Real Name: Darin

Identity/ClassExtraterrestrial (Galadorian) cyborg (Spaceknight);
    active circa the late 1700s and the modern era, at least

Occupation: Spaceknight, warrior 

Group Membership: Spaceknights of Galador (Astra, Hammerhand, Rainbow, Rom, Screamer, Starshine/Landra, Terminator; possibly Roamer)

Affiliations: Angel Elite, Prime Director;
Galactus (Galan)

EnemiesDire Wraiths, Galactus (Galan), Mentus (the evil aspect of the Prime Director), Terrax the Tamer (Tyros of Lanlak);
    formerly Terminator (Spaceknight);
    fought the Angel Elite when they were allied with Terminator (who posed as Rom and was controlled by Mentus)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    presumably born on Galador
, third from the sun in the Taloman system, Milky Way Galaxy

First Appearance: (Unidentified) Rom#25 (December 1981);
    (as Javelin)
Rom#26 (January 1982)

javelin-spaceknight-1g-r26-bolts-hit-terraxPowers/Abilities: Javelin is armed with a Plandanium javelin, strong enough to withstand repeated strikes from Terrax's axe, and able to fire smaller bolts from its end.
    These bolts may or may not contain sedatives or other products...or they may just be projectiles. 

    Javelin had an unspecified level of superhuman strength. Rom, "greatest of the Spaceknights," could lift around 15 tons, but we don't how their strength specifically compared.

    Javelin was resistant to injury by conventional means due to his Plandanium armor, and he could survive for extended periods in the cold and vacuum of space. His armor was likely capable of withstanding temperatures similar to other Spaceknights, ranging from perhaps 8000 degrees Fahrenheit to –350 degrees Fahrenheit (or possibly somewhat lower on the high end of the temperature range), and was a hermetically sealed, vacuum tight, seamless shell (including articulation). His armor may have been capable of withstanding ballistic impacts of up to large antitank weaponry, and pressures of up to 40 pounds per square inch (the equivalent of the blast effects of 1000 pounds of TNT at the range of 100 feet) without damage or impairment of functions. javelin-spaceknight-1g-r26-vsterrax-profile

    Assuming Javelin's construction mirrors that of other Spaceknights like Rom: Javelin is composed of a heavily armored cybernetic exoskeleton, an electrically maintained flexible metallic armor, Plandanium, which included fluid “motors” that gave him strength. Javelins central and autonomic nervous system were “genetically grafted” into a computerized cybernetic exoskeleton. His brain was augmented by organic computer assemblies and kept alive in a blood-like fluid that still had to be circulated through his body’s vital organs to be provided with essential enzymes and vitamins with trace elements. Certain components of the “blood’s” plasma-like fluid were added to by automatic machinery that required occasional replenishment; this eliminated the need for breathing. 

    Javelin’s natural organs within his armor were augmented by automated micro-functioning circuitry. Javelin’s cyborg form was designed with numerous site of redundancy programming so that his body could not lose her various abilities through damage or malfunction.

javelin-spaceknight-1g-r26-fly    Javelin could fly, both within an atmosphere and in space. He may or may not have been equipped with rocket pods mounted in twin nacelles on his back. If so, these pods would have been electrically powered, low-density plasma engines with sufficient velocity to achieve solar system escape velocity (36 mile per second, out of atmosphere). His peak speed within an atmosphere was unrevealed but likely comparable to (or perhaps somewhat slower) than that of Rom, who could reach a maximum speed of Mach 4 (about 3000 miles per hour) before heat buildup from friction caused detrimental effects to his external sensor arrays. Cool atmospheric re-entry was likely achieved through rocket-assisted deceleration. 

    Like some other Spaceknights, Javelin likely contained internal sensing devices that allowed him to locate space warps (topological folds in the space/time continuum that permit “shortcuts” across vast interstellar distances).

    Javelin presumably possessed a translator similar to Rom's, though perhaps built-in, to enable him to communicate with any sentient being within seconds.

    Although, as a cyborg, Javelin did not sleep, he occasionally self-induced a “shutdown” of all his major systems in order to give himself time to rest and dream. 

