Real Name: Unrevealed; possibly Roamer

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Galadorian) Spaceknight (see comments) 

Occupation: Adventurer, warrior;
    former mercenary

Group Membership: Spaceknights of Galador (see comments)

AffiliationsGamora, Groot, Arnok Gruntgrill, Recorder #127, Rocket (Raccoon);
Timely, Incorporated (notably Odus Hanxchamp and Xorb Xorbux; Una Ren (as Pama Harnon), Mrs. Mantlestreek, Sledly Rarnak, Blint Wivvers, Zania Orbal (as Alandra Meramati))

Enemies: Badoon (notably Commander Droook), Dire Wraiths, the Universal Church of Truth (UCT; notably Cardinal Navorth; but presumably also Zania Orbal, and various Black Knights, Cardinals and Crusaders)
    at least formerly Imperial Guard (Arach, Crusher, Dragoon, Ebon, Warstar 34), Kree (notably Captain Yon-Dar, Sharnor the Accuser), Nova Corps (notably Lolet Clawdi, Grekan Yaer), Shi'ar Metal Wing Cadre battletroopers;
    formerly Gamora, Groot, Recorder 127, Rocket (Raccoon)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed (see comments);
    mobile throughout the local group of galaxies;
presumably born on Galador, third from the sun in the Taloman system, Milky Way Galaxy

First AppearanceGuardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy prose novel  (2017; see comments)

Powers/Abilities: Roamer is a Spaceknight composed of highly durable, matte-black Plandanium armor, which could survive for extended periods in the cold and vacuum of space. His armor was likely capable of withstanding temperatures similar to other Spaceknights, ranging from the approximate surface heat of a main-sequence G-type sun (5300-6000 K (9572-10,832 degrees Fahrenheit)) to absolute zero ( -273 C (-460 degrees Fahrenheit)), and was a hermetically sealed, vacuum tight, seamless shell (including articulation).
    His armor may have been capable of withstanding ballistic impacts of up to large antitank weaponry, and pressures of up to 40 pounds per square inch (the equivalent of the blast effects of 1000 pounds of TNT at the range of 100 feet) without damage or impairment of functions.
    He was only briefly stunned by a concussive force sufficient to knock him into low orbit.
    His armor was nonetheless scarred from many battles.

    Additionally, Roamer has advanced null-shields, which absorbed and/or deflected energy blasts and/or other assaults, although assaults of a certain power -- such as a Badoon commanders' plasma exterminatron -- could still send him flying and/or temporarily incapacitate him.

    Roamer has an unspecified level of superhuman strength. Rom, "greatest of the Spaceknights," could lift around 15 tons, but we don't how their strength specifically compared.

    His armor's rockets allow him to fly, both within an atmosphere and in space. His peak speed within an atmosphere was unrevealed but likely comparable to (or perhaps somewhat slower) than that of Rom, who could reach a maximum speed of Mach 4 (about 3000 miles per hour) before heat buildup from friction caused detrimental effects to his external sensor arrays. His rockets have sufficient power to achieve solar system escape velocity (36 mile per second, out of atmosphere). Cool atmospheric re-entry was likely achieved through rocket-assisted deceleration. His maximum lift is unrevealed, but he nearly reached it carrying himself, Recorder 127, and the immense Flora Colossus Groot a short distance vertically.
    His rocket pods may have been electrically powered, low-density plasma engines.

    An experienced, stone-cold warrior, Roamer's tenacity and confidence in his skills greatly enhanced his efficacy. He strikes ruthlessly, devastatingly, in unorthodox yet finely nuanced fashion, and he has learned many tricks, many of them dirty and brutal. He uses punches, kicks, and head butts, as well as his weapons, notably his nullifier and cyclic broadsword.
    He could engage in extended, fierce direct combat with the likes of Gamora, Nova Centurions, and UCT Cardinals.

    His nullifier was powerful enough to blast a Nova Centurion through a Xandarian impound dock wall.
    It is uncertain how his nullifier compares to the Spaceknight Rom's nullifier.

