Real Name: Droook

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Badoon) advanced technology-user

Occupation: War Brotherhood Commander

Group Membership: Badoon Brotherhood, War Brotherhood Devastation Cadre (Warrior Lorg)

Affiliations: None known beyond the Badoon

Enemies: Imperial Guard (Arach, Crusher, Dragoon, Ebon, Warstar 34), Gamora, Groot, Kree (notably Captain Yon-Dar, Sharnor the Accuser), Nova Corps (notably Lolet Clawdi, Grekan Yaer), Recorder 127, Rocket (Raccoon), Roamer, Shi'ar Metal Wing Cadre battletroopers, Timely, Incorporated (notably Arnok Gruntgrill, Odus Hanxchamp, Pama Harnon (secretly Una Ren), Mrs. Mantlestreek, Zania Orbal (as Alandra Meramati)), Sledly Rarnak, Homus Staplebunt, Blint Wivvers, Xorb Xorbux), Universal Church of Truth (Cardinal Navorth, Zania Orbal, various Black Knights, Cardinals and Crusaders; unidentified Matriarch)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: War Commander

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy (2017)

Powers/Abilities: As a Badoon, Droook is reptilian, and presumably hairless, with a scale-covered body, with three-webbed fingers and an opposing thumb on each hand, and two toes on each foot. 

    Also, as is typical for the Badoon, he lacked social grace, good humor, patience, and sympathy.

    As a commander, he possessed a force field that shielded him from most forms of injury.

    He wielded a War Brotherhood plasma exterminatron, which had a ceremonial jeweled handle.

    He also used laser disruptors and combat swords.

    As a member of the War Brotherhood Devastation Cadre, he wore a "talon and forked tongue" silver insignia on his War Brotherhood headgear as well as satin-sheet black battle pants.

    His canine teeth (or the Badoon equivalent) were steel-enhanced to serve as "war fangs"

Height: Unrevealed (approximately )
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately )
Eyes: Amber
Hair: None
Scales: Green


(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Two: A Spot of Brother) - Droook commander the War Brotherhood Devastation Cadre, a division not known for taking a light-hearted approach to love and life, even by Badoon standards.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Six: Meanwhile (Forty-three minutes earlier on Alpha Centauri) (fb) - BTS / Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Thirty-Nine: Project 616 (fb) - BTS / Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-One: Truth or Dare) - Timely, Incorporated, a corporation based on Alpha Centauri, conceived Project-616, in which they would gather all information on the universe (or, more realistically, the galaxy), specifically the universe of Reality-616: This datamap of all creation would allow them to understand the fundamental nature of everything and comprehend the known galaxy (see comments) down to a pico-molecular level, granting them virtual omnipotence and the ability to manipulate reality.

    Timely, Inc. agents
subsequently conceived the Rigellian solution, gathering Rigellian Recorders and using the vast amount of data they had collected to expedite the data gathering, which resulted in a new speculation of six years being needed. However, Rigellian Recorder unit 127 somehow observed the totality of the datacore of Project-616, which caused a data overload, making him unable to remember the project or what he had learned from the project. Recorder 127 escaped Alpha Centauri and fled.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Two: A Spot of Brother (fb) - BTS) - Recorder#127 hid underneath the bandstand at Leery's a bar in Dive-Town, Lumina, planet Xarth III

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter One: Last Orders - BTS / Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Two: A Spot of Brother (fb) - BTS) - Droook (unidentified) and nine other Badoon arrived at Leery's in search of the Recorder. The presence of Badoon was scented by Rocket (Raccoon) who was there with his friend Groot.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Two: A Spot of Brother) - Commander Droook identified himself and questioned Rocket about a Rigellian Recorder, of whom he knew nothing. Droook had warrior Lorg show a scan image of the Recorder on his War Brotherhood tactical display and he noted that the Recorder had absconded with sensitive data and that the Badoon believed he had come to this establishment in search of a starpilot or freetrader prepared to offer him passage off-world. At Droook's query, Rocket confirmed that he was carrying bunch of zunks but otherwise could not help him. As was their nature, both Rocket and the Badoon disliked each other in some sort of cobra-mongoose dynamic, but Droook used great self-control to apologize for having troubled Rocket.

    However, one of the Badoon warriors' War Brotherhood tactical scanner then detected Rigellian technology in the crawlspace under the bandstand and alerted Droook. The Badoon closed in, drawing their War Brotherhood laser disruptors and combat swords, and the Recorder emerged from the crawlspace and tried to flee. As chaos ensued, the bartender Nrrsh the Skrull shouted and pointed to a sign on the wall that read, "Please do not draw or discharge firearms or energy-disruption devices on these premises as a Skrullian punch dagger in the kidneys often offends."

    Rocket advised Groot to stay out of it and avoid the trouble. However, as Droook drew his War Brotherhood plasma exterminatron and fired a blast to incapacitate the Recorder while preserving its memory banks, the Galadorian Spaceknight Roamer transported between the two. Taking the blast instead, Roamer's null-shields absorbed the worst of it and deflected the rest, but he was still sent flying across the bar, demolishing the lower rails of the bandstand. The deflected plasma bolt, robbed of most of its lethal charge, whined sidelong across the bar area and instead struck Rocket's drink (a Timothy), destroying it...and pushing Rocket (and Groot) into joining the conflict against the Badoon.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Three: Throwdown) - Rocket fired his Nitro Weapons System Model 66 B.P.B. (being-portal blaster) into Droook's face, but , as a high-status cadre commander, Droook was equipped with an automatic bodyshield, a personal force field that snapped on when it pre-sensed incoming energized or ballistic munitions. This stopped the shot's explosive force, but the overwhelming "kinetic hammerblow" still knocked Droook off of his feet and sent him to land facedown in the salad bar.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Three: Throwdown - BTS) - In response, the War Brotherhood Devastation Cadre rushed in and attacked Rocket and Groot, the latter of whom punched a Badoon warrior back and into Kree businessmen, which escalated swiftly into pandemonium. Shielded by fleeing patrons, Rocket blasted and slew one of the Badoon warriors. As the Badoon focused on Rocket, Nrrsh's Cybertronic ogre-mode bouncers entered the conflict and occupied Groot.

    As the struggle escalated, Recorder #127 introduced himself to Rocket and noted that he was in a great deal of trouble, but that his memory had been damaged and he did not know why he was in trouble. Rocket pledged his and Groot's support/protection.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Four: Exit Strategy) - As Rocket, Groot, and the Recorder tried to flee, they found the exits blocked, one of them by the Badoon War Brotherhood, backed by a newly arrived support squad. Still by the salad bar, Droook barked orders and expletives in equal measure.

    Rocket finally blasted a whole in the ground, though which he, Groot, and Recorder #127 dropped eight meters into the midst of the pit-fight ring.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Five: Let the Games Begin) - Rocket, Groot, and the Recorder ultimately escaped back up to the surface and departed in Rocket and Groot's spacecraft, the White Stripe, where they were confronted by Droook and several bloodstained War Brotherhood men with him. Droook noted, "I think you have something that belongs to me," and while the Recorder started to correct him that he belonged to no one except the
Rigellian Colonial Collective, Rocket opened fire. While the other Badoon scattered or were slain, Droook was protected by his automatic bodyshield and stood his ground, screaming in rage as he fired back.

