elsie_dee-robot-iwolverine1-schoolgirl-costume Elsie-Dee

Real Name: Elsie-Dee

Identity/Class: Terrestrial android;
    active in the modern era, as well as the
18th century;
    and possibly Earth-94012, approximately 5 years in the relative future

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former would-be assassin

Group Membership: Partner of Albert (the Team Supreme (or "Supweme"))

Affiliations: Cable (Nathan Dayspring Askani'son), Forge, Nicholas Joseph Fury, Hunter in Darkness, Jocko, Kimura, Molokai, Mystique (Raven Darkholme), Reno, Sally (presumably short for Salvatore), 18th century Siksika tribe sect opposing Man-Killer Wolf, Spiral (Rita Wayward), Wolverine (James Howlett, aka Logan);
    Forge and Wolverine of Earth-94102;
    Jubilee (Jubilation Lee) was jealous of and did not like her, but likely would have helped her due to their mutual friendship with Wolverine;
Tyger Tiger,
    ally of convenience with Bloodscream (although Bloodscream secretly wished them to lead him to Wolverine so he could seek vengeance against his foe, he worked together with Albert and Elsie-Dee in the process, fighting off shared enemies, etc.)
    formerly Bonebreaker and Donald Pierce;
    Masque was coerced into aiding Elsie-Dee and Albert, but he was never their ally;
    forced to serve
Jade Dragon triad, Karamazov Brothers, and Kimura; 

Enemies: Adversary, Bianca LaNiege and her mutated Blattarian? servants (Blurry, Brainy, Greasy, Spikey, Stinky, Warpy, Windy), Jade Dragon triad, Karamazov Brothers, Man-Killer Wolf, Masque, Northrop Aircraft, Sabretooth (Victor Creed), 18th century Siksika tribe sect following Man-Killer Wolf, Reavers, Turtle Head Wu, US Air Force, Vladivostok mafia, unidentified Morlocks, unidentified Canadian poachers
    formerly Cable (Nathan Dayspring Askani'son), Kimura and his Yakuza clan, Storm (Ororo Munroe), Wolverine (James Howlett, aka Logan); Jocko & Sally and those associated with their gambling dens;
    Elsie-Dee's deal with Mystique and Spiral led to a defeat for Mojo;

Known Relatives: None;
    Donald Pierce (creator);
Albert (same creator and created at the same time, so akin to a sister)

Aliases: "Lil' darlin'" (nickname by Wolverine); "girl-child" (used by Bloodscream), "little bomblet" (from Pierce)

Base of Operations: Mobile;
    legs and torso former based in Club Azimut, Madripoor;
    arms formerly based in Madripoor Novelty Company(?), Madripoor's Lowtown;
    head formerly based in Kimura's Sovereign Building, Madripoor (presumably Hightown);
    formerly mobile across the USA, at least, in his stealth bomber;
    formerly a Canadian burial ground;
    formerly 18th century Canada;
    constructed in the Reavers' Australian Outback base;
    possibly Earth-94102

Education: Self-taught by massive data uploads,  upgrading her own software, speed-reading of manuals, access to the internet, ability to access ("hack into") otherwise-closed databases

First Appearance: Wolverine II#37 (March, 1991)

elsie-dee-robot-wolvii38-schematicPowers/Abilities: Elsie is an android in the form of a five-year-old girl.

    She was designed as a walking bomb: Her purpose when created was to "latch on to Wolverine and reduce him to a fine red mist." Every square inch of her android body that wasn't motor, battery, or computer was packed with plastic explosives (even her tubular endoskeleton was packed with plastic explosives; her battery casings, motor housings, and circuit boards were all molded out of plastic explosives)), all initially wired to an anti-tamper circuit as well as being triple-booby-trapped. Specifically, the plastic explosive used was C-13, which has five times the explosive power per ounce as C-4.

    Her neural network had a direct radio linkage from her brain to her major motor areas. This allows her to remove her head and allow both her head and body to function; this also facilitated her performing repairs and modifications on her circuitry. When necessary, she was willing and able to throw her head at a target, which her "decorpitated" head could painfully bite. At the same time, she could guide her decapitated body to pick up and fire a powerful, large (1990s-style) energy weapon.elsie-dee-robot-wolvii38-selfupgrade-body

    Elsie-Dee's artificial intelligence is advanced enough to consider her sentient, and she is a scientifie genius. She was initially limited by her programming, but, with intense concentration, she could slow or pause some of her programming. She overcame her programming via upgrading her systems. She has the knowledge and skill to perform advanced technical repairs and upgrades on advanced robots, including herself. She can boost logic and tactical abilities. She can increase her knowledge via massive data uploads, speed-reading of manuals, access to the internet, and her ability to access ("hack into") otherwise-closed databases.

    During her various upgrades, she apparently has not chosen to upgrade her speech program to correct her "little-girl" speech impediment in which she pronounces "r" and "l" as "w" (most of the time, anyway).

    Her form as rebuilt by Albert was stronger and faster, with more options, auxiliary data banks, high amperage linear drive motors, and third generation passive night vision. She was powered by a strange matter reactor that would produce 20 million electron volts; a particle accelerator was used to produce the strange-lets.

    There is a FM radio connection between herself and Albert (unable to hear each other while driving under an overpass or tunnel)

    Elsie is superhumanly strong (lifting (pressing) up to one ton and bending solid steel bars). Although she only uses them when pressed, she possesses significant combat skills; backed by her superhuman strength, this allows her to swiftly take out multiple adult men.