    His cyclic broadsword (presumably different than his Galadorian broadsword?) could tear through the frame of a spaceworthy jumpship such as Rocket's White Stripe.
    He apparently lost this weapon when Centurion Clawdi made it too heavy for him to hold.

    His Galadorian broadsword has a two-handed grip and a milk-white blade crackling with electric-blue plasma; sheathed across his back, the handle extended above his left shoulder. Powered up, the sword can cleave through a stone column as easily as butter.

    He wields a Spartoi fusion beamer, an elegantly raked pistol with a cylindrical power cell clamped beneath the fluted barrel, could blast a substantial hole through Gamora's abdomen.
    It could be blocked by dark matter shields, at least those formed by Ebon.

    He also wielded a "heavy blaster weapon," with which he could project dazzling and utterly deadly orange beams of "quanta-laser fire." Even from high in the sky, he could project these with great accuracy, containing targets until he could reach them. These blasts could blow craters into solid concrete. However, they could be stopped by a Nova Centurion's gravimetric field, flaring brightly before dissipating.
    This weapon was destroyed by a gravimetric pulse fired by Nova Centurion Grekan Yaer.

    He formerly utilized the Interpolation Inserter, worn on his back, which would insert him at the right place in time and space to effect the greatest dramatic consequences. He would appear amidst a flash of energy that delivered an odor that generated a sense of some sort of literary plot-twist, etc. The device apparently judged his true nature as a heroic being, such that when he was acting as a mercenary, it acted contrary to his goals, causing him to ultimately aid the being he was trying to capture.

    Roamer presumably possessed a translator similar to Rom's, though perhaps built-in, to enable him to communicate with any sentient being within seconds.

    Assuming Roamers construction mirrored that of other first-generation Galadorian Spaceknights like Rom:

    Roamer is composed of a heavily armored cybernetic exoskeleton, an electrically maintained flexible metallic armor, Plandanium, which included fluid “motors” that gave him strength. Roamer's central and autonomic nervous system were “genetically grafted” into a computerized cybernetic exoskeleton. His brain was augmented by organic computer assemblies and kept alive in a blood-like fluid that still had to be circulated through his body’s vital organs to be provided with essential enzymes and vitamins with trace elements. Certain components of the “blood’s” plasma-like fluid were added to by automatic machinery that required occasional replenishment; this eliminated the need for breathing. 

    Roamer’s natural organs within his armor were augmented by automated micro-functioning circuitry. Roamer’s cyborg form was designed with numerous site of redundancy programming so that his body could not lose her various abilities through damage or malfunction.

    Although, as a cyborg, Roamer did not sleep, he occasionally self-induced a “shutdown” of all his major systems in order to give himself time to rest and dream. 

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 7'); (original humanoid form (assuming he had one)) unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 850 lbs.);
(original humanoid form (assuming he had one)) unrevealed
Eyes: Red lights within visitor of his helmet; (original humanoid form (assuming he had one)) unrevealed
Hair: None; (original humanoid form (assuming he had one)) unrevealed

Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Six: Meanwhile (Forty-three minutes earlier on Alpha Centauri) (fb) - BTS) - Roamer was a Galadorian Spaceknight, fighting the Wraiths and all evils; however, after suffering and losing things that mattered to him, he lost his faith and became a mercenary

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Fourteen: In which there are No Surprise Twists Whatsoever (dissembling mode activated) (fb) - BTS) - Roamer spent many years as a warmaker, during which he learned many tricks of warfare. 

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Six: Meanwhile (Forty-three minutes earlier on Alpha Centauri) (fb) - BTS / Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Thirty-Nine: Project 616 (fb) - BTS / Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-One: Truth or Dare) - Timely, Incorporated, a corporation based on Alpha Centauri, conceived Project-616, in which they would gather all information on the universe (or, more realistically, the galaxy), specifically the universe of Reality-616: This datamap of all creation would allow them to understand the fundamental nature of everything and comprehend the known galaxy (see comments) down to a pico-molecular level, granting them virtual omnipotence and the ability to manipulate reality. 

