(of Earth-12)

Real Name: Calvin Montgomery Rankin

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-12) human mutant

Occupation: Adventurer, reality traveler;
    former entrepreneur, writer, petty thief

Group Membership: Exiles (Beak/Barnell Bohusk of Earth-616, Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Holocaust of Earth-295, Magik/Illyana Rasputin of Earth-4210, Magnus of Earth-27, Morph/Kevin Sydney of Earth-1081, Namora of Earth-2189, Nocturne/Talia Wagner of Earth-2182, Sabretooth/Victor Creed of Earth-295, Sasquatch/Heather Hudson of Earth-3470, Sunfire/Mariko Yashida of Earth-2109, Thunderbird/John Proudstar of Earth-1100);
    formerly X-Men (Angel, Beast, Bishop, Colossus, Cyclops, Gambit, Iceman, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Professor X, Shadowcat, Storm, Wolverine/Logan), Defenders, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Blob, Magneto, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad)

Affiliations: The Antelope Men of Earth-39102, the Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, She-Hulk), Dr. Curtis Connors of Earth-21117, Doctor Doom of Earth-1016, Exiles, the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing), Hyperion of Earth-712, Hyperion of Earth-5764, the Imperial Guard of reality-8649 (Hussar, Manta, Oracle, others), Longshot, Moira MacTaggert of Earth-58163, Magneto (Erik Magnus Lehnsherr of Earth-1815), Namor, Sabretooth (Victor Creed of Earth-295), Pres. Tony Stark of Earth-20318, Dr. Stephen Strange of Earth-59661, the Timebroker, the X-Men, X-Men of reality-8649 (Angel/Warren Worthington, Beast, Colossus, Cyclops/Scott, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine/Logan);
Earth-312 natives: Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm;
Earth-616 natives:
Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Sue Richards, Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Annie Ghazikhanian, Carter Ghazikhanian, Nicholas Gleason, Namor the Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie), X-Men (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Havok/Alex Summers, Husk/Paige Guthrie, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Juggernaut/Cain Marko, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Wolverine/James Howlett);
Earth-4162 natives: Kirk Brasington, Fantastic Four (Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Susan Richards, Johnny Storm);
Earth-5692 natives: Ares, the Banner Beast (Bruce Banner), Beastling (Henry McCoy), Emil Blonsky, the Captain, Frank Castle, Isaac Christians, Dragon Man, Angelo Espinosa, Jean Grey, Ben Grimm, Sam Guthrie, Hercules, Erik Josten, Eugene Judd, Karl Lykos, Marrow, Ororo Munroe, Norman Osborn, Peter Parker, Piotr Rasputin, Reed Richards, Arkady Rossovich, Shang-Chi, Guy Smith, Johnny Storm, Alex Summers, Scott Summers, Valkyrie;
Earth-8545 natives: Asgardians (Balder, Hogun, Odin, Sif, Thor, Volstagg),
the Avengers of Earth-8545 (Beast, Blob, Daredevil, Doctor Octopus, Frog, Emma Frost, Havok, Icegirl, Leech, Power Fist, Dr. Henry Pym, Rhino, Spider-Woman/Mary Jane Watson, Rachel Summers);
Earth-37072 natives: Black Queen (Selene), Kulan Gath, Magik/Illyana, Spider-Man;
Earth-50358 natives: Awesome Android, Leader, Mad Thinker;

Earth-901237 natives: Alpha Flight (Guardian, Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman/John Proudstar, Wolverine), Aurora, Box, Diamond Lil, Dr. Heather Hudson, James Hudson, Madison Jeffries, Jubilee, Marrina, Smart Alec, Snowbird, Wildchild, Windshear;
    formerly Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, David Richards of Earth-2600

Enemies: The Brood of reality-2932, Callisto of Earth-2030, Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey of reality-8649), Dominant Species of Earth-616, Galactus, Havok (Alex Summers of Earth-1298), Hulk of Earth-901237 (Bruce Banner), Hyperion of Earth-4023, Juggernaut of Earth-957145, Mojo, Sentinels of Earth-2600, Spiral (Rita Wayword of Earth-616), Tanaraq of Earth-3470, Vi-Locks of Earth-8545 (Abomination, Absorbing Man, Aurora, Bullseye, Captain America, Captain Britain, Falcon, Forge, Hulk/Banner, Human Torch, Juggernaut, Northstar, Rogue, Sauron, Scorpion, Spider-Man, Thing, others), Weapon X (Deadpool of Earth-5021, Hulk/Jen Walters of Earth-1029, Iron Man/Tony Stark of Earth-2020, Ms. Marvel of Earth-4732, Spider/Peter Parker of Earth-15, Storm/Ororo Munroe of Earth-23895, Vision of Earth-10101), X-Babies of Earth-971023, X-Men of Earth-295 (Gambit, Magneto/Erik Lehnsherr, Quicksilver, Sunfire), X-Men of Earth-1815 (Chamber/Starsmore, Domino, Jessica Drew, Cain Marko, Johnny Storm, Charles Xavier);
Earth-1016 natives: Doombots, Namor;
Earth-2600 natives: David Richards, Smokey;
Earth-3931 natives: Avengers (Captain America, Falcon, Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Polaris, Wasp),
Union Jack (Kenneth Crichton of Earth-3931);
Earth-4162 natives:
Anti-Bodies, Avengers (Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Janet Van Dyne, one other), Doctor Doom, Ego the Living Planet;
Earth-5423 natives: A.I.M. (Modok, others), Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Avalanche/Dominic, Big M/Calvin Rankin, Blob/Fred J. Dukes, Mystique, Pyro), Vault Guardsmen;
Earth-5692 natives: Galactus, Skrulls, Terrax the Tamer;
Earth-15731 natives (while possessed by Mutant X/Proteus):
DP7 (Antibody, Blur/Jeff, Friction, Mastodon/Landers, Randy O'Brien, Scuzz, Twilight, Viva/Stephanie), Justice (John Tensen);
Earth-37072 natives: Captain America, Daredevil, Scarlet Witch, Storm;
Earth-58163 natives: Mutant X/Proteus (Kevin MacTaggert), Sentinels;
Earth-989192 natives: Moses Magnum, Namorita;
X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Professor X)

Known Relatives: Unidentified father (deceased)

Aliases: "Bub," "Cal," "Chuckles the Power Chameleon," "Interloping Scum," "Mimic-Man," "Pal," "Short Stuff," Sir Calvin, "Sweetie"

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Multiverse;
    formerly the X-Men's mansion; Fort Terahawk prison, San Antonio, Texas, USA

First Appearance: Exiles I#1 (August, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Mimic possessed the ability to copy the powers, abilities and even occasionally the appearances of any superhumans in his vicinity, albeit at half the strength of the original superhuman's powers. This ability allows his entire physical and genetic structure to be altered to match that of the superhuman he was mimicking, such as the enlarged hands and feet of the Beast, the wings of Angel, the bone claws of Wolverine, etc.

Mimic was only capable of copying five superhuman powers at a time and he was able to choose which power to remove when mimicking a new power. He could also not choose to copy abilities that were too similar, such as the healing factors of both Wolverine and Sabretooth, and he could not copy the powers of non-humanoid or non-living beings or those with technological-based superhuman powers. It would take Mimic roughly one hour to duplicate a power for long term periods and he occasionally would uncontrollably mimic certain qualities of a superhuman's power, such as suffering radiation sickness while in the presence of the Hulk. Despite him being able to mimic powers, Mimic was unable to mimic the superhuman's skills at utilizing the powers so Mimic tended to choose which powers he copied carefully.

