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Membership: Unrevealed number of scientists/Hydra agents

Purpose: To further Hydra's quest for global domination

Participants/pawns: Parents of Team America (Cowboy (Luke Merriweather) Honcho (James MacDonald), R.U. Reddy (Winthrop Roan, Jr.) Wolf, Wrench (Leonard Hebb), Georgiana Castleberry (nee Hebb);
    possibly Danielle Moonstar and Richie Champoulion (see comments)

Affiliations: Hydra

Enemies: Marauder, Elsie Carson

Base of Operations: Presumably mobile across the USA

First Appearance: Team America#1 (June, 1982)




(Team America#12 (fb)) - Many years ago, Hydra set about to create a perfect human being for its control. It set about doing this by selecting various expecting mothers from all types of socio-economic/racial backgrounds and exposing them to mutagenic agents, with the hopes of producing mutant children whom they would then raise to be biological weapons. When none of the children showed outward signs of useful mutations, the project was deemed a failure. Records were kept, but since the project was deemed non-essential, all backups and related data were stored in one location.

(Team America#1) - The Marauder, for unknown reasons, broke into the Hydra base where the records were kept and deleted them. The Hydra agents were only able to perform a partial save of the data.

(Team America#11) - Elsie Carson was going over the files when orders came in came from the Supreme Hydra to terminate Team America.

(Team America#12) – Elsie Carson, in an attempt to maneuver herself into safety, memorized the files. She later tracked down Team America and, after a short fight, she told the team what she knew. 

Comments: Created by Jim Shooter (script), Mike Vosburg (pencils), and John Beatty, Mike Zeck & Joe Rubinstein (inks).

Danielle Moonstar’s mutant powers might be a result, as she was able to take possession of the Marauder; likewise with Champoulion. 

It was never revealed just how many people were involved in the project, but the members of Team America were the only known successes.

Come to think of it, why did the Marauder go to all the trouble anyway? The result was the team being formed, but none of the members had ever met each other before, so how did the Marauder form? A question for the pile I suppose.

Profile by David Lawrence.

Project New Genesis has no known connections to:

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Team America#12, p16 pan2 (main image)
    p16, pan3-5 (3 panels)

Team America#1 (June, 1982) – Jim Shooter (script/editor), Mike Vosburg (pencils), John Beatty, Mike Zeck & Joe Rubinstein (inks)
Team America#11 (April, 1983) Jim Shooter & Tom DeFalco (script), Dave Simmons (pencils/inks), Jim Shooter (editor)
Team America#12 (May, 1983) Jim Shooter (script/editor), Don Perlin (pencils), Vince Colleta (inks)

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