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Six: Meanwhile (Forty-three minutes earlier on Alpha Centauri) (fb) - BTS) - Timely, Inc. agents subsequently conceived the Rigellian solution, gathering Rigellian Recorders and using the vast amount of data they had collected to expedite the data gathering, which resulted in a new speculation of six years being needed.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Six: Meanwhile (Forty-three minutes earlier on Alpha Centauri) (fb) - BTS) - Rigellian Recorder unit 127 observed the totality of the datacore of Project-616, which caused a data overload, making him unable to remember the project or what he had learned from the project.  

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Six: Meanwhile (Forty-three minutes earlier on Alpha Centauri) (fb) - BTS) - Recorder unit 127 escaped Alpha Centauri and fled.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Six: Meanwhile (Forty-three minutes earlier on Alpha Centauri) (fb)) - Timely, Incorporated's executives reviewed Project-616 -- which was stuck at 87%, while they needed at least 96% to implement the program -- and ultimately concluded that they needed to ideally recover Recorder#127 or at least to destroy him, so that no others could gain the totality of their project from him.
    To clandestinely recover Recorder#127, Corporate Security chief Xorb Xorbux enlisted retired Galadorian Spaceknight Roamer. To aid him in is mission, they supplied him with an Interpolation Inserter, which would insert him at the right place in time and space to effect the greatest dramatic consequences. 

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Two: A Spot of Brother - BTS) - In the bar Leery's in Dive-town, within the Lumina starport/cosmopolis on the planet Xarth III, a conflict escalated when a group of the Badoon War Brotherhood led by Droook attempted to claim the hiding Recorder #127. Droook fired a blast to incapacitate the Recorder while preserving his memory banks.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Two: A Spot of Brother) - The Interpolation Inserter brought Roamer into the middle of Leery's, direct in the firing line between Droook and the Recorder at the split-second Droook's plasma exterminatron discharged. 

    Taking the blast instead, Roamer's advanced null-shields absorbed the worst of the blast and deflected the rest. Even so, Roamer was sent flying across the bar, demolishing the lower rails of the bandstand.

    The residual, deflected plasma bolt stuck and shattered the drink (a much sought after Timothy), destroying it completely...which, of course, led Rocket and his associate Groot to enter the conflict.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Five: Let the Games Begin - BTS) - Roamer was either incapacitated or otherwise occupied at least until Rocket, Groot, and Recorder departed Xarth III in Rocket's "White Stripe" ship.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Twelve: Our Al Capone Moment) - The Interpolation Inserter brought Roamer to an impound dock on Nova Corps headquarters on Xandar, where Rocket, Groot, and Recorder 127 were being held by Nova Corpsman Grekan Yaer. As he appeared, reality bulged, buckled, and bubbled, like the frame of old cinema film caught in the projector and melting as it heated from the light. When Yaer confronted Roamer, the spaceknight swiftly drew his nullifier and blasted Yaer through a dock wall and then turned to the Recorder and his associates.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Fourteen: In which there are No Surprise Twists Whatsoever (dissembling mode activated)) - Rocket -- contrary to the recommendation of Recorder 127 -- blasted Roamer with his Plasmatica Arms Inc. 50 Energy Bombard, but Roamer's null field absorbed most of the blast, and he was only knocked back by a few paces. Roamer demanded the Recorder, but Rocket refused, and Groot punctuated the point by punching Roamer into low orbit. However, Roamer swiftly recovered, flew back, and began firing, using destructive bursts around them to prevent them from fleeing. 

    Six automatic defense cannons atop the bay walls sensed the aerial assault and activated, firing bolts of gravimetric energy to trace him, and then ground-to-air defenses locked in, and six individual pulsing streams swept together to triangulate the spaceknight. Roamer swiftly banked to evade the chasing firepower, but his null-fields started taking hits. Without slowing, he adjusted his aim and fired six perfect shots with his blaster, each one annihilating a defense cannon. When Rocket fired on him again, Roamer fired quanta-laser beams at him, but the recovered Grekan Yar -- following the directive to protect those in their custody -- protected Rocket with a gravimetric field. 

