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Membership: Wolverines of different Earths (Albert (Earth-616), Mean (Earth-5311), Weapon X (Earth-295/Age of Apocalypse), Wild Thing (Earth-982/MC2), Wolverine (Earth-811/Days of Future Past), Wolverine (Earth-2301/Mangaverse), Wolvie (Mojoverse), Wolverine in original costume (possibly Wolverine-74135), unidentified Wolverine in old brown costume)

Purpose: Play competitive baseball

Affiliations: Amazing Arachnids (friendly rivalry) (Spider-Ham (Earth-8311), Spider-Man ("Spider-Punk", Earth-138), Spider-Man (Earth-928/2099), Spider-Man (Earth-39811/cartoon), Spider-Man ((Pavitr Prabhakar) Earth-50101), Spider-Man ("Supaidaman", Earth-51778), Spider-Man (Earth-90214/Noir), Spider-Monkey (Earth-8101/Apes), Spider-UK (Earth-833), Spider-Woman (Earth-807128/Amerika), others - see comments), Sleepwalker (Earth unrevealed)

Enemies: Deadpool (Earth-616/Prime)

Base of Operations: Mobile across dimensions (means of access unrevealed)

First Appearance: Deadpool: Too Soon#6 (digital comic, February, 2017)


(Deadpool: Too Soon#6 (fb) - BTS) - An "official baseball league" was established of teams composed entirely of multiversal super-powered beings (presumably of similar capabilities). This included a team of various Wolverines or Wolverine-derived people called the "Seething Snikters" and a team of Spider-Men or Spider-powered people dubbed the "Amazing Arachnids". They enjoyed a friendly rivalry and appeared to play according to standard rules with [a] Sleepwalker acting as umpire. The organization, rostering, range and means of access are unrevealed.

(Deadpool: Too Soon#6) - On Earth-616/Prime, Deadpool tracked down a list of potential murder victims he was associated with, which led him to find Spider-Ham in Central Park, New York, playing a multiversal league game as part of the Amazing Arachnids against the Seething Snikters. Disguised as a novelty/popcorn vendor, Deadpool tried to warn Spider-Ham of impending danger, but the other baseballers attacked him, especially the more aggressive Snikters, for interrupting the game. Deadpool managed to escape their wrath.






Comments: Created by Joshua Corin (writer), Todd Nauck (artist), Reilly Brown (layouts).

Given the multiversal nature of the Seething Snikters' members, it's almost impossible to clearly identify which Earths the Wolverines or Wolverine-derived characters are from; likewise for the Amazing Arachnids. The designations given are ASSumed, but it needs to be remembered that they are also drawn from different time periods (hence I identified Weapon X from the Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295) instead of the Earth-51518 (Secret Wars) domain, given the 295 version later changed appearance, but is the more familiar version). Likewise, Spider-Man 2099 is from the main 2099 universe, rather than the odd Timestorm universe (Earth-96099). Furthermore, it wouldn't surprise me if Wolverine from an earlier period of Earth-616 is in there (but later forgot about it/memory wiped - again). Special thanks to my fellow Appendix Masters of the Obscure (notably Jeff, Stuart and Jacob) for helping identify the characters.

Initially I thought that maybe Reed Richards may have helped assemble multiversal collaboration, as whimsical as it might be, but he was still missing at this point in the wake of Secret Wars. So maybe Peter Parker gained access to one of Richards' multiversal bridges and established it. However, it could just as easily have been started by someone from another dimension, such as the baseball-keen Johnny Storm from Earth-20051 using a fine-tuned Probability Engine.

ASSuming the baseball played here followed usual rules, there would have been at least nine multiversal members per side (plus supporters). Presumably, the matches are held on different Earths, or at least those with viable baseball diamonds. I'm guessing it's also limited to American residents and those from nations keen on baseball (such as Japan) and the use of powers are ruled out as much as possible. A Moon Knight team would be interesting, probably with a lot of in-fighting, until they play together in synch, then watch out!

Unfortunately, given Deadpool's delusions, I'm not entirely convinced that this actually happened. An "official" multiversal baseball league of teams divided by characters (playing publicly in Central Park, no less) is a quirky idea that needs a little back-up with a reference elsewhere. And surely there would be a Deadpool team...?

Profile by Grendel Prime.

The Seething Snikters have no known connections to:

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Deadpool: Too Soon#6, digital (Spider-people edited out)
Deadpool: Too Soon#6, digital (batter up)

Deadpool: Too Soon#6 (digital comic, February, 2017) - Joshua Corin (writer), Todd Nauck (artist), Reilly Brown (layouts), Jordan D. White (editor)

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