabin to get access to one of the dead ranger's smartphones.

    Finding Alice's body, Daredevil realized the duplicity and began leading the others back to the outpost.

(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#2) - Albert entered the outpost, identified Cypher, noted his gift for languages, and then slashed his throat to prevent him from utilizing his powers.

(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#3 (fb) - BTS) - Perhaps aware that the Skycharger's exterior stealth shielding disrupted Daredevil's radar sense, Albert waited atop the ship's roof.

(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#3 - BTS) - Daredevil, Knight, and McGee found Cypher, and McGee carried him toward the Skycharger where Inhuman technology could heal his wounds. 

(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#3) - Sensing their quarry upon getting close enough to the ship, Daredevil -- also seeking vengeance -- confronted Albert to give McGee time to get Cypher inside. As Daredevil recognized his opponent as an android (whom McGee later identified as Albert), Albert identified his foe as "the Devil." The two fought with Albert getting a claw slash into Daredevil before getting kicked off the ship; Albert apparently caused some sort of explosion that shorted out a blaster in Misty's bionic arm, allowing Albert so slash her as well.

    As Albert fled into the woods, Daredevil noted that he had sensed a weak spot in his armor over the left shoulder blade, and he instructed his allies that he would get Albert into position so they could hit that spot.

    Daredevil then trailed Albert and tripped his ankle with his billy club cable; after Daredevil caught up to and kicked him, Albert caught him by the neck, extended his claws, and asked what he had done with his daughter...where was Elsie-Dee?. Misty and McGee then both nailed Albert in the back with their weapons, dropping him, and then a partially recovered Cypher struck Albert with a massive weapon, finishing him off.albert-wolverine-robot-weaplost3-back

(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#3 (fb) - BTS) - Having other matters to deal with, Daredevil and his associates filed an anonymous report with the Canadian authorities on their way south, providing them with as many details as they could.

(2020: iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - Elsie-Dee was implanted with another explosive failsafe (or she already had another within her somehow).

(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - Albert continuously upgraded himself.

(2020: iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - Elsie-Dee traveled to Reavers Universal Robotics in Madripoor's High Town to meet with Donald Pierce, whose association with the group Homines Verendi had earned him an appointment as Madripoor's ambassador to the United Nations. Elsie-Dee asked Pierce to remove another explosive failsafe, but he instead dismantled her and sold albert-wolverine_robot-iwolverine1-thighsup

(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - Learning that Pierce had taken possession of Elsie-Dee, Albert traveled to Madripoor to confront him. When Albert arrived in Madripoor's airport, a security facial recognition camera identified him as Patch (an alias used by Wolverine in Madripoor). Albert took a taxi to Lowtown's Princess Bar.

(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Yakuza's Sachiko reported this to Kimura, who ordered enforcers be sent to the Princess Bar to kill "Patch" and bring back his head (and to kill Tyger Tiger if she got in the way) for Patch's killing of Kimura's "elder brother" Dai Kumo.

(2020: iWolverine#1) - Also initially mistaking Albert for Patch, Tyger had Wolverine's regular drinks served to him. When he declined them, she approached and quickly realized her mistake, after which Albert explained his history and explained that he wanted to get Elsie-Dee back from Pierce (and that he had no interest in the current robot revolution). Noting Pierce's position as Madripoor's UN ambassador, Tyger warned against trying to harm him, but Albert assured her he just wanted Elsie.

    A quartet of Yakuza then arrived and opened fire on Albert, shooting im in the back to no effect, after which Tyger and Albert slew the would-be assassins. Apologizing for the mess, Albert offered to take them out to the dumpster for her, but -- planning to have her own people take care of -- she told him not to bother, and she gave him a letter of safe conduct as well as the address of Reavers Universal Robotics. She asked that he keep property damage to a minimum and then promptly depart Madripoor after concluding his business.

    As he approached Reavers Universal Robotics, Albert wondered if the initials R.U.R. were coincidental (referring to the play Rossum's Universal Robots) or if Pierce had developed a sense of humor before quickly concluding that it must be coincidence. As Albert approached, Bonebreaker informed Pierce that trouble was walking in. albert-wolverine_robot-iwolverine1-right-lateral

    Confronted by Bonebreaker and a number of armed agents, Albert noted that he just wanted to talk to the boss man, and Bonebreaker replied that Pierce didn't want to talk to renegade product and asked why they shouldn't just take him down and part him out. After Albert warned Bonebreaker that his upgrades would render him immune to their robotic restraint devices, and that it would be painful and messy if they tried, Pierce showed up asked if they could settle things civilly and avoid unnecessary destruction of expensive private property.

