(of Earth-70518)

Real Name: Bran Bardic

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-70518) human mutate

Occupation: The Corps leader, prisoner;
former conqueror, soldier

Group Membership: The Corps (Captain Britain/Brian Braddock of Earth-616, Captain UK/Linda McQuillan of Earth-238, Justicer Bull/Cassandra Bull of Earth-23238, numerous others);
formerly Shadow-Captains (of Earth-616) (Derek Petrie, others), British Army

Affiliations: Excalibur (Captain Britain/Brian Braddock of Earth-616, Dazzler/Alison Blaire of Earth-616, Sage/Tessa of Earth-616, Pete Wisdom of Earth-616), Exiles (Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Longshot of Earth-616, Morph/Kevin Sydney of Earth-1081, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock of Earth-616, Sabretooth/Victor Creed of Earth-295, Thunderbird/James Proudstar of Earth-1100), Marat, Saturnyne (Opal Luna Saturnyne of Earth-9), Michele Scicluna (of Earth-616);
formerly Lionheart (Kelsey Leigh), Shadow-X of Earth-6141 (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman)

Enemies: Captain Prydain (Lloyd Thomas of Earth-7580), Dazzler (Alison Blaire of Earth-616), Juggernaut (Cain Marko of Earth-616), Lionheart (Kelsey Leigh of Earth-616), Mad Jim Jaspers (James Jaspers of Earth-616), Merlyn, Nocturne (Talia Wagner of Earth-2182), Roma, Courtney Ross (Opal Lun Sat-Yr-Nin of Earth-794), Shadow King, Shadow-X of Earth-6141 (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Shadow Xavier);
formerly Captain Britain (Brian Braddock of Earth-616), Sage (Tessa of Earth-616), Pete Wisdom (of Earth-616)

Known Relatives: Unidentified father and grandfather (both presumed deceased)

Aliases: "Honorable Lord," "Lord Albion," "My Lord," "My Son," "Noble Lord," "Young Captain"

Base of Operations: Earth-70518

First Appearance: New Excalibur I#5 (May, 2006)

Powers/Abilities: Albion drew power from interdimensional friction centered in a matrix on the United Kingdom. This power granted him superhuman strength (sufficient to lift 90 tons), flight (with a max speed of 770mph) and enhanced reflexes, stamina and senses.

Albion's costume could store matrix energies when distanced from the United Kingdom and could magnify his body's impulses and energy to generate a protective force field sufficient to protect him from the force of an exploding tank shell. His helmet blocked psychic intrusion and he wielded the Sword of Might, which was strong enough to cut through several inches of thick steel.

In addition to his superhuman powers, Albion was skilled at swordplay, firearms usage, military strategy and tactics, and he was a capable hand-to-hand fighter.

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 257 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

History: (New Excalibur I#18 (fb) - BTS) - Bran Bardic was born into a world where the first World War never ended and was still going over a hundred years after it began in 1914 A.D. As he grew, Bardic spent his life fighting.

(New Excalibur I#18 (fb)) - After becoming a Ranger Captain in the British Army, Bardic led a ragged group that fought just to survive, scrounging weapons from dead bodies on the battlefield.

(X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes - Albion entry - BTS) - Bardic drew the attention of the extradimensional Merlyn and Roma, who hoped to recruit him for their interdimensional Corps group.