Some of the powers Mimic had copied included the flight-allowing wings of the Angel; the bone claws, berserker rages and healing factor of Wolverine; the optic blasts of Cyclops; the agility/acrobatics of the Beast; the Phoenix Force of reality-8649's Dark Phoenix; the superhuman speed of Earth-901237's Northstar; the mimicked telepathy of Earth-5423's Big M; the healing factor and skin condition of Earth-5021's Deadpool; and the ability to transform into superhumanly strong and durable organic steel of Colossus. While utilizing the steel form of Colossus, Mimic was invulnerable to psychic intrusion.

During the period in which he was partially transformed into a Brood alien, Mimic was capable of copying more than five powers at a time, allowing him to copy the flame powers of both Earth-312's Johnny Storm and Earth-2109's Sunfire; the possession and hex bolt abilities of Earth-2182's Nocturne; the shapeshifting powers of Earth-1081's Morph; the superhuman strength and furry appearance of Earth-3470's Sasquatch; and the superhumanly strong and durable rocky form of Earth-312's Ben Grimm.

For a brief period, Mimic wore an extradimensional Tallus device, which discerned errors in the timelines of various realities and the most probable cause of repairing the errors, feeding the information directly into Mimic's brain.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 225 lbs.; (previously): 196 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

History: (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Mimic entry - BTS) - Calvin Rankin was born in New York, New York, a citizen of the United States of America.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)) - Calvin Rankin was brought up in poverty.

(Exiles I#14 (fb)/Exiles I#51 (fb)) - Growing up under a bitter and dejected scientist father whose ideas were often stolen from him, Calvin gravitated toward the wrong crowd and soon began shoplifting.

(Exiles I#14 (fb)) - Suffering intense headaches when his mutant powers first manifested, Calvin had no idea what was happening until he chanced upon the mutant X-Men in their civilian identities in a store Calvin had went inside of to view a pretty girl. Partially mimicking Cyclops' abilities, Calvin sensed a surge of power within his body and followed the X-Men for two hours, intoxicated by the newfound power he was absorbing. The absorbed powers eventually faded by Calvin found that he had grown wings similar to the X-Man Angel and his hands and feet had enlarged to resemble the X-Men's Beast.

(Exiles I#14 (fb)) - The rage-filled Calvin Rankin ultimately learned that he was a mutant.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Mimic entry - BTS) - Calvin was approached by the villainous Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)/Exiles I#14 (fb)) - Calvin decided to join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, who quickly accepted him into their ranks as Mimic.

(Exiles I#50 (fb) - BTS/Exiles I#51 (fb)) - Mimic became the field leader of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)/Exiles I#14 (fb)/Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Mimic entry - BTS) - Aiding the Brotherhood in their mission to kidnap the anti-mutant Senator Robert Kelly, Mimic battled the X-Men.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Mimic entry - BTS) - The X-Men were surprised by Mimic's usage of the X-Men's own powers against them. Unfortunately, Mimic's lack of training in the use of the X-Men's powers led to the Brotherhood's defeat.

(Exiles I#14 (fb)) - Mimic's lack of training also led to his own defeat and he was abandoned by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, arrested and sent to Fort Terahawk prison in San Antonio, Texas.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Mimic entry - BTS) - Mimic remained at Fort Terahawk prison while he awaited sentencing.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)/Exiles I#14 (fb)/Exiles I#51 (fb)) - The X-Men's leader, Professor X, reached out to the imprisoned Calvin like no else had before and offered Calvin a place at his school to help Calvin reach his full potential, an offer Calvin reluctantly accepted in order to get out of prison.

(Exiles I#14 (fb)) - A loner amongst the other students, Calvin watched from afar as the other students played baseball but his fellow student Jean Grey reached out to Calvin and invited him to go out with the other X-Men. Unsure whether to let others get close, Calvin ultimately relented and he soon befriended the other X-Men.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Mimic entry - BTS) - Calvin received a college education while at Xavier's school, eventually earning a degree.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)/Exiles I#14 (fb)) - Mimic soon joined the X-Men.

(Exiles I#2 (fb) - BTS) - During his time with the X-Men, Mimic occasionally experienced Professor X's mind blasts during training sessions but began to see Professor X as a surrogate father figure.

(Exiles I#14 (fb)) - Mimic trained in the use of his copied optic blasts with Cyclops, telekinesis with Jean Grey and increased agility with the Beast, becoming close friends with each of them as he shared their mutant powers.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)/Exiles I#14 (fb)) - His close friendship with the others, combined with Cyclops' shyness, eventually led Mimic to become the X-Men's leader. Mimic led several squads of X-Men as new members joined the team.

(Exiles I#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Mimic mimicked the fast healing abilities of Wolverine. Developing a love of foreign culture and beer, Mimic had an excellent singing voice which he tended to keep quiet about. Briefly leaving the X-Men to join the heroic Defenders, Mimic was not present when Jean Grey, a woman he had grown to love, seemingly perished. Two nights following Jean's supposed death, Mimic, unaware that Jean still lived after the cosmic Phoenix Force had transformed into a clone of and died as Jean, visited a dive karaoke bar and began trying to get drunk. His former X-Man teammate Wolverine soon arrived at the same bar and two discovered that they had much in common including feelings for Jean, soon becoming close friends.

(Exiles I#10 (fb) - BTS) - Mimic once joined a grouping of superheroes (including the Fantastic Four) in battle against the weakened world-devourer Galactus, who had come to Earth seeking sustenance. Mimic and his group nearly killing the cosmic being.

(Exiles I#3 (fb) - BTS) - When Jean Grey returned, Mimic learned how the Phoenix Force had transformed itself into the form of Jean Grey and replaced her while the real Jean remained in suspended animation at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Mimic entry - BTS) - At some point, Mimic's identity as Calvin Rankin became publicly known.

(Exiles I#1 (fb)) - Mimic ultimately rejoined the X-Men and was recognized as one of the greatest heroes of his world, his inspiring actions making his reality's mutants some of the most celebrated.

(Exiles I#18 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Mimic had three separate encounters with the extradimensional slaver Mojo and each time, his former slave Longshot was able to beat Mojo.

(Exiles I#14 (fb)) - Mimic enjoyed going out for drinks with his teammates. He ultimately became owner of a small chain of record stores.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 7 - Mimic entry - BTS) - Calvin named his chain of record stores Rankin Records.

(Exiles I#14 (fb)) - Mimic also wrote a book.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 7 - Mimic entry - BTS) - Upon completion, Mimic's book was titled "The World Evolves Around Us."

(Exiles I#14 (fb)) - Mimic ran a charity with Warren Worthington. At one point, Mimic and his X-Men team joined the Fantastic Four and Avengers in meeting the President.

(Exiles I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Mimic was friends with Prime Minister Namor as well as many in the upper echelon of his reality's heroes.

(Exiles I#1/Exiles I#78 (fb)) - Transported from his reality of Earth-12, Mimic found himself somewhat lost in what seemed to be a never ending desert until he came across a group of other extradimensional outcasts. Greeting the outcasts, Mimic asked if they were as lost as he was before the group noticed what appeared to be a kitchen in the middle of the desert and Earth-295's Blink teleported Mimic and the others there, where they met a construct calling himself the Timebroker. As Earth-1100's Thunderbird threatened the Timebroker, Mimic demanded to know what was going on and asked if the whole scenario was an illusion, promising to go easy if the Timebroker came clean. The Timebroker ultimately convinced Mimic and the others to sit down while he explained how they each came from different realities, giving each some background details on the others. After explaining how each of the heroes present had become unhinged from time and they would need to correct breaks in the timestream in order to be restored to their proper reality, the Timebroker informed Mimic that the breaks in time had caused a ripple on Earth-12 that would change Mimic's history to where he was on death row for the murder of Senator Robert Kelly unless the timestream breaks were corrected. Mimic then watched as the Timebroker gave Earth-295's Blink the Tallus artifact, which would help Mimic and these multiversal Exiles determine what needed to be corrected in each reality they would be sent to. The Timebroker then dissipated, surprising Mimic, who was shocked at the rate in which they would be sent to another reality and the all-too-brief explanation given by the Timebroker.