    Pierce asked why Albert's upgrades hadn't fixed his speech impediment (the buzzing), but Albert asked "what >bzt< speech impediment." Pierce then showed Albert his new creations using 3D printing, after which he admitted to dismantling Elsie-Dee and selling off her parts, noting that he legally owned "it."

    Insisting Pierce didn't own him, Albert grabbed him by the neck, and Pierce had his Reavers blast Albert. Though momentarily caught in the current/energy field of the assault, Albert never lost his grip on Pierce, and he subsequently took out the Reavers with his other hand before demanding to know to whom Pierce had sold Elsie's parts. Pierce readily admitted who had them: Her head had gone to Kimura (Oyabun of the Yakuza), her arms to the Jade Dragon Triad, and her torso and legs to the Vladivostok Mafia.

    Thereafter, one of Pierce's creations-in-progress begged Albert to kill it.

(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - Albert destroyed all of the agonized creations, ending their suffering.

(2020 iWolverine#1 - BTS) - After Albert's departure, Pierce angrily vowed to implant a suffering chip in Albert's head and crank it to "10."

(2020 iWolverine#1) - Albert traveled to the Sovereign building and noted his intent to see Kimura. Sachiko explained who Albert was, and Kimura ordered Albert to be melted down and cast into cuspidors and chamber pots. Albert fought his way through all of Kimura's agents, including Sachiko, after which Kimura directed Albert to Elsie-Dee's head. She told Albert it was about time, as she was about to go crazy crunching numbers for this dirtbag.

(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - After disconnecting Elsie-Dee from Kimura's computers, Albert took her to Lowtown's Madripoor Novelty Company(?) factory.

(2020 iWolverine#1) - Elsie-Dee noted that the triads used slave labor to produce illegal knockoffs before directing Albert to her arms, which he reclaimed before departing. The Jade Dragon's leader, Turtle Head Wu, led a group of men to block their exit ("no one steals from Turtle Head Wu...") , but Elsie had Albert throw her at Wu. She bit his ear, noting that that was for his pandering and human trafficking, and Albert tore through Wu's agents, stating that it wasn't stealing if it didn't belong to them in the first place.

(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - Within the hour, Albert and Elsie-Dee had assaulted Club Azimut, leaving the two conscious men hiding under a couch.

(2020 iWolverine#1) - Albert removed the serving tray and then reattached Elsie-Dee's arms and head to her body, and she thanked him, noting that it was refreshing to be back in one piece again. Making one adjustment, Albert rebooted Elsie and apologized that her pink dress had been trashed, but she noted that she liked her new look, as it was very anime! On the way out, she stomped on the face of one of the conscious Azimut security agents.

(2020 iWolverine#1 - BTS) - Pierce and his Reavers, the Yakuza, the Jade Dragon triad, and the Russian mafia all separately prepared to intercept and destroy Albert and Elsie-Dee en route to the Madripoor Airport.

(2020: iWolverine#2 (fb) - BTS) - As word got out of the multiple forces targeting Albert and Elsie-Dee en route to the airport, other people and groups cleared the area to avoid becoming collateral damage.

(2020: iWolverine#2) - Traveling through Hightown, Albert and Elsie-Dee fought their way through Vladivostok mafia; Albert advised Elsie-Dee that human heads were not like pickle jars, as if you twisted them too far, they would pop off; and she responded, "Ithn't that the point?" Meanwhile, Egnat fired on Albert with an automatic weapon, although the bullets bounced off harmlessly. An anti-tank round knocked Albert to the ground, and as he ran diagnostics, the Russians fired again, but Elsie-Dee caught the rocket and threw it back at the Russians, noting that it was lucky for her and Albert that the rockets had piezoelectric proximity contact detonators rather than proximity fuses. elsie_dee-robot-iwolverine2-chainsaw

    After defeating the Russians, Elsie-Dee drove a motorcycle, while Albert rode in the sidecar, and they soon approached Jade Dragon buses ("jeepneys") blocking High Street. Albert shot Moon Face Chung as he fired up his flame-thrower, and his flames lit up the buses. Turtle Face sent his warriors against them, but Elsie-Dee got down and confronted the warriors on foot.