Height: (Cyborg/armored) unrevealed (approximately 7'); (as humanoid) unrevealed
Weight(Cyborg/armored) unrevealed (approximately 850 lbs.); (as humanoid) unrevealed
Eyes: (Cyborg/armored) yellow visual sensors; (as humanoid) unrevealed
(Cyborg/armored) none; (as humanoid) unrevealed
Other distinguishing features: Purple armor; enlarged, white hands with a spike on the posterior surface

(Rom#1 (fb) - BTS) - Circa the late 1700s by Earth reckoning, the Dire Wraiths threatened Galador and her colonies. Millions of youths volunteered to defend their homeworld by being bonded into cyborg armor to become living weapons: The Spaceknights. 

    However, only around 1000 were initially found to be compatible. One of these was Darin, who became Javelin. He joined his fellow Spaceknights in forming a defensive ring around Galador when the Wraiths invaded the home solar system, and after a long and arduous fight, the battle ended with the Wraiths routed and fleeing.javelin-spaceknight-1g-free

(Rom#13/2 - BTS) - With Galador saved, the Spaceknights hoped to have their humanity restored, but Galador's Prime Director reminded them that the Wraiths still threatened other, less protected worlds, and Rom, the first Spaceknight volunteer and respected for his heroism in the recent battle, rallied his fellow Spaceknights to remain cyborgs for a while longer, while they hunted the Wraiths to the end of the universe.javelin-spaceknight-1g-r26-disarmterrax

(Rom#20/2 (fb) - BTS) - Like his fellow Spaceknights, Javelin swore an oath never take an innocent life. 

(Rom#14/2 -BTS) - Pursued by the Spaceknights, the Wraiths targeted Galador's outpost worlds and neighbors. As they hunted their quarry, the Spaceknights split into smaller squadrons.

(Rom#26 (fb) - BTS) - At some point (see comments), Javelin learned of Galactus' herald Terrax.

(Rom#25 (fb) - BTS) - When Javelin returned to Galador, he was met by fellow Spaceknight Terminator -- who had been given a form mirroring that of Rom by Mentus, the evil aspect of the Prime Director who had allied with Dire Wraiths and was in the process of transporting Galador to Wraithworld in the Dark Nebula -- posing as Rom. 

    Javelin was presented to an adoring public as a conquering hero and then incapacitated and frozen in stasis by the Terminator. 

    Several other Spaceknights -- including Astra, Hammerhand, Rainbow, Screamer, and Starshine (Landra) -- met similar fates. 

(Rom#25) - Eventually the true Rom returned to Galador and freed the Prime Director, who in turn told him of the other Spaceknights' fate. Rom revived them all with his neutralizer.

    As the ice melted, the Spaceknights expressed joy at being freed, but Rom informed them that they still had to deal with Mentus, and so Javelin and the other Spaceknights followed Rom into battle. 

(Rom#25 - BTS) - They soon encountered Angel Elite who believed Terminator to be the true Rom, and thus that the Spaceknights were all impostors. Rainbow used her emotion-manipulating powers to exhaust them and drain their will to fight.. 

    The Spaceknights then confronted Terminator, Mentus and the latter's Dire Wraith allies. Mentus departed to hasten Galador's approach to the Dark Nebula, after which Starshine got through to Terminator, allowing him to break Mentus' control, and he turned his neutralizer on the Wraiths instead. javelin-spaceknight-1g-r26-vsterrax-back

(Rom#25) - After Rom welcomed Terminator back into the Spaceknights' ranks, Javelin and the other Spaceknights followed both of them in pursuing Mentus. They ultimately encountered the Prime Director's spirit, who told them he had dealt with Mentus, but that this had slain his frail body. However, though he felt his spirit would soon be drawn to become part of some greater cosmic intellect, he had held off doing so to warn them of a deadly danger approaching Galador: Galactus! 

(Rom#26) - Galactus' worldship, Taa II, approached Galador, and Galactus exited, his arrival announced by his herald, Terrax. When the Spaceknights proved defiant, Terrax struck the ground with his axe, causing a shockwave that temporarily knocked them off their feet. 

    Javelin and the others subsequently watched as the Prime Director's spirit sought to confront Galactus, only to be swiftly absorbed by him instead. 