(New Excalibur I#18 (fb)) - When a bomb went off in front of him, Bardic thought himself dead, only to find himself face-to-face with Merlyn and his daughter Roma. Roma introduced herself and Merlyn, who offered Bran Bardic either the Sword of Might or the Amulet of Right, which were hanging from a nearby tree. Bardic immediately grabbed the Sword of Might, surprising both Roma and Merlyn, and was transformed into the superhuman Albion. As Albion thought about how his enemies would fall beneath his Sword of Might, Roma interjected, apologizing and explaining that they were seeking those who would seek the Amulet of Right and use weapons only as a last resort. Albion demanded to know how Roma could tease such a gift then take it away, explaining to Roma how his world had been a war for his entire lifetime as well as that of his father's and grandfather's. Further remarking that his newfound powers could give his world hope, Albion asked how Roma and Merlyn would dare take that hope away and leave his world to destruction and when Roma replied that their obligation was to all worlds, Albion suggested Roma take his powers back over his dead body. Before a fight could break out, however, Merlyn opted to allow Albion to keep his newfound powers despite Roma's arguments, curious to see if Albion's world would benefit from Albion's use of the Sword of Might. Deferring to Merlyn's decision, Roma warned Albion that she would eventually correct Merlyn's mistake and warned Albion against using his new gifts to take lives lest it cost him his very soul. The explosion of Roma and Merlyn's departure sent the newly-transformed Albion back into the battlefield and before he could be killed, Albion fought back against enemy soldiers, slaying them with the Sword of Might. Albion then swore to get full vengeance on Roma for not just his world's destruction but of those Roma had abandoned to their own cruel fate. Returning to his battalion, Albion was met by laughter at his costume and choice of sword as a weapon, but when Albion went back into battle, he proved himself to his allies, taking down the enemy in land, sea and air. Eventually, over a period of years, Albion succeeded in ending the World War but found that over a century of war had left very little resources and nothing but rubble where cities had once stood. Saddened at the state of the world, Albion witnessed humanity continuing to perish, not in battle, but of starvation and disease. Searching Earth for the last signs of the enemy, Albion located a duo of extradimensional alien slavers and easily killed their bodyguards. The bodyguards' warlord then came at Albion wielding a scimitar and soon disarming Albion, who announced that his Sword was nothing and that he was the true weapon. The slavers soon attempted to flee through their Dimensional Doorway but Earth-7580's Captain Prydain emerged from one of the portals and apprehended the slavers. Soon noticing the violent Albion defeating the warlord, Captain Prydain ordered Albion in the name of the Captain Britain Corps to drop his weapon but Albion refused, beheading the warlord. Captain Prydain immediately proclaimed Albion a monster and attacked him, eventually knocking Albion's mask off and stopping in surprise at Albion's face, which mirrored that of Earth-616's Captain Britain (Brian Braddock). Unfamiliar with the name Brian Braddock, Albion took advantage of Captain Prydain's surprise to defeat Prydian, soon noticing the Amulet of Right around Prydain's neck. Demanding to know if Captain Prydain had acquired the Amulet via Roma, Albion soon threw Captain Prydain to the ground and ordered the extradimensional slavers to give him an explanation of who the Captain Britain Corps were. When one slaver claimed the Corps were despotic warriors who terrorized the Omniverse, Albion killed him in cold blood, refusing to believe the slaver's words. Turning to another slaver, Albion was informed that the Corps were enemies of the slavers and claimed to be defenders of the Omniverse. The next morning, Albion and his soldiers used the slavers' interdimensional portal to travel to Captain Prydain's Earth-7580, where Captain Prydain apologized for rashly attacking Albion and explained that Albion was the first he had ever met who had chosen the Sword of Might. When Captain Prydain admitted he had a made a mistake, Albion killed him, proclaiming that Captain Prydain had no paid for his mistake. Albion then proclaimed Earth-7580 to belong to him and his soldiers, announcing that they would strip Roma of her Captains and eventually, her chosen champion Brian Braddock.

(X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes - Albion entry - BTS) - Learning of Earth-616's Lionheart, who had also chosen the Sword of Might, Albion seduced her and convinced her to take up his cause to destroy Earth-616's Captain Britain.

(New Excalibur I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Albion accompanied Lionheart to Earth-616 for her first assault on Captain Britain.

(New Excalibur I#5) - After Lionheart attacked and nearly killed Captain Britain, Captain Britain played possum until Lionheart got close but when Captain Britain attempted to punch Lionheart, his fist was stopped by Albion, who commended Captain Britain on his cunning before introducing himself. Albion then announced his plans to kill Captain Britain before punching Captain Britain high into the air. Albion then left Captain Britain's former girlfriend Courtney Ross (secretly Earth-794's Sat-Yr-9 posing as Ross) to Lionheart, remarking that he could think of no worse vengeance on Captain Britain than to kill his first true love. While Lionheart flew off with Ross, Albion and Captain Britain brutally fought one another in the air, their blows generating enough force to shatter the windows of nearby buildings. Captain Britain ultimately slammed Albion into a construction site and Albion emerged to find Lionheart still holding Ross. Demanding to know why Courtney Ross was still alive, Albion saw Lionheart's hesitation to kill and admitted his understanding, remarking that Lionheart's noble soul did her honor. Albion then reminded Lionheart that they were at war and that it was not the time to yield to mercy before they were interrupted by the sound of Captain Britain's Excalibur teammates coming to his aid. Realizing that tide of battle was turning, Albion proclaimed Lionheart to not yet be battle-ready before knocking Juggernaut and Nocturne aside and retreating with Lionheart. Once Excalibur had regrouped, Juggernaut asked Captain Britain why he hadn't followed Albion and Captain Britain replied that it would have been precisely what Albion had wanted, commenting that fighting Albion one-on-one was hard enough without Lionheart by his side.