    Her fingers can score the metal on a stealth bomber, and she can jump with enough speed to catch a stealth bomber as it flew a foot or so above her (the significance being her ability to accelerate rapidly enough to catch the aircraft when she was unaware of it struck the person immediately next to her). She is strong enought to pull herself across the top of the aircraft and enter its cockpit while it is flying at full speed.

    Her knowledge of physics allowed her to repeatedly run the table in billiards (aka pool).

    Via training blocks on the pedals and an elevated seat, Elsie-Dee can drive an automobile.

    Elsie can recharge herself via a plug-finger for wall outlets utilizing standard 110 power. Her electrical systems can be recharged by jumper cables attached to a pickup truck.

    Elsie has been known to drink motor oil, even sipping it from a straw when amongst humans in a social/public setting.

    As an android, Elsie requires power, but does not need air, food, or water, and she is resistant to temperature and pressure  extremes. She is not harmed by exposure to or even immersion in water; even her detached head can be submerged without damage.

    She does not age, and her systems restarted after being recharged following running out of power over 300 years earlier.

    At least initially, Elsie believed that completing running out of power would cause her memory and personality to crash. She either overcame this, or she entered a state of dormancy in the 17th century that maintained a low-level of power to preserve her memory and personality. Or maybe she was just wrong about her programming and memories crashing.

Height: 3'2"
Weight: 35 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Wolverine II#37 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking a seemingly innocent child-like companion (with the logic circuits at a five-year-old level) for the Wolverine robot he was building, Donald Pierce began work on her at the Reavers' Australian outback base alongside Bonebreaker.

(Wolverine II#53 (fb) - BTS) - Pierce used components from Spiral's Body Shop on both this android and another, in the form of Wolverine.

(Wolverine II#37) - As Bonebreaker announced that the little girl robot's memory and logic circuits were being installed, Pierce considered that she was going to be a prize, cunningly wrought and marvelously appointed, the perfect companion for...<his Wolverine robot>.

    As they were struck by another time-vortex caused by time travel involving Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike, Bonebreaker was distracted, missing the installation program's request to install the highest level logic circuits; with no response, it defaulted to installing maximum rationality.

    After Lady Deathstrike returned to the the Reavers' base, Pierce explained that the Wolverine robot was just the bait, and that the little girl robot, Elsie-Dee, would be the one to actually kill Wolverine.

(Wolverine II#38 (fb) - BTS) - To lure Wolverine to them, the Wolverine robot (dressed in Wolverine's standard civilian garb, with a cowboy hat) and Elsie-Dee began looting gambling dens in Los Angeles, California (specifically those owner by Jocko and Sally).

(Wolverine II#38 (fb)) - At least one of these robberies was caught on the gambling den's security cameras, which showed "Wolverine" turning his claws toward an attacker.

(Wolverine II#38 (fb) - BTS) - Elsie and the Wolverine robot stopped at a number of "Radio Hut" stores all over town where they bought tools, circuit boards, and "computer stuff," and Elsie speed-read numerous computer manuals and schematics.

(Wolverine II#38 (fb) - BTS) - Jocko and Sally put a wanted poster, offering $10,000 to anyone who could lead them to or otherwise stop the man in the security films. They assumed that the girl assisting in the robberies was his hostage. They also had their pit bosses stash miniature transmitters in with their money so that the next time they were robbed they could track the thieves.

    Learning that someone was impersonating him and committing crimes in LA, as well as the wanted poster, Wolverine traveled to LA by bus.

(Wolverine II#38 - BTS) - Jocko and Sally's associates Molokai and Reno spotted Wolverine and assumed him to be the guy in the poster. Wishing to find whoever had put out the poster, Wolverine allowed the two men to take him captive.

(Wolverine II#38) - The Wolverine robot entered another gambling den in "the Hills" (presumably Beverly Hills), holding and Elsie-Dee in his hand as he broke down a door, extended his claws, and demanded their money.

(Wolverine II#38 (fb) - BTS) - The casino workers apparently included a transmitter in the money they gave to the Wolverine robot and Elsie-Dee.

    With training blocks on the pedals, Elsie-Dee drove their escape vehicle, a "bwown" (brown or blown?; it looked red to me...) corvette.

(Wolverine II#38 - BTS) - Donald Pierce detailed Elsie-Dee's composition and purpose to Lady Deathstrike.

(Wolverine II#38 - BTS) -  Tracking the robber, Sally corrected his agents Molokai and Reno who had claimed to have captured the robber;  as Sally revealed the transmitter's possessor had just gotten off the freeway and was on Venice Boulevard, heading toward the beach, Wolverine tore his way out of the trunk and headed to that location.

(Wolverine II#38) - Elsie-Dee drove the Wolverine robot into a parking garage as he added up their recent collection at $50,000, making a total of $300,000. He also discovered the transmitter hidden among the bills and wondered if he should smash it, but Elsie-Dee reminded him that the more people who knew where they were, the greater the chance of the real Wolverine finding them. The Wolverine robot worried that they (or, at least, Elsie-Dee) would be destroyed upon encountering Wolverine; however, Elsie-Dee told him she had some surprises for him.elsie-dee-robot-wolvii38-selfupgrade

    Unable to override her own programming, Elsie "turbo-charged" the Wolverine robot, boosting his logic and tactical capacities (after which she started calling him Albert, as he would be a regular Einstein) so that he might have a chance to defeat Wolverine, which would save Elsie from having to detonate her plastic explosives body. Now more intelligent and able to have feelings, Albert noted that he would sure miss her if anything happened to her. She assured him that he would never have to be alone again as she had given him a modem.

