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Real Name: Mudge (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Employee of Stark International, recruiting office (see comments)

Group Membership: Stark International

Affiliations: Tony Stark

EnemiesTeam America (Cowboy (Luke Merriweather) Honcho (James MacDonald, R.U. Reddy (Winthrop Roan, Jr.) Wolf, Wrench (Leonard Hebb), Marauder)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Presumably mobile internationally

First Appearance: Team America#9 (February, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Mudge was presumably a college-educated man with a degree in either business or engineering. He possessed strength and stamina for a human who engaged in little to moderate exercise.


(Team America#9 (fb) - BTS) - Mr. Mudge kept an eye on various racers. Through unrevealed means, he became aware of Team America and its recent winning streak. Figuring that the team’s victories were due in part to their amazing new motorcycle (supplied by the Marauder, unknown to Mudge), Mudge decided that the motorcycle would be a perfect addition to Stark Industries.

(Team America#9) – Watching a local road race, Mudge paid attention to Team America’s performance. As their car overheated and crashed, Mudge introduced himself to the team after the race. He claimed to be impressed by their skill and wished to hire them. Mudge took the group around the local Stark factory, impressed by Wrench’s quick overseeing of a group of engineers. Once he had them under contract, the team was individually fired/resigned for various reasons. When confronted by an angry Wrench, Mudge coolly explained that, thanks to their contracts, Stark Industries now owned everything about Team America, especially the Marauder’s bike. Dismissing the team, Mudge went back to work. 

    Later, Tony Stark swore to look into the matter when confronted by the Marauder (as Iron Man) and Team America (as himself).


Comments: Created by Jim Shooter & Bill Mantlo (script), Mark Bright (pencils) and Vince Colleta (inks).

Given Tony Stark’s comments, it is very doubtful that Mudge remained with Stark International for long, but since Obadiah Stane’s takeover happened not too long after this issue, it is possible Mudge was rehired.

Profile by David Lawrence.

Mr. Mudge name has no known connections to:

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Team America#9, p19, pan2 (main image)

p13, pan1 (headshot)

Team America#9 (February 1983) – Jim Shooter/Bill Mantlo (script), Mark Bright (pencils), Vince Colleta (inks), and Jim Shooter (editor)

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