(2020: iWolverine#2 (fb) - BTS) - Elsie-Dee took out Turtle Face's forces, after which she used a fire hydrant to put out one of the jeepneys so they could take it -- and one of the Jade Dragon's chainsaws -- to the airport

(2020: iWolverine#2) - Albert drove the jeepney through Kimura's forces roadblock, and Elsie used a manhole cover to shield herself from the bullets. As the jeepney was badly damaged, Albert threw the chainsaw-wielding Elsie-Dee at Kimura's remaining forces, and he followed soon after.

    When Kimura attempted to arrange a solo combat for his honor against Albert, Albert and Elsie-Dee negotiated a peaceful departure after Elsie-Dee noted that she had already erased all of Kimura's bookkeeping data and...

(2020: iWolverine#2 (fb) - BTS) - Albert agreed to penance in Kimura's custom, cutting off his own right pinky finger, which satisfied Kimura.

    In return, Kimura had Albert and Elsie-Dee placed inside a package that was loaded onto a Chiang Air Freight plane, labeled as slot machine parts bound for Macao.

(2020: iWolverine#2 - BTS) - Kimura had a Hummer limousine-type vehicle sent to the airport, where Pierces' waiting forces blew it up, only to find out Albert and Elsie-Dee weren't in it after the Freight plane was already high in the air.

(2020: iWolverine#2) - When Albert noted that cutting off his finger was easy, but that finding a replacement would be harder, but Elsie-Dee assured him that she could order components online and fabricate a new one...and while they were at it, they could upgrade their armor and sensors. "You and me, Albert, the Team Supreme!" (of course, she said, "Supweme"...)

Comments: Created by Larry Hama, Marc Silvestri, and Dan Green.

    Even before being enhanced by Elsie-Dee, "Albert" had a lot more personality than the average robot. He was using a lot of colloquialism and/or pop culture references, like "I don't need no stinkin' password" (a play off, "We don't need no stinkin' badges!"), "fork it over," "witty patter," "brass tacks," "stir-fried vegetables" (an insult to the tanned Venice Beach-goers), and "wank."

    Albert sometimes called his partner "Elsie-Dee," but her original naming was without the hyphen.

    Elsie noted that he wouldn't be able to hear her through their FM link when they were under an overpass....that's the case with AM and satellite radio, but not FM.

    At the time of publication of Wolverine II#40, the tallest buildings in Manhattan were the World Trade Center towers. Obviously that's a topical reference, but perhaps Freedom Tower(s) will re-achieve that status.

    After Albert and Forge in Reality-94102 discussed how the timeline that caused Wolverine's death (leaving behind the skeleton that led to Albert, Elsie-Dee, and the Hunter traveling into the past to investigate), the editorial text then notes: Forge doesn't know it, but all this happened to Logan as a result of his traveling forward in time to the Crunch (in Wolverine II#52). I can't make sense of it, but it seems like, as the OHotMU entry for the Hunter in Darkness noted, that this was the skeleton of Wolverine-94102, but then the death/that timeline was somehow negated (or, more likely, diverged). Meaning there would probably be another reality in which Wolverine-94102 indeed perished. However, if this occurred after Wolverine-94102 had left his native time, then it would be more of a Kang-related individual know what, this is making my head hurt...I'm moving on...

    In Earth-94102's timeline, 10 years forward from the time from which Albert and Elsie-Dee had traveled back in time, Albert and Elsie-Dee joined forces with Wolverine and Forge against anti-mutant forces. Removing his helmet, Albert explained how their (his, Elsie-Dee's, and the Hunter in Darkness's) displacing themselves in time negated Wolverine-94102's dying and ending up in the burial mound; instead, Wolverine was transported back to his own future. Forge further added that he suspected Wolverine had been permanently affected by a temporal paradox field (and an editorial note explained that this was due to Wolverine's having traveled forward in time to the Crunch in Wolverine II#52). Albert and Elsie-Dee then joined Forge and Wolverine aboard their transport ship to avoid back-up sent by a cyborg Wolverine had incapacitated.
    We don't know whether it was Earth-616's Albert and/or Elsie-Dee who traveled forward in time to that reality or whether it was Earth-94102's Albert and/or Elsie-Dee. Maybe one from from -616 and one wasn't? The world may never know...

Weapon Lost

Profile by Snood.

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