    Roamer then charged Yaer, who punched him back and then used a gravimetric pulse to knock the weapon from his hand and crumpled it. As the two fiercely struggled, eight other Nova Corps officers, including Clawdi, arrived at rocket speed to assist Yaer, but Roamer took them all on. He physically battered some and dropped others with his nullifier. Yaer eventually hurled  Rocket's White Stripe ship into Roamer, but Roamer used his cyclic broadsword to tear through the craft's wreckage and engage the Corpsmen. Clawdi eventually made his sword too heavy to handle, and Yaer then used a gravimetric pulse to smash Roamer back into the Xeronian warp shuttle, which Rocket and his associates had plotted to steal, and which Roamer hurled back at Yaer, only for the Corpsmen to disintegrate it. 

    Eventually, Rocket, Groot, and the Recorder escaped in a K-Class Nova Corps prowl cruiser, which they convinced -- via Xandarian law that the Nova Corps must protect those in their custody -- to fly them away from the conflict. Seeing this, Roamer punched Yaer away and activated his propulsion system to give chase. As Roamer struggled to match the cruiser's velocity, Yaer, Clawdi, and more than 200 Nova officers flew after them, joined by chase ships and arrest fliers. High above, heavy cruisers and mass-driver vessels moved in to blockade the orbital route. 

    After the cruiser rapidly accelerated, Roamer realized his efforts were wasted and that the heavy cruisers in low orbit had target-locked and could disintegrate him. He then activated his Interpolation Inserter and vanished in a blister of torn reality.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Fourteen: In which there are No Surprise Twists Whatsoever (dissembling mode activated) - BTS) - After Roamer's disappearance, the cruiser decelerated, almost 80 million distance units from Xandar. The cruiser was then transported within the Kree ship the Pride of Pama, under command of Sharnor the Accuser.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Sixteen: Meanwhile (Twenty minutes earlier on Alpha Centauri)) - Roamer appeared via reality-warp -- with reality unfolding like reverse origami -- in the Timely Inc. building in front of Ms. Mantlestreek, landing on one knee with his hands flat on the floor, with smoke and vapor fuming off of his armor, which singed the carpet. He noted Hanxchamp's name, and Mantlestreek noted that he had no appointment and that he was in a meeting; after security guards confronted Roamer, security chief Xorb Xorbux defused the situation, and Hanxchamp authorized, via Mantlestreek, Roamer's entering of the room.

    Timely executives Arnok Gruntgrill, Odus Hanxchamp, Pama Harnon (secretly Una-Ren), Alandra Meramati (secretly a Sirusite), Sledly Rarnak, Blint Wivvers, and Xorb Xorbux were present. After Hanxchamp had Mantlestreek activate their clandestine screens, Roamer noted his various altercations and that the Badoon and Nova Corps, at least, knew of and were hunting the Recorder; Xorbux voiced suspicion  of a corporate spy in their number.

    Roamer further detailed his concerns regarding his Interpolation  Inserter, noting that both times it had brought him to the Recorder, it was at the most inconvenient times, typically under combat situations.  After Gruntgrill advised that there was no way to alter the device, Roamer used it to depart, leaving behind the lingering aftersmell of unexpected change of fortunes.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Twenty-Nine: Meanwhile (In an Adjudarian hostelry called Pandubundy's)) - Reality blinked and flickered, and -- in haze of re-connecting causality membranes -- Roamer materialized atop a circular Gramosian salvage bench in the corner of Pandubundy's Bar & Tech, in Adjufar City, on the planet Adjufar, confronting Gamora and Recorder 127. When the Recorder proclaimed dismay at encountering him again, Gamora assured the Recorder that he would not meet him another time (indicating she was going to kill him).

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Thirty: Which Contains a Certain Amount of Disagreeable Violence) - After Gamora introduced herself, Roamer recognized the name and was confused as to why this had been a moment of dramatic significance (referring to why the Interpolation Inserter brought them there). Having no idea about what Roamer was speaking, Gamora told him he could leave voluntarily or in a bag. Roamer returned the threat, but the conflict was interrupted by the arrival of Ebon of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard who instructed them both to drop their weapons and then summoned back-up from her commanding officer, Crusher. When Roamer told Ebon to get out of her way, she sent a beam of dark matter at him, knocking him off the bench and onto the booth wall, which he dented.