    Rom rallied the Spaceknights to Galador's defense once more, and they flew toward Terrax. After Terrax projected numerous masonry fragments at them, he bragged that only Galactus was mightier than he was, but Javelin denounced him as a base braggart and sinister servant. Although Terrax mocked his "mere metal stave," Javelin's staff withstood a pair of direct hits from Terrax's axe, after which he used the staff to knock the axe from Terrax's hands.

    When Rainbow used her emotion-manipulating power on Terrax to make him feel pity, he proved immune and slew her instead.

    With Rom and Terminator having departed to confront Galactus directly, Starshine blasted Terrax, after which Javelin nailed him in the neck with a series of darts fired from his staff while noting that Terrax had first perversely punished populations simply for the sport of it before turning them over to Galactus. Hammerhand delivered the final blow that dropped Terrax.

    Javelin and the others watched as Terminator, slain in battle with Galactus, crashed to the ground. 

(Rom#26 - BTS) - Meanwhile, Rom convinced Galactus to spare Galador and instead target Wraithworld.javelin-spaceknight-1g-r27-stranded

(Rom#27) - Rom returned alongside Galactus, who had Terrax create a stony monument/tomb for Terminator, after which Rom revealed that he had convinced Galactus to instead feed on Wraithworld. Having worried that Rom had condemned some other populated world, the Spaceknights now rejoiced at this idea, and Hammerhead noted it to be a stroke of genius. 

    Galactus subsequently transported the Spaceknights to his worldship while advising them that he was beyond morality but that he would nonetheless honor his word. Javelin and the other were impressed with the planet-sized starship. Hammerhand and subsequently discussed whether Galactus could be trusted, but Rom advised that they had no choice but to take him at his word and that it had been the only way to save Galador from him. 

    After they arrived in the Dark Nebula, Javelin watched as Galactus transported Terrax into the Dark Nebula, only for him to return, kneeling in terror. Galactus then transported Javelin and the rest of the Spaceknights down to Wraithworld. Galactus summoned his energy converter, only for it to be swiftly liquefied by Wraithworld's acid rain, which also threatened the Spaceknights' Plandanium armor. Galactus next tried to directly destroy the planet with anti-matter blasts, but Wraithworld fought back, agonizing Galactus; eventually Galactus assaulted Wraithworld's black sun instead, but it unleashed over a dozen Deathwings against him. javelin-spaceknight-1g-r28

    Javelin and the other Spaceknights returned to Galactus' worldship to protect themselves from the forces unleashed by and against Galactus, and eventually Galactus returned, realizing he could not withstand the Dark Nebula's magical nature.

    Appreciating that Rom had led him to Wraithworld aware that it might have destroyed him, Galactus honored his pact to spare Galador (and save it from being pulled toward the Dark Nebula), but he transported the world and its sun (perhaps the whole solar system) to parts unrevealed, and he left Javelin and the other Spaceknights on some asteroid.

    Rom considered that if they dedicated themselves to finding Galador, they would doom hundreds of worlds to the Dire Wraiths.

(Rom#28) - The Spaceknights resolved themselves to their current situation, and Starshine weaved waves of light about her fellow warriors, transporting them through space "with a swiftness that defies the imagination" to worlds suffering from Wraith infiltration.

(Rom#73-75 (fb) - BTS) - A Second Generation of Spaceknights was formed on Galador, and they destroyed the stored "halves" of the First Generation Spaceknights.

(Rom#75 - BTS) - After the defeat of the Second Generation Spaceknights who had been tyrannizing the Galadorians, the lost Spaceknights returned to Galador. Recovering Terminator's cloned portions of Rom's human body, they allowed Rom to return to his "human" organic components and restored Rom to his human form.

    Unable to regain their own humanity, the other Spaceknights vowed to defend Galador in his stead, allowing Rom and Brandy Clark to begin re-populating Galador (see comments).

(Spaceknights#1 - BTS) - A Galadorian also named Darin later adopted the alias of Javelin as part of a third generation of Spaceknights.

CommentsCreated by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema.

    My notes have a behind-the-scenes appareance of Javelin in Rom I#22/2. I don't see any mention of Javelin, but we do see a chamber housing the organic remnants of the Spaceknights from which Terminator steals Rom's organic remnants.

