(of Earth-1100)

Real Name: John Proudstar  

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-1100) mutant

Occupation: Adventurer;
formerly reality traveler, Horseman of Apocalypse, soldier

Group Membership: None;
Exiles (Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Morph/Kevin Sydney of Earth-1081, Mystiq/Raphael-Raven Darkholme of Earth-797, Cat Pryde of Earth-79596, Psylocke/Elizabeth Braddock of Earth-616, Rogue/Anna Raven of Earth-1009, Sabretooth/Victor Creed of Earth-295, Sage/Tessa of Earth-616), X-Men (James Proudstar, Prof. Charles Xavier, others), Apocalypse's Horsemen, the United States Army

Affiliations: Albion (Bran Bardic of Earth-70518), the Antelope Men of Earth-39102, Captain UK (Linda McQuillan of Earth-238), Excalibur of Earth-616 (Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, Dazzler/Alison Blaire, Nocturne/Talia Wagner of Earth-2182, Pete Wisdom), Justicer Bull (Cassandra Bull of Earth-23238), Longshot of Earth-616, Magnus (Magnus Lehnsherr of Earth-27), Marissa of Earth-616, Mimic (Calvin Rankin of Earth-12), the Older Generation, Saturnyne (Opal Luna Saturnyne of Earth-9), President Tony Stark of Earth-20318, Timebroker;
Earth-1815 natives: Bruce Banner, Luke Cage, Caliban, Carosella, Heather Douglas, Anthony Druid, Ben Grimm, Magneto ("Erik Lehnsherr"), Henry McCoy, Ororo Munroe, Namor, Peter Parker, Susan Storm, Scott Summers, Jen Walters;
Earth-5692 natives: The Banner-Beast (Bruce Banner), Frank Castle, Jean Grey, Ben Grimm, Sam Guthrie, Hercules, Erik Josten, Karl Lykos, Henry McCoy, Norman Osborn, Reed Richards, Shang-Chi, Guy Smith, Alex Summers, Valkyrie;
Earth-8649 natives: Araki, Lilandra, the Shi'ar Imperial Guard (Hussar, Manta, Oracle);
Earth-901237 natives: Alpha Flight (Aurora, Box, Diamond Lil, Guardian, Madison Jeffries, Jubilee, Marrina, Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman/John Proudstar, Snowbird, Wild Child, Windshear, Wolverine/Logan), James Hudson

Enemies: Apocalypse, Hulk of Earth-901237, the Fury of Earth-238, Mad Jim Jaspers (James Jaspers of Earth-616), Merlyn, Rouge-Mort of Earth-616, Weapon X (Deadpool/Wade Wilson of Earth-5021, Kane/Garrison Kane of Earth-3031), X-Babies of Earth-971023;
formerly Sabretooth (Victor Creed of Earth-295);
Earth-1815 natives: Forge, Operation: Zero Tolerance, X-Men (Chamber/Starsmore, Domino, Cain Marko, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Johnny Storm, Charles Xavier);
Earth-5692 natives: Galactus, Mammoth, Skrulls, Terrax the Terrible;
Earth-8649 natives: Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey), the X-Men (Angel/Warren, Beast, Colossus, Cyclops/Scott, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine)

Known Relatives: James (brother, deceased), unidentified father (deceased), unidentified mother, unidentified unborn child (deceased)

Aliases: "John-John," "Johnny," "Slick," T-Bird, War

Base of Operations: Earth-3470;
formerly the Panoptichron/Crystal Palace, Earth-1100

First Appearance: Exiles I#1 (August, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Originally, Thunderbird was a mutant with an unspecified degree of superhuman strength, enhanced reflexes and senses.

Following his transformation by Apocalypse, Thunderbird's superhuman strength and senses were increased dramatically, allowing him to battle superhumanly strong opponents such as the Hulk and withstand not only superhuman attacks but also gunfire at close proximity. His reflexes were lessened by Apocalypse's transformation and his sense of taste was completely removed in favor of increasing his sense of smell to add to Thunderbird's natural tracking abilities. In addition, Thunderbird no longer felt hunger and rarely required breathing, allowing him to survive comfortably underwater despite being too dense to be buoyant.

Thunderbird's body was also covered with retractable armored plating that normally felt like thick skin but could harder to a durability stronger than steel, increasing Thunderbird's durability to superhuman levels. Thunderbird could also activate a dinosaur-like "Battle Mode" with these plates, covering himself in spiky plates and even extending a plate-covered tail. In this mode, Thunderbird became filled with intense, destructive rage that sometimes proved difficult to overcome.

Height: 6'2"; (in "Battle Mode"): 7'0"
Weight: (originally): 230lbs.; (transformed): 1000 lbs.; (in "Battle Mode"): 1200 lbs.
Eyes: Blue; (in "Battle Mode"): No visible irises
Hair: Brown

History: (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - T-Bird entry - BTS/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 12 - Thunderbird (Earth-1100) entry - BTS) - John Proudstar was born on the Camp Verde, Arizona Apache reservation, a citizen of the United States' Apache Nation.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 12 - Thunderbird (Earth-1100) entry - BTS) - His brother James was born on the reservation some time later and John was raised by an alcoholic father full of self-loathing that he took out on John and James. Taking his father's abusive words to heart, John learned to hunt in an effort to find personal peace and a justification for his existence.

(Exiles I#10 (fb) - BTS) - John Proudstar became a soldier with the United States Army.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - T-Bird entry - BTS) - While in the Army, Proudstar received an education. He eventually left the Army.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)) - Shortly after, John Proudstar was hand-picked by Professor Xavier to join the second incarnation of his X-Men.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - T-Bird entry - BTS) - John accepted Xavier's offer on the condition that his brother James was also allowed to join the X-Men.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)) - John took the codename of Thunderbird.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - T-Bird entry - BTS) - Keeping his dual identity a secret, Thunderbird proved himself alongside his brother James, who tragically died battling Count Nefaria. Following James' death, John left the X-Men for some time.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)) - Having proved his strength and spirit time and time again, John was unaware he had drawn the attention of Apocalypse.