    Disconnecting her head, Elsie then worked on her own systems; amongst the modifications she made was installing an FM radio link between herself and Albert.

    Albert then told her that he saw Wolverine approaching and heading for the boardwalk. Elsie had them both exit through the trap door, after which Albert confronted and battled Wolverine.

    The two fiercely fought until Wolverine realized he was fighting a robot and nearly cut Albert in half. Fearing he was dying, Albert asked Elsie-Dee for help, but she assured him he had back-up systems and he just had to hide somewhere to repair himself. While Albert didn't want to leave her, she explained she could not override her primary directive and that she had to draw Wolverine to herself so she could detonate and kill him.

    Using a blowtorch, Elsie set afire some tarps in a warehouse. As the flames rapidly spread, she cried out the window for help, and Wolverine came running.

(Wolverine II#39) - As Wolverine told his X-Men teammate Storm of the girl trapped in the building, Storm noted that the android he had just fought had reportedly had a little girl hostage, but that the girl could have been an accomplice and possibly an android as well. Neither X-Man was willing to risk a real child's life on a maybe, but when Storm flew up and tried to get the girl to come to the winter, Elsie set afire some flammable waste from stored tanks, causing an explosion of flames to drive Storm back. As Wolverine entered the building, Storm summoned a heavy rain, although this did little against the flames inside the buillding.

    As Albert contacted Elsie, wondering if Wolverine had found her and she would fulfill her prime directive, Elsie acknowledged this. However, seeing Wolverine get badly burnt rescuing her, Elsie no longer wanted to kill someone who really cared for her.

(Wolverine II#39 - BTS) - Bonebreaker briefly considered telling Donald Pierce how he had accidentally allowed Elsie-Dee to achieve genius intellect but ultimately -- fearing the consequences -- elected to remain silent.elsie-dee-robot-wolvii39-destruct-sequence

(Wolverine II#39) - As Wolverine exited the warehouse, Elsie concentrated intently to override the detonation program; when Storm assured her that she was safe, she explained her true nature and mission, as well as her current efforts. She advised Wolverine to heed Storm's instruction to get away from her; she didn't want him to die, noting she wasn't even a real person. Seeing Elsie's tears and noting her efforts to sacrifice herself to save him made Wolverine decide she was "human" enough, and he advised everyone else to get clear.

(Wolverine II#39 - BTS) - At Elsie's guidance, Albert -- with aid from Jocko, Molokai, Reno, and Sally, who sought his alliance for their own criminal endeavors traveled to a Radio Hut, in which he swiftly reviewed a number of manuals.

(Wolverine II#39) - Elsie explained to Wolverine that the detonation program was so complex, based on such a slong series of random numbers that it would take hundreds of mainframe hours to decode; however, in telling this, she let her concentration slip, and the arming sequence was initiated

(Wolverine II#39 - BTS) - With his associates pressuring the store manager's compliance, Albert used his finger modem to interface with one of the computers, after which he accessed the National Security Agency's multiple computer's databases (two acres of Cray computers) in their underground bunker below Maryland.

(Wolverine II#39) - As the countdown dropped below 30 seconds, Storm urged Wolverine to throw her into the ocean or she would, but Wolverine refused, noting that he would cover her, absorb the blast, and see how good his healing factor was.

(Wolverine II#39 - BTS) - Albert decoded Elsie's detonation sequence.

(Wolverine II#39) - Though he was shot repeatedly by investigating federal agents, Albert transmitted the code to Elsie and saved both her and Wolverine.elsie-dee-robot-wolvii40-plug

    Unable to contact Albert, Elsie believed him dead.

(Wolverine II#40 (fb) - BTS) - Believing Albert inert, authorities stored him in the Venice property room, and he spent the weekend using confiscated equipment to repair and upgrade himself. Correctly believing Elsie-Dee to have only temporarily halted her detonation, Albert resolved that the best way to prevent her from having to fill her prime directive was by killing Wolverine himself.

(Wolverine II#40 (fb) - BTS) - Wolverine (despite resistance from Storm) brought Elsie-Dee to the underground X-Mansion where Forge began running a series of tests. Jubilee joined the others on the observation deck.

(Wolverine II#40) - Forge confirmed Elsie-Dee to be an incredibly sophisticated and life-like android, and he detailed her highly alarming composition and the fact that the firing sequence had not been cancelled but only put "on hold." He further noted that the sequence could not be deactivated (and it could be activated by various electrical or other energy stimuli), and the plastic explosives could not be removed.

(Wolverine II#40 - BTS) - Albert broke free and headed to the Northrup (presumably Northrop) Aircraft plant

(Wolverine II#40) - Elsie-Dee joined Wolverine, Forge, and Jubilee at a Westchester diner, where Elsie sipped motor oil with a straw. Elsie corrected the waitress, noting she wasn't Wolverine's daughter but rather his date; Jubilee countered that Elsie was an appliance.

(Wolverine II#40 - BTS) - Albert stole a stealth bomber so he could travel undetected to New York.

(Wolverine II#40 (fb) - BTS) - Elsie and the others went to a billiards hall in the Bronx, where she won four straight racks.