    Even as he fell, however, he blasted back with his Spartoi beamer, but Ebon formed a dark matter shield that absorbed the beam. Gamora then engaged Ebon until the recovered Roamer fired his beamer at her. Forewarned by the Recorder, Gamora deflected the first three blasts with her swords, but the fourth hit her and blew a hole through her abdomen. As the Recorder tried to aid Gamora, Roamer grabbed him and took him into custody despite the Recorder's arguments about Gamora's injuries and the Recorder's ineffectual strikes with its hands. As Roamer prepared to activate his Interpolation Inserter, however, the Recorder used his observed knowledge of battle to punch Roamer in the face, breaking the gearing mechanisms in three fingers but surprising Roamer enough to cause him to flinch back and let go of the Recorder.

    Glowering, Roamer drew his broadsword and announced that he really only needed the Recorder's head, but then Ebon blasted Roamer in this face, smashing him back across the bar, after which Ebon instructed Recorder to flee. With a scorched dent in his helmet, Roamer rose and strode toward them, firing his fusion beamer straight-armed as he did so. As Ebon blocked the fusillade of shots, the Recorder fled through the door where he encountered Imperial Guardsmen Crusher and Warstar 34, along with 16 Metal Wing Cadre battletroopers. As they prepared to take custody of the Recorder, Roamer blasted Ebon out the door, leaving her unconscious.

    Roamer then exited the door and began exchanging fire with the Shi'ar forces.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Thirty-One: Dead or Alive) - Crouched under cover of the doorway, Roamer fired fusion shots from his beamer at the Shi'ar (taking out a pair of Metal Wing warriors), who fired back. Warstar charged forth, smashing the doorway and grabbing Roamer by the neck as he dove away. Delivering a number of point-blank shots to Warstar's face, Roamer forced the immense mechanoid to cast him away. As Warstar pursued Roamer anew, the Imperial Guardian Dragoon arrived, supercharging the air around the Spaceknight to approximate surface heat of a main-sequence G-type sun. His armor easily tolerating this, Roamer fired back at Dragoon.

    After Groot carried the healing Gamora outside, Roamer -- his armor now seared blue with pyrokinetic heat -- charged them, but Gamora leapt from Groot's arms and delivered a swordblow to the back of Roamer's head that sent him sidelong.

    Recorder and his allies subsequently fled to the docks, and they escaped in their ship.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Thirty-Two: Meanwhile (Ten Minutes Later on Alpha Centauri)) - As Arnok Gruntgrill checked out Project 616 in Timely Inc.'s subbasement 86, reality unzipped beside him and the shockwave of twisting cosmic narratives threw him over the walkaway. Roamer subsequently appeared, explaining that the Interpolation Inserter could get him through any security measures. After Roamer expressed concerns with the device's functionality, as its placement in times of conflict had led to his failure to recover Recorder 127, Gruntgrill  proposed that the Interpolation Inserter was perhaps trying to insert him into heroic roles, as he was meant to be a hero (as opposed to as a mercenary). Despite Roamer's arguments to the contrary, Gruntgrill suggested that the Interpolation Inserter knew his true self.

    Refusing to accept this, Roamer insisted that he would find the Recorder and bring its head to him. Activating the Interpolation Inserter, Roamer vanished in a flash of cliffhanger and shock reveal.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Thirty-Five: You've Got Mail!) - Via the Interpolation Inserter, Roamer appeared in the mail room on floor 4006 of Timely Inc.'s mail room as the mail in the wire bins started to flap and flutter as if caught in a strong breeze, and reality split and bloomed.

