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Real Name: Georgiana Sue Castleberry Hebb

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Stunt rider, adventurer

Group Membership: Thunderiders (Cowboy (Luke Merriweather, R.U. Reddy (Winthrop Roan, Jr.), Thing (Ben Grimm), Sharon Ventura, Wolf, Wrench (Leonard Hebb))

Affiliations: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Richie Champoulion, Marauder, New Mutants (Mirage (Dani Moonstar), Sunspot (Roberto DeCosta), Karma (Xi’an Coy Manh), Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair)), Team America (Cowboy, Honcho, R.U. Reddy, Wolf, Wrench), Tony Stark, Charles Xavier

EnemiesMonique Adreadite, Advanced Idea Mechanics, Mr. Ashe, Hydra, unidentified hired killer, Mr. Mudge, Viper, Silver Samurai;

briefly Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

Known Relatives: Father, mother (names unrevealed), Leonard Hebb (husband)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile worldwide

First Appearance: Team America#2 (July, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Georgiana was a gestalt telepath. When she was in contact with other gestalts, she was able to psychically create a physical being dubbed the Marauder, or host said energies into her own body, creating a motorcycle and clothing out of nothing. As the Marauder she demonstrated skills related to computer hacking, espionage, as well as combing any skills from nearby gestalt telepaths. She was a capable motorcycle stunt rider.


(Team America#2) – Georgiana watched Team America’s latest victory beside Wrench inside their mobile home. She questioned his idea of leaving to join the team. When they finally found Wolf (unaware of his joining a biker gang), Georgiana was dragged away by some of the members, but saved when the rest of Team America arrived on the scene. Later in Denver, she cheered for Wolf from the stands. When the team came in second, she was beside them in their celebrating.

(Team America#8) – Georgiana chastised Wrench for ignoring her on the flight to Cairo. Once the team had settled into their rooms, she began to spend time with Cowboy, as Wrench was focused entirely on building their car. She watched when the car burned out, but confronted Wrench. She demanded to talk about their relationship, but found no answer. Everything was put aside when the race started. When Wolf crashed, Georgiana gave a rousing speech, citing the team’s ability to act as one for their common interests. She was swept off her feet by Wrench when she finished.

(Team America#8 - BTS) - Cowboy was secretly tutoring Georgiana how to ride a motorcycle.

(Team America#9) – Georgiana kept herself busy doing sit-ups as the rest of the team worried about their finances. She told Wrench to keep quiet when he complained about Cowboy’s singing. After dinner, when the rest of the team were thinking about dissolving the group, Georgiana jumped up and argued for the team, comparing them to a family and citing their ability to work together. When the Marauder left them a new motorcycle, she responded by hugging Cowboy. After the team's recent winnings, they set themselves up in Hoboken, NJ. Georgiana saw Wrench less and less as he worked on new designs and equipment, finally walking off after he ignored her.

   When the team was deceived by Mr. Mudge, she arrived to find Wrench at their camper. She comforted him as he told her of Mudge's trickery. When the Marauder returned the bike and Tony Stark cut them a check, Georgiana celebrated with the rest of the team.

(Team America#10) – Georgiana and Wrench argued that the team should go and rescue Honcho from the clutches of Mr. Ashe’s cult, but she did not go with Reddy, Wolf, or Cowboy when they snuck into the compound. Later, after Honcho was back, she and the others went up to see him in his hotel room. They arrived in time to see Mr. Ashe die at the hands of his own deadly dust. 

(Team America#11) – Georgiana kissed Cowboy on the check when he crossed the finish line. When Wrench turned to ask her a question later, she and Cowboy had vanished. 

(Team America#11 - BTS) – Unknown to Wrench, Cowboy was secretly training Georgiana how to ride a motorcycle. 

Georgiana the bride

(Team America#11) – Georgiana and Cowboy turned up at the Quentin Carnival when they went looking for Wolf. After finding him, the group headed back to the raceway, with Georgiana vanishing during the race and the commotion afterwards. When the Marauder’s helmet was pulled away, Team America was dumbstruck at who was under the black racing helmet.

(Team America#12) – Georgiana was utterly shocked to find herself in the Marauder’s uniform. Later, in the Team America RV, she tried to come up with an explanation, citing the Marauder’s incredible skills as proof of her innocence. The attack of Hydra leader Elise Carson put the discussion on hold. Georgiana resorted to hair-pulling in the fight, but a quick throw from Carson took her down. After Mrs. Carson explained their origins, the team followed her back to her house. During the fighting that followed, Georgiana shocked everyone by bursting onto the scene on a new bike and tearing through the Hydra agents. After the Carsons had escaped and explanations were made, Georgiana explained to Wrench that she was not having an affair with Cowboy, but rather he was teaching her how to ride. When Wrench proposed marriage, she said yes. Later, she and Wrench announced their decision to leave the team. Holding the ceremony at house of Reddy’s father, the newlyweds rode off together in their RV, his and her motorcycles being towed behind them.

(New Mutants I#5) – Georgiana and Wrench were contacted by Honcho and told of the Viper’s demands. She didn’t care for Professor X’s idea, but didn't argue when he and the New Mutants left. 

Thunderiders assemble!

(New Mutants I#6) – Georgiana helped Wrench repair Wolf’s bike while they trained in New Mexico. Later, while Honcho and Wrench broke into the A.I.M. facility, she and the rest of the team waited outside. When Honcho and Wrench were discovered, they made their escape while Wolf summoned the power of the Marauder. When Professor X cried out that he could no longer feel the New Mutants, she looked on in concern. 

(New Mutants I#8/The Thing I#27 - BTS) – After their adventures with the New Mutants, Georgiana was put out to discover that they had lost the copyright to the name Team America. Dubbing themselves the Thunderiders, she and the others decided to expand their roster and start touring. Georgiana fully joined the team at this point. 

(The Thing I#27) – Georgiana and the rest of the Thunderiders were out on a drive when they almost hit the Thing. Driving back to their camp, they discussed their encounter and considered bringing the Thing into the team. Holding tryouts, it came down to the Thing and Richie Champulion. Georgiana was silent during the trials, but expressed shock when the Marauder attacked the Thing.  

(The Thing I#28) – The Thing’s tenure with the team lasted two weeks. During this time, Georgiana and the others practiced with him and incorporated him into their stunts. The biggest and last one involved the rest of the team leaving their bikes and forming a pyramid on the Thing, with Georgiana forming the top. After the practice, Georgiana went to the showers, unaware of the Thing’s decision to leave the team.


Comments: Developed by Jim Shooter, Denny O’Neil & Bill Mantlo (script), Mike Vosburg (pencils) and Vince Colleta (inks).

According to my research, the entire concept of Team America was created by Ideal Toys to sell a toy line and was later licensed by Marvel. The line actually began as Evel Knievel. According to the Evel Knievel Toy Museum, the line came about when Knievel was arrested for assault in the late 1970s. As best as I can tell, Georgiana was never intended to be part of the Ideal toy line, and was a purely Marvel creation. 

Of course, there is a problem never discussed. If Georgiana was the Marauder’s host, who was it when she wasn’t around? Did it suddenly take a physical form, or did it possess someone else? Or did Georgiana just happen to be just off camera the entire time?

In issue 2, the idea that the Marauder might be a woman was brought up.

In issue 3, Georgiana is nowhere to be seen, yet the Marauder takes center stage.

Project: New Genesis”? Seems to be invoking the Forever People.

In issue 12, Georgiana and the others are flatly told they are mutants, yet Professor X explains it to them again and they act shocked.

Profile by David Lawrence.

Georgiana Hebb has no known connections to:

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