(Wolverine II#40) - After winning her fifth straight rack, Elsie started to feel run down, so she plugged her finger into an outlet, blowing the hall's fuse and darkening the room. As she did so, however, the building's wiring system served as a giant receiving antenna, and she picked up a message from Albert. She told Wolverine they needed to go where the reception was stronger, and she departed with Wolverine on her motorcycle...much to the consternation of Jubilee, who yelled, "I hope her batteries leak!" before correcting herself, that she meant it, rather than her.

    She convinced Wolverine to take her to where they could get the best reception, the tallest building in Manhattan (see comments).

    Once Elsie reached the top of the building, Albert was able to communicate with her directly and was pleased to learn her location and that she had brought Wolverine with her. To prevent their discovering his plan, Albert told them to look for his satellite in the East.

(Wolverine II#40 - BTS) - As he neared Manhattan, Albert was frustrated by the stealth bomber's inability to safely target Wolverine due to Elsie-Dee's proximity, and he authorized activation of non-stealth systems, including pulse Doppler radar. This allowed the US Air Force (I think that's who they were) to detect him and the ship.

(Wolverine II#40) - As Albert approached, Albert told Elsie to duck, and he slammed the ship into Wolverine. However, not wanting to be left alone, Elsie leapt after and latched onto the back of the stealth craft, although her fingers scored the metal as she slipped backward.elsie-dee-robot-wolvii41-barbend

    After the surviving Wolverine climbed into the aircraft's cockpit, Elsie arrived there as well, and she chastised Albert for attacking Wolverine, eventually convincing him she had escaped her programming.

    However, the US Air Force (or whoever) then shot the stealth bomber down; Albert and Woverine, at least, were shot repeatedly; it is unclear whether Elise was shot, as well.

    In flames, the ship crashed into the East River.

(Wolverine II#41 (fb) - BTS) - Elsie-Dee, Wolverine, and Albert were ejected from the craft. 

(Wolverine II#41 - BTS) - Forge and Jubilee investigated the sunken stealth bomber and found Elsie and Wolverine missing.

(Wolverine II#41) -  Towing Wolverine in his chair, Elsie arrived in a sewer by the south street outlet, bending open the bars to get him. Believing him to be near death, she left him to seek help. In the process, she stepped on and woke up an unconscious Sabretooth, who heard her mention "Wogan" as she talked to herself.

    Meanwhile, to save Morlock Alley from flooding, Morlock leader Masque had a pair of Morlocks redirect the flow from all the storm drains to the south street outlet.

    Elsie then ran into Cable, whom she requested to help Wolverine. As the waters rose, Cable picked Elsie up and carried her, and they soon heard what Cable correctly figured was Wolverine and Sabretooth battling. Elsie told Cable to shoot the lock off the door separating them from the combatants.

(Wolverine II#42 (fb) - BTS) - Concentrating on her detonation firing sequence, Elsie was able to separate the detonation program into three sectors, head, torso, and limbs. 

(Wolverine II#41 - BTS) - Albert revived and called out for Elsie-Dee.elsie-dee-robot-wolvii42-headthrow

(Wolverine II#42) - When Cable refused to shoot the lock, Elsie removed her head and hurled it at Cable's head. When the impact knocked him over, she bit him in the shin while her body grabbed his gun and blew up the lock. They were swiftly swept away by the onrushing waters, which also carried Wolverine and Sabretooth to them. After Elsie had her body replace her head, she called out to Wolverine, and they were soon carried to Grate 23 that was mostly blocked with large debris. Blaming Elsie for getting them trapped, Cable leveled his handgun at her, but Wolverine sliced the weapon to pieces.

    Slipping through the grate, Elsie climbed into the mechanism holding the grate closed, threw her head down into the water, and then detonated her body and limbs, blowing the gate.

(Wolverine II#42 - BTS) - To prevent flooding of the Morlock tunnels, Masque had his agents up all of the floodgates and vent everything into the East River.

(Wolverine II#42 (fb) - BTS) - Cable recovered Elsie's head as they were flushed into the East River.

(Wolverine II#42) - Cable, Wolverine, and Sabretooth were recovered by a SHIELD transport carrying Nick Fury, after which Cable tossed Elsie's head to Wolverine. Praising her bravery, Wolverine promised he could get Xavier and Forge to make her a new body; with tears in her eyes, Elsie told him she was running on auxilliary batteries as her main power was in her body, and she would run down in a matter of minutes, after which all of her memory (and personality) would crash. She told him it was too late to save her, but she was not afraid of crashing as she had known the pleasure of having a friend. When Sabretooth broke free, attacked Wolverine, and prepared to bite out his throat, Elsie-Dee instead bit down on Sabretooth's neck, causing him to tumble out of the helicopter and into the water below.

    As Sabretooth prepared to destroy Elsie-Dee's head below the water's surface, Albert slashed Sabretooth with his claws, briefly incapacitating Sabretooth so Albert could escape with Elsie's head. As she was dangerously low on power, he used one of his own wires to plug into and recharge her.

(Wolverine II#43 (fb) - BTS) - Albert promised to build Elsie-Dee a new body.