    Roamer confronting Rocket, Groot, Gamora, and Recorder 127. As Roamer raised his force pistol, Gamora hurled a knife that struck him directly in the visor slit, causing him to reel backward and fouling the aim on his blast. As Roamer struggled to yank out the knife, he was struck by laser rounds from Rocket's gun, ripper barbs from Gamora's pistol, and hard-matter concussion shells from Groot's Nova Corps riot suppressor, which sent him flying back into a wall, causing a shelving unit to fall on top of him.

    Recovering, Roamer flew via his boot jets to land between the fleeing Rocket and crew and approaching Timely security guards. As Roamer wielded his force pistol and laser sword, the security guards blasted him with the Subduematics, with 24 close range blasts causing him to stumble forward. However, with several brisk shots and deft sweeps of his blade, he slew the guards.

    Meanwhile, however, via a package associated with Project 616, Rocket overrode the security and sent himself and his allies down to the sub-80 level basement.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Thirty-Nine: Project 616) - As those present tasted page-turn surprise and dramatic twist, the Interpolation Inserter delivered Roamer to the sub-basement 86 level where Recorder 127 -- having discovered that he could be used to complete Project 616 and grant Timely Inc. cosmic power to control the entire galaxy (or universe) -- and sought his own destruction. As Roamer rushed toward the Recorder, Gamora engaged him, and sparks flew as her blades struck his laser sword; in his vast experience, the Recorder was certain that this was the greatest and most skillful sword fight in the history of swords ever.

    After a fierce battle, Gamora finally gained the advantage and prepared to deliver the kill-stroke, only to be blasted into unconsciousness by Timely Security head's Xorb Xorbux's Subduematic.

    Casting off the unconscious Gamora and rising to his feet, Roamer announced that he had delivered Recorder 127 as promised.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-One Truth or Dare) - With the Shi'ar, the Nova Corps, the Kree, and the Badoon  having arrived at Timely, Inc.'s upper levels to claim the Recorder, Gruntgrill insisted they focus on completing Project 616, and he explained how that would make Timely omnipotent.

    As Roamer edged Recorder 127 toward the lip of the walkway over the datamap energy of Project 616, the Recorder discussed how the Interpolation Inserter --  the purpose of which was to place him in the precisely correct dramatic moment to affect destiny and universal continuity -- had consistently placed Roamer in a position to save the Recorder or had helped bring him closer to his goal. After the Recorder questioned Roamer's role in the cosmic narrative, Gruntgrill noted how he had previously told Roamer that the device continued to read him as a hero, despite his posing as a soulless mercenary. The Recorder then pressed the issue with Roamer, asking if he cared about the future that awaited them all and noting that the Spaceknights of Galador would have fought to the last to prevent the completion of Project 616 from from happening.

    Despite Roamer's enraged insistence the Recorder be silent, the Recorder suggested that he use the Interpolation Inserter again and see where the dramatic urges of creation believed he should be.

    As Gruntgrill and Xorbux tried to force the Recorder onto the platform that would lower him into the datamap, even this deepest basement shook from the conflict above...

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Two: This is What the - Tik - Flark is Going on Up There - BTS) - the Universal Church of Truth (UCT) arrived and assaulted Timely Inc. as well.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Three One With Everything (fb) - BTS) - Roamer tried the Interpolation Inserter three times, but he remained exactly where he was.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Forty-Three One With Everything) - Although Roamer revealed the Interpolation Inserter's keeping him there, he refused to accept the role it saw in him, and he forced Recorder 127 into the cage.

    As the Recorder was lowered into the datacore, its percentage of completion began rising. When the traitorous Una-Ren then arrived with Hanxchamp held hostage, Roamer and the others were forced to drop their weapons, but then Una was slain by arriving Black Knights of the UCT.

    After a recovered Gamora freed Rocket and Groot, the latter of whom went to rescue the Recorder, the UCT's Cardinal Navorth went after Rocket only to be blindsided by Roamer, and the two armored giants hit the ground and grappled furiously. Each blow they struck made the air buckle, dents and rips began to appear in Roamer's armor.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Three: One With Everything - BTS) - Recorder 127 dropped into the datacore, as did Groot while trying to save him.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Forty-Four: Watched) - Roamer and Navorth continued their savage battle.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Forty-Five: Great Power, Great Responsibility- BTS) - Having achieved the full power of Project 616, Recorder 127 deposed it to Groot, who sent away Roamer and all others who had sought to manipulate the Recorder. Groot then restored the damaged building, returned to life all those slain in the recent conflict, and then not only dispersed the Datacore but made it so that no one could ever re-create it again (if anyone ever thought of trying to recreate the datamap in pursuit of power, they would instantly forget how to do it).