(Exiles I#1) - Mimic was then teleported to Earth-1815 alongside the other Exiles, where Blink informed Mimic and the others that the Tallus said they should find "the one who would lead us." Confused, Mimic asked when the Tallus said that and Blink soon realized that she was the only one who could hear the Tallus. Deciding to find a way to fit into this new reality, Mimic and the Exiles went to the Meltzer-Flam Mall outside of Phoenix, Arizona, where Mimic watched as Morph searched the internet and discovered that this reality was filled with humans but very few superhumans. When Blink reported that the Tallus suggested they "find their greatest teacher," Mimic, Earth-27's Magnus and Earth-2182's Nocturne all said "Charles Xavier" in response. Blink questioned whether it should be Xavier but the overconfident Mimic assured Blink that the Tallus could have met no one else. In a subsequent effort to locate Charles Xavier in this reality, Magnus offered to create a Cerebro unit and when he mentioned they would need a telepath to operate it, both Mimic and Nocturne volunteered, Mimic having some residual telepathy left from when he mimicked Jean Grey's powers. Hooking both Mimic and Nocturne to his newly-created Cerebro unit, Magnus nearly had Mimic and Nocturne overexert themselves but Mimic managed to learn that Earth-1815's Charles Xavier was alive in Nevada. Traveling to the Nevada holding facility in which Charles Xavier had been captured, Mimic and the Exiles staged a jailbreak, setting off every security sensor available in the process. During the battle, Mimic admitted that he didn't agree that fighting first and asking questions was the best solution to a problem but he expressed agreement with the Exiles' fighting spirit. While Mimic, Morph, Nocturne and Thunderbird sufficiently kept the guards distracted, Blink and Magnus teleported into Charles Xavier's cell and freed him.

(Exiles I#1/Exiles I#51 (fb)) - Blink then returned to teleport Mimic and the others out of the prison and into the desert.

(Exiles I#1) - Once safely in the desert, Mimic and the others became concerned at Xavier's health following the treatment he received while incarcerated. Once Xavier recovered, however, he downed Mimic and the other Exiles with a telepathic burst and walked away, commenting on how it was time to exterminate humanity.

(Exiles I#2) - Mimic and the other Exiles stayed in a hotel while trying to figure out how best to stop Xavier and complete their mission. While standing out on the hotel deck, Mimic was met by Blink, whom Mimic commended for her fast healing before suggesting they move soon. Mimic then asked about the other Exiles but when he began related this Xavier to his own reality's Xavier, Blink reminded him not to compare Earth-1815's Xavier to Earth-12's, as Earth-1815's Xavier was not the man Mimic knew. Mimic remarked that he never thought Xavier could be capable of such evil and Blink noted that since the Exiles had unleashed Xavier onto Earth-1815, the Exiles were obligated to stop him. Shortly after, Mimic regrouped with the other Exiles and the group pondered the advanced systems that had held Xavier, soon deducing that, in a world without Reed Richards, Tony Stark or Bruce Banner, the mutant Forge must have aided in the creation of such advanced systems. Tracking Forge down, Mimic and the Exiles interrogated Forge into providing information about the technology and who "the one who would lead us" would be. After learning the leader could be Magneto and asking where they might him, Mimic and the Exiles were equipped with psychic dampeners and they split up, with Mimic, Morph and Thunderbird confronting Xavier and his newly-freed X-Men at the New York Stock Exchange while Blink, Nocturne and Magnus went to free Magneto. During the battle at the Stock Exchange, in which Mimic had Morph hit Xavier with a dampener device, Mimic insisted that there be no deaths when Thunderbird warned Cain Marko to stay down lest he be forced to kill Marko. As Domino managed to free Xavier from the dampener, Mimic hit Xavier with an optic blast but Xavier entered Mimic's mind, viewing Mimic's past and how Mimic had saw his Xavier as a father figure.

(Exiles I#2/Exiles I#51 (fb)) - Xavier then announced that any son would recognize his father's vision and Mimic, fighting against Xavier's telepathic probes, remarked that he knew his father's vision before plunging his bone claws up through Xavier's chin and out the top of his head.

(Exiles I#2) - Following Xavier's death, Mimic and Blink met with the freed Magneto to mourn the loss of the Exile Magnus, who had died rescuing Magneto and other captives from a nuclear bomb while Mimic, Thunderbird and Morph were battling Xavier. The other Exiles then asked what the freed heroes would do now and Mimic explained that their first order of business would be to work with psychics to undo the damage done in Phoenix, Arizona. The Exiles admitted that they were referring to what the Exiles would do next as their newest member, Earth-2109's Sunfire, appeared and informed them that their mission had been completed. Mimic and the other Exiles were teleported from Earth-1815 to reality-8649, where the trial of Phoenix was about to begin.

(Exiles I#3) - Recognizing the scene, a confused Mimic asked Blink if they had been sent back in time but Blink explained that the Tallus informed her that they were in the same time period. Noticing Wolverine, Mimic quickly suggested the Exiles get out of the area before Wolverine's senses picked them up and soon located a strong-smelling root that the Exiles spread around to mask their scent. As the group spread out the root, Mimic asked Blink if the Tallus had said anything about why the Exiles had been sent to reality-8649 and was visibly shaken when Blink reluctantly informed the Exiles that they were there to ensure Jean Grey died. Admitting that it wasn't as big a deal as it sounded, Mimic and Nocturne informed the other Exiles that it was actually the Phoenix Force itself, not Jean, but Blink quickly contradicted Mimic, revealing that the Tallus had informed her that reality-8649's Phoenix was the actual Jean. Refusing to accept this, Mimic argued with Blink, claiming that he knew more than Blink since he had lived through such a scenario in his own reality. He then outright refused to kill Jean but Blink's Tallus reacted, forcing the Exiles to see a vision of reality-53011, in which the failure to kill Jean resulted in Dark Phoenix destroying the galaxy and continuing into space. After witnessing the horrors of Dark Phoenix, Mimic reluctantly agreed to help kill Jean and soon disguised himself with the other Exiles as warriors from galaxies that had been attacked by Phoenix in an effort to infiltrate the Imperial Guard to ensure Jean's death. While waiting for the trial to begin, Mimic was questioned by Nocturne about the trial but Mimic revealed that the trial of Phoenix occurred in his reality during a time in which he was a member of the Defenders. Mimic then warned Nocturne to be careful walking around in case reality-8649's Professor X picked up her brain patterns and he also warned Nocturne against sneaking a peak at reality-8649's Nightcrawler. Once Nocturne had left, Mimic suggested Blink lead the Exiles, feeling as if she was more capable to handle the situations in which Mimic and the other Exiles might have face alternate counterparts of loved ones. When Blink departed to think on the idea of leading the Exiles, reality-8649's Wolverine showed up to confront Mimic and Mimic, knowing Wolverine would never go along with killing Jean, attacked Wolverine and managed to knock him unconscious, not wishing for Wolverine to witness the Exiles killing Jean.