(Exiles I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Thinking Thunderbird would make a good Horseman of War, Apocalypse specifically decided on Thunderbird due to his remarkable resolve, passion and desire as well as Thunderbird's own self-hatred and guilt.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - T-Bird entry - BTS) - Months after leaving, Thunderbird returned to the X-Men as Apocalypse was attacking the team. Unleashing months of pent-up anger on Apocalypse, Thunderbird succeeded in rescuing the X-Men but was captured by Apocalypse as the villain retreated.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)) - Apocalypse transformed Thunderbird into one of his Horsemen.

(Exiles I#6 (fb) - BTS) - During Thunderbird's transformation, Apocalypse took away Thunderbird's sense of taste while increasing his sense of smell, giving him enhanced tracking skills. The transformation also took away Thunderbird's hunger or desire to eat.

(Exiles I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Thunderbird was officially dubbed Apocalypse's newest Horseman of War.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)) - His time serving Apocalypse proved short-lived, however, as his indomitable spirit and rage came through and he turned on Apocalypse, returning to the X-Men a changed man.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - T-Bird entry - BTS) - Thunderbird dealt Apocalypse a defeat as he left the villain's service.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)) - Continuing with the X-Men, Thunderbird sought to find personal peace and justification for his continued existence.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - T-Bird entry - BTS) - While still picking up the pieces of his broken life, Thunderbird began referring to himself as T-Bird, as he felt more like a car than a bird.

(Exiles I#63 (fb) - BTS) - A group of alien insectoids decided to fix a crack in the timestream they had inadvertently caused by recruiting others from the multiverse to travel the timestream and correct the problems for them, looking at various potential recruits including Thunderbird.

(Exiles I#1) - Thunderbird was transported from his bed to a beach-like setting, where Earth-295's Blink, Earth-1081's Morph and Earth-2182's Nocturne were discussing how they had all gotten there. Unsure where he was, Thunderbird was recognized by Nocturne, who thought he was her reality's James Proudstar. Explaining that he was John Proudstar, Thunderbird informed Nocturne that his reality's James was dead, confusing Nocturne while the others sent there seemed equally confused as each of their own recalled histories did not match up. Thunderbird soon noticed another portal opening and informed the others that they were not alone as Earth-12's Mimic emerged from the portal. When Earth-27's Magnus emerged from another portal, admitting that he was equally confused to be there, he recommended they all visit the supposed kitchen in the distance, prompting Blink to teleport Thunderbird and the others into the kitchen. Upon arrival, a being calling himself the Timebroker asked them all to take a seat and have a danish but Thunderbird immediately grabbed the Timebroker and demanded to know why the Timebroker had dragged them all there, prompting the Timebroker to suggest maybe they wouldn't have pastries after all. Convincing Thunderbird to put him down as he explained to the others the events were not part of some mind game, the Timebroker revealed that Thunderbird and the others were each from different realities and decided to show the assembled heroes a bit of history on each other via a video screen. The Timebroker then explained that Thunderbird and the others had become undone from time, going into an explanation on the trillions of alternate realities in the multiverse, and Thunderbird told Morph to shut up when Morph started joking about how the opposite sex version of himself was probably "hot." Claiming that a hiccup in the timestream had altered each of the assembled heroes' past, the Timebroker informed Thunderbird that his past had now been altered so that he never wrested himself from Apocalypse's control and, after informing the others of similar changes, the Timebroker revealed that they could each change events in their history back to normal by repairing the timestream breaks within different alternate realities. After the Timebroker gave Blink the Tallus, which would aid the heroes in repairing timestream breaks, he revealed that he was a construct created to help the heroes deal with their trauma and when Thunderbird asked about the trauma, the Timebroker claimed that each of the heroes were actually freaking out and didn't even know it. The Timebroker then departed and Thunderbird and the other heroes, now assembled as the reality-hopping Exiles, were transported to Earth-1815 and deposited thirty-three miles outside of Phoenix, Arizona. After Blink informed the Exiles that Tallus was instructing them to find "the one who would lead us," Nocturne suggested they get out of the desert, as she needed clothes, a suggestion Thunderbird seconded. While Blink, Magnus and Mimic broke into a mall store to access Earth-1815's internet in an effort to learn more about the reality, Nocturne and Thunderbird visited various stores to find new clothing. Shortly after Blink's Tallus informed her that Earth-1815 had allowed Operation: Zero Tolerance to either imprison or execute nearly all superhumans, Thunderbird and Nocturne returned, Thunderbird having secretly found a jacket in a "big gals" store and made Nocturne promise not to tell anyone in exchange for him not telling the other Exiles he had seen Nocturne naked. When the Tallus suggested the Exiles "find your greatest teacher," Nocturne, Magnus and Mimic all considered Charles Xavier their greatest teacher and they built a Cerebro device to find Earth-1815's Charles Xavier and Thunderbird and the other Exiles soon accompanied the Exiles to a Nevada holding facility where Xavier-1815 was being held. When the facility proved to have more security than the Exiles had prepared for, Thunderbird and Mimic provided a distraction while Magnus and Blink attempted to find Xavier. Once Magnus and Blink had freed Xavier, the others reported to each other using microtransmitters created by Magnus and Thunderbird suggested not giving Morph a microtransmitter if he was going to continue to be so chatty. Thunderbird then informed the other Exiles that he would make his way back up to the upper levels of the facility, explaining that he could escape on foot if they couldn't teleport but that he would end up having to hurt a lot more guards that way. Blink responded by teleporting in to retrieve Thunderbird and the other Exiles, regrouping outside the facility with Xavier. Unfortunately, when Xavier recovered, he psychically attacked Thunderbird and the other Exiles, claiming he already knew what he needed to know from their minds and that he would rather die than create a world where humans and mutants coexisted.