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Forty-Five: Great Power, Great Responsibility (fb) - BTS) - Roamer triggered the Interpolation Inserter.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Forty-Five: Great Power, Great Responsibility) - Roamer reappeared in Timely's sub-basement 86 level -- emerging amidst the smell of surprise twist, a waft of shock reveal, and a flash of light -- just as the chain holding the cage containing Recorder and Groot broke. Roamer rescued the pair.

    Convinced that interpolation inserter was casting him as a hero, he resolved to accept that role again.

    Hanxchamp ordered Roamer to arrest those that had thwarted Timely's plot, but Roamer refused, noting he did not work for him anymore. Roamer then handed the interpolation inserter to Gruntgrill, noting that it had made him realize that he had actually not been working for Timely all along

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Six: Tails to Astonish (flashforward - Many years after the destruction of Project 616)) - Roamer returned to Galador, renewed his vows, and came to serve Galador as a protector and avenger.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett.
    In the Acknowledgments section, Dan thanked Stuart Moore, Jeff Youngquist, Axel Alonso, Dan Buckley, Sarah Brunstad, and James Gunn for their support in this project.
    He also noted "fist-bumps to <the Appendix's own> Ronald Byrd for continuity-fu."

    I'm pretty certain Project 616 was intended to enable control of the entire 616-universe, which is insane, as even the Recorders haven't been everywhere in the universe, but some references refer to it controlling the/a galaxy...which is still insanely large, but is a little more feasible. "Steal this Galaxy"


    We've got three generations of Galadorian Spaceknights

The first generation first appeared in Rom I#1 and were those created over 200 years ago to combat the Dire Wraiths, with half of their bodies in storage while the other half were grafted to their armors, leaving them as cyborgs. The second generation Spaceknights destroyed their human remains, with only Rom being able to be restored to his "human" form. Some returned to Galador and remained as guardians, etc. when last seen in Rom I#75, although the fates of most are unrevealed.

The second generation first appeared in Rom I#73 and were created following Galactus' relocating/hiding Galador to provide ongoing defense, but used Spaceknight technology to commit genocide on Galador, they were eventually defeated by Rom, and they were last seen in Rom I#75.

The third generation first appeared in Spaceknights I#1 and were created to defend against the return of the Dire Wraiths. Their fates following the apparent destruction of Galador are unrevealed.

    I would think that Roamer would likely be one of the first generation Spaceknights, likely one who did not return to Galador in Rom I#75 or who departed soon after.

    Roamer MAY or MAY NOT have been one of the unidentified Spaceknights from Rom I#25-28. There looked to be at least 25 standing on that asteroid at the end of Rom I#27, and we only had seven of those identified at the time (Astra, Hammerhand, Javelin, Rainbow, Rom, Starshine, and Screamer, the latter of who was identified but not matched with any image).


    People question whether novels should be in-continuity. They should when they work hard to fit seamlessly in-continuity and they add to the rich texture of the "Marvel Universe." In any case, characters in such stories as novels, games, etc. that don't contradict -616 continuity are considered "fringe characters." They fit into existing continuity, but are not definitively part of it until they are confirmed to be so in a story, handbook, etc.
    There is one significant continuity glitch, but it has been referenced in other stories confirmed to take place in Reality-616 (see Donald's discussion below)
    They sure fit in better than a lot of stuff by certain know who you are...and we know who you are...
    Not only that, but the story specifically references the universe in which they dwelled to be Reality-616...however, the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies refer to their mainstream reality as -616 also...

Counterpoint by Donald Campbell:

    As much as I liked this novel, there were some elements that bothered me. For example, Alpha Centauri is described as a "cosmic hubworld (that governs) almost thirty systems and trillions of lives." This definitely does NOT sound the like 616 Alpha Centauri system where the Centaurians are usually depicted as only having a "bow-and-arrow" level technology, the Alpha Centaurians (assuming they are not nearly extinct) are focused on desperately trying to keep their homeworld habitable, and the Centurii from Centuri-Six (which may or may not actually be part of the Alpha Centauri system) were all kidnapped by slavers. And yes, I hold this opinion despite the fact that, in Annihilators#1/2, Abnett and Lanning established that Rocket Raccoon had worked for six months as a mail clerk at the Alpha Centauri offices of the Customer Services Division of Timely Inc. Also, while the Timely offices were aboard an orbiting ship in that comic, in this novel they are on the planet Alpha Centauri...which is also wrong/inconsistent with the Marvel Comics universe.

    In conclusion, I really enjoyed the novel but I don't think it was meant to be canon and I don't think that it should be treated as being "in continuity." And I would REALLY like some writer to finally get around to explaining the current status quo in the 616 Alpha Centauri star system. I mean, what level of technology do the Centaurians actually possess? What do the Centaurians actually call their race? What is their name for the planet known to Terrans as Centauri-IV? Can Alpha Centaurians still live on Arima or was the planet left too dehydrated after Sub-Mariner I#18? Is Centuri-Six actually in orbit around Proxima Centauri? 

     Personally, due to the Alpha Centauri discontinuity, I would prefer it if Recorder #127 were as incorrect in his statement that he existed in "Universe 616" as some characters from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness were when they assigned the number "616" to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Reality-199999). However, that's just my opinion.

    Valid point on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the difference is that the novel  is not clearly a different reality or part of a different Multiverse than the comics Reality-616 as the cosmic hierarchy, (Uatu the Watcher, Galactus, etc.) etc., is the same. Additionally, this story goes to great lengths to fit solidly with Reality-616's continuity, alien races, etc.
    The Alpha Centauri discrepancy is certainly significant, but bigger issues than that happened consistently in Bendis' and other writers stories that are considered Reality-616.

    As you note, -616 stories have contradictions within the Alpha Centauri system, but they're not well as there having been relatively recent -616 continuity comics that reference Rocket's past with the Alpha Centauri offices of Timely Inc.
    Timely Incorporated may have offices on an orbiting ship, but the office on Alpha Centauri is presumably the main office. Maybe they moved portions or entire buildings. They have the technology...they can rebuild it...
    Anyway...the bottom line is that this story and all the characters in it are fringe characters until confirmed one way or another.

A few other points:

    Chapter 13 was just Recorder 127 rambling...the events of chapter 14 followed those of chapter 12 

   Earth-17721 Following the dispersal of Project 616, those involved did various things; some of which may parallel Reality-616's history, but those extending years into the future are, at least, paralleled in this reality. Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot. Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket and Groot: Steal this Galaxy prose novel Chapter Forty-Six Tails to Astonish  (2017).
    Which brings me to...


    Galador was destroyed by the Builders in Infinity#1, though we later learned that at least two Spaceknights present on the planet at the time survived. No real clarification about the Golden Galaxy, though I'd agree that might just be poor terminology rather than an actual galaxy. It might even be that Golden Galaxy is just the Galadorian name for the Milky Way. Given that Rom didn't seem to know what Skrulls were when he first met them, I assume the Golden Galaxy probably isn't Andromeda, since that's the Skrulls' main stomping ground.

    Galador may be restored by some means at some point in the future. How many times has Xandar been destroyed and restored in some fashion?

    The Recorder's detailing of the subsequent/eventual fates of those involved with Project 616 takes place "many of your years" after the destruction of the project. With 5+ years of real time for each year in Marvel Time and with "many" meaning more than several, it could even be 10-30+ years in the future of Marvel Time, which would be 50-150 years in the future real that's a potential future that is part of Reality-17721, at least, and may occur in the future of Reality-616...

Profile by Snood.

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy prose novel  (2017) - by Dan Abnett (see comments)

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