(Exiles I#4) - As Mimic recuperated from his battle against reality-8649's Wolverine, Nocturne possessed Wolverine to both draw his teammates away from prying too much into what had happened and leave Wolverine comatose for a time following his possession. Upon overhearing that Nocturne's mother was her reality's Scarlet Witch, Mimic remarked in surprise that he would have never pictured Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch together. He then assured the other Exiles that as long as he stayed in steel form, he would not bleed to death and his mimicked healing factor would handle his injuries. The Exiles then went over their plan to kill Jean and the next morning, as the Exiles prepared for their mission, Blink checked on Mimic and asked if he was okay. A visibly shaken Mimic simply said "sure I am" before they were teleported to the Blue Area of Earth's Moon alongside the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Mimic and Nocturne remained with Imperial Guardswoman Hussar as the X-Men's Nightcrawler, Colossus and Storm ventured near the group. Mimic volunteered to take down Nightcrawler but Nocturne insisted she would take down the counterpart of her father as Mimic aided Thunderbird against Colossus. Eventually claiming victory over the X-Men, Mimic and the other Exiles braced themselves when Jean became Dark Phoenix and killed Cyclops. When Dark Phoenix subsequently killed Storm as well, Mimic swapped out his mimicked wings to mimic Dark Phoenix's Phoenix Force and confront Dark Phoenix. Blink and Nocturne soon joined in the fight against Dark Phoenix, followed by the rest of the Exiles. As the Exiles kept Dark Phoenix busy, the X-Men's Angel and Wolverine flew at Dark Phoenix, who noticed them too late. When she fired a blast at them, Blink teleported Wolverine and Angel behind Dark Phoenix and Wolverine plunged his claws into Dark Phoenix, killing her. With their mission completed, the Exiles began to teleport away, with Mimic remarking that he wasn't sure he could stand to right anymore wrongs in reality-8649.

(Exiles I#5) - Arriving on Earth-901237, Mimic prepared to assist the Exiles in recon, only to remember that he had given up his wings for the Phoenix Force during their last mission. Attempting to explain his powers in detail to Morph, Mimic, unknowingly mimicking the gamma radiation of the approaching Hulk, threw up moments before the Hulk made his presence known by crashing to the ground from a massive leap. Hulk shrugged off all attacks from the Exiles, forcing the still-sick Mimic to use his optic blasts against Hulk until Thunderbird fought the Hulk into departing. Earth-901237's Alpha Flight soon showed and the Exiles introduced themselves, unaware they were being watched by a rival reality-hopping group, Weapon X. Taken to Alpha Flight's headquarters, Mimic was treated by Dr. Heather Hudson for radiation poisoning and released with a clean bill of health due to a healing factor mimicking from his own Earth-12's Wolverine. Mimic later accompanied the Exiles to a mission briefing held by Alpha Flight's Wolverine. Later that night, Blink informed Mimic that the Tallus had told her that the Exiles had been sent to Earth-901237 because Alpha Flight's attempt to capture the Hulk would result in several deaths and a few missing. Having a hard time thinking of the Hulk as a killer due to their merging in his own reality, Mimic discussed the matter with Blink and ultimately admitted that was why he put her "callused butt" in charge instead of himself. Asking if he had been sneaking a look at her behind and get an affirmative, Blink kissed Mimic and left the room, leaving behind a surprised Mimic.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Mimic entry - BTS) - A romance soon blossomed between Mimic and Blink, with Mimic teaching Blink about different worlds and heroes she might encounter on Exiles missions, heroes that never surfaced in Blink's home reality.

(Exiles I#6) - Donning a suit of armor to protect him from uncontrollably mimicking the Hulk's Gamma radiation, Mimic prepared to join the other Exiles in tracking down the Hulk but Blink warned against him joining them. Mimic insisted that his armor would protect him from the Hulk's radiation but Blink reminded him that if the Hulk were to make physical contact, the armor would not withstand the Hulk's attacks. Mimic argued that Hulk would never make contact and Blink proved her point by having Alpha Flight's Box sneak up on Mimic and rip the arms from the armor, much to Mimic's annoyance. Yelling that Box had helped build the armor, an angry Mimic was placed on the sidelines of the battle by Blink. When Alpha Flight leader Wolverine learned that the Canadian heroes attempting to apprehend the Hulk were destined to die, he sent Beta and Gamma Flights away and summoned Mimic and the other Exiles to James Hudson to present his case for sending the two teams away. Following the Hulk's capture by the Exiles' Thunderbird, the Exiles were allowed a brief twelve-hour respite and Mimic accompanied Alpha Flight's Northstar to Club Maup'n in Montreal, where he convinced Northstar to allow his flight powers to be mimicked despite Northstar at first assuming Mimic was hitting on him.

(Exiles I#51 (fb)) - During the Exiles' time off on Earth-901237, Mimic shared laughs with both Blink and Morph.

(Exiles I#7) - Mimic and the other Exiles teleported to Earth-6955, where they were allowed a vacation at the Marvel Inn. Immediately hitting the hotel bed, Mimic dreamed of a perfect life in which he and Blink were married with children before suddenly waking. After Blink had a nightmare, she teleported into Mimic's room, waking him once more, and the two embraced.

(Exiles I#51 (fb)) - Mimic and Blink shared a passionate kiss.

(Exiles I#8) - For months, Mimic continued missions with the Exiles, traveling to Earth-2318, where the prehistoric Savage Land spanned two continents.

(Exiles I#16 (fb) - BTS) - While on Earth-2318, Nocturne and Thunderbird nearly shared a romantic moments and when Thunderbird suggested they shouldn't with how hectic and unpredictable their lives were, Nocturne reminded him that Blink and Mimic did not seem to care about those things in their relationship. Thunderbird argued that Blink and Mimic were being stupid and immature to be bound in emotional entanglements when any of them could die or be sent back to their own reality at any point.

(Exiles I#8) - Mimic and the Exiles were then sent to Earth-20318, where Tony Stark was the U.S. President.

(Exiles I#16 (fb) - BTS) - During the Exiles' time protecting Earth-20318's Tony Stark, Thunderbird admitted to Nocturne that he had been unfair in judging Blink and Mimic's relationship and that he was really only worried that Nocturne would not want him long-term.

(Exiles I#8) - After Mimic and the Exiles failed to prevent President Tony Stark's assassination, they were transported to Earth-23018, a world in which nearly the entire planet was Gamma-irradiated; Earth-32081, where the monstrous Spider Demon ruled; the X-Babies-dominated Earth-971023 and finally, Earth-39102, where Mimic and the Exiles spent a week with the enigmatic Antelope Men.

(Exiles I#8/Exiles I#11 (fb)) - After the long succession of missions, Mimic and the other Exiles were transported to Earth-9212, where they were tasked with stopping a bank robbery. The group easily defeated the two men in Halloween masks and were allowed to stay on Earth-9212 to vacation. When Mimic, Blink and some of the other Exiles decided they want to swim nude on the beach, Blink talked Sunfire into keeping Morph company while they enjoyed the beach, feeling as if Morph would not be mature about the situation.

(Exiles I#11 (fb)) - Mimic stood out on the beach as Blink and Nocturne admired his backside and Thunderbird went swimming. After learning that he had been deceived, Morph nonetheless befriend Sunfire and the two later returned to the beach, where Morph launched water balloons at Mimic, Nocturne and Blink.

(Exiles I#8) - The vacation on Earth-9212 brought Blink and Mimic closer.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Mimic entry - BTS) - Mimic and Blink fell in love and looked to each for constant support.

(Exiles I#8) - After next being deposited on the alien Skrull-dominated Earth-5692, Mimic and the Exiles were used for gladiatorial combat and Mimic managed to win all of his bouts to buy himself time to find an alternative for accomplishing the Exiles' mission. From his cell, Mimic overheard Thunderbird's battle against Earth-5692's Guido Carosella and he was soon ushered to his own next battle against Beastling, reminding Thunderbird that his next bout against the Banner Beast shouldn't be too difficult since Thunderbird had already taken down Earth-901237's Hulk. Sunfire then informed Mimic that Nocturne had been panicky about something and Mimic told Sunfire and Nocturne to have faith they would be rescued.