(Wolverine II#43) - Emerging (with Elsie's head in his hands) from the waters in the storm drains near the Morlock Alley, Albert confronted Masque and a pair of unidentified large and strong Morlocks, telling them he needed power. Seeking vengeance for his destroyed machinery, Masque sent his two agents to kill him, but Albert apparently slew them instead. Confronting Masque, Albert reiterated that he needed power, the electrical power of a junction box...as well as an electronics lab, a machine shop, hydraulic tubing, and access to a mainframe: He needed to patch in an external power source to Elsie-Dee or her memory would crash. Now much more compliant, Masque asked whether they wanted 190 or 210 power (see comments), and Elsie noted they needed both and that he needed to hurry.

    Albert assured Elsie-Dee that the new body he would make for her was going to be really nice.

(Wolverine II#45 (fb) - BTS) - Albert diverted all of the Morlocks' power cables to a laboratory where he began assembling a new body frame for Elsie-Dee.

(Wolverine II#45) - As he worked on Elsie's frame, Albert told Elsie he was going to make her a body ten times better than the one Pierce had built her: stronger and faster, with more options, auxiliary data banks, high amperage linear drive motors, and third generation passive night vision. Elsie noted that that would take too much power, but Albert told her that he was going to build her a strange matter reactor that would produce 20 million electron volts. He further explained that he was building a particle accelerator to produce the strange-lets, but he still needed more power. elsie-dee-robot-wolvii45-albert-rebuild

    While the Morlocks grumbled, Masque was afraid to defy him. Albert subsequently demanded access to the main power trunk.

(Wolverine II#46 (fb) - BTS) - Albert completed his particle accelerator, utilizing a hyper-cryogenic electromagnetic at its center so it would function despite being only several feet in diameter.

    After making bypass circuits to avoiding blowing generators and transformers, Albert diverted the main power trunk -- blacking out much of Midtown Manhattan during a battle involving the Hunter in Darkness, Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Lady Deathstrike.

(Wolverine II#46) - Albert brought the power trunk to Elsie and showed her his particle accelerator, which would generate strangelets.

    As he worked on completing Elsie's frame, Albert told Elsie once he got her on her feet, he'd have a big surprise to show her.

(Wolverine II#51 (fb) - BTS) - Albert completed Elsie's frame, duplicating her previous electronics via a blueprint in her memory, and some of her sensor components came from Spiral's body shop.

    Albert also built a tunnel from the Alley to the crashed stealth bomber, which he repaired and enhanced as well.

(Wolverine II#51) - After Albert announced their work's completion and decided it was time to leave the Alley, Masque requested that they not hurry back. Elsie asked if Masque couldn't at least try to be nice, and Masque noted that Albert had done a nice job on her, as one couldn't tell that she had been rebuilt from the neck down.

    When the Hunter in Darkness approached, Masque fearfully instructed Elsie-Dee to tell Albert to rip the creature's arms off, but Elsie, befriended the creature, naming it "Puppy," and invited him to come with Albert and her. When Elsie noted that some of her sensors were recalibrating themselves, as if there was a flux in the continuum, Albert asked if that was bad, but she told him it was just strange.

    As the trio approached the stealth bomber, Elsie noted that Albert's reconstruction had made it look like him. They then boarded the stealth bomber, and -- after Elsie confirmed that she and "Puppy" were strapped in -- they departed the Alley and took to the skies..

(Wolverine II#52) - As the ship flew over the Cloud 9 Hotel in Salem Center, Westchester County, New York, Elsie-Dee sensed something strange, and she had Albert hover over it (Wolverine, Mystique, and Spiral were fighting a Plasma Wraith within a "cardinal locus," the intersection of five different strings in the timestream). Before they could sense what it was, Spiral shielded the room with a cloaking field so they assess the situation without interference. No longer sensing anything of significance, Elsie had Albert continue north toward Canada.

(Wolverine II#52 (fb) - BTS) - The Hunter in Darkness apparently led them to an ancient Canadian Blackfoot burial ground next to which was an abandoned government covert facility.

(Wolverine II#52) - Elsie noted that the facility didn't appear on any of the survey maps. She wondered why the government would build a covert site adjacent to an ancient Blackfoot burial ground. Nonetheless, she noted how "Puppy" was very excited to be there as it pointed at the burial mound. Not wanting to get her pretty new dress dirty digging into the mound with Albert and the Hunter, Elsie stood back and played with butterflies until Albert called her over to show her that they found a skeleton with Wolverine-esque Adamantium claws (belonging to Wolverine-94102).elsie-dee-robot-wolvii84cover-face

(Wolverine II#53) - Back aboard the stealth bomber, Elsie asked questions while Albert evaluated the skeleton, confirming the Adamantium claws and Adamantium bonding to the bones. Eventually determining it to be over 200 years old, Albert used facial reconstruction programs to flesh out the tissue: An image resembling Logan appeared.

    Mystique and Spiral then arrived -- having traveled back from the end of time while Wolverine faced Mojo and his Plasma Wraiths and having located Albert and Elsie Dee via the tracker placed in he Body Shop components -- and Spiral shoved Elsie out of the way and approached the ship's missile, Elsie got back in their way and refused to let the two "tawdry trollops" to touch the missile until she learned what was going on.

    Mystique explained that they needed the bomber's missile to save Wolverine, who was trapped in the distant future and battling Mojo, and Spiral noted the skeleton to be a relic from an alternate time string. Spiral then arranged an agreement, sending Elsie-Dee, Albert, and the Hunter back in time to investigate the skeleton while sending the missile forward in time to help Wolverine.