(New Excalibur I#19 (fb) - BTS) - Albion became aware that the legendary psychic entity known as the Shadow King was behind the recent crimes on Earth-616 by the Earth-6141 X-Men calling themselves Shadow-X. Albion prepared for an inevitable battle against the Shadow King by utilizing a collar that would seal a consciousness within a specific body. Albion also began recruiting former mutants who lost their powers on M-Day into his Shadow-Captains group, offering them a rebirth and a chance to "set things right" while secretly building an army of extremely angry recruits.

(New Excalibur I#20 (fb)) - Excalibur's Sage infiltrated Albion's Shadow-Captains group while posing as "Diana Fox," undergoing days of interrogation and evaluation to discern her loyalties. She was ultimately accepted into the Shadow-Captains and began preparing to bring Albion down.

(X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes - Albion entry - BTS) - Albion learned of a magical electric dampener device being held by British intelligence agency MI13 that could be used to disable technology.

(New Excalibur I#18) - Excalibur viewed a holographic visual on Albion and discussed the information they knew about him. Sage remarked that Albion shared roughly the same height, weight and physical structure as Captain Britain and wore a variant of Captain Britain's costume, suggesting some sort of connection to the Captain Britain Corps and questioning the differences in Albion's costume compared to Captain Britain's. Sage then questioned why Albion considered Captain Britain an adversary if he was connected to the Corps. Captain Britain admitted that when he chose Lionheart as a representative of the Corps, she chose the Sword of Might and Sage brought up the possibility that there could be an entire Corps composed of Corps members who chose the Sword over the Amulet of Right. While Excalibur continued discussing Albion, Albion himself was training Lionheart in battle by sparring against her. During their sparring session, Albion thought to himself how new Lionheart was to the arts of war where he had spent his entire life fighting. As the session ended, Albion asked Lionheart how she felt and when she replied that she was sore all over, Albion explained that she kept coming back for more. Lionheart admitted that she was stubborn and did not want to yield then asked Albion about his connection and similarities to her own reality's Captain Britain. Albion insisted he was not like Captain Britain and when Lionheart asked if Albion knew Captain Britain, Albion admitted that he really only knew of Captain Britain rather than knowing him personally. He then elaborated on how they both had similar origins but with different choices. After Albion explained his origins, Lionheart asked what would come next and Albion replied that they would fight and win. Explaining that Roma's Corps had become a shadow of its former self, Albion revealed that the time was right for him to fulfill his destiny by facing Earth-616's Captain Britain. Albion was then interrupted when his butler announced the arrival of Albion's guests and Albion got up to greet Black Air's Michele Scicluna and her allies, Earth-6141's Shadow-X.

(New Excalibur I#19) - Admitting that he was impressed Michele Scicluna had found him, Albion was given the suggestion of working with Scicluna's allies in Shadow-X in exchange for helping them free their captured mentor, Earth-6141's Shadow Xavier. As Albion thought of the proposal, Shadow-X's Jean Grey attempted to mentally enslave Lionheart, only to be met with Lionheart's announcement that slavery was not permitted in Britain. Albion agreed with Lionheart and reminded Shadow-X that first impressions often define relationships, warning that Shadow-X to take care not to get off on the wrong foot. Albion then excused himself, agreeing to the proposal and expressing hope that it was the beginning of a fruitful relationship. In another room, Albion discussed the matter with Lionheart, who admitted that she would rather see them all dead, starting with Jean Grey. Chuckling, Albion remarked that he was sure Grey thought the same about her before embracing Lionheart and suggesting she leave Grey alone for now while Shadow-X could prove useful to their scheme against Captain Britain and Excalibur. Albion then revealed his plan to advance Shadow-X onto the field of battle to distract Excalibur while they advanced their own plan to take over Earth-616. Later aiding Shadow-X in freeing Shadow Xavier, Lionheart drew out the Shadow King from Shadow Xavier's body, only to reveal that Albion had prepared for the Shadow King by utilizing a collar to trap a consciousness within a body and use the collar to seal the Shadow King with the dying Shadow Xavier's body.

(New Excalibur I#20) - Excalibur arrived to stop Shadow-X and found Lionheart about to be attacked by Shadow-X and after Lionheart fled and Excalibur had defeated Shadow-X, Captain Britain wondered why Lionheart would abandon Shadow-X, prompting Pete Wisdom to wonder if perhaps Albion was eliminating his Shadow-X rivals. While Excalibur was distracted, Albion led his Shadow-Captains to a vault, where the trained guards managed to hit him with turret fire after he cut their tank guns in half with the Sword of Might. Having been molded by Albion, Sage accompanied Albion in her guise as Diana Fox and began developing Diana Fox as a separate personality, loyal to Albion and proving it by knocking him out of enemy fire at one point. Admitting that he was impressed by "Diana"'s actions, the somewhat suspicious Albion wondered if "Diana" was trying to protect him or if she was trying to save their enemies from Albion's violent actions. Putting his Sword to "Diana"'s neck, Albion commended "Diana" on being clever but warned that while he was not clever, he did always win. He then ordered "Diana" to follow him so that he could show her how he intended to make the world his own. Soon realizing their battle against Shadow-X had been a diversion, Pete Wisdom got word of Albion's vault attack with his Shadow-Captains as Albion retrieved the electric dampener from the vault and Lionheart regrouped with the Shadow-Captains. Albion unsheathed the dampener and "Diana" prepared to stop Albion. Noticing "Diana," Lionheart announced "Diana"'s treachery and managed to slash "Diana"'s hand just as Sage attempted to grab the dampener away from Albion. The act of touching the dampener scrambled Sage's mind and she passed out in Albion's arms as Albion activated the dampener, causing the nearby attack helicopters to go down due to systems failures. Power soon went out all over Britain and Excalibur quickly realized Albion had made his move. Lionheart immediately asked what Albion had done and he remarked that, using the dampener, he had reduced Britain to a more basic era, devoid of technology.

(New Excalibur I#21) - Shadow-X assisted Excalibur in saving planes that were falling due to Albion's usage of the dampener, hoping to paint themselves as heroes to gain an opportunity to get revenge on Albion for costing them their mentor. When "Diana Fox" regained consciousness, she was attacked by Lionheart, who demanded to know why she had attacked Albion. "Diana" claimed she was protecting Albion and Albion responded by saying "Diana" should have protected him since she had sworn herself into his service. Albion then grabbed "Diana" by the neck, admitting that he trusted her more than he trusted anyone, before he was interrupted by Lionheart, who asked what Albion had accomplished with the dampener. Albion reiterated that he had taken Britain back to its beginnings so that they could mold Britain in their own image, announcing to the Shadow-Captains that they would build a better future. After rallying the Shadow-Captains, Albion asked Lionheart to travel to Scotland to warn the British royal family to either stand by his side or end their reign, revealing to Lionheart that he was off to secure the capital and government, as well as any superheroes foolish enough to oppose him. As he flew off, Albion ordered Lionheart to be quick, as he wanted her by his side, unaware that he was being watched by Shadow-X. Excalibur soon arrived and Shadow-X suggested an alliance against Albion, whom Shadow-X's Cyclops and Angel were secretly planning to kill in revenge of Shadow Xavier. After learning Albion had sent forces to Balmoral in Scotland, Excalibur's Juggernaut informed Dazzler that Excalibur would go there to protect the royal family while Juggernaut and Dazzler remained behind. Battling Lionheart and her squad of Shadow-Captains in Scotland, Captain Britain asked Lionheart if her actions were really what she wanted to accomplish, reminding her that she had become Captain Britain to save her children, not see them become Albion's slaves. While Captain Britain confronted Lionheart, Albion traveled to the London houses of Parliament with his own squad of Shadow-Captains, promising everyone present to stand with him and be led into glory or risk a short future. As Albion gave his speech, Shadow-X's Cyclops attacked but his optic blast was intercepted by Sage, whose "Diana Fox" personality had taken over following her touching of the electric dampener. When "Diana" continued pressing to hold back Cyclops' blast, Albion ordered the other Shadow-Captains to stand down in an effort to see if "Diana" would be able to withstand the battle. Once "Diana" managed to tire Cyclops out, Albion sent the Shadow-Captains against Cyclops, Angel and Excalibur's Pete Wisdom as Sage, fully in the personality of "Diana Fox," caught up with and decapitated Shadow-X's Cyclops.

(New Excalibur I#22) - Albion embraced "Diana Fox" and publicly proclaimed her to be his proudest champion, Britannia, as well as announcing himself and his Shadow-Captains as the people's champions. When Britannia remarked on how the people did not much like Albion, Albion asked what she had expected and when Britannia followed up by asking if Albion considered the public a threat, Albion gloated that the public had no powers or weapons that could harm him or the Shadow-Captains. Albion then reminded Britannia that the public would either adapt or die, following up his statement by asking if Britannia found his words harsh as Lionheart had. Britannia responded by reminding Albion that she was not Lionheart and Albion agreed, remarking that while she was much more like him, she should not confuse Lionheart's compassion for weakness. Britannia admitted that Lionheart did not like her and the feeling was mutual, prompting Albion to remind her that his heart was the only one that mattered. Albion then informed Britannia that he had sent a team of Shadow-Captains to pursue the escaping Angel of Shadow-X, revealing that if Shadow-X had allied with Excalibur, Lionheart and her squad would need assistance. As Britannia flew off to help, Albion assured her that he would continue to cement his position in London. Again announcing himself to the public, Albion informed the bystanders that they were pawns in events out of their own control and had his Shadow-Captains bring supplies to prove his intent to make Britain the master of its own destiny.

(New Excalibur I#23) - After Excalibur's Nocturne possessed the body of Shadow-Captain Derek Petrie, she flew at Albion, intended to attack him before he could react, but Britannia interrupted, asking where Petrie had been. As Albion watched, Britannia gathered the Shadow-Captains together in preparation for an attack from Excalibur and Shadow-X. When Shadow-X's Iceman arrived on a wave of ice, Albion commended Excalibur's Captain Britain on his strategy, remarking on how it rivaled his own and how it was a shame Captain Britain would have to lose, unaware that Shadow-X's Jean Grey was planning to go straight for Albion. Asking Britannia to stay by his side, Albion sent Shadow-Captains after his attackers but the Nocturne-possessed Petrie remained, making Albion and Britannia think that he had foolishly decided to stop Iceman's ice avalanche alone. Jean Grey soon found that the Shadow-Captains were protected against her telepathy, much as Albion was, but she still managed to fight several by hurling dangerous items at them, bludgeoning their bodies and assuming that Albion's Shadow-Captains were all fearful of her. Watching Petrie rescue civilians in shock, Albion soon noticed bright lights and covered Britannia's eyes as Dazzler arrived from the sewers with Juggernaut. When Shadow-X's Angel was killed, prompting Jean Grey into a murderous attack, Albion entered the fray against Jean himself, preparing to teach Jean a lesson before Captain Britain intervened. The two battled until Captain Britain attempted to reach out to Britannia in an attempt to remind her of her true identity as Sage but the distracted Captain Britain was hit from behind by Albion. The attack knocked the masks off of both Captain Britain and Albion and the two discovered that they were identical in appearance.

(New Excalibur I#24) - Albion took advantage of the surprised Captain Britain to deliver a devastating punch, asking if Captain Britain, in all of his experiences with Cross-Time, had ever even considered that there might be a better version of himself in the multiverse. The Nocturne-possessed Derek Petrie then attacked Albion, surprising Albion, who demanded to know what had gotten into Petrie. Quickly deducing that Petrie must be possessed, Albion pounded Petrie into the ground, releasing Nocturne's hold over Petrie. Commending Nocturne on her bravery, Albion admitted that he wished she were on his side but he instead picked up the stunned Petrie and ordered him to take care of Nocturne as he flew off to continue his fight with Captain Britain. As the two fought, they discussed whether the Sword or Amulet was needed in the modern era, fiercely hitting one another until Sage, having regained her true identity, arrived and punched Albion in the face. Albion responded by punching Sage away and remarking that her identity of "Diana Fox" was more worth knowing that Sage. Before he could continue his attack on Sage, Albion was temporarily blinded by light generated by Dazzler and the entirety of Excalibur then teamed up against Albion, who held them off until Captain Britain flew in to down Albion. Captain Britain then ordered Albion to yield but he refused, only to see how Lionheart had joined Excalibur's side as well. Insisting that it was the Sword that defined him, Albion was surprised to hear Shadow-X's Jean Grey remind him that the Sword wasn't the only thing to define him. When Jean revealed the electric dampener, Albion gloated that she would need the proper codes to deactivate it but Jean revealed that she was able to read the codes from Albion's mind without his mask. Captain Britain then destroyed the dampener, much to Albion's dismay. Following Albion's defeat, Lionheart was given a second chance working with the British government for her heroism in ultimately opposing Albion and she was allowed to reveal herself to her children.

(X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes - Albion entry - BTS) - Albion reevaluated his hatred of Captain Britain after Captain Britain spared his life, determining that Captain Britain was merely more charitable than himself.

(X-Men: Die by the Sword#4 (fb) - BTS) - Albion was sent to Crossmoor Prison for his crimes.

(X-Men: Die by the Sword#4) - Albion was awakened by Pete Wisdom, whom Albion thought had come to kill him despite expecting better from Captain Britain. When Wisdom asked if Albion thought that because he thought Captain Britain weak, Albion replied that if Captain Britain was weak, he also was, as they were counterparts of each, just built on different foundations. Captain Britain's sister Psylocke then reminded Albion that he had tried to kill Captain Britain but Albion responded by reminding Psylocke that he did not kill Captain Britain and, in the process, had learned that Captain Britain was not his true enemy. Wisdom and Psylocke then revealed that they were there to seek Albion's help in saving Roma and the Corps but Albion answered by saying he would sooner see them rot. Albion then asked why he should help and, upon learning that Captain Britain was fighting for his life following an assassination attempt, Albion reluctantly agreed to help. Wisdom then reminded Albion that once the adventure was over, Albion would have to return to his prison cell without any objections and Albion gave his word to return. A short time later, Albion arrived to help the reality-hopping Exiles Morph, Thunderbird and Blink against Earth-616's reality-warping Mad Jim Jaspers. Having been told about Jaspers, Albion assumed brute force would be the only course of action against Jaspers and as he cut limbs, Jaspers uncontrollably regenerated them in the copied form of the Earth-295 Fury. Noticing the changes, Albion and the assembled Captain Britain Corps rushed at Jaspers, who assimilated parts of the Fury from their bodies to uncontrollably complete a transformation into the Fury itself.

(X-Men: Die by the Sword#5) - Albion and the Exiles watched as Captain Britain arrived and brutally found the Fury/Jaspers before eventually decided to jump in and aid Captain Britain. Before much could be done however, Roma's Starlight Citadel crashed to the ground and Albion and the Exiles soon emerged from the wreckage feeling as if they were simply out of the league of the raging battle. The Exiles' Blink soon came up with a plan and Albion opted to rejoin the battle against the Fury, assisting Captain Britain against the superhuman-destroying creature and claiming he had delayed in arriving in an effort to ascertain the creature's capabilities by watching the battle. After Albion and Captain Britain punched a hole in the Fury's chest, Blink arrived and hurled a series of teleportational daggers into the creature, teleporting parts of its body across the multiverse, effectively destroying it as she teleported Albion and Captain Britain away from the exploding creature. With the Fury destroyed, Albion and the other heroes confronted the true mastermind of the Fury's resurrection: Merlyn himself. Psylocke joined in against Merlyn, prompting Albion to wish he had a twin in his home reality, but before anyone could attack, Merlyn teleported away, unaware that a sliver of the Fury copy had attached itself to him. Albion then retrieved Roma's corpse from the Starlight Citadel and admitted that while he had dreamt of that day, it appeared the joke was on both Roma and himself, as she had died not from Albion's hand, denying him his vengeance. With Roma apparently dead and the Corps in disarray, Captain Britain suggested starting over but Omniversal Majestrix Saturnyne opted to start the new Corps under Albion's leadership instead of Captain Britain's. Saturnyne apologized to the surprised Captain Britain but Albion ultimately declined, informing Saturnyne of a prior commitment that he had to fulfill, as he had given his word. Saturnyne assured Albion that she would have him free of his commitment in no time and Albion stayed behind for Roma's memorial.

(X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes - Albion entry - BTS) - While Saturnyne worked to arrange Albion's release, Albion returned to Crossmoor Prison in an effort to keep his word.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Steven Cummings and Rick Ketcham.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes, Albion entry main image (Albion, main image)
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New Excalibur I#18, p6, pan4 (Bran Bardic, pre-transformation into Albion)
New Excalibur I#5, p14, splash page (Albion & Lionheart confronting Captain Britain & Courtney Ross)
New Excalibur I#18, front cover (Albion choking Captain Britain)
New Excalibur I#20, p13, pan2 (Albion flying)
New Excalibur I#22, p6, pan1 (Albion standing)
X-Men: Die by the Sword#4, front cover (Albion, waist-up image)
X-Men: Die by the Sword#5, p13, pan5 (Albion dodging)

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