(Exiles I#9) - Led into his newest battle, Mimic found himself looking forward to fighting Earth-5692's equivalent of Captain America, simply called the Captain. When the battle began, Mimic ended it immediately by utilizing his optic blasts, a power he had kept hidden, to blast the Captain into the wall and he then flipped off the Skrulls before being restrained. Not long after, the Skrulls began evacuating Earth as the world-devourer Galactus approached and Mimic and the other prisoners were freed with the Skrulls' retreat. Joining the other prisoners in escaping, Mimic soon found himself facing Galactus herald Terrax the Tamer. Following a fierce battle against Terrax, Mimic was reunited with his Exiles teammates Blink and Morph, who were working with Earth-5692's Sam Wilson and Reed Richards. Kissing Blink, Mimic accompanied them back to an old Skrull lab that Reed Richards was working in and watched as the best minds of Earth-5692 worked on a plan to stop the incoming Galactus.

(Exiles I#10) - Trying to figure out best to defeat Galactus, Mimic suggested giving the former prisoners the speech from the movie "Patton," but the reference was lost on Blink. Later meeting with the Exiles, Mimic admitted that while he had been part of a group that nearly killed Galactus in his reality, he was glad Reed Richards was present on Earth-5692 to assist against Galactus. As the team discussed their plans, Nocturne and Thunderbird revealed that Nocturne was pregnant with Thunderbird's child and Mimic helped convince Thunderbird that Nocturne was still needed against Galactus if she chose to participate in the upcoming attack. When Galactus arrived, the Exiles and prisoners' attack had no effect and Mimic noticed the Captain leading a group of prisoners through a hole in Galactus' shields. Despite Mimic's warnings, the Captain and his squad were incinerated but their deaths allowed the prisoners time to detonate a bomb beneath Galactus, dropping Galactus' shields. With the shields down, Mimic, the Exiles and the remaining former prisoners stormed Galactus until Thunderbird grabbed a dropped anti-matter bomb and attached it to Galactus, sacrificing himself to force Galactus to flee. A short time after, Mimic joined the other Exiles at the dying Thunderbird's bedside to tell Nocturne of the severe damage Thunderbird had suffered and how the Tallus was going to make the Exiles jump to their next mission with Thunderbird.

(Exiles I#10/Exiles I#16 (fb)) - As the Exiles' newest member, Earth-3470's Sasquatch, appeared to replace Thunderbird, Mimic sadly watched as the Tallus' portal opened and teleported the Exiles to their next reality as Nocturne emotionally protested.

(Exiles I#12) - Teleporting onto Earth-2600 following a mission involving Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D., Mimic remarked to Morph on how he had enjoyed their previous mission, as it seemed somewhat diplomatic. The conversation was cut short when the Exiles found themselves face-to-face with the reality-hopping Weapon X and Blink rushed into the arms of Earth-295's Sabretooth. Mimic informed the other Exiles that Sabretooth had raised Blink and the two teams shared their respective back stories as they waited for their individual Tallus devices to explain why they were both on Earth-2600. While talking to Earth-1029's Hulk and Earth-10101's Vision, Mimic displayed the bone claws mimicked from his reality's Wolverine. The Talluses soon gave both the Exiles and Weapon X their mission: to free the captive David Richards, and Mimic joined the combined teams in assaulting the Sentinels guarding Richards' prison. The two teams soon found David in camp with other children and Blink teleported Mimic, the other Exiles, Weapon X and the captive children out of the prison, where Mimic and the others celebrated. As Mimic spoke with one of the children, Blink and Sabretooth remained to the side, having learned that the next part of their mission was to kill David.

(Exiles I#13) - As David and the other children fought, Blink whispered to Mimic that their mission had changed so that they now were supposed to kill David. When Weapon X's Vision overheard Blink whispering, Weapon X attempted to kill David but Sabretooth turned on his team, snapping Deadpool's neck, and had Blink teleport Mimic, the Exiles, the children and himself away. Eventually getting Mimic and the other Exiles out of range of Vision's sensors, Blink and Sabretooth, as well as the Exiles, were met by the Timebroker, who reminded them of their mission and informed them that Weapon X was fast on their trail. While Blink teleported the children away, Sabretooth, Mimic and the Exiles engaged Weapon X, with Mimic transforming his body in steel and cannonballing into Hulk. Hulk knocked Mimic aside but Sasquatch fought back against Hulk until Weapon X's new recruit Iron Man blasted her. Mimic then assisted Sabretooth by blasting Weapon X's Spider with an optic blast before flying off to battle Iron Man. The battle was soon interrupted when Earth-2600's Sentinels attacked, having sensed the superhuman powers of the two teams, and both teams were rescued when Blink returned and teleported them away from the Sentinels. Once safe, Mimic and the other Exiles watched over the injured Weapon X members as Sabretooth decided to stay on Earth-2600 to raise David, thereby preventing David from becoming a villain and allowing the Exiles and Weapon X to move on to their next mission without killing David.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Mimic entry - BTS) - As time passed, Mimic became more and more embittered towards his situation as an Exile.

(Exiles I#14) - Mimic and the Exiles arrived on Earth-1016, where they were to stop the Atlantean Namor from invading Latveria. Despite not trusting Latveria's Doctor Doom, Mimic agreed to Blink's suggested plan to attack Doom's former fortress to destroy an air-altering device while Doom and the other Exiles free Doom's army to fight back against Namor. Thinking of how much he missed his life before the Exiles as he traveled to Doom's castle, Mimic arrived and used one of Doctor Doom's devices to enter a secret back entrance, where he was assaulted by reprogrammed Doombots.

(Exiles I#15) - Fiercely fighting his way through the Doombots, Mimic found himself facing Namor. Punched out of the castle, Mimic attempted to reason with the much-stronger Namor but was punched again. Mimic then decided to leave Namor behind and focus on destroying the air-changer, using the copied superhuman flight speed of Northstar to find the device and destroy it with his optic blasts. Namor soon caught up and hurled Mimic in the lower levels of Doom's castle, where Mimic used his optic blasts to ignite a fuel tank.

(Exiles I#15/Exiles I#51 (fb)/Exiles I#78 (fb)) - As the ensuing fire weakened Namor, Mimic, tired of visiting realities where his reality's friends seemed twisted by their own power, savagely beat Namor to death then began a walk back to regroup with the Exiles.

(Exiles I#15) - Arriving after the Exiles had succeeded in aiding Doom and the Latverian army against the Atlanteans, the still-white-hot, steel-formed Mimic informed Blink that he would be fine in an hour. When Blink asked if anything was wrong, a stoic Mimic turned and quietly asked why anything would be wrong.

(Exiles I#17 (fb) - BTS) - Mimic remained somewhat emotionally distant for weeks.

(Exiles I#17) - Mimic and the Exiles were transported to Earth-21117 in the middle of San Diego, California, which had been taken over by a race of lizard-human hybrids originally created by Dr. Curt Connors. Blink soon teleported Mimic and the others to safety, where Blink's Tallus explained that the Exiles were there to stop a bomb from destroying the lizard-human population. As Mimic learned that the bomb was in Bay Area, Morph attempted to get Sasquatch to sleep with him by reminding her that, other than Mimic, he was the only male in the Exiles and when Sasquatch threatened to kill him, Morph admitted that if he had wanted to die, he would've hit on Mimic. Morph then continued, reminding Sasquatch that Blink was with Mimic and Sunfire was a lesbian until Nocturne interrupted Morph to decline his potential advances. Witnessing Morph's actions from afar, Blink suggested to Mimic that they create a code word for future attempts to kiss her so that she would know it was him and not a transformed Morph. A distant Mimic agreed and Blink asked what had been bothering him but Mimic refused to open up, prompting Blink to accuse Mimic of not having his head in the game and tell Mimic to suck it up. Mimic sternly replied with "fine" as the two walked on towards the Bay Area, where Mimic announced his hunch that the bomb was in an abandoned ship. Morph soon noticed an abandoned submarine with a rowboat tied to it and Mimic and the Exiles prepared to investigate when they were attacked by three lizard-human hybrids. Blink nearly teleported the Exiles away but Mimic argued that the Exiles could handle three lizards while they investigated the sub. When the other Exiles agreed, Blink teleported Mimic and herself aboard the sub and the two were almost immediately attacked by Dr. Curt Connors. Mimic transformed into steel form and talked Connors down from his attack, learning that Connors planned to use a nuclear bomb aboard the submarine to destroy the lizard-human hybrids he had inadvertently created years earlier. Mimic continued reaching out to the guilt-ridden Connors, ultimately convincing Connors not to detonate the bomb, but Mimic failed to prevent Connors from committing suicide. A visibly shaken Blink then informed Mimic that their mission had been accomplished and the Tallus said the Exiles would be leaving soon. When Mimic coldly replied "good," Blink attempted to remind Mimic that he had done everything he could to help Dr. Connors but Mimic, tired of the atrocities seen as part of the Exiles, admitted that the problem was that everything he had was not enough.