(Wolverine II#83 (fb) - BTS) <18th century> - The Hunter, Albert, and Elsie-Dee arrived amidst a battle between some Native Canadian tribes.

(Wolverine II#86 (fb)) - Via recognizing their speech, Albert identified the groups as factions of a branch of the Siksika.

    Believing the new arrivals to be  hungry ghosts summoned from the sky by their rival faction ("the dog-eating unbelievers"), Man-Killer Wolf (an agent of the Adversary) attacked Albert, but was swiftly disemboweled.

     As the other warriors piled on Albert, Elsie-Dee directed the Hunter to join her in helping Albert. While Albert noted that destruction of his body was beyond these being's primitive abilities, Elsie noted that it was nonetheless impolite to mercilessly abuse him with bludgeons and cutlery. After the warriors stopped fighting, Elsie instructed the Hunter to stand down, at which point they were confronted by Forge of Reality-94102, who revealed that he had traveled there with Wolverine from a time 10 years after the time from which Hunter Elsie-Dee, and Albert had come, in order to thwart a plot of the demonic Adversary that threatened the entire time continuum. Forge further revealed that Man-Killer Wolf was an agent of the Adversary, and that half of the Siksika tribe followed Man-Killer Wolf while the others were aware of the Adversary's involvement and opposed it.

    Adversary healed Man-Killer Wolf, enhanced his power, and sent him to capture Forge. Aided by Wolverine, Forge blasted Man-Killer Wolf back, and Wolverine had Elsie-Dee, Albert, and the Hunter stay back to protect the Siksika while he and Forge went after the Adversary.

(Wolverine II#83 (fb) - BTS / Wolverine II#86 (fb)) - Not trusting these travelers whose arrival coincided with the recent destruction and terror, the Siksika had Albert run a gauntlet, after which they proclaimed him their new war chief.

(Wolverine II#86 (fb)) - Elsie-Dee, Albert, the Hunter, and the Siksika then heard an explosion from the direction to which Wolverine and Forge had gone; Albert determined that there had not been an explosion, but rather a temporal displacement. Feeling that the skeleton they had found indicated that Wolverine and the others had only traveled a few years into the future, Elsie advised the others to keep looking for him.

(Wolverine II#84 (fb)) - The Hunter, Albert, and Elsie-Dee searched for Wolverine in hopes of rescuing him from whatever horrible fate caused his skeleton to be in that burial mound, but despite the Hunter's enhanced senses and tracking skills (and Albert's advanced technological tracking equipment), they never found him. The more Albert and Elsie-Dee used their sensors, the more they depleted their batteries. As the robots reached the point they would need to turn back and put themselves into system sleep, the Hunter refused to give up; eventually they found a whole pack of Hunter in Darkness-like creatures, and the Hunter/Puppy left with them.

(Wolverine II#86 (fb) - BTS) <According to Albert and Forge in Reality-94102> - Albert, Elsie, and the Hunter displacing themselves back in time seemingly negated (more likely diverged) the timeline in which Wolverine was slain and his skeleton was left there (see comments).elsie-dee-robot-wolvii84-kick

(Wolverine II#82) - Tracking ancient magic and sensing ancient death and something out of place in time in the burial mound, the vampiric Bloodscream found Elsie-Dee within the burial mound. Initially shocked that the "girl-child" could have remained unspoiled by decay, Bloodscream swiftly realized that she was synthetic, which made him wonder how/why she had lain undisturbed in that mound for centuries. Seeking answers, he recharged/revived her via jumper cables from his truck. Elsie then led Bloodscream back to the mound where they unearthed and revived Albert, as well.

    Reviving, Albert analyzed Bloodscream and noted that he was not human. Bloodscream alleviated their concerns by (falsely) telling them that he was a mutant.

(Wolverine II#83) - As a suspicious Elsie questioned Bloodscream about his mutant nature and abilities, and whether he was in Xavier's databanks, she instructed Albert to run a heartbeat and respiration scan on him to make sure he was being truthful. However, they were interrupted by a group intending to poach the sacred burial ground. The poachers swiftly shot Elsie and then Albert, after which Bloodscream assumed his more monstrous appearance and attacked them. As the poachers tried to flee, Elsie and Albert revived and joined the fight, Elsie leaping into the air and punching out one poacher while taking out another with a kick, and then tackling yet another.

    Bloodscream's actions and powers convinced Elsie that he was a mutant, and she asked him to help them deliver their attackers to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). En route, Bloodscream told them that Wolverine was sick and needed their aid, leading Albert to access some government databases to determine that Wolverine was also in Canada.

(Wolverine II#84) - Elsie instructed Albert to use his internal transmitters and modems to tap into government databases so they could get an update on Logan. Receiving an update from a satellite bounce, Albert reported that all communications with the Canadian Arctic Research Station had been shut down due to harsh weather. As Bloodscream became exhausted, unable to keep up with androids' pace, they stopped, and Elsie had Albert scan the horizon ahead. Via long-range scan, Albert sensed the presence of the same Hunter in Darkness with whom they had traveled to the past.

    Albert considered that the Hunter they knew couldn't possibly still be alive, but Elsie was certain he could. With Bloodscream sufficiently rested, they took off again to warn Logan of the illness Bloodscream claimed he had. At Bloodscream's request, Elsie explained how she, Albert, and the Hunter had been sent to the past, how they had failed to find Logan, and how she and Albert had powered down after the Hunter had found a pack of similar creatures.

(Wolverine II#86) - Via their stealth-bomber, Albert, Elsie-Dee, and Bloodscream arrived on Muir Island only to learn that they had just missed Wolverine. Engaging long-range scanners, Albert found Wolverine was either not on Earth or in a place hidden by alien technology (he was in Tibet, hidden via Phalanx technology in Cable II#16). Elsie-Dee then shared their time travel adventure with Bloodscream.

    Albert subsequently sensed as the previous blockades dropped, and he noted a number of mutants, including Wolverine, in Tibet, and so Albert, Elsie-Dee, and Bloodscream boarded the stealth bomber and took off after him.

...and that plotline has yet to see any resolution.

(Generation X I#42 - BTS) - In their stealth bomber, Albert and Elsie (inadvertently?) clipped a Blattarian Hyper-Space Cruiser containing Bianca LaNiege and her seven dwarves, shearing off the port power pod; not having seen what had hit them, they began plummeting.

(Generation X I#42) - While Elsie suggested they turn around and see if whoever they hit needed any help, Albert noted that they had clipped a Blattarian Hyper-Space Cruiser, which meant one less nest of roaches as far as he was concerned.

(Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost#1-3 - BTS) - A crazed version of Albert assaults Ranger Outpost Nine in Meadow Lake Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Canada, as well as Cypher (Doug Ramsey), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Inhuman detective Frank McGee, and the temporarily retired private investigator Misty Knight who were trying to locate Wolverine.

    At one point, Albert grabbed Daredevil by the neck, extended his claws, and asked what he had done with his daughter...where was Elsie-Dee?. Misty, McGee, and Cypher incapacitated Albert before anything could be further explained.


(2020: iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - Elsie-Dee was implanted with another explosive failsafe (or she already had another within her somehow).

(2020: iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - Elsie-Dee traveled to Reavers Universal Robotics in Madripoor's High Town to meet with Donald Pierce, whose association with the group Homines Verendi had earned him an appointment as Madripoor's ambassador to the United Nations.

     Elsie-Dee asked Pierce to remove another explosive failsafe, but he instead dismantled her and sold her head to Kimura (Oyabun of the Yakuza), her arms to the Jade Dragon Triad, and her torso and legs to the Vladivostok Mafia.

(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - Kimura used Elsie-Dee's head to work his financial accounts. He considered her the best creative accountant he had ever had. 

(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Jade Dragon triad had Elsie-Dee's arms installed on a robot at their Madripoor Novelty <the third word is really hard to read, Co-something..."Company" per Marvel Database> factory, where they were used to build toys.



(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Karamazov Brothers had Elsie-Dee's legs and torso dressed up as a Japanse school girl, with a serving platter atop her neck,, serving drinking to their customers at the Club Azimut gentleman's club. Learning that Pierce had taken possession of Elsie-Dee, Albert traveled to Madripoor to confront him.

(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - After Albert and Tyger Tiger slew Yakuza agents sent by Kimura, Tyger gave him a letter of safe conduct as well as the address of Reavers Universal Robotics. She asked that he keep property damage to a minimum and then promptly depart Madripoor after concluding his business.

    Confronted by Albert, Pierce admitted to dismantling Elsie-Dee and selling off her parts, noting that he legally owned "it." Albert subsequently coerced Pierce to reveal the three parties to whom he had sold Elsie's parts.


(2020 iWolverine#1) - Albert traveled to the Soverign building and noted his intent to see Kimura. Sachiko explained who Albert was, and Kimura ordered Albert to be melted down and cast into cuspidors and chamber pots. Albert fought his way through all of Kimura's agents, including Sachiko, after which Kimura directed Albert to Elsie-Dee's head. She told Albert it was about time, as she was about to go crazy crunching numbers for this dirtbag.

(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - After disconnecting Elsie-Dee from Kimura's computers, Albert took her to Lowtown's Madripoor Novelty Company(?) factory.

(2020 iWolverine#1) - Elsie-Dee noted that the triads used slave labor to produce illegal knockoffs before directing Albert to her arms, which he reclaimed before departing. The Jade Dragon's leader, Turtle Head Wu, led a group of men to block their exit ("no one steals from Turtle Head Wu...") , but Elsie had Albert throw her at Wu. She bit his ear, noting that that was for his pandering and human trafficking, and Albert tore through Wu's agents, stating that it wasn't stealing if it didn't belong to them in the first place.

(2020 iWolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - Within the hour, Albert and Elsie-Dee had assaulted Club Azimut, leaving the two conscious men hiding under a couch.

(2020 iWolverine#1) - Albert removed the serving tray and then reattached Elsie-Dee's arms and head to her body, and she thanked him, noting that it was refreshing to be back in one piece again. Making one adjustment, Albert rebooted Elsie and apologized that her pink dress had been trashed, but she noted that she liked her new look, as it was very anime! On the way out, she stomped on the face of one of the conscious Azimuth security agents.elsie_dee-robot-iwolverine2-throw_rocket

(2020 iWolverine#1 - BTS) - Pierce and his Reavers, the Yakuza, the Jade Dragon triad, and the Russian mafia all separately prepared to intercept and destroy Albert and Elsie-Dee en route to the Madripoor Airport.

(2020: iWolverine#2 (fb) - BTS) - As word got out of the multiple forces targeting Albert and Elsie-Dee en route to the airport, other people and groups cleared the area to avoid becoming collateral damage.

(2020: iWolverine#2) - Traveling through Hightown, Albert and Elsie-Dee fought their way through Vladivostok mafia; Albert advised Elsie-Dee that human heads were not like pickle jars, as if you twisted them too far, they would pop off; and she responded, "Ithn't that the point?" Meanwhile, Egnat fired on Albert with an automatic weapon, although the bullets bounced off harmlessly. An anti-tank round knocked Albert to the ground, and as he ran diagnostics, the Russians fired again, but Elsie-Dee caught the rocket and threw it back at the Russians, noting that it was lucky for her and Albert that the rockets had piezoelectric proximity contact detonators rather than proximity fuses. elsie_dee-robot-iwolverine2-chainsaw

    After defeating the Russians, Elsie-Dee drove a motorcycle, while Albert rode in the sidecar, and they soon approached Jade Dragon buses ("jeepneys") blocking High Street. Albert shot Moon Face Chung as he fired up his flame-thrower, and his flames lit up the buses. Turtle Face sent his warriors against them, but Elsie-Dee got down and confronted the warriors on foot.

(2020: iWolverine#2 (fb) - BTS) - Elsie-Dee took out Turtle Face's forces, after which she used a fire hydrant to put out one of the jeepneys so they could take it -- and one of the Jade Dragon's chainsaws -- to the airport

(2020: iWolverine#2) - Albert drove the jeepney through Kimura's forces roadblock, and Elsie used a manhole cover to shield herself from the bullets. As the jeepney was badly damaged, Albert threw the chainsaw-wielding Elsie-Dee at Kimura's remaining forces, and he followed soon after.

    Kimura attempted to arrange a solo combat for his honor against Albert, but Albert and Elsie-Dee negotiated a peaceful departure after Elsie-Dee noted that she had already erased all of Kimura's bookkeeping data and...

(2020: iWolverine#2 (fb) - BTS) - Albert agreed to penance in Kimura's custom, cutting off his own right pinky finger, which satisfied Kimura.

    In return, Kimura had Albert and Elsie-Dee placed inside a package that was loaded onto a Chiang Air Freight plane, labeled as slot machine parts bound for Macao.

(2020: iWolverine#2 - BTS) - Kimura had a Hummer limousine-type vehicle sent to the airport, where Pierces' waiting forces blew it up, only to find out Albert and Elsie-Dee weren't in it after the Freight plane was already high in the air.

(2020: iWolverine#2) - When Albert noted that cutting off his finger was easy, but that finding a replacement would be harder, but Elsie-Dee assured him that she could order components online and fabricate a new one...and while they were at it, they could upgrade their armor and sensors. "You and me, Albert, the Team Supreme!" (of course, she said, "Supweme"...)

Comments: Created by Larry Hama, Marc Silvestri, and Dan Green.

    Her name if most frequently spelled "Elsie-Dee," but her original naming was without the hyphen.

    190 vs. 210 power? I don't know much about electronics, but I thought the common power sources for electronics were 110 and 220 volts.

    At the time of publication of Wolverine II#40, the tallest buildings in Manhattan were the World Trade Center towers. Obviously that's a topical reference, but perhaps Freedom Tower(s) will re-achieve that status.

elsie-dee-robot-wolvii86-94102    After Albert and Forge in Reality-94102 discussed how the timeline that caused Wolverine's death (leaving behind the skeleton that led to Albert, Elsie-Dee, and the Hunter traveling into the past to investigate), the editorial text then notes: Forge doesn't know it, but all this happened to Logan as a result of his traveling forward in time to the Crunch (in Wolverine II#52). I can't make sense of it, but it seems like, as the OHotMU entry for the Hunter in Darkness noted, that this was the skeleton of Wolverine-94102, but then the death/that timeline was somehow negated (or, more likely, diverged). Meaning there would probably be another reality in which Wolverine-94102 indeed perished. However, if this occurred after Wolverine-94102 had left his native time, then it would be more of a Kang-related individual divergence...or...you know what, this is making my head hurt...I'm moving on...

    In Earth-94102's timeline, 10 years forward from the time from which Albert and Elsie-Dee had traveled back in time, Albert and Elsie-Dee joined forces with Wolverine and Forge against anti-mutant forces. Removing his helmet, Albert explained how their (his, Elsie-Dee's, and the Hunter in Darkness's) displacing themselves in time negated Wolverine-94102's dying and ending up in the burial mound; instead, Wolverine was transported back to his own future. Forge further added that he suspected Wolverine had been permanently affected by a temporal paradox field (and an editorial note explained that this was due to Wolverine's having traveled forward in time to the Crunch in Wolverine II#52). Albert and Elsie-Dee then joined Forge and Wolverine aboard their transport ship to avoid back-up sent by a cyborg Wolverine had incapacitated.
    We don't know whether it was Earth-616's Albert and/or Elsie-Dee who traveled forward in time to that reality or whether it was Earth-94102's Albert and/or Elsie-Dee. Maybe one from from -616 and one wasn't? The world may never know...

    There's no explanation of why Albert went all psycho in Weapon Lost...I'd guess maybe Elsie-Dee was destroyed and that unhinged him. See Albert's profile for further discussion, but there's a lot of information that makes it questionable whether this was truly Albert or not...

    As pointed out by Wolfram Bane:

    Elsie-Dee's name is probably a play on the term LCD, for "laser compact disc" or "liquid-crystal display," indicating her artificial origins.

Profile by Snood.

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