    Rocket and his group made it into their ship and took off, and Droook and his men rushed to their War Brotherhood Assault Ship and pursued. Arriving Nova Corps forces ordered them to stop, but both Rocket's ship and Badoon's ignored them, and the Nova Corps ships were forced to veer widely to avoid the accelerating Badoon ship. Presumably at Droook's command, the Badoon ship extended its gun turrets, which popped like ugly blisters from its sleek hull, but as they achieved target lock, Rocket dumped their cargo, 48 tons of zunk fruit, which hit the Badoon ship, clogging intakes, jamming gunports, and pulping through thermal exchangers. The Badoon ship faltered and ultimately peeled away in a crash dive that ended explosively in the municipal sewage treatment plant.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Twenty-Two: Meanwhile (Precisely now on the Kree battleship Pride of Pama) (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Gamora told the Badoon where they could find the Recorder, knowing that they would attack/distract the Kree and allow her to board the Pride of Pama undetected.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter 18, 20-24 - BTS) - The Badoon battled the Kree in an effort to claim the Recorder. Ultimately the Kree Kris-Gar used a uni-beam weapon to destroy the Badoon's Brotherhood of War ship.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter 40: Danger in the Workplace (fb) - BTS) - Droook underwent cybernetic reconstruction, which did not improve his visual appeal.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter 40: Danger in the Workplace (fb) - BTS) - After the Shi'ar Conscience of Sharra, a Nova Corps ship, and the Kree Pride of Pama ships had arrived immediately outside of Timely Inc. headquarters on Alpha Centauri, and all three forces had tried to claim Recorder 127, Droook led ten megadestroyer Badoon ships to arrive beside them, and his ships locked on both the Timely Inc. building and the ships outside it.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter 40: Danger in the Workplace) - Droook interrupted the confrontation between the other races via  a telepresene image, insisting that they would deliver the Recorder unit to War Brotherhood hands or suffer the consequences. When Nova Centurion Grekan Yaer, Kree Sharnor the Accuser, and Shi'ar Imperial Guardsman Arach warned that their respective races would not tolerate such an affront, Droook advised them that their lone ships put them in no position to negotiate, and he assured them that his ships' their batteries were locked on them and insisted they deliver the Recorder immediately.

    At that point, Zania Orbal, a Sirusite member of the Universal Church of Truth posing as Timely Inc. agent Allandra Meramati of the Shi'ar, revealed her true nature, and 40 immense UCT Templeships materialized, dwarfing all other ships. A ruthless, all-out assault on Timely Inc. headquarters ensued.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Two: This is What the -Tik!- Flark is Going on Up There - BTS) - The circle of Badoon megadestroyers opened fire on the UCT Templeships, which fired back; two of the megadestroyers were hit. One Badoon megadestroyer sank, limply, on fire, in a vast cloud of smoke; the other exploded and dropped onto downtown Alpha Centauri, crushing builidings beneath it as it rolled and burned out.

    Within the Timely Inc. building, ugly blisters of light formed and burst as Badoon teleport systems sent in fire-teams of War Brotherhood warriors.

    The Shi'ar Imperial Guardsen and their Metal Wing support were taking the brunt of both Badoon and UCT Crusader assault in the annex to Timely's boardroom. Badoon War Brotherhood soldiers flew backward and fell hard from blue photon pulses from Arach's spinnerets. When Arach sent Ebon to follow Nova Centurion Grekan Yaer after he went after Kree spy Una-Ran departed in search of Project 616, Ebon created a dark matter shield that absorbed the lethal blasts from Badoon soldiers and then sent the Badoon tumbling.

    Yaer and Ebon subsequently teamed up to take down Badoon who tried to stop them.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Four: Watched) - Members of the Badoon War Brotherhood stormed Timely Inc's Sub-basement 86 in which Recorder 127 was being immersed in Project 616, blasting anything and everyone.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Five: Great Power, Great Responsibility - BTS) - The Recorder deposed the power to Groot and then advised him to fix this mess, after which Groot transported away all of those who had invaded the Timely, Inc. building, including the Badoon.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Six: Tails to Astonish (fb) - BTS) - Droook and his Badoon War Brotherhood megadestroyer fleet were transported to a distant fringe-world asteroid belt.

(Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy Chapter Forty-Six: Tails to Astonish (flash-forward)) - In Reality-17721 (see comments), at least, Droook spent several years steering his megadestroyer fleet out of the asteroid belt. By the time he had returned to the Badoon homeworld, there had been thirteen regime changes.

     Droook still yearned for a Raccoonoid pelt to decorate the wall of his War Brotherhood wardroom.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett.
    In the Acknowledgments section, Dan thanked Stuart Moore, Jeff Youngquist, Axel Alonso, Dan Buckley, Sarah Brunstad, and James Gunn for their support in this project.
    He also noted "fist-bumps to <the Appendix's own> Ronald Byrd for continuity-fu."

    The story notes that the Badoon believed that there were no words or phrases that could not be improved by the addition of the prefixes "War" or "Brotherhood," preferably both.

    I'm pretty certain Project 616 was intended to enable control of the entire 616-universe, which is insane, as even the Recorders haven't been everywhere in the universe, but some references refer to it controlling the/a galaxy...which is still insanely large, but is a little more feasible. "Steal this Galaxy"


    People question whether novels should be in-continuity. There is a mindset that they should arbitrarily and automatically excluded. I don't get that at all. If the stories fit seamlessly in-continuity and they add to the rich texture of the "Marvel Universe," why exclude them? In any case, characters in such stories as novels, games, etc. that don't contradict -616 continuity are considered "fringe characters." They fit into existing continuity, but are not definitively part of it until they are confirmed to be so in a story, handbook, etc.
    There is one significant continuity glitch, but it has been referenced in other stories confirmed to take place in Reality-616 (see Donald's discussion below)
    They sure fit in better than a lot of stuff by certain know who you are...and we know who you are...
    Not only that, but the story specifically references the universe in which they dwelled to be Reality-616...however, the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies refer to their mainstream reality as -616 also...

Counterpoint by Donald Campbell:

    As much as I liked this novel, there were some elements that bothered me. For example, Alpha Centauri is described as a "cosmic hubworld (that governs) almost thirty systems and trillions of lives." This definitely does NOT sound the like 616 Alpha Centauri system where the Centaurians are usually depicted as only having a "bow-and-arrow" level technology, the Alpha Centaurians (assuming they are not nearly extinct) are focused on desperately trying to keep their homeworld habitable, and the Centurii from Centuri-Six (which may or may not actually be part of the Alpha Centauri system) were all kidnapped by slavers. And yes, I hold this opinion despite the fact that, in Annihilators#1/2, Abnett and Lanning established that Rocket Raccoon had worked for six months as a mail clerk at the Alpha Centauri offices of the Customer Services Division of Timely Inc. Also, while the Timely offices were aboard an orbiting ship in that comic, in this novel they are on the planet Alpha Centauri...which is also wrong/inconsistent with the Marvel Comics universe.

    In conclusion, I really enjoyed the novel but I don't think it was meant to be canon and I don't think that it should be treated as being "in continuity." And I would REALLY like some writer to finally get around to explaining the current status quo in the 616 Alpha Centauri star system. I mean, what level of technology do the Centaurians actually possess? What do the Centaurians actually call their race? What is their name for the planet known to Terrans as Centauri-IV? Can Alpha Centaurians still live on Arima or was the planet left too dehydrated after Sub-Mariner I#18? Is Centuri-Six actually in orbit around Proxima Centauri? 

     Personally, due to the Alpha Centauri discontinuity, I would prefer it if Recorder #127 were as incorrect in his statement that he existed in "Universe 616" as some characters from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness were when they assigned the number "616" to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Reality-199999). However, that's just my opinion.

 Me again:
    Valid point on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the difference is that the novel  is not clearly a different reality or part of a different Multiverse than the comics Reality-616 as the cosmic hierarchy, (Uatu the Watcher, Galactus, etc.) etc., is the same. Additionally, this story goes to great lengths to fit solidly with Reality-616's continuity, alien races, etc.
    The Alpha Centauri discrepancy is certainly significant, but bigger issues than that happened consistently in Bendis' and other writers stories that are considered Reality-616.

    As you note, -616 stories have contradictions within the Alpha Centauri system, but they're not well as there having been relatively recent -616 continuity comics that reference Rocket's past with the Alpha Centauri offices of Timely Inc.
    Timely Incorporated may have offices on an orbiting ship, but the office on Alpha Centauri is presumably the main office. Maybe they moved portions or entire buildings. They have the technology...they can rebuild it...
    Anyway...the bottom line is that this story and all the characters in it are fringe characters until confirmed one way or another.

   Earth-17721 Following the dispersal of Project 616, those involved did various things; some of which may parallel Reality-616's history, but those extending years into the future are, at least, paralleled in this reality. Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot. Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket and Groot: Steal this Galaxy prose novel Chapter Forty-Six Tails to Astonish  (2017).

Profile by Snood.

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images: (without ads)
None...except this image of a Badoon from the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#2: Appendix to Alien Races: Badoon by Paty Cockrum - not a picture of Droook, but an image of what his people look like.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy prose novel  (2017) - by Dan Abnett (see comments)

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