(Exiles I#18) - After being transported to Earth-2030, Mimic and Sunfire were captured sorceress supreme Callisto, who planned to control the world. Blink mounted a rescue and freed Mimic as the other Exiles defeated Callisto. Their mission successful, Mimic and the Exiles teleported away, only to have the seemingly malfunctioning Tallus deposit them into the barren landscapes of the Mojoverse. Extradimensional slaver Mojo then revealed himself, proclaiming that the Exiles now worked for him, and when Mojo captured Morph and Nocturne, Blink announced maneuver Shake and Bake, prompting Mimic and Sasquatch to use their strength to pound the ground. Caught off guard by the subsequent earth tremors, Mojo and his agent Spiral were forced back when Sunfire generated a trail of fire. The weakened Sunfire soon faltered and Mimic caught her in mid-air, suggesting she stay flamed-up to protect her from the wind resistance of his superhumanly fast flight. Taking refuge in the Slave Town Junction area of Mojoworld, Mimic and the remaining Exiles interrogated a bystander and Mimic roughly demanded to know where they could find Longshot. The man asked Mimic if he were kidding before pointing at the giant prison labeled Longshot's Jailhouse. Before Mimic and the others could venture to the Jailhouse to free Longshot, they were distracted by a television screen airing the newest episode of "The Morph Show."

(Exiles I#19) - Mimic joined the Exiles in an attack on Longshot's Jailhouse and the group soon found Longshot, who expressed a desire to stay imprisoned, as every time he defeated Mojo, Mojo always seemed to recapture him. When Mimic's attempts at inspiring Longshot fell short, Mimic had Sasquatch drag Longshot out of prison. Morph and Nocturne later attempted escape from Mojo and when Mojo was about to recapture them, Mimic, Longshot and the remaining Exiles arrived. Before they could finish off Mojo, the Timebroker appeared and ended the fight, warning Mojo of the dangers of mucking around with the timestream and assuring the Exiles that they would all jump to their next mission within the minute.

(Exiles I#20) - Mimic and the Exiles were transported onto Earth-8545, where Mimic immediately blasted a techno-organic Vi-Lock to prevent it from decapitating a child. The Exiles soon forced the Vi-Locks to flee but they quickly regrouped and swarmed the Exiles, knocking out Blink. Mimic rescued Blink and ordered the other Exiles to retreat to nearby Las Vegas, Nevada. Almost as soon as they entered Las Vegas, however, the rescued children were snatched away and Mimic and the Exiles were hit with a Stinger device that stunned them as they were placed in a containment facility. Once the Exiles were scanned and determined to be clean of Vi-Lock infection, Dr. Henry Pym opened the door to their facility and introduced himself, explaining that they were in Avengers Compound and what the Vi-Locks were. Mimic then accompanied the Exiles as Pym led them through the Compound and Blink's Tallus soon explained that the Exiles were there to help Pym create a vaccine against Vi-Lock infection from the infection's source, the merged Cypher/Warlock. Upon learning from the Tallus that Cypher/Warlock was in the headquarters of the Vi-Lock primes, the Exiles suggested they might have a chance in their mission if they worked with Pym's Avengers but Pym informed them that nearly all superhumans had been infected.

(Exiles I#21) - Mimic joined the other Exiles at a mission briefing held by Dr. Pym and his Avengers, in which Pym suggested infecting the Exiles with the Vi-Lock virus in order to get them into the Vi-Locks' Mainframe undetected. The Exiles agreed and were led to their lodgings as Pym, Beast and Dr. Octopus prepared the infection. Mimic and Blink shared a room and when Mimic appeared stoic and distant again, Blink insisted they talk about what had been bothering him over the past month. Mimic expressed his tiredness over the increasing amount of doomed realities they had visited and admitted he was having trouble dealing with all of it, having come from a reality where his life was good. When Blink asked what she could do to help, Mimic asked her to be there for him as a friend and promised that he would always do his job. Blink responded by remarking that she thought they were more than friends and Mimic only muttered "yeah..." as they embraced.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Mimic entry - BTS) - Mimic continued taking out his situational frustrations on Blink by remaining emotionally distant, prompting Mimic and Blink to separate.

(Exiles I#21) - Three days later, Mimic accompanied the Avengers and Exiles into the Mainframe, where they were quickly detected and attacked by an army of superhuman Vi-Locks. Mimic battled the Vi-Lock Captain America while Blink and a second squad attempted to locate Cypher/Warlock. When Blink became infected by the Vi-Lock Forge, she teleported Mimic and everyone else out of the Mainframe and back into Las Vegas. Immediately noticing the infected Blink, Mimic rushed Blink to Dr. Pym, who ordered Blink send to the Avengers Medi-Lab. Mimic promised Blink they would get through the infection but a weak Blink informed Mimic that the Tallus was telling her they failed and that without Cypher/Warlock, Earth-8545 would have to be destroyed.

(Exiles I#22) - Mimic stayed by Blink's side as Pym and Beast attempted to prevent Blink's conversion into a Vi-Lock. Hours later, Dr. Pym met with Mimic outside Blink's room and informed him that Blink was stable and that they would continue transfusing her with healing factor-infused blood. Pym then asked what Blink meant by destroying Earth and Mimic explained to Pym how Blink's Tallus had predicted that the Vi-Locks would launch an offensive within a month to destroy humanity before moving to conquer space. When Mimic mentioned that the Tallus suggested the Earth be destroyed, Pym admitted he had suspected and prepared for such an eventuality. Mimic later joined Pym at a mission briefing in which Pym suggesting hitting the Vi-Locks nuclear stockpile with a ship to detonate the missiles, which would cause a chain reaction that may destroy the planet. As Nocturne volunteered herself to fly the ship, Mimic visited Blink in the Medi-Lab and admitted his feelings for her, hoping she would survive her infection so that he could better express his feelings. Returning to the Avengers and other Exiles, Mimic snuck aboard the Avengers' Warbird ship and pinched Nocturne's nerve, sending her back to the Avengers Compound's War Room while he took over flying the ship in her stead. When the radiation levels increased, Mimic transformed into his steel form, preventing anyone from reaching him telepathically as Morph managed to get Rachel Summers to successfully contact the Asgardians, whose recuperative blood seemed to provide a cure for Vi-Lock infection. Having no knowledge of the Asgardian breakthrough and no way of contacting the Avengers, Mimic continued with his plan to blow up the Vi-Lock Mainframe but the Avengers contacted the Vi-Locks and the Vi-Locks sent squadrons of Vi-Locks after Mimic. Mimic fought off the Vi-Locks until Blink, having began to recover thanks to the Asgardians, teleported aboard the Warbird and informed Mimic of the Asgardian breakthrough. She then teleported Mimic back to the Avengers Compound, where Mimic joined the Exiles and Avengers in celebrating the potential cure for Vi-Lock infection. During the party, the Timebroker showed up and revealed that Blink had completed her mission with the Exiles and would be sent home, transferring the Tallus to Mimic. Before Mimic could even say goodbye, Blink was teleported away and Earth-4210's Magik joined the Exiles in Blink's place.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Mimic entry - BTS) - Mimic was made leader of the Exiles, a team he was not even sure he still wanted to be a part of without Blink.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Mimic entry - BTS) - Being the sole leader of the Exiles began to take a heavy toll on Mimic.