    I adapted a significant amount of the "generic first generation Spaceknight" history, abilities, and stats from Loki's Starshine (Landra) profile.
    Much of it is extrapolation based on the detail provided in Rom's own OHotMU entries. It seems very likely that most Spaceknights had similar construction/function, although Rom was stronger than most. I would think he would be more durable than most, but it their armors are composed of the same type of metal (Plandanium), then they should have had a similar level of durability.
    Their flying speeds would also seem comparable.

    Given that Javelin had heard of Terrax's exploits as Galactus' herald, and as Terrax became Galactus' herald only three years real-time (which is closer to 7-8 months Marvel Time) before Rom#26, Javelin would see to be a very recent returnee to Galador. 

    In the "frozen" image, I think Javelin is the top right figure, but since I was not certain, I opted to include the whole image, big enough so you could see for yourself.javelin-spaceknight-rom25-frozen

    In Rom#75, none of the lost Spaceknights looked particularly like Javelin. Perhaps he had his armor altered over time, or perhaps it was artistic license, or perhaps Javelin was not among the lost Spaceknights.

    Regardless, neither Javelin nor any of the other First Generation Spaceknights were seen again in the Spaceknights series or any other appearances, so we don't know if he returned.
    Perhaps he never returned and met his fate or continues to have adventures elsewhere.
    Or perhaps he returned to Galador and subsequently either perished or departed to deep space for further adventures and/or for some form of retirement.

    Roamer was a Spaceknight featured in a Marvel Novel...he will get a profile in the next month or so, which will discuss the relevant issues. 

    Thanks to Loki for helping clarify some information about Javelin and his allies with regards to the second and third generation Spaceknights.
    Thank to Proto-Man for supplying the high-resolution digital headshots from the original OHotMU.

Is the third generation Galadorian Spaceknight Javelin (whose real name is Darin) confirmed to be different than the first generation Galadorian Spaceknight Javelin (whose real name is Darin)?
They obviously look differently, and last we knew the first generation Spaceknights could not return to human form.

Not explicitly, but the only first generation Spaceknight whose humanity wasn't destroyed was Rom. Darin 3rd Gen might be related to Darin 1st Gen, or it might be a fairly common name on Galador. I suppose it's feasible that Galador could have figured out a way to restore the remaining 1st Gen's humanity (Galadority?) - for example, they might take cell samples from the fleshy components within the Spaceknights' armored forms and cloned them new bodies, then transplanted their brains like Sikorsky did for Prof X back in the day. And if that happened and then 3rd Gen tech came along allowing new Spaceknights to switch back and forth between forms, then some 1st Gen might have been willing to re-enlist.

    Some further discussion courtesy of Loki:

    Galador was destroyed by the Builders in Infinity#1, though we later learned that at least two Spaceknights present on the planet at the time survived. No real clarification about the Golden Galaxy, though I'd agree that might just be poor terminology rather than an actual galaxy. It might even be that Golden Galaxy is just the Galadorian name for the Milky Way. Given that Rom didn't seem to know what Skrulls were when he first met them, I assume the Golden Galaxy probably isn't Andromeda, since that's the Skrulls' main stomping ground.

Profile by Snood.

Javelin should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Rom#25, pg. 14, panel 1 (frozen/in-stasis);
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    #26, pg. 7, panel 6 (flying to confront Terrax);
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            panel 2 (vs. Terrax, posterior view);
            panel 3 (disarming Terrax);
        pg. 17, panel 4 (main image, firing bolts from staff);
            panel 5 (bolts striking Terrax);
    #27, last page, panel 6 (gathered Spaceknights on conveniently flat-surfaced asteroid);
    #28, pg. 1 (Javelin knees-up);

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#10: Spaceknights: Javelin headshot

Rom#25 (December 1981) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Sal Buscema (penciler), Joe Sinnott (inker), Al Milgrom (editor)
Rom#26-28 (January-March, 1982) - 
Bill Mantlo (writer), Sal Buscema (penciler), Joe Sinnott (inker), Al Milgrom (editor)
Rom#75 (February, 1986) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Steve Ditko (penciler), P. Craig Russell (inker), Mike Carlin (editor)

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