Real Name: Bianca LaNeige

Identity/Class: Human Mutate

Occupation: Former head of LaNeige Industrial Concepts

Group Membership: Former member of the Hellfire Club

Affiliations: Leader and (blackmailer) of the Seven Dwarves

Enemies: Emma Frost, Generation X, Albert and Elsie-Dee

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Biosphere in a future Earth; Formerly an alien dimension

First Appearance: Generation X#40 (July, 1998)

Powers: Bianca has psychic-based powers of transmutation that allowed her to change seven aliens into the seven dwarves. Bianca also has some minor fighting skills, and it was implied she had low-level telepathy.

History: (Generation X#43 (fb)) - Emma Frost had bought LaNeige Industrial Concepts in a hostile takeover. Bianca, feeling vengeful, used her top-secret device that opened a gateway into another reality. Bianca was hoping to bring back alien technology that would drive Emma to bankruptcy, but instead found herself trapped in hellish dimension where she "endured unspeakable torture but also gained incredible power".

(Generation X#40) - Bianca LaNeige reformed in this reality on an alien ship on the dark side of the moon. She used her powers of transmutation to turn the ship's crew, some kind of squid/insects, into her loyal "Seven Dwarves". She swore vengeance on her archenemy Emma Frost.

(Generation X#42) - Bianca's ship tracked Frost to a mini-golf course where her archenemy Frost and Generation X were playing mini golf. While planning her attack against them, Bianca was struck by an EMP wave from the Psychic Plane which disabled all psychic power including Bianca's, and knocked her out. (From Psylocke destroying the Shadow King in X-Men II#77) While her seven dwarves debated about killing her, Emma Frost and Generation X had left the Golf Course. She reprimanded the Dwarves and took off in the spaceship, which collided with a plane flown by Albert and Elsie-Dee, effectively knocking out their engine.

(Generation X#43)- After getting the ship under control, the dwarves were able to pilot it to the Massachusetts Academy where Generation X lived. Landing on their biosphere, they attacked a stunned Generation X. Having her dwarves occupy the Generation X kids, Bianca attacked Emma Frost. Emma led her to the kitchen and pummeled Bianca with frying pans until finally knocking her out with a watermelon. The dwarves surrendered immediately when they realized the mutant Chamber's bio blast was more powerful than their Plasma Cannon.

(Generation X#44)- After surrendering Generation X forced Bianca and the dwarves to help rebuild the biosphere, Generation X's training center, because they were the ones that ruined it. Bianca and the dwarves were working on it until a strange portal appeared that transported the biosphere, Bianca, and the seven dwarves into what appeared to be the future.

Comments: Created by Larry Hama and Terry Dodson.

Bianca is the first character I know of that actually went to a literal character limbo and she'll probably stay there for a while since Grant Morrison is using Emma Frost's character now (translation--the character has gone to the land of forgotten characters (she's far from the first--more like 5001st!), and she ain't gonna be seen no more, no more--Snood). Also I bet Bianca gained her powers back like all the other psychics did.

I think Bianca LaNeige is Snow White in Italian.

Larry Hama's run on Generation X was not especially well-received. It's doubtful anyone besides him would want to use her, and (as far as I know) he hasn't worked for Marvel in a few years. She's kinda fun, though.

by Sammy 7D

Clarifications: Bianca and her Seven Dwarves should not be confused with:

Blurry has no connection to:

Brainy has no connection to:

Greasy has no connection to:

Spikey has no connection to:

Warpy has no connection to:

Windy has no connection to:

"The Seven Dwarves" (from top to bottom): Warpy, Stinky, Windy, Blurry, Brainy, Greasy, and Spikey were once giant Squid/Cockroach aliens that were transformed into, as Warpy said: "silly, stunted, bipedal, uncarapaced, disgusting things that don't even have egg sacs." They were not loyal to Bianca, and once tried to kill her when she was unconscious until reminded that they would be stuck in the dwarf bodies forever without her help. The Dwarves aided Bianca against Generation X and joined her when she disappeared through the mysterious portal; Windy even seemed to know what it was. The cockroach race must be pretty well known since Albert knew it was their type of spacecraft he hit. Chalk another one up to the Cockroach Conspiracy! --Generation X#40, 42-44
-Their powers can be predicted from their names:






Generation X#40 (July, 1998) - Larry Hama (writer), Terry Dodson (pencils), Rachel Dodson (inks), Ruben Diaz (editor)
Generation X#42-44 (September-November, 1998) - Larry Hama (writer), Terry Dodson (pencils), Rachel Dodson (inks), Ruben Diaz (#42) & Frank Pittarese (#43-44) (editor)

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