(Exiles I#26 (fb) - BTS) - The Exiles were sent to Earth-957145, where Mimic was forced to break Juggernaut's neck to keep him from killing all of Russia.

(Exiles I#26) - Mimic and the other Exiles teleported into Earth-989192, where Moses Magnum was ravaging Japan. Mimic soon informed the other Exiles that his Tallus was informing him that the Exiles' mission was to prevent those present from being saved. The other Exiles argued against the Tallus' orders but Magik reminded them that the Timebroker was a construct of all of their collective consciousnesses. Mimic agreed, assuring the other Exiles that while he did miss Blink more than anything, things had changed despite him not believing the Timebroker was truly a product of their consciousnesses. Mimic then suggested they do their job and leave but some of the other Exiles argued against destroying a culture, prompting Mimic to remark on how sick he was of people looking at him the way they did when his next mission could be the one that ended his Exiles service and allowed him to return home. Arguing that he had to compromise his personal ideals numerous times since joining the Exiles, Mimic exclaimed that perhaps if he kept doing his assigned missions, he would finally get to return home as originally promised when he was recruited into the Exiles. Sunfire quickly reminded Mimic of the man he was and how the Timebroker and the Tallus had pushed him to brink of abandoning his ideals and, after a brief moment of though, Mimic agreed and sided with Sunfire to save lives. Magik argued but Mimic put his foot down as leader and decided to split the Exiles into two groups: one going after Moses Magnum and the other saving as many injured civilians as possible.

Mimic then flew Sasquatch to Moses Magnum's Kuril Island chain headquarters, unaware that Magik had volunteered to stay behind so that she could slaughter the incoming Avengers in an attempt to accomplish the Tallus' mission on her own. Busting their way into Magnum's lair, Mimic and Sasquatch interrogated one of Magnum's agents and learned that Magnum had left for Tokyo to prevent heroes from interfering with his plans.

(Exiles I#27) - Mimic and Sasquatch arrived back in Tokyo to find Moses Magnum and his queen Namorita gloated about taking over all of Asia and took advantage of their distracted foes to attack. Magnum and Namorita recovered quickly, however, and Magnum opened a rift in the ground beneath Mimic and Sasquatch. Flying out of the rift, Mimic dropped Sasquatch to battle Namorita as he shoulder charged Magnum. Magnum retaliated by using his earthquake powers on Mimic himself before Sasquatch was punched into Mimic and the two went through a nearby building. Still shaken, Mimic soon received a message from his Tallus confirming the mission's success. Informing Sasquatch, Mimic was asked how their mission could be completed when they had not even started it, unaware that Magik had killed the Avengers to accomplish the Exiles' mission.

(Exiles I#28) - Deposited into a desert, Mimic immediately questioned Magik as to how the Avengers could have been killed and Magik claimed the Avengers were dead when she arrived to meet them. When Mimic continued accusing Magik of murdering Earth-989192's Avengers, Magik punched him, suggesting that there was more where that came from if Mimic wanted to continue taking out his feelings out on here for losing Blink.

(Exiles I#51 (fb)) - Angry, Mimic fought back against Magik, assuming steel form and knocking her to the ground as Morph and Sunfire watched in shock.

(Exiles I#28) - The Timebroker then interrupted the fight to explain the Exiles' next mission to save a group of young Earth-616 mutants from Earth-1298's Havok, who would inhabit Earth-616's Havok body, by any means necessary. Mimic and the Exiles were then transported to Earth-616, where Havok had just been mortally slashed by the young mutant Nicholas Gleason. Having arrived before Havok succumbed to his wounds, the Exiles discussed the possibility of saving Havok from the dominance of his darker alternate personality but Mimic was soon informed by the Tallus that it was too late and the Exiles' mission was now to ensure the safety of the young mutants. X-Men member Juggernaut refused to allow Mimic to take the children anywhere and the two soon got into a fight while Sasquatch attempted to save Havok's life. When Havok flatlined, his darker Earth-1298 personality took over Havok-616's body and Mimic immediately punched Havok to save the children. Mimic then held off Havok and ordered the Exiles and X-Men to get the children out of there. Havok soon blasted Mimic, prompting Sasquatch to punch Havok through the wall, threatening Havok if he had injured Mimic.

(Exiles I#29) - The injured Mimic was blasted out of the Xavier Institute alongside Sasquatch by the Earth-1298 Havok (who was possessing Earth-616 Havok's body). As Mimic regained consciousness, Havok prepared to kill him until Juggernaut hurled Nocturne outside to rescue Mimic. Still somewhat stunned, Mimic watched as Earth-616's Havok briefly regained control of his body before the Earth-1298 Havok took over once more. Eventually getting to his feet, Mimic was shocked when Nicholas Gleason ran up to the Exiles with Morph's severed arm and begged for their help in putting Morph back together.

(Exiles I#30) - Nicholas led Sasquatch and Mimic to Morph, who was relieved to see that Nicholas had his missing arm, and after Morph reattached his arm, Mimic accompanied Morph and Sasquatch in regrouping with Nocturne. The group then located Earth-1298's Havok (still in Havok-616's body) battling the wolf-like Dominant Species alongside Juggernaut and Wolverine. When Havok attacked Juggernaut and the X-Men Angel and Iceman entered the fight against Havok, Mimic and the others prepared to take out Havok after Iceman froze him. The X-Men argued against killing Havok but Havok soon broke free of his icy prison and battled both the Exiles and X-Men simultaneously. During the battle, Nocturne managed to possess Havok's body, shunting the Earth-1298 Havok's personality into a dimensional void, where the Timebroker secretly destroyed him. Mimic's Tallus then informed the Exiles that their mission had been completed and that the Exiles would have four days to relax before their next mission. A smiling Mimic assured the X-Men's Husk that the danger had passed and that she could revert to human form but she refused to do so in front of Mimic. Mimic and the Exiles then spent their entire four days as the X-Men's guests, departing Earth-616 as Havok made a full recovery from his experiences.

(Exiles I#31/Exiles I#78 (fb)) - Mimic and the Exiles were transported to Earth-3931, where Morph looked on the internet and discovered that the Avengers were vampires. Mimic asked and was confirmed by Morph that, on Earth-3931, Captain America lost a key battle against the vampire Baron Blood and was converted to a vampire himself. Nocturne then asked Mimic what his Tallus was saying the Exiles' mission was and Mimic, admitting he was still new to discerning his Tallus, informed the Exiles that their mission was to stop the Vampire King from releasing the enchantment that would enslave a city. Magik then nonchalantly asked if they had to kill Captain America and when Mimic expressed hope that they wouldn't have to kill anyone, Magik claimed that they did what they had to do. Mimic argued that she did what she wanted to do, accusing Magik of being more brutal than necessary and ordering her to stop being so vicious in their missions. Magik then attempted to seduce Mimic, asking if she would get a spanking if she didn't stop being some brutal, but an angry Mimic shrugged off Magik's advances, prompting Magik to instead flirt with and get shot down by Sunfire. Morph soon located the retired Union Jack (Kenneth Crichton) and Mimic phoned him, learning that Captain America appeared to be preparing to cast the Macodibe Enchantment spell that would raise zombies to serve Cap. Crichton then informed Mimic that Captain America would likely be traveling to a de-consecrated area of San Francisco to perform the spell that night under a full moon and Mimic invited Crichton to accompany the Exiles there to provide his expertise. After Crichton declined to come out of retirement, Mimic and the Exiles packed anti-vampire totems and prepared to confront the Avengers and either steal the totem needed for the spell or kill Captain America. When the Avengers showed up at the former temple of the High Lord Kolock, Mimic and the Exiles were waiting for them and Magik staked Polaris through the heart before Mimic gave the attack signal. Despite being angry at Magik for again proving more vicious than necessary, Mimic nonetheless ordered the Exiles to attack and Mimic battled Captain America, who was confused since Earth-3931's Mimic was a mercenary not a hero. As the two fought, Mimic revealed the Exiles' plans to stop the Macodibe Enchantment while slashing Captain America, who quickly gained the upper hand.

