Real Name: Jean Grey

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-9575) mutant

Occupation: Former Queen of the British Empire of Earth-998;
    former adventurer on Earth-616;
    unknown occupation on Earth-9575 (predator)

Group Membership: Formerly the British Empire of Earth-998;
    formerly the Hellfire Club of Earth-616;

Affiliations: Formerly the Black Knights, Forge, Mister Scratch of Earth-998;
    formerly Ella, Trevor Fitzroy, Ness, Selene, Sebastian Shaw of Earth-616
    formerly Nate Grey of Earth-295;
    formerly Blaquesmith of Earth-4935;
    formerly Cable of Earth-616/Earth-4935

Enemies: Asian Empire, unspecified Canadian assassin (see comments) of Earth-998;
    Nate Grey of Earth-2098, Nate Grey of Earth-295,
    Nate Greys from multiple realities;
    Cyclops (Scott Summers), Dr. Doom's Doombots &
Servo-Guards, Jean Grey, Harddrive, Kolomaq, Mainframe, Mountjoy, Psi-Ops/Gauntlet, Rex, Scribe/Red Rook, Shadow King, Somon, Tessa (now Sage), Tech-Gnomes, Threnody, Tundra, and the people of Quito, Ecuador of Earth-616;
    Stryfe of Earth-4935

Known Relatives: Presumably John & Elaine Grey of Earth-9575 (and the rest of their extended family; unconfirmed and irrelevant to this profile)

Aliases: Madelyne Pryor, Black Rook, Her Majesty Madelyne I, Resurrected Queen of Briton, High Protector of the Unified Commonwealth, Sacred Mistress of the Order of Black Knights, Absolute Empress of the North and the Breechlands

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
    formerly the royal palace in America, part of the British Empire of Earth-998;
    formerly Switzerland, Paris, Manhattan, and various other locations on Earth-616;
    formerly "Earth-9575"

First Appearance: X-Man#5 (July, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: The Red Queen had vast power, though as Madelyne Pryor she had initially placed limits on those abilities and had programmed her own mind to be only what he dreamed she would be. Her mind was designed to possess only the memories of the Madelyne Pryor of Earth-616, and she seemed to believe herself to be Madelyne. All who examined her believed her to be a reanimated corpse, or a mere shadow/reflection of Madelyne Pryor's memories created by Nate Grey. Some who studied her saw the Phoenix Force or a reflection of the Inferno within her.

    In her initial state, she seemed to only possess power by drawing it from Nate Grey, though she eventually revealed that she had power of her own and ceased tapping him directly. Her powers included telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation, though she occasionally seemed to tap into Phoenix-like power to accomplish more impressive feats. Upon revealing herself to be the Red Queen, she showed that she could absorb the life forces of others to enhance her own power, and she could absorb large amounts of power from other sources as well, though she was not without limits. She could explode others with a thought.

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

(X-Man#70 (fb) - BTS) - On "Earth-9575," Jean Grey was a creature of violence and unquenchable desire.

(X-Man#69 (fb) - BTS) -  Her power decimated, Jean Grey was cast from "Earth-9575" for hideous crimes.

(X-Man#69 (fb) - BTS) - In the end of the 19th century (see comments), Queen Madelyne I ruled an empire that covered Earth-998. Old and sick, on her deathbed, she ordered that her corpse be burned so she might rise again from the ashes. Her corpse was burnt, but she did not rise; her end was the end of peace. Independence ravaged the globe like a plague. Asia broke free, as did parts of Europe and most of the Southern Lands. Political infighting corroded the Empire's foundations. War was all the world knew.

(X-Man#69 (fb)) - At last Madelyne seemed to return, a burning angel of justice and vengeance. However, this in fact was not Madelyne, but actually Jean Grey of "Earth-9575."
    As the Red Queen, she led the Empire to take back half the world.

(X-Man#69 (fb) - BTS) - As the Queen's Maker, Forge was given special tasks.

(X-Man#68 (fb) - BTS / X-Man#68 (fb) - BTS) - The Red Queen attempted to harness the power of the Nate Grey on Earth-998 (who had actually traveled there from "Earth-2098," a divergent reality that had seemingly ceased to exist in order to restore Earth-998). He proved defective--being insane with a nebulous grasp of reality--and she attempted to kill him. She believed he had died horribly, though he managed to survive.

(X-Man#68 (fb) - BTS) - The Maker/Forge discovered the spiral of alternate Earths.

(X-Man#68 (fb) - BTS / X-Man#69 (fb) - BTS) - At the Red Queen's instruction, Forge built a device (the Interscope) through which to see the alternate Earths.

(X-Man#68 (fb) - BTS / X-Man#69 (fb) - BTS) - After Forge had charted the other worlds, the Red Queen ordered him to find the means to send a living being to them. Forge constructed the Engines of the Gods.

(X-Man#69 (fb)) - While Forge succeeded in finding the means to project someone to an alternate Earth, he could find no way to retrieve that person. The Red Queen told him that there was a way, but that that was not his concern.

(X-Man#69 (fb) - BTS) - From that point on, Forge had the queen's confidence. He also became her lover, though she did not love him.

(X-Man#69 (fb) - BTS) - In an unguarded moment, the Red Queen let slip the truth, that she was not really Madelyne.

(X-Man#69 (fb) - BTS) - To protect her secrets, the Red Queen had her protector Mister Scratch tear the heart from the Maker's chest, though Scratch knew not what those secrets were.

(X-Man#67 (fb) - BTS / X-Man#68 (fb) - BTS) - For eight years, the Red Queen searched the multiverse for a working Nate Grey, the ultimate telekine, designed with a doomsday weapon for a mind: the climax of the evolution of weapons. However, their creators, usually Mr. Sinister, had loaded the Nate Greys with genetic timebombs, the ultimate defense against the ultimate weapon.

(X-Man#68 (fb) - BTS) - The Red Queen traveled to many alternate Earths, in each case manipulating the Nate Grey as he arrived from his "Age of Apocalypse" world into its parent world, duping him into believing he had created/resurrected Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey created by Mr. Sinister. In each case she took possession of that form.

(X-Man#69 (fb) - BTS) - The Red Queen genetically branded the Nate Greys to diffuse the cellular time bombs that would otherwise destroy them. If they proved unsatisfactory, she slew them and then moved on to the next.
    Nate-2098 attempted to help the other Nate Greys the Red Queen brought to Earth-998, but all were defective and ultimately perished.

(X-Man#70 (fb) - BTS) - Nate-2098 sent a Canadian assassin after the Red Queen. Mister Scratch--immune to mutant power--saw through the psychic cloak in which Nate had wrapped the assassin. Mister Scratch presumably foiled the assassination attempt and slew the assassin.

(X-Man#25 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking his subconscious memory of Jean Grey, Nate Grey of Earth-295 (the "Age of Apocalypse"), who had just arrived on Earth-616 via the M'Krann Crystal, seemingly latched onto the psychic remnant energy of Earth-616's Madelyne Pryor. His powers gave it form, and she apparently drew psychic power from him.
(X-Man#68 (fb) - BTS) - In reality, however, the Red Queen was influencing him to do this. The Madelyne Pryor he "created" was merely a phantom, a doorway, that she stepped through into his world. She initially set limits on herself to appear only to be what he dreamed she should be. She deemed this a necessary risk to snare him.

(X-Man#67 (fb) - BTS / X-Man#68 (fb) - BTS) - The Red Queen persona took over Maddie's form. Over the succeeding months she would begin worming her way into Nate's head, placing her controls there.

(X-Man#5) - Nate Grey took a nap after recalling the familiar face of Jean Grey while staying at the home of Sven Claris in the Swiss Alps. Madelyne appeared within Claris' house and introduced herself to Nate, bringing him a blanket to keep him comfortable while he slept.

(X-Man#6) - Madelyne offered to help Nate adjust to life on Earth-616, telling him that they were destined to meet, and that things like this happened for a reason. He asked her if she were a spy for Apocalypse, but she told him she had never heard of Apocalypse. He asked her what she knew of Jean Grey, and she seemed to recognize the name for a second, but ultimately came up with nothing. When he asked her about Sinister, she slapped him across the room and told him to never mention that name again, but then she seemed to have no idea what had come over her.
    Meanwhile, Rex -- sent to capture Nate by the Sugar Man, another refugee from Earth-295 -- confronted Sven in a local tavern, questioning him about Nate.
    Nate -- with Madelyne's permission -- telepathically probed her mind, but she unconsciously(?) pulled forth a massive creature of psionic energy in the form of a monstrous Havok (Alex Summers). He ceased the probe and the creature vanished, though Nate was severely weakened by the energy drained from him to create it.
    As Nate recovered, Rex arrived (having duped Sven into believing he was an old friend of Nate) and attempted to convince Nate to accompany him. When Nate refused, Rex fired his several warning shots with his energy gun, but Nate telekinetically blasted Rex out of the building. Nate told Maddie that maybe she was right about the two of them being destined to have met, and they departed. Rex awoke, noting that the redhead was "interesting," after which he contacted the Sugar Man, telling him he had everything under control.

(X-Man#7) - Nate fled with Maddie to Paris. Upon arriving, she hinted that there was much they could take advantage of there, but then Nate collapsed and she had to get him to pull himself together before they hit the ground, and they crashed into a fountain. They drew the attention of Selene, who recognized Madelyne and plotted to claim her power.
    When Nate asked Maddie about the psychic creature she had pulled from his mind, she told him of vague memories of being hurt by the X-Men, but then Selene psychically called to Maddie, offering to help her. Seemingly conjuring money from nowhere she went after Selene and Nate followed her, unaware they were both being watched by Rex. They wandered into the Latin Quarter, where Selene confronted Maddie, placing a gem around her neck and ensorcelling her. Nate--unable to see Selene--shook Maddie out of her trance, but then she took off running. Rex prepared to ambush Maddie, but Selene instead apparently consumed Rex's life force. Selene then led Maddie to follow her and the two vanished before Nate could catch up with Maddie again.

(X-Man#13) - Maddie saw an explosion across town (Nate battling the Marauders), but Selene distracted her from it, telling her she was too precious to get involved in the dangers of the outside world. Maddie followed Selene's commands.

(X-Man#14) - Maddie continued living in Selene's Parisian hearth alongside Selene's servant Ella. Distracted by thoughts of Nate Grey, Maddie sliced open her hand while preparing a meal. The wound was just a large gash until she looked at it, at which point it began to bleed and became very painful. Maddie was puzzled by these events.

(X-Man#15) - A day later, Maddie enjoyed  a relaxing bath while indulging in the splendor of Selene's Parisian home. Ella came to change the bandage on her hand only to find that it had already healed. Speaking fluent French for the first time (and not knowing how or where she had learned it), Maddie began annoyed with Ella's questions about how she had healed and threw her out.

(X-Man#16 (fb) - BTS) - Ella showed every inch of Selene's house, except one room, which always remained locked.

(X-Man#16) - Accompanied by Ella, Maddie broke into the locked room, where she found a number of corpses, all drained of life by Selene who called Maddie her "heir apparent" and announced the coming struggles they would face.

(X-Man#17) - Within a tavern in London, Maddie played darts and drank liquor, attracting the attention of Trevor Fitzroy. He asked her to share a drinking, commenting on how she looked familiar, but she turned him down. Fitzroy followed her and forced a kiss upon her, presumably intending to drain her life force, but he suddenly pulled away, noting her cold and hollow fire, with no natural flame to speak of. Realizing that Maddie had been sent to find him by Selene, Fitzroy armored up, but Maddie weathered and/or dodged his assaults, then shattered his face-plate and punched him out. Selene then arrived and claimed Fitzroy as her pawn with a kiss.

(X-Man#20) - Maddie accompanied Selene, Ella, and Trevor Fitzroy aboard a plane bound for Manhattan, and Selene told her that they would be meeting Sebastian Shaw, who would be given the honor of being the first to welcome her home again.

(X-Man#21) - Leaving their Manhattan hotel despite Selene's instructions, Maddie and Ella went to Central Park, where she saw Nate, but he departed with Threnody before seeing her. As Ella begged her to return to the hotel before Selene found out, Maddie saw a demonic outcropping on a building, reminiscent of Inferno.

(X-Man#22) - Selene brought Maddie and Fitzroy to Sebastian Shaw's yacht, introducing them to Shaw and Tessa. Shaw initially dismissed Maddie, but Tessa encouraged him to look beyond the facade of flesh, and he saw the Inferno in her eyes.

(X-Man#23) - In preparation to earn the role of Black Rook in the Hellfire Club, Maddie was forced to battle the active Red Rook, Scribe. Maddie's first charge passed through when Scribe turned intangible, and Scribe drew first (and second) blood, with a kick and a hair yank. Startled by the maddened look in Scribe's eyes, Maddie felt her powers flare and realized that Scribe was possessed, at which point she reached into Scribe's chest and yanked out the body-jumper Mountjoy. As Maddie's power subdued both Scribe and Mountjoy, Shaw acknowledged her as their newest rook.

(X-Man#24 (fb) - BTS) - Maddie apparently left Shaw's yacht alongside Selene, but later returned without Selene's knowledge.

(X-Man '96 Annual/2) - Aboard Shaw's yacht, Tessa attempted to establish a telepathic link with Madelyne while she slept. After bringing forth images of being tormented and having her child stolen by the X-Men, Maddie angrily awoke and struck out at Tessa telekinetically. Tessa transported their minds to the astral plane, but Maddie proved too powerful and overwhelmed her; Jean Grey awoke in the middle of the night, her head ringing from the forces the two had unleashed. Maddie considered killing the defenseless Tessa, but then decided that her death would rouse to much suspicion. Having recalled past experiences, Maddie swore vengeance against the X-Men and Mr. Sinister.

(X-Man#24) - As Maddie pondered her own existence, Shaw asked her what would happened when Selene learned that she had returned without her knowledge. Maddie dodged the question then healed a scar on Sebastian Shaw's face, telling him that that was just a hint of what they might accomplish together.
    Later, after Nate parted company with Threnody, leaving her behind at her mother's grave, Maddie appeared, asking if she had seen Nate.

(X-Man#25) - Threnody recognized Maddie from Nate's descriptions, and Maddie begged Threnody to take her to Nate because she needed him. Threnody refused, then when Maddie pressed her further she attempted to drain her life force and to scare her by mentioning her past involvement with Sinister, but Maddie proved resistant to her power; Threnody drew back, telling her that she was still dead. Maddie then overpowered Threnody and stole her energies, then flew at high speed back to the Swiss Alps where she had first appeared to Nate some time before. Nate sensed the power she had unleashed, located Threnody, and then tracked her to Maddie, who had collapsed from the strain. Nate took her into a cabin, and upon awakening, she ignored his questions of why she had left or where she had gone, instead kissing him passionately.
    They were interrupted by a telekinetic command from Jean Grey, who had arrived alongside Cyclops. Maddie angrily attacked their Blackbird ship, and Nate saved it from crashing, leading Maddie to think he was turning against her. However, when Jean attempted to ambush Maddie, Nate struck her down. Maddie confronted Jean, and Nate tried to talk her down, but when he questioned her about her connection to Jean, Maddie's psychic powers went wild. As Maddie threatened to destroy Jean, Nate grabbed Jean's hand to save her, learning the truth about Maddie from her. Maddie was flattened by psychic backlash, and Nate realized that he had been the one to resurrect her. Feeling that she wished to return to the peace of death, Nate prepared to uncreate Maddie, but Maddie then revived. Now possessing power of her own, she returned the power she had taken from Nate, then vanished in a flash of green flame.

(Cable II#44) - Madelyne Pryor captured Cable's mind while he was meditating, and brought it to the astral plane, shutting the pathway into his mind in the process to prevent others from following them. She then created a psychic monster to test Cable, but he swiftly realized the deception. She then shared the details of their origins, but he refused to feel sympathy for her as she had made conscious choices to hurt others. When she accused the X-Men of being evil, he showed her images of Apocalypse, which was the true face of evil to him. He further told her that she was only a memory of Madelyne Pryor and not even the real thing. Nonetheless--as Jean Grey began breaking through the shields to free Cable, he told Maddie that the cabin in Alaska--where Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor had been truly happy for a time--would be their neutral territory, their meeting place if they should ever need to. Maddie told him that she was real and that she would prove it to him, but he told her that if she ever threatened innocent lives that he fight her as hard as he would any enemy.

(X-Man#28) - Sebastian Shaw publicly acknowledged Madelyne as his consort, to the disapproval of Tessa and of Selene, who telepathically contacted Tessa and Fitzroy, telling them they must do whatever they could to separate the pair before they ruined all of their plans.

(Cable II#50) - Madelyne appeared before Cable and Irene Merryweather in New York, telling them that they should head to London, rather than Zurich as planned. She told him of Apocalypse's harbinger, which Sebastian Shaw intended to unleash in hopes that it would lead him to Apocalypse whose might Shaw could harness. Maddie asked them to keep secret who had given them this information, and then left them to go stop Shaw's plans.

(X-Man#38) - Maddie appeared to Nate in Manhattan as he was feeling alone. Realizing she was all he had in the world, he embraced her.

(X-Man#39) - Nate flew out into the Canadian wilderness, seeking to glimpse into his own future. Seeing the apparent moment of his own death, he suffered a psychic backlash, and his powers exploded outwardly fusing the ground of a large area of ground. Maddie then appeared to him, comforting him and asking him to come home with her, but he refused, uncertain what she truly was or what she meant to him. She angrily refused to be dismissed, but then the Great Beast Tundra, having gained access to the Earthly realm by the energies Nate had unleashed, then arrived and stomped its massive foot onto them. Two other Great Beasts, Kolomaq & Somon, then appeared.

(X-Man#40 (fb) - BTS) - Maddie teleported to safety as Tundra's foot crashed down, and Nate saved himself with his telekinesis.

(X-Man#40) - After Tundra swatted Nate into the woods, Maddie taunted him, asking if he needed her now, but still he refused. After he had been stunned, she told him of the past of the Great Beasts, and she convinced him to take a little bit of her energy to revive himself. She then teleported him into the vicinity of the Great Beasts (though she refused to risk her own life battling them), and he telekinetically interrupted the pull of gravity on them, launching them into space.

(X-Man#41 (fb) - BTS) - Maddie teleported herself and Nate to the Swiss Chalet where they had first met, and she cared from him as he recovered from his exertion.

(X-Man#41) - Suspecting that Threnody might be leeching his power, Nate tried to confront her on the psi-plane, but Maddie appeared there, blocking his path. He forced his way past her to confront Threnody, but was then struck down by a massive psychic assault.
    Nate and Maddie lost their telepathic powers along with most others on the planet due to the energies released during a battle between the Shadow King and Psylocke.
    Maddie was temporarily torn apart when the psi-dimension blew up while she was still in it.

(X-Man#42) - Maddie located Nate off the western coast of Ireland, and he told her that she couldn't pop in and out of his life. When an earthquake suddenly occurred, she flew by his side as he somehow managed to stop it, though the backlash caused an avalanche. They both took to the air and smashed the falling rocks before they could crush the village below. They later enjoyed a night out at the Fox Run Inn in Clifden until the building was set ablaze by the mysterious Tech-Gnomes. Though confronted by the equally mysterious Ness who had been following him, Nate flew into the sky and caused a powerful rain that put the fires out. Maddie and Ness rushed after him as he fell to the ground, but he was long gone.

(X-Man#43) - Maddie found Nate in the room to which he had been brought by the McMurphys, who had found him and rescued him after his fall. After he recovered, he asked her to teleport him to the X-Men so he could investigate the cause of his telepathy loss. Not wanting to meet up with the X-Men again, Maddie refused, telling him he needed to wait longer to regain his strength. As they discussed their plans, they learned of recent murders from the locals. Worrying that he was the cause, Nate flew up into space, where he rapidly ran out of air. Following him, Maddie shared her oxygen with him and revived him, then showed him the other Earth-295 energy signals on Earth, one of which was also present in Dublin. They flew down to Earth and confronted it, and found an energy form looking just like Nate.

(X-Man#44) - Nate battled his doppelganger, which morphed into Holocaust/Nemesis, who had been using the life forces of others to take human form. Maddie attempted to join the battle, but Holocaust casually swatted her away, recognizing her as a reanimated corpse. When Holocaust threatened to overwhelm them both, Maddie teleported them away to the Colorado Rockies for a breather. She tried to convince him that since he hadn't been the one killing the people that it was not his problem, but he told her to take him back to the fight, threatening that their relationship was over if she refused. In the next battle, Nate formed a funnel around Holocaust's blast fist, creating a vacuum to drain his powers, and Maddie helped him contain the massive energies being unleashed until Holocaust exhausted his stores and imploded.
    Nate took the exhausted Maddie back to the McMurphys, and told her that they would stop the Dark Beast and Sugar Man as well.

(X-Man#45) - Maddie was awakened by Nate's awakening from a nightmare caused by one of the Tech-Gnomes. They investigated the trail of the Tech-Gnomes' composition and Maddie teleported them both to Tramahoi, a small Philippines where they fought their way past more Tech-Gnomes and into their masters' base. Blaquesmith brought them to Latveria in time for the arrival of Stryfe, since Cable was neither available or sufficient to stop Stryfe.

(X-Man#46) - Stryfe sent the Dark Riders into the streets of Latveria. Nate sent Maddie to get help from the X-Men, but they were already gone. She then teleported to the Anchorage home of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, where she confronted and defeated Mainframe and Harddrive before they could go after Jean Grey. She then returned to Latveria, where Stryfe had taken over Doom's abandoned castle and captured Nate and begun draining his powers. Cable arrived and joined her.

(Cable II#63) - Maddie and Cable fought their way past Doombots and Doom's Servo-Guards into Castle Doom, and Cable then freed Nate, but Stryfe then defeated Cable and called Madelyne to his side.

(X-Man#47) - Stryfe again began sapping Nate  and Cable's power, and Madelyne feigned allegiance to Stryfe to buy time, and he created a suit of psi-armor for her. She attacked Cable--though her eyes communicated her intent to him--and he broke out of the castle, escaping with Nate. Maddie convinced Stryfe not to bother chasing after them as they were drained nearly dry. Stryfe started to appreciate Maddie's maternal and other potential relationships, at which point Nate arrived. Maddie had been slowly pilfering Stryfe's gathered psi-energies, and she blasted them at Nate, seemingly destroying him, but actually restoring his full power. Stryfe then began to siphon Maddie's power, and Cable sent Nate to battle Stryfe while he tended to Maddie.
    With advice from Ness, Nate defeated Stryfe, and Stryfe's pyramid ceased draining her power, allowing her to stabilize.

(X-Man#49) - Back in Dublin, Maddie confronted Ness, who shared his Hellbent origins, but then asked what exactly she was.

(X-Man#50) - Nate stood over the sleeping Ness, considering stabbing him. He told her he knew she was there, and she said she knew he knew, then vanished...

(X-Man#51) - Nate returned and Maddie joined him in battle against Psi-Ops, and Ness arrived to help them as well. Maddie reluctantly left the battle to teleport the MacLeers--injured in Psi-Ops' attack--to the hospital. Psi-Ops threatened to overwhelm Nate, but Maddie returned in time to teleport him to safety to regroup. Maddie tried to teleport the armored warriors into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but they were protected from her psi-powers, and the backlash knocked her for a loop. However, as Maddie's power was more than just psychic, she had managed to crack one of their faceplates, allowing Nate to finish off that warrior. The other two fled with their unarmored ally, but then dozens of armored warriors arrived.

(X-Man#52) - Maddie wanted to teleport Nate to safety, but Ness convinced him that if they fled, Psi-Ops would continue to track him, injuring more innocents in the process. As Nate was committed despite his exhaustion, Maddie channeled her remaining power into him. She tried to teleport to safety, but was caught in a blast before she could do so. Nate formed a protective barrier around her while she was out, and he and Ness continued the fight. With the aid of Cinder Fontaine, who turned against the rest of Psi-Ops, they managed to route Psi-Ops, but the warrior Vice caught Nate and held him while she prepared to detonate her and her contingent's nuclear self-destruct sequence. Psi-Ops ship then came crashing down on them, and Maddie, having long since recovered and escaped, teleported Nate to safety. He was unconscious, and she decided that her plans had taken a sharp left, so she parted compan shy with him.

(X-Men: The Legacy Quest Book One) - Madelyne Pryor was speaking with Sebastian Shaw regarding his dealings with Moira MacTaggart. Shaw had begun to oversee the development of a cure for the Legacy Plague based on Kree technology (from the island from Fantastic Four I#64). Later, the X-Men attempted to recover this possible cure from Shaw's stronghold on the Kree Island. Pryor and Jean Grey engaged in a battle on the astral plane, which Grey won.

(Cable II#76) - As Cable and the rest of the Twelve were held prisoner by Apocalypse, Cable's and Cyclops' mind was pulled away by Madelyne, who brought them to a representation of the Anchorage home that she and Scott had shared during marriage. She offered to keep Cable's mind with her so they could rebuild their relationship as mother and son. Cable refused, and after explaining that she couldn't actually free them or help against Apocalypse, she returned their psychic selves to their imprisoned bodies.

(X-Man#67 (fb) - BTS) - Madde rejoined Nate and they traveled to Antananarivo, then Singapore, then Auckland, then Buenos Aires, Ecuador over a period of three weeks under Maddie's direction.

(X-Man#67) - Nate had a dream that he had destroyed a city, which caused him to awaken suddenly, and Maddie rushed to his side. They went for a walk, during which time Maddie slew a child who begged for money from her. He remembered that it had been her idea to travel so much recently and asked her why, but she made him forget about it. He then saw a newspaper article on Quito, a city that had been destroyed and he flew out to it, taking Maddie with him at her request. Upon arriving, Maddie commented that he was everything she could have hoped for and then showed him that the destruction he had caused had taken the shape of her face, which he had done under her control. As he tried to subdue her, she revealed that the Maddie that he had created was only a phantom, a door for her to walk through. She further told him that she had been searching for an intact Nate Grey for some time, and she had him read the front of her mind, at which point she transported them both to Manhattan, Earth-998, where Mr. Scratch welcomed her majesty home.

(X-Man#68) - The Red Queen and Scratch brought Nate to the palace via Ornithopter. As they prepared for a ceremony to announce his successful acquisition, the Red Queen told him that his presence assured victory over the Asian Empire. She also revealed that he had never created a Madelyne Pryor, and she told him the details of her search and capture of him. To prove a point, she called forth an Asian spy and then had Nate disintegrate her.
    The Red Queen told him that she did not require his cooperation, that she aimed him and pulled the trigger. She told him she ruled half the world and she wanted the other half. The next day they would exterminate Asia.
    Maddened by the concept of being used in such a fashion, Nate broke free and fled. The Red Queen commanded her Black Knights to find him, but Nate followed the call to the Nate Grey of Earth-2098.

(X-Man#69) - Nate-2098's power shielded Nate-295, allowing the Red Queen to sense, but not locate him. However, Nate-295 refused to trust Nate-2098 and he initially fought back before being subdued (though Nate-295 was infinitely more powerful than Nate-2098, he lacked the discipline and control), but the energies they released allowed the Red Queen to sense them. Nate-2098 had Earth-295 learn the truth about the Red Queen from Forge's corpse, at which point Mr. Scratch and the Black Knights confronted the Nates.

(X-Man#70) - Scratch shattered Nate-295's spine and crushed Nate-2098's windpipe before Nate-2098 opened a chasm in the ground through which Scratch fell. Before Scratch could return, Nate-2098 secretly merged his powers with Nate-295, healing each other and adding physical traits to reverse their forms, while at the same time removing the Red Queen's controls from Nate-295's mind. As Scratch returned, it appeared that Nate-2098 burned himself out on his power while in reality Nate-2098 sent Nate-295 away, after which Scratch brought Nate-2098, which appeared to be Nate-295 back to the Red Queen.
    The Red Queen commanded Nate to destroy Asia, but when his "assault" proved to be harmless energy, she realized they had the wrong one. Nate-2098 revealed the deception, after which she obliterated him. The Red Queen then commanded Mr. Scratch to prepare the Engines of God to recover Nate-295.
    Reviving back on Earth-616, Nate decided that the Red Queen must be stopped, so he returned to Earth-998.
    Back on Earth-998, after arriving at the Engines the Red Queen ordered Mr. Scratch to execute himself for failing her. He refused, revealing that he knew she was Jean Grey. Telling her that of the rebellion that news of an imposter on the throne would surely generate, he decided that he would become her husband and king in exchange for keeping the secret. At that moment Nate-295 returned, causing an explosion of the Engines of God that apparently slew Mr. Scratch. The Red Queen drained the life forces of her Black Knights for power to battle Nate, but he resisted her attacks and attempts to control him. He then showed her his true power, creating an immense energy sphere that proved too much for her to absorb, and it consumed both the Red Queen and her castle.
    Nate returned to Earth-616.





Comments: Created by Jeph Loeb, Steve Skroce, and Bud LaRosa.
    Reinvented by Warren Ellis, Steven Grant, and Ariel Olivetti.

    Just a reminder, Maddie Pryor would be--in some weird sort of comic book science--Nate's genetic mother. They ought not be making out.

    X-Man was never a title I cared for too much. Ellis and Grant's Counter X re-direct was great, though it only lasted for a year before the title was cancelled. Had to read 35 lukewarm issues to get to those 4 for this profile.

    Based on the Red Queen's comments that all Nate Grey's had similar origins, one would ASSume that Nate Grey on Earth-998 was native to another Age of Apocalypse realm and traveled to Earth-998, just like Nate-295 traveled to Earth-616. However, not knowing anything else about his native world, I'm content with calling him Nate-998...though that may change tomorrow.

    It is odd that Madelyne's Empire was stated to have been around in the 19th century, though it is entirely possible that Earth-998 was relatively time-shifted as compared to Earth-616, etc. If she were around during the 19th century, she could still have been created by Sinister (Essex), who was around then. Cyclops and Phoenix (Jean Grey) could have traveled there from the future, and Essex could have obtained their DNA and cloned them then.
    Or "19th century" could have been in error, in which chase they'd most likely have meant 20th century, which might be topical or might be a fixed point in time.

    The ASSumption would be that the Canadian assassin Nate-2098 sent after the Red Queen would have been Wolverine, though it s never stated outright.

The "Is she or isn't she debate?
There is debate about whether the Red Queen was the seemingly resurrected Madelyne Pryor all along or whether she came in and usurped her form.
Here is an example from the Marvel Chronology Project, courtesy of Per Degaton:

Here's how I see it:

And here's what Steven Grant had originally planned:

    Hi, Jeff.  Someone just pointed me to your elaborate Red Queen/Jean Grey/Maddie Pryor page.  Just wanted to clarify at least one thing:

    I can definitively state that "the Canadian assassin" was definitely Wolverine, as the Asian assassin is the latter incarnation of Psylocke. (I think it was Psylocke.  It was either Psylocke or Jubilee.)
 (It's Psylocke, right?  Captain Britain's sister?)

As far as who "Jean Grey" is and what her connection to Maddie Pryor is, she (at least in my version) was never intended to be what you suspect about Maddie Pryor.  In fact, in my original script the Earth she had been "cast out of" when her power was decimated was... Earth-616.
I wanted her to be the original Marvel Girl/Phoenix, the one who was supposedly "executed" on the moon in Uncanny X-Men 137.  Don't know which Earth whatever Jean Grey that had been around since X-Factor1 came from, but she wouldn't have been "our" Jean.
Marvel didn't like that idea so much, so off to Earth-four digits she went.
 Just thought you'd like to know.

 Steven Grant

Thanks to Per Degaton's synopsis for Red Queen's appearance in the novel X-Men: Legacy Quest, Book 1. The story took place after X-Men II#87 (May, 1999)

Profile by Snood.

No KNOWN connections to:


images: (without ads)
X-Man#5, last page (close up of face as Madelyne)
    #24, last page - full body in black leather
    #49, that page with the thing next to the stuff (unique costume)
    #68 cover (main image)
    #69, p3, panel 4 (armored form)

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