(Exiles I#2) - Thunderbird and the other Exiles recuperated following a disaster in which the freed Charles Xavier killed millions of people in Phoenix, Arizona with a mindblast. Determined to stop the escaped Xavier, the Exiles soon realized that the technology holding Xavier could only have been created by the mutant Forge in a world without a Reed Richards or Tony Stark and the Exiles confronted Forge, with Thunderbird providing threats to assure Forge's cooperation. When Forge proved non-forthcoming in providing information, Thunderbird threatened to crush Forge's artificial leg and hand into a metal ball and Forge reluctantly agreed to help the Exiles. After being equipped with power disrupters, Thunderbird, Mimic and Morph confronted Xavier's assembled X-Men at the New York Stock Exchange, where Thunderbird battled Cain Marko and admitted that he could relate to the torture the X-Men had suffered but asked Marko if he was any better than his torturers, given that Marko was murdering innocents. While Thunderbird, Mimic and Morph continued their battle against Xavier's X-Men with Mimic ultimately killing Xavier, Blink and Nocturne were sent to regroup with the other Exiles as Magnus freed several heroic prisoners including Magneto and sacrificed himself to stop an atomic bomb sent to the heroes' prison. Following Xavier's death and Magneto's freedom, Thunderbird asked the other Exiles what would happen now as Earth-2109's Sunfire appeared to take the deceased Magnus' place on the Exiles. Sunfire explained that their teleporting to the next reality would occur automatically and as if on cue, Thunderbird and the Exiles were teleported to Earth-8649 during the trial of the Phoenix.

(Exiles I#3) - Knowing that Earth-8649's Wolverine would soon sense the Exiles' presence, Mimic suggested spreading a particularly smelly root around the area to mask their scents and when Nocturne complained about the smell, Morph suggested they be thankful to enjoy such flora while in space, prompting Thunderbird to agree with Morph. When the Tallus informed Blink that the Exiles were sent to Earth-8649 to ensure Jean Grey's death as the Phoenix, Thunderbird questioned why they had to kill Jean and the other Exiles refused to kill Jean as well, prompting the Tallus to react, projecting visions of the outcome if the Exiles strayed too far from their Tallus-projected path. Deeply affected by the outcome of Dark Phoenix destroying entire galaxies and having experienced it in their minds, Thunderbird and the Exiles decided that they had no choice but to kill Jean Grey. Disguising themselves (with Thunderbird armoring up more than usual) as warriors from a distant quadrant of space that were seeking revenge on the Phoenix, the Exiles offered to assist the Shi'ar's Imperial Guard against the Phoenix.

(Exiles I#3/Exiles I#16 (fb)) - Provided quarters away from the X-Men, the Exiles each tried to pass the time in their own way, with Thunderbird stopping to smell a flower, only to accidentally break it.

(Exiles I#16 (fb)) - Nocturne witnessed Thunderbird smelling the flower and asked if he liked the flower, prompting Thunderbird to admit that he liked most flowers. Nocturne replied that Thunderbird didn't seem like the type to like flowers and Thunderbird likened himself to Ferdinand the Bull. Nocturne then asked if Ferdinand the Bull was scared to be in bullfights and Thunderbird reminded Nocturne that Ferdinand was not scared of fights, he just preferred to lay in the field and smell flowers. When Nocturne said that Thunderbird seemed to know a lot about Ferdinand the Bull, Thunderbird smiled and admitted that his mother had always been fond of the story, liking the idea of a docile beast since his mother was the only female in his immediately family. Nocturne then admitted that Thunderbird's family sounded like fun, prompting Thunderbird to agree, claiming it was like "The Great Santini," only with alcohol and hunting. Nocturne smiled at Thunderbird's joke and when Thunderbird asked what she was smiling at, Nocturne replied that smiling at someone who is being funny sometimes happened. Smiling back, Thunderbird remarked that he would have to watch out for that. Thunderbird then found a flower that smelled like bread and suggested Nocturne smell it.

(Exiles I#3) - Earth-8649's Wolverine soon noticed Mimic and while the two battled, Morph discussed Thunderbird with Sunfire, informing her on Thunderbird's "strong, silent type" and former status as Apocalypse's Horseman of War. A short time later, as Mimic's battle with Wolverine continued, Nocturne and Thunderbird walked together and Nocturne asked if Thunderbird was nervous. When Thunderbird referred to Nocturne as "Talia" instead of her nickname of T.J., Nocturne remarked on how weird it was that Thunderbird called her Talia as, in her reality, Thunderbird's brother James had called her that. Their conversation was interrupted when the two heard a loud noise coming from the observation deck. Rushing to see what it was, Thunderbird and Nocturne found Mimic sitting next to an unconscious Wolverine.

(Exiles I#4) - After Nocturne possessed Wolverine to fool the X-Men and keep Wolverine out of commission for the duration of the trial by combat, Thunderbird and the other Exiles checked in on Mimic, whose mimicked healing factor was healing the injuries suffered at Wolverine's hands. Blink then suggested the group go over their strategy for the trial and the next day, the Exiles intermingled themselves within the Imperial Guard and Blink had Thunderbird knock out the diplomatic representatives from the Kree and Skrull races. The Imperial Guard immediately questioned Thunderbird's actions and he feigned ignorance, claiming that he thought he was supposed to knock them out and that he would send a formal apology to both races before leading the Imperial Guard into the field. During the actual trial by combat, Thunderbird fiercely fought Earth-8649's Colossus, knowing that he served a higher purpose than simply beating up other heroes. When the X-Men began to lose, Thunderbird watched as Jean Grey unleashed the Phoenix, who killed Cyclops and Storm. As Morph and Thunderbird recovered from the blast unleashed by Phoenix, Mimic jumped into battle against Dark Phoenix, mimicking her Phoenix Force powers. A recovered Wolverine soon arrived as well and learned of the Exiles' mission, preparing to kill Jean as well after seeing Cyclops' body and Thunderbird and the other Exiles battling Dark Phoenix. After Blink teleported Wolverine and Angel, allowing them to kill Jean by impaling her on Wolverine's claws, Thunderbird was teleported away with the rest of the Exiles, their mission accomplished.

(Exiles I#5) - Thunderbird found himself transported to Earth-901237 alongside the other Exiles and when Mimic vomited, Morph cracked a joke, claiming the team needed to prepare for when it was Thunderbird's turn to vomit after a teleportation. As Morph continued making jokes, Thunderbird sensed a vibration in the ground that seemed to be getting closer. About the time that Thunderbird and Nocturne as well heard a whistling sound, Earth-901237's Hulk landed on the ground near the Exiles, tossing Thunderbird and the other Exiles around. Subsequently angering the Hulk by accident, the Exiles battled the Hulk to no avail and Thunderbird soon engaged Hulk himself in his armored form. Succeeding in hurting the Hulk, Thunderbird was knocked through several forest trees before the Hulk leapt away, wishing to be left alone. Blink and Nocturne quickly checked on Thunderbird, who was seeing double but otherwise fine, and the Exiles were soon met by Earth-901237's Alpha Flight. After Alpha Flight's Wolverine asked who they were, the Exiles introduced themselves to Alpha Flight and Thunderbird found that Alpha Flight's Shaman was the Earth-901237 counterpart of himself. Returning to Alpha Flight's headquarters, Thunderbird visited Shaman, who related the story of how he had left the X-Men to train with Alpha Flight's original Shaman, Michael Twoyoungmen. Admitting that those events never occurred in his reality, Thunderbird remarked that it may never but Shaman reminded Thunderbird that they were the same person and suspected that Thunderbird had thought himself a monster long before Apocalypse had transformed him. When Shaman commented that Thunderbird's transformation had merely taken him further off his path, Thunderbird questioned what his path really was and Shaman replied that it remained to be determined, noting that regardless of where Thunderbird's path took him, he was a hero. Thunderbird next joined the Exiles and other Alpha Flight recruits at a briefing in which they learned of Hulk's recent Canadian rampages and Alpha Flight's goal of bringing in the Hulk, unaware that the events were being witnessed by the reality-hopping Weapon X group.

(Exiles I#16 (fb)) - While Earth-901237's Alpha Flight and the Exiles monitored Canada for signs of the Hulk, Thunderbird relaxed and spoke with Nocturne, who told Thunderbird the story of how her reality's Wolverine opposed her going to a public high school and how she might as well had volunteered to carry Brood eggs in her butt. Thunderbird remarked on her comment, claiming she had been hanging out with Morph too long and prompting Nocturne to inform Thunderbird that Morph thought Thunderbird hated him. Smiling, Thunderbird claimed he did hate Morph but when Nocturne admitted Morph was funny, Thunderbird admitted that he actually didn't hate Morph but rather, envied him for his free spirit.

(Exiles I#6) - As the Exiles and Alpha Flight each prepared for their search for the Hulk, Thunderbird and Shaman traveled to the edge of a cliff, where Shaman asked Thunderbird about the view. When Thunderbird appeared cynical, Shaman remarked that the view was breathtaking, prompting Thunderbird to ask if Shaman had brought him there to commune with nature and get Thunderbird to tap into his spiritual side. Shaman replied that he was merely hoping to have lunch and offered Thunderbird a tuna sandwich. As Thunderbird lied about the sandwich tasting good, Shaman reminded Thunderbird that he need not lie but Thunderbird then admitted that he had no sense of taste. Admitting that his transformation had cost his sense of taste in favor of enhancing his sense of smell, Thunderbird remarked that perhaps Apocalypse did not think a creature of death needed to taste his food but further commented that he enjoyed smelling things. Shaman followed up by asking if Thunderbird felt like a creature of death and when Thunderbird replied "sure," Shaman asked about the markings on Thunderbird's body. Thunderbird explained that while the markings resembled thick layers of skin, they were actually retractable armored plates that could become harder than steel when he activated his "Battle Mode." Intrigued, Shaman asked if he could see Thunderbird with the plates retracted and Thunderbird agreed, retracting his plates to reveal mechanical-like circuitry beneath the plates. Quietly remarking that this was him now, Thunderbird was reminded by Shaman that his body was now who he was but rather, what had been done to him. Surprisingly, their conversation was then interrupted by the Hulk, who had been silently watching and was curious if scientists had transformed Thunderbird into that form. Thunderbird told Hulk that a monster had turned him into a monster and Shaman began bonding with the Hulk, promising to help Hulk rest without soldiers or scientists hounding him. Unaware that the reality-hopping Weapon X was observing the events, Thunderbird watched as Hulk was blasted in the head by an energy weapon (not knowing that it was fired by Weapon X's Deadpool) and when the angered Hulk subsequently rampaged, Thunderbird armored back up and punched Hulk, exclaiming to Shaman that it was too late for a peaceful resolution and suggesting Shaman summon the others. While Alpha Flight and the Exiles gathered their forces, Thunderbird continued battling Hulk, who exclaimed how he thought Thunderbird was like him. As the battle progressed, Hulk began to gain an upper hand until Thunderbird activated his "Battle Mode" and transformed further, eventually knocking the Hulk unconscious. Shaman quickly tried to calm Thunderbird, remarking that Hulk was not getting up, but, fueled by his own rage, Thunderbird nearly attacked Shaman until Shaman succeeded in calming Thunderbird, who transformed back to his normal state and thanked Shaman for calming him. Following the Hulk's defeat and Thunderbird's return to Alpha Flight's headquarters, Thunderbird admitted to Shaman that he had overall enjoyed being on Earth-901237, especially meeting with his own counterpart. Shaman agreed, reminding Thunderbird that, despite his psychotic episode in "Battle Mode," he had succeeded in knocking out the Hulk. Thunderbird responded by joking that he didn't even brag about it like Susan Richards was known to and the two laughed, remarking that Susan had lame powers.

(Exiles I#16 (fb)) - Looking at the captured Hulk, Nocturne proclaimed Thunderbird a rock star for taking down the Hulk but Thunderbird explained that the Hulk was in a weakened state due to his separation from Bruce Banner. Nocturne replied by telling Thunderbird not to ruin it and proclaiming that no one was mightier than Thunderbird before asking Thunderbird what it was like to meet another version of himself in Earth-901237's Shaman. Thunderbird admitted that he saw Shaman more as the man he could never become and that it was hard meeting him but smiled at the thought of how Shaman reminded him of his deceased brother James. Thunderbird then asked Nocturne how well she knew her reality's James Proudstar and when Nocturne revealed that her reality's James was her boyfriend, prompting a brief silence from Thunderbird before he asked Nocturne how her reality's James was. When Nocturne explained that her reality's James was a lot like Thunderbird and that he was extremely stubborn, Thunderbird asked if Nocturne missed him and Nocturne followed up by asking if Thunderbird missed his James. Thunderbird admitted that he did and that his reality's James was also stubborn, prompting Nocturne to kiss him. Surprised, Thunderbird asked what the kiss was for and Nocturne smiled, claiming the kiss for herself and that maybe the next time, it would be for him.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - T-Bird entry - BTS) - Thunderbird and Nocturne began a relationship that would soon blossom into love.

(Exiles I#7) - Thunderbird and the other Exiles arrived on Earth-6955, where they had Morph disguise himself as a woman and check them all into the Marvel Inn for some rest and relaxation. Quickly going to bed in his hotel room, Thunderbird dreamed of being human again and doing normal things like swimming, grocery shopping and eating ice cream.

(Exiles I#16 (fb)) - During an Exiles' mission to Earth-2318, Thunderbird suggested Nocturne not kiss him again and when Nocturne asked why, Thunderbird claimed that they couldn't do that with their lives constantly so unpredictable. Nocturne argued that Blink and Mimic were a couple and they led the team but Thunderbird accused Blink and Mimic of being immature and stupid, and suggested that their time as Exiles were not a good time to get bound up in emotional entanglements. Continued to explain himself, Thunderbird announced that at any moment, their mission could be completed and they would be whisked back to their home realities or they could even be killed in action. Exclaiming that he refused to allow himself to seek distractions from his mission, Thunderbird was asked by Nocturne if she was a distraction, prompting Thunderbird to try to explain that he didn't mean it that way. Nocturne angrily ran off, exclaiming that Thunderbird had made himself perfectly clear and yelled for Thunderbird to stop calling her Talia.

(Exiles I#8) - Thunderbird and the Exiles continued their mission into other realities, including Earth-20318, where Thunderbird and the others acted as secret service agents for President Tony Stark.

(Exiles I#16 (fb)) - While the still-angry Nocturne was taking off her secret service suit, Thunderbird confronted Nocturne and admitted he had earlier been unfair to Blink and Mimic by calling them stupid for getting into a relationship. Explaining that he didn't really know what sort of relationship Blink and Mimic had, Thunderbird revealed that he did not want any potential relationship with Nocturne to be transient. He then admitted that it was hard enough being transformed while also being an Exile and that all of that brought so much uncertainty. Becoming emotional, Thunderbird sadly looked at Nocturne and asked what she wanted with him anyway, feeling as if he were a monster. Announcing that he was barely a human being, Thunderbird proclaimed Nocturne to be beautiful and free, remarking that if she were in her home reality, she wouldn't have to settle for an half ton cyborg executioner. Commenting that Nocturne could be with her reality's James or anyone else, Thunderbird whispered that Nocturne deserved better than something like him but Nocturne kissed him, assuring Thunderbird that she was lucky to have found him and did not want anyone else.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Nocturne entry - BTS) - After having finally admitted their feelings for one another, Nocturne and Thunderbird became lovers.

(Exiles I#8) - Thunderbird and the Exiles failed to prevent the assassination of President Tony Stark and were later transported to Earth-971023, a reality dominated by X-Babies. Thunderbird and the Exiles also spent a week on Earth-39102 with the Antelope Men. Following a string of reality-jumping, the Tallus gave Thunderbird and the others a brief respite before giving the entire week off in Earth-9212, where their only mission was to stop a bank robbery, which they did within an hour of arriving.

(Exiles I#11 (fb)) - After spending the five minutes defeating the bank robbers, Thunderbird and the other Exiles tried to decide what to do with the week's vacation they had. When they decided to go to the beach, with some members wishing to go nude, Thunderbird and Nocturne watched as Sunfire reluctantly talked the immature-acting Morph into accompanying her away from the beach while the others relaxed. At first not sure if Morph would accept the invitation, Thunderbird and Nocturne watched with heads laid low in sadness but they ultimately high-fived when Morph agreed to go. While Sunfire kept Morph busy, Thunderbird went swimming at a private beach with the other Exiles as Nocturne and Blink discussed how Nocturne seemed to be getting close to Thunderbird.

(Exiles I#8) - Eventually, Thunderbird and the other Exiles were sent to Earth-5692, an Earth dominated by alien Skrulls, and the team was overpowered and most were placed into the Skrulls' gladiatorial games. His survival instincts taking over, Thunderbird remained imprisoned, only released to fight in the Games, for over a month. As the escaped Blink and Morph worked on a way to free their teammates, Thunderbird was forced to fight Earth-5692's Carosella but Thunderbird disappointed spectators by refusing to transform into his "Battle Mode," causing him to take several punches and have his rations halved for a week. When the warning light was shown to indicate the impending end of the fight, Thunderbird armored up and punched Carosella so hard that his body broke part of the gladiator fencing. With Carosella down, the Skrulls announced that Thunderbird would return in two days to battle Mammoth, whom Thunderbird had apparently developed a rivalry with. Led back to his cell after the fight, Thunderbird passed Mimic, who remarked on the Skrulls' announcement that the gladiatorial champion was Banner Beast, whose Earth-901237 counterpart Thunderbird had taken down in an earlier Exiles mission, but Thunderbird replied for Mimic to shove it.

(Exiles I#16 (fb)) - While in captivity, Nocturne informed Thunderbird that she was pregnant and admitted that he couldn't think of a worse time for it to happen. Nocturne agreed but Thunderbird soon began smiling and when Nocturne asked why, Thunderbird revealed that he couldn't help it that he was happy she was carrying their baby. Nocturne then asked what they were going to do and Thunderbird reminded Nocturne that they would fight to stay alive and together so that someday, he could read the baby the story of Ferdinand, the big beast who liked to smell flowers. Nocturne then accused Thunderbird of being sappy and he admitted he was before the two embraced and Thunderbird admitted his hopes that Nocturne would have a boy.

(Exiles I#9) - After meeting Earth-5629's Reed Richards, who remarked on what a grueling ordeal it must be to not know how many realities the Exiles had to fix before returning home, Morph joked that Reed had not had to bunk with Thunderbird after a full meal. When the herald Terrax appeared on Earth-5629 to lure Galactus, the Skrulls fled Earth, freeing Thunderbird and the other captive gladiators in the process. Thunderbird and the other gladiators immediately engaged Terrax, soon defeating him. Thunderbird then regrouped with the Exiles while the greatest minds of Earth-5629 gathered to find a way to stop the impending Galactus. While the heroes worked, Thunderbird and the Exiles discussed how to accomplish their mission of saving Earth from Galactus, with Thunderbird reminding the others that the heroes had battled Terrax without a plan, assuring them that the fight with Galactus would be different.

(Exiles I#10) - As Galactus approached Earth-5629, Blink met with Thunderbird and the other Exiles and warned them to be prepared for anything, suggesting they try each of the available options. Upon hearing that they might end up dying along with Earth-5629, Thunderbird suggested Nocturne remain behind, feeling as if she would not be safe in battle, but Nocturne argued that she was the best pilot and was needed to fly Skrull ships. When Mimic and Blink both asked if Nocturne was okay, Thunderbird and Nocturne looked at each silently before Thunderbird revealed that Nocturne was pregnant. A surprised Mimic asked who the father was and Thunderbird revealed that he was the father, prompting a joke from Morph about no longer being curious if everything worked on the transformed Thunderbird. Blink asked again if Nocturne would be okay but Thunderbird refused to allow Nocturne to go into battle, worried for her safety. Mimic argued that Nocturne would be no safer on the ground than in the air and when Nocturne promised she would be careful, Thunderbird argued that Nocturne was never careful. As Thunderbird and Nocturne embraced in a bittersweet moment, Sunfire admitted that times like this were supposed to be happy moments. A short time later, as the Exiles and the freed heroes engaged Galactus, Thunderbird witnessed Galactus hurl the Banner-Beast away before he could plant an antimatter bomb on Galactus. Knowing what he had to do, Thunderbird grabbed the antimatter bomb and transformed into full "battle mode" before leaping onto Galactus with the bomb. Thinking of the sacrifices made by his father, brother James and even his entire Native American race, Thunderbird allowed his humanity to slip away as he pummeled at Galactus' armor, soon piercing it and dropping the antimatter bomb inside. Intensely pained from the bomb, Galactus fled from Earth and the mortally wounded Thunderbird was flung from Galactus' body to the ground below. Taken back to the Earth-5629 heroes' headquarters, Thunderbird remained in critical condition and the other Exiles refused to denounce him as dead. Sunfire soon emerged from Thunderbird's room and explained to Nocturne that Thunderbird's natural healing abilities were starting to heal the wounds but they were not able to pick up any brainwave patterns, further remarking that at best, Thunderbird was in a deep coma and at worst, he could be brain dead. Nocturne replied that they would wait to see if Thunderbird came out of his coma, figuring they couldn't leave that reality with Thunderbird still alive, but Blink sadly informed Nocturne that the Tallus was going to force the Exiles to leave Earth-5629 without Thunderbird. A portal soon opened and the Exiles' newest member, Sasquatch of Earth-3470, emerged and informed the Exiles that the Timebroker said it was time for them to move on despite Nocturne's insistence that she stay with Thunderbird.

(Exiles I#10/Exiles I#16 (fb)) - As the comatose Thunderbird laid there unmoving, the Exiles (including Nocturne) were teleported away from Earth-5692.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Nocturne entry - BTS) - The devastation and despair of losing Thunderbird caused Nocturne to become withdrawn.

(Exiles I#16 (fb) - BTS) - The emotionally withdrawn Nocturne decided to terminate her pregnancy early on, unable to face raising their child without Thunderbird.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Thunderbird entry - BTS) - The comatose Thunderbird remained unaware that Nocturne had lost the baby.

(Exiles I#16 - BTS) - Thinking about of all her time with Thunderbird, Nocturne laid back in her bed and apologized, feeling that she was unable to fight without him.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Nocturne entry - BTS) - Nocturne eventually came to terms with losing both Thunderbird and her only physical link to him.

(Exiles I#45 - BTS) - The Timebroker reappeared to the Exiles and admitted that recent events had negatively affected his sanity as a representation of the universal subconscious, thinking back to Thunderbird and other recently-lost Exiles and Weapon X members.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Exiles entry - BTS) - The brain dead Thunderbird was presumed deceased.

(Exiles I#62 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the comatose Thunderbird was taken from Earth-5692 and taken the Timebreakers' Crystal Palace, where he placed in suspended animation within its walls.

(Exiles I#62) - When the Exiles, alongside Earth-295's Sabretooth and Holocaust, arrived in the Crystal Palace to find the Timebroker, they found the walls housing the various deceased or incapacitated Exiles and Weapon X members, including Thunderbird. Morph was the first to spot Thunderbird and asked Blink if it could be the Thunderbird who had been an Exile, prompting Blink to respond that it had to be, as their Thunderbird had been bandaged in the exact same way when they left him on Earth-5692.

(Exiles I#63) - After Earth-4023's Hyperion was revealed to be pulling the strings of the alien Timebreakers, one of the Timebreakers sent another to retrieve someone who could stop Hyperion from their suspended animation walls and the worker Timebreaker passed Thunderbird and others before freeing Earth-616's Beak.

(Exiles I#66) - Thunderbird remained in stasis within the Crystal Palace's walls as the Exiles placed their teammate Mimic in stasis to keep his injured condition from worsening. Later, as the Exiles argued over what to do to help Mimic, an injured Morph argued that they would do whatever they could to help Mimic and Thunderbird and anyone else in the stasis wall that Morph considered an abomination.

(Exiles I#78 - BTS) - During a trial of the Exiles on Earth-712, Earth-3470's Heather Hudson used the Tallus artifact to project the good accomplishments the Exiles had done into the minds of Earth-712's Squadron Supreme, including Thunderbird's sacrifice against Earth-5692's Galactus.

(Exiles I#83) - As the Exiles were sending former Exiles and Weapon X members from the Crystal Palace's stasis wall to their home realities to either return to their lives or for a proper burial, Morph and Earth-6375's Spider-Man 2099 came across Thunderbird in the stasis wall and Spider-Man 2099 asked what Thunderbird's deal was. Morph explained that Thunderbird was a founding Exile and that once they had cleared more of the former members out of the stasis wall, they planned to defrost Thunderbird and patch him back up on their own.

(Exiles I#89 (fb) - BTS) - While Thunderbird was still in the Crystal Palace's stasis wall, Earth-3470's Heather Hudson detected alphawaves in Thunderbird's frontal cortex.

(Exiles I#89) - Thunderbird remained in the Crystal Palace's stasis wall as the Exiles rushed Blink to the Palace's infirmary following her injury during a mission. As the Exiles passed Thunderbird, one of them remarked that they would be lucky if Blink did not wind up in the stasis well next to Thunderbird. Spider-Man 2099 replied that he would rather be six feet under than brain-dead in purgatory but Spider-Man 2099 was quickly reminded that Heather Hudson had recently detected alphawaves in Thunderbird's frontal cortex, suggesting that Thunderbird was dreaming while in stasis. Unaware of what was going on around him, the comatose Thunderbird dreamed of battling a three-headed Apocalypse to protect a pregnant Nocturne. As Exiles Heather Hudson and Spider-Man 2099 passed Thunderbird, Thunderbird was still dreaming of his battle against Apocalypse, who was claiming to have killed all of Thunderbird's friends. Within Thunderbird's dreams, Thunderbird refused to give up or believe that Apocalypse had killed his friends and, as if on cue, his former Exiles teammates appeared to save Thunderbird and Nocturne. Confronting Apocalypse, Thunderbird denounced him and the dream Apocalypse faded as Thunderbird came to terms with what Apocalypse had done to him. At that point in Thunderbird's dream, Nocturne's water broke and Thunderbird thought how they'd never be able to find a doctor in time. As the real Exiles completed a three week series of missions, Thunderbird, still comatose in stasis, smiled.

(Exiles I#97 (fb) - BTS) - Having recovered in stasis, Thunderbird was somehow freed from the Crystal Palace's stasis wall.

(Exiles I#97) - When Earth-187319 soldiers invaded the Crystal Palace using a prototype Tallus taken from the designs of Sabretooth-295's Tallus, the newly-freed Thunderbird knocked one of the soldiers out. Confused as to where exactly he was and where the Exiles were, Thunderbird thought to himself how the knocked-out soldier was wielding a gun and how he first needed to determine the lay of the land, then find the Exiles, Nocturne included.

(Exiles I#98) - As the Earth-187319 soldiers were taking Earth-616's Psylocke and Earth-79596's Cat Pryde hostage, they all turned in shock as Thunderbird made his presence known by attacking them. Battling several soldiers at once and wondering how long he had been out since he seemed off his game, Thunderbird was nearly hit by a gunshot but the freed Psylocke generated a telekinetic shield to protect Thunderbird. Following the soldiers' defeat, Thunderbird introduced himself to Psylocke and Cat Pryde, unaware that his actions against the soldiers were witnessed by Earth-187319's Victor von Doom. Thunderbird, Cat and Psylocke soon witnessed Earth-187319 disappear from existence and Psylocke confirmed that the Exiles present on Earth-187319 seemed to have been dispersed to various realities across the multiverse.

(Exiles I#99) - Thunderbird quickly asked where the other Exiles had vanished to and Psylocke suggested they get started finding their teammates. Assisting Cat Pryde, Thunderbird admitted that he was never very good at computers even when his fingers fit the keyboard but Cat expressed her fondness for computers, as she was able to fix them unlike people. Cat immediately apologized, claiming she sometimes blurted out things when nervous, but Thunderbird assured Cat that if she ever needed to talk, he would be happy to listen. Cat replied by asking Thunderbird not to be her friend, as she always seemed to get her friends killed. A short time later, Thunderbird stood with Cat and Psylocke as they managed to get the multiversal computer system of the Crystal Palace back up to a semblance of working order. Thunderbird then remained with Cat Pryde as Psylocke ventured out into the multiverse to retrieve the missing Exiles except for Longshot.

(X-Men: Die by the Sword#1) - After learning that Longshot was in Psylocke's home reality of Earth-616, Thunderbird accompanied Psylocke to a party at the Empress Matilda Docks-Rotherhithe building, headquarters to that reality's Excalibur team. Once there, Psylocke reunited with her brother Brian (that reality's Captain Britain) and she introduced Brian to Thunderbird, whom Brian thought to be dead. Psylocke then explained that this Thunderbird was from an alternate dimension and that she had been drafted into the reality-hopping Exiles. As Psylocke and Brian caught up, Nocturne, now a member of Earth-616's Excalibur, caught sight of Thunderbird and immediately rushed over to embrace him, admitting that she had thought him dead. Suggesting Nocturne not trust her eyes, Thunderbird asked for a hug but Nocturne passionately kissed Thunderbird instead. The two then walked around the party catching up, with Nocturne revealing to Thunderbird how she had recently had a stroke that had left her with memory holes, reduced reading ability and a weak arm and leg. When Nocturne briefly struggled to find the right word during the conversation, she began to cry but Thunderbird calmed her, suggesting she take it easy. Nocturne replied by saying it was easy for Thunderbird to say, as he was only functionally dead, prompting a smile from Thunderbird, who assured Nocturne that what really mattered is that they were alive and together. Thunderbird and Nocturne then continued to enjoy the party until Brian Braddock stumbled into the party, gravely wounded by the villainous Rouge-Mort.

(X-Men: Die by the Sword#2) - When Rouge-Mort defeated Psylocke and Excalibur's Sage joined in the fight, Thunderbird had Nocturne get the civilians to safety while he joined the fight as well. While Sage engaged Rouge-Mort personally, Thunderbird took down several of Rouge-Mort's guards but when Sage pulled a gun on Rouge-Mort, she grabbed the gun away and fired on Thunderbird. Nocturne quickly jumped in and attempted to possess Rouge-Mort to no avail in an effort to avenge Thunderbird but an unharmed Thunderbird reminded Nocturne that she knew he had survived worse before. Asking Nocturne to leave the villains to himself and the others for her own safety, Thunderbird was soon teleported back to the Crystal Palace with the other Exiles to attend to Brian Braddock's wounds. Back at the Crystal Palace, Thunderbird watched as Sabretooth summoned the other Exiles for Brian's medical emergency and rushed Brian to the infirmary. Thunderbird then mingled with the other Exiles and Excalibur members until Dazzler, in a fit of emotional pain from learning her husband Longshot did not remember her, teleported away in a flash of light that caused Thunderbird and the others to cover their eyes.

(X-Men: Die by the Sword#3) - After learning that Earth-616's Mad Jim Jaspers was attacking the Starlight Citadel outside of normal space-time, Thunderbird and both the Exiles and Excalibur mounted an attack on Jaspers, with Thunderbird pounding Jaspers into the ground alongside Sabretooth-295 and a shapeshifted Morph.

(X-Men: Die by the Sword#4) - Thunderbird, Morph and Sabretooth (aided by Blink) continued brutally battling Mad Jim Jaspers, who punched Thunderbird into the air, knocking him unconscious as the others continued to attack. After Earth-70518's Albion joined in the attack on Jaspers, Thunderbird regained consciousness as the other Exiles stood back and watched the fight, knowing that nothing they had tried had any effect. Eventually, Jaspers uncontrollably transformed into the destructive Fury of Earth-238 and Albion regrouped with Thunderbird and the others, preparing for further attack.

(X-Men: Die by the Sword#5) - Earth-616's Captain Britain joined the fight against the Mad Jim Jaspers/Fury hybrid while Thunderbird, Albion and the Exiles watched. Eventually, Blink came up with a plan and asked that they all trust her and before she left to accomplish her plan, she hugged Thunderbird and the others, prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if needed. After using her full quill of teleportational energy lances, Blink returned to Thunderbird and the others, having teleported various parts of the Fury so far apart from one another that it could supposedly not reform itself. Thunderbird then followed the other Exiles, Albion and Captain Britain in confronting the extradimensional Merlyn, who had allied with Mad Jim Jaspers to engineer the recent events involving Jaspers and the Fury. Before anyone could attack Merlyn, however, he teleported away, leaving Thunderbird and the others to find their missing teammates. Once regrouped with the missing Exiles, Thunderbird witnessed Albion carry the corpse of Merlyn's daughter Roma from the ruins of her Starlight Citadel and the restarting of the Corps group under Albion's leadership. Thunderbird then gathered with other heroes for Roma's memorial, where Psylocke revealed to Captain Britain that she was staying with the Exiles instead of returning to Earth-616.

(Exiles I#100) - The Exiles relaxed on a beach within the Crystal Palace, where Blink thought back on Thunderbird and all of the Exiles who have come and gone during her time with the group. Her reminiscing was interrupted by Thunderbird being thrown onto the ground as he sparred with Nocturne. Picking himself back up, Thunderbird lunged at Nocturne, who dodged his attack and kicked Thunderbird in the face before landing on her stroke-affected bad right leg. Checking on Nocturne, Thunderbird learned that she was angry that her leg folded up on her and Thunderbird suggested that if she planned on continuing heroics, she should lead with her good left leg while continuing to build up her right. Their discussion was interrupted when Morph arrived to inform the Exiles that Mystiq had finished preparing their lunch, prompting Thunderbird and Nocturne to venture off towards the cookout area. Thunderbird and the others then enjoyed Mystiq's computer-generated food until the sun set and they all enjoyed looking at the night sky. When the Crystal Palace's computer began having problems getting a lock on Cat Pryde, Earth-1009's Rogue and the newest exile Sage, the other Exiles ventured out to find them, with Thunderbird and Nocturne finding Sage confronting her own personal demons. Confronting her, Thunderbird was flipped over by Sage, who mistook Thunderbird as some sort of monster. Nocturne responded by fighting back but her leg gave out again and Thunderbird rushed to her side as Sage continued thinking they were both monsters. Blink eventually arrived to rescue Thunderbird and Nocturne, stopping Sage by hitting her in the chest with two of her energy lances. Later, Thunderbird and Nocturne met with Blink and revealed their decision to leave the Exiles to focus on Nocturne's continued recovery from her stroke and their own lives together. Blink agreed that they both deserved a happy ending after what all they had been through. Blink then led Thunderbird and Nocturne out to the other Exiles and announced the two's sabbatical from the team and decision to retire to Earth-3470. Blink then announced her own plans to join Thunderbird and Nocturne on Earth-3470. After saying their goodbyes, all three teleported out of the Crystal Palace.

(Exiles III#1 - BTS) - When an alternate reality Nick Fury retrieved the Tallus artifact and brought it to Earth-616's Unseen, the Tallus immediately activated and began searching for a new wielder, a champion to save reality, displaying images of several possibilities including Thunderbird and Nocturne as well as others associated with previous Exiles leader Blink.

Comments: Created by Judd Winick, Mike McKone and Mark McKenna.

Thunderbird (Earth-1100) has profiles in the Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 & Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 12.

Thunderbird's height and weight were listed differently in his profiles in the Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men & Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 12. Since the Marvel Encyclopedia's stats were higher, I chose to list them as the height and weight when he was in his "Battle Mode," covered in armored plates.

There is conflicting information regarding the death of Thunderbird and Nocturne's child. The Nocturne entry in the Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men states that Nocturne lost the baby due to the emotional devastation she suffered from losing Thunderbird but Thunderbird's entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 12 states that Nocturne had the baby aborted, which somewhat reflects Nocturne's apologetic comments in Exiles I#16.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-1100's Thunderbird has no known connections to:

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Exiles I#3, p9, pan3 (Thunderbird, armored up to fool the Shi'ar)
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Exiles I#6, p8, pan5 (Thunderbird with plates retracted)
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Exiles I#10, p17, pan3 (Thunderbird's full "battle mode")
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