(Exiles I#31/Exiles I#51 (fb)) - Taking advantage of the gloating Captain America, Mimic managed to surprise Captain America, decapitating him with his claws.

(Exiles I#31) - Unfortunately for Mimic, decapitation did not stop Captain America, who reattached his own head.

(Exiles I#32) - A shocked Mimic stared at Captain America, who gloated about his indestructibility until Sasquatch attacked from below, forcing Captain America and the remaining Avengers to retreat. Mimic and the Exiles soon discovered that Hawkeye had bit Sunfire and when she began transforming into a vampire, Mimic ordered Magik to teleport the Exiles to Kenneth Crichton's England estate. Crichton nearly staked Sunfire before Mimic and the others asked for a way to save Sunfire, who soon set fire to the east wing of Crichton's estate while feverishly trying to fight off the transformation. Mimic and Morph managed to hold Sunfire until she was knocked out by Sasquatch and Crichton managed to stave off Sunfire's full transformation while he explained that the Exiles could only save Sunfire if they killed Captain America using a Soul Sword. Upon learning that Magik possessed her own Soul Sword, Crichton agreed to accompany Mimic and the Exiles to San Francisco to kill Captain America. Nocturne managed to steal away the totem needed to complete the Macodibe Enchantment and Union Jack confronted Captain America while Mimic took down the vampire Falcon and Wasp with optic blasts. After Magik killed Captain America and Union Jack reclaimed his secret title of Vampire King that had been stolen by Cap, a restored Sunfire burned Union Jack and the other Avengers and Mimic soon informed the Exiles that his Tallus proclaimed their mission complete. As the Exiles were teleporting away, however, the dying Union Jack cast a spell in an attempt to undo the Exiles' teleportation, casting them individually into various realities.

(Exiles I#35 (fb) - BTS) - Mimic arrived on Earth-2942, a world completely taken over by the alien Brood. He viciously fought against the Brood, growing a beard over time, earning several scars and never finding another human being.

(Exiles I#36 (fb) - BTS) - Mimic remained on Earth-2942 for four years. At two different points, Mimic was implanted with Brood eggs but his copied healing factor destroyed the eggs. He was eventually implanted a third time but his healing factor continued fighting off the Brood egg.

(Exiles I#35) - Mimic was located and brought back to regroup with his Exiles teammates by the Timebroker. Each of the Exiles shared their stories of where they had been and the bearded Mimic revealed to his teammates how he had been on a world overrun by the Brood. When the Exiles asked about Mimic's experiences, Mimic explained how he had never found another human on Earth-2942 and claiming he had only been there for six months. Assuring his teammates that he took care of himself while stuck on Earth-2942, Mimic was soon teleported with the other Exiles to reality-312, where they landed aboard a spacecraft inhabited by Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm and Sue Storm. Finding himself now in his Exiles costume and clean-shaven, Mimic informed the Exiles that his Tallus told him that the Exiles' mission was not let anyone die. The ship soon began breaking up and Morph covered the cracks with his own body while Magik protected the Exiles from cosmic rays as Ben Grimm managed to land the ship fifteen miles outside New York City. Once landed, Reed Richards expressed amazement at Mimic and the Exiles' superhuman powers, remarking that he had not seen such power since Captain America and the Invaders. Mimic informed Reed that things were soon to change before Johnny Storm began exhibiting flame manipulation powers. Mimic stopped Reed from extinguishing Johnny, assuring Reed that their genetic structure had been altered by the cosmic rays and that in his reality, the foursome's newfound superhuman powers were permanent. When Ben Grimm transformed into a rocky monster and began rampaging, the Exiles realized something was wrong and attempted to subdue Ben but Ben savagely beat Mimic and the other Exiles before departing towards New York City.

(Exiles I#36) - With Ben Grimm rampaging through New York, Mimic informed the Exiles that it was essentially up to them to stop Ben since Earth-312 had no other active superhumans. Reed Richards suggested working with other scientists to reverse Ben's transformation and Mimic opted to let Morph accompany Reed while he and the other Exiles ventured into New York City proper to save civilians from Ben. Arriving as Ben caused a helicopter to lose stability, Mimic suggested handling the helicopter himself as he dropped Sasquatch down to engage Ben one-on-one. After rescuing the helicopter, Mimic joined the battle as well, hitting Ben with optic blasts before transforming into his steel form for a one-man fastball special. Unfortunately, Ben grabbed Mimic out of the air and smashed him into the ground. Ben soon tackled Sasquatch into the nearby river and Mimic dove in to rescue Sasquatch by landing on Ben in his steel form. Mimic then transformed back into his human form, propelling himself upward by using his optic blasts to blast Ben while he carried Sasquatch back to the surface. Moments after surfacing, Mimic was hit from behind by Ben and Sasquatch soon found the injured Mimic on the beach. Mimic informed Sasquatch that his insides were too injured to transform into his steel form. When Sasquatch attempted to help Mimic, Mimic revealed the truth that he had been on Earth-2942 for four years and that he was currently fighting off a Brood egg, which his healing factor could no longer fight due to the injuries suffered at Ben Grimm's hands. Begging for Sasquatch to kill him, Mimic was soon taken over by the Brood inside him and he hit Sasquatch with optic blasts, gloating that she should have killed him when she had the chance.

(Exiles I#37) - The Brood-infected Mimic attacked Earth-317's Reed Richards and Tony Stark and his teammate Morph managed to tackle Mimic, only to realize Mimic was transforming into a Brood alien. Reed blasted Mimic but Mimic shrugged off the gunfire and punched Reed, seriously injuring Reed and prompting the restored Ben Grimm to get involved. No longer savage and rampaging, Ben Grimm punched Mimic into the heart of Manhattan and the Exiles determined that Mimic would try to keep himself injured to buy the Brood egg time to completely transform him. Arriving in Manhattan as Nocturne and Sue Storm were evacuating part of the area, Mimic threatened the two and, when the nearby Johnny Storm hit Mimic with fire, the Brood/Mimic copied Johnny's flame powers. Before he could fully take advantage of his new ability to copy more than five powers at a time, Mimic was slashed by Magik's Soul Sword but he shrugged off the attack and hurled Magik away. Sue Storm followed up by hitting Mimic in the head with an invisible force field and before Mimic could focus on Sue, Nocturne jumped in to attack. As Mimic hurled Nocturne away, Reed Richards worked with scientists Tony Stark and Otto Octavius on a cure for Mimic's condition. Absorbing his teammate Sunfire's flame powers as well, Mimic fought an aerial battle with Sunfire, who left the fight to focus on saving bystanders from a building's falling wall. Unaware the collapsing wall had pinned Sunfire beneath it, Morph then attacked Mimic, who copied Morph's shapeshifting powers as the two fought. Ben Grimm and Sasquatch then came to Morph's aid and Mimic copied their abilities as well while gloating that the Brood became more powerful with every passing moment. Reed Richards soon returned and used Nocturne to possess Mimic, knocking him off-guard as Ben Grimm injected Mimic with a radioactive synthesized narcotic that would slow Mimic down long enough for his healing factor to attack the Brood embryo. Downed, Mimic's healing factor succeeded in purging his system of the Brood embryo and he regained consciousness, asking what he had been hit with. Morph soon found Sunