Real Name: Ororo

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-9602/Amalgam) human metamutant

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former ambassador/champion

Group Membership: JLX (Apollo/Ray Summers, Chaos/Joshua Summers, Iceberg, Mister X/J'onn J'onnz, Nightcreeper/Kurt Ryder, Runaway);
    formerly Judgment League Avengers (Captain Marvel/Billy Mar-Vell, Super-Soldier/Clark Kent, others)

Affiliations: Angelica, Dark Claw (Logan Wayne), Doctor Strangefate (Charles Xavier), Scott Free, Hippolyta, Iron Lantern (Hal Stark), JLX, Judgment League Avengers, Orion, Prince (Diana), Professor Malcolm, Shatterstarfire (Koriand'ru), Spider-Boy (Pete Ross)

Enemies: Circe, Doctor Doomsday (Victor von Doom), Fin Fang Flame, Giganta, the Old Ones, Panthera, Poseidon, Professor Psycho, Thanoseid

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents (deceased), Hippolyta (adoptive mother), Diana (Prince, adoptive sister)

Aliases: "Wonder Chick," Wonder Woman

Base of Operations: A mansion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA;
formerly Paradise Island, Themyscira

First Appearance: (fictional): Giant Size Tales of the Amazons#1 (1975);
    (actual, unidentified): Marvel Versus DC#3 (April, 1996);
    (Wonder Woman, identified): Amazon I#1 (April, 1996);
    (mentioned as Amazon): the "letters page" of JLX I#1 (April, 1996);
    (as Amazon, fully seen): JLX Unleashed I#1 (June, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Amazon can manipulate the natural weather forces associated with storms, such as wind, rain and lightning. When forming lightning into a lasso, Amazon was apparently able to compel others to speak the truth if ensnared by her lasso.

She has also has decades of training in Amazonian fighting techniques.

Height: 5'11" (by approximation)
Weight: 145 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue (white when using powers)
Hair: White

History: (Marvel Versus DC#3/DC/Marvel: All Access#1 (fb)/Unlimited Access#1 (fb)) - When the Living Tribunal and the Spectre sought to save their respective multiverses by merging them together, Wonder Woman was one of the many heroes and villains who emerged into the amalgamated universe, completed with her own varied history.

(Amazon I#1 (fb) - BTS) - As a young child, Ororo accompanied her parents on a ship to return a statue found by Professor Malcolm, her father's employer. Onboard, she witnessed her parents looking at the golden statue, trying to grab it as Professor Malcolm remarked that the statue could be the cause of the tragedy that had seemed to stalk him since finding the statue. Not long after, Ororo was in her mother's arms when the ship was attacked by the Olympian god Poseidon, who destroyed the ship while accusing Malcolm of being a thief. As the ship sank, Ororo went overboard and nearly drowned before she was rescued by the Amazon Queen Hippolyta and taken back to the island of Themyscira, where her life was saved. Ororo was subsequently raised as an Amazon princess and, as a result of her experiences as a child, Ororo developed a phobia of drowning. As she grew, Ororo developed a rivalry with her adoptive sister Diana and when Ororo was twelve years old, the two got into a fight that had to be broken up by Hippolyta when Diana accused Ororo of not being a real Amazon. Despite having wished to postpone telling Ororo the truth until she were older, Hippolyta revealed how she had earlier rescued the drowning Ororo from a destroyed ship.

(Bullets & Bracelets I#1 (fb)) - As a teen, Ororo often ran across the land of the mystic Paradise Island with her adoptive sister Diana until one day, Diana decided to leave the island to investigate the world of man. The younger Ororo watched as a saddened Diana said her goodbyes.

(Amazon I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Since the dawning of her womanhood, Ororo was not afraid of any storm or any fury of nature due to her mutant abilities to manipulate the elemental forces of storms.

(Giant Size Tales of the Amazons#1) - At some point, Ororo was given the title of Wonder Woman ventured into the world of man as the Amazonian ambassador to "man's world."

(Amazon I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually, Ororo settled into a mansion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she befriended her neighbor Angelica and Angelica's mother.

(Amalgam trading card#9: Wonder Woman (fb) - BTS) - Wonder Woman was approached by Marco Xavier to help found a team of mutant heroes but Ororo refused, not wishing to be part of any team led by a man.

(JLX I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Wonder Woman (sometimes called Amazon) had a falling out with Super-Soldier.

(Amazons: The Contest#1) - Ororo and her adoptive sister Diana fought each other head-to-head, evenly matched in their abilities.

(the rest of Amazons: The Contest mini-series) - Ororo and Diana's fight became a winner-take-all battle for the title of Wonder Woman, a fight Ororo won.

(Mighty Amazons#64) - Wonder Woman paired up with the extradimensional Tomojoran native Shatterstarfire and the two seemed to become friends.

(Tales of the Amazons final issue) - Wonder Woman foes Professor Psycho, Panthera, Circe and Giganta allied together to exact revenge on Ororo and her adoptive sister Diana while Bruce Wayne, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., acted behind-the-scenes.

(Amalgam Canvas chase card#8 of 9: Wonder Woman) - During the Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour, in which the Apokoliptian Thanoseid attempted to destroy the cosmos using the Infinity Links, Wonder Woman held Thanoseid at bay while rebels Scott Free and Orion struck at the Infinity Loop itself, sacrificing their lives to destroy it.

(Amalgam trading card#70: Poseidon) - The god Poseidon vowed to finish his act against Professor Malcolm by tracking down and defeating Ororo, the lone survivor of the destruction of Malcolm's ship.

(Amalgam trading card#45: Birth of an Amazon) - Poseidon began hunting Wonder Woman, refusing to allow anyone to escape his wrath.

(Amazon I#1) - Wonder Woman was flying along a gentle breeze above the oceans when a fierce storm came up. Attempting to take control of the storm with her mutant powers, Wonder Woman was instead knocked from the air and into the waters by the storm. The waters soon opened into a whirlpool and the god Poseidon revealed himself, taunting that while Wonder Woman's powers were impressive, he controlled the oceans themselves. When Wonder Woman refused to yield, Poseidon admitted he had underestimated the heroine and nearly drowned her in a flush of ocean water that soon washed Wonder Woman into a nearby cave. Recalling her memories of nearly drowning as a child, Wonder Woman opened her eyes to find herself washed into Poseidon's throne room. Confused as to why Poseidon had washed her there, Wonder Woman picked up a statue, not realizing it was the same one her father had found in her childhood, and Poseidon responded by angrily accusing her of being a thief. When Poseidon remarked on previously destroying a ship belonging to someone who had once stolen the statue, Wonder Woman asked if Poseidon was admitting to destroying the ship that had taken the lives of her parents. Poseidon admitted he had, as his desires were above those of mortals, and Wonder Woman attempted to confront the sea god, only to be bound by seaweed as Poseidon attempted to kill her for her insolence. Wonder Woman soon gave Poseidon pause, however, when she remarked on the fall of Olympian worship. As Poseidon began to realize the error of his ways, Wonder Woman reminded him that she and the other Amazons still worshiped the old gods, only to have him treat her in such a way. Finally concluded that he had indeed become foolish to let pettiness and greed cloud his judgment, Poseidon released Wonder Woman, who questioned when his temper might next cloud his judgment. Poseidon admitted he couldn't be sure but suggested she take small vengeance in being the instrument of his enlightenment. Wonder Woman then flew off, accepting the humility she had taken from Poseidon and hoping it might allow Poseidon's past victims to rest a little easier.

(Amazon#2) - Diana sought help from Ororo in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

(JLX#4) - Amazon met the JLX.

(DC Versus Marvel#4) - Unaware that the extradimensional Access was using her power, along with that of numerous other natives of Earth-9602, to restore Earth-616 and the other distant cosmos, Wonder Woman was split into her component parts native to each of the two realities that had merged to create Earth-9602.

(DC/Marvel: All Access#1 - BTS) - Access' mind was flooded with visions of the two universes and the creation of Earth-9602, including a vision of Wonder Woman among the other Earth-9602 heroes.

(DC/Marvel: All Access#4) - Emerging from Doctor Strange of Earth-616's subconscious, Doctor Strangefate attempted to recreate Earth-9602 by forcibly merging the Earth-616 and distant cosmos heroes into new amalgamations, including a new incarnation of Wonder Woman/Amazon that served him. When Doctor Strange returned to battle Doctor Strangefate, Earth-9602 (with Amazon as well) was entirely recreated inside a mystic item within Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum.

(JLX Unleashed I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Amazon joined the Judgment League Avengers.

(JLX Unleashed I#1) - After the demonic Fin Fang Flame was unleashed on New York, devastating the city and the Judgment League Avengers, Amazon confronted the JLA's Super-Soldier and asked why he was wasting time putting the Statue of Liberty back up when Fin Fang Flame was still at large. Super-Soldier suspected Amazon did not see the symbolism in the Statue of Liberty but Amazon interrupted, explaining that JLA International and JLA West had been overtaken. When Amazon suggested releasing the JLX from custody, the JLA's Captain Marvel argued against the idea, remarking that the JLX were not to be trusted. Fin Fang Flame interrupted the discussion, blasting Super-Soldier and prompting Amazon to proclaim that Fin Fang Flame was there for her. Confused as to why the demon would be after Amazon, Captain Marvel tended to Super-Soldier as Amazon ensnared Fin Fang Flame's maw with her lightning lasso. Fin Fang Flame knocked Amazon aside with his tail, however, breaking part of the Statue of Liberty and announcing his plan to rain destruction upon humanity until every metamutant was destroyed.

Less than an hour later, Amazon visited Mister X in custody to request the help of his JLX team. Reminding Amazon about the Armageddon Agenda that had allowed Will Magnus to wage war on metamutants, decimating his team, Mister X asked why he should help Amazon. Amazon responded by explaining Fin Fang Flame's destructive plan and reminding him that she had broke JLA protocol just to appeal to Mister X. Mister X reluctantly agreed to help and Amazon then accompanied Mister X in releasing the remaining JLX members, as well as Apollo's brother Chaos. While freeing Chaos from Aim-Star Labs, Amazon had to help reign in the angry and destructive Chaos, who sought revenge on Mister X for leaving him in stasis for over a decade. With the JLX assembled, Amazon accompanied them to Fin Fang Flame, explaining the plan to freeze Fin Fang Flame's body in an effort to destroy the empowering Techno-Seed inside. The team soon neared Fin Fang Flame and the military's firing on the demon forced Amazon and the JLX to depart their flying Wavecruiser craft. Enacting their plan, Amazon and the JLX engaged Fin Fang Flame, eventually destroying the Techno-Seed. Weakened but not defeated by the Techno-Seed's destruction, Fin Fang Flame continued to battle the heroes until Apollo rammed the Wavecruiser into the demon, absorbing much of Fin Fang Flame's power in the process. Following Fin Fang Flame's defeat, Nightcreeper suggested the JLX flee the scene before Amazon turned the team back over to JLA custody but Amazon instead announced her intention to join the JLX instead, revealing that she was a metamutant like them.

(JLX Unleashed#2) - The Judgment League Avengers refused to sit still about Amazon's defection to the JLX.

(Unlimited Access#1 - BTS) - Access thought about the creation of Earth-9602 (and its myriad characters like Amazon) and how if he did not keep beings from Earth-616 and a distant cosmos from crossing over, a similar event might happen.

(Infestation 2 Team-Up#1) - While battling the elder god Old Ones alongside Super-Soldier and Iron Lantern, Amazon appeared in the skies of a tabloid newspaper reality as the battle spilled over into another universe.

Comments: Created by Ron Marz, Dan Jurgens, Claudio Castellini, Josef Rubinstein and Paul Neary.

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are listed in regular, bold black type.
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Amalgam characters are listed in bold purple type.

    To clarify, Amalgam Comics didn't really exist beyond those seen in the few DC/Marvel cross-overs. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of similar Marvel and DC comics--Snood.

    The fake letters page in Assassins I#1 mentions a possible upcoming appearance by Wonder Woman (Ororo) but since the Assassins comic didn't actually continue past the real #1 and the fictional future issue blurb did not actually confirm Ororo's appearance, I chose not to mention it in her History section.

    In case it's not obvious, Amazon is an amalgamation of Marvel's Storm (Ororo Munroe) and DC's Wonder Woman (Diana).

    Amazon was alternately called both Amazon and Wonder Woman. She was mostly called Wonder Woman during the first wave of Amalgam Comics in April, 1996 (and in the trading cards) but the fake letters page in JLX I#1 does refer to her as Amazon. She most recently used the codename of Amazon in JLX Unleashed I#1, suggesting that perhaps by that point, she had somehow lost the title of Wonder Woman.

    Amazon's height & weight are approximated from that of her Earth-616 counterpart, Storm (Ororo Munroe).

    Thanks to Ron Fredricks for the cleaned up main image.

    This profile was completed 09/06/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

    Thanks to Fear the Mighty Max for catching Amazon's appearance in the IDW comic Infestation 2 Team-Up#1! --Proto-Man

    Amazon's appearance in the (non-Marvel) IDW comic Infestation 2 Team-Up#1 was part of a line-wide theme story that dealt with the various non-related licensed character comic books (Transformers, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.) published by IDW dealing with H.P. Lovecraft's Old Ones, who had broken through the barriers containing them in various universes, apparently including the Amalgam universe. Realities began to collide as the various realities each battled their own version of the Old Ones, leading to the Amalgam characters spilling over into a reality where the Weekly World News tabloid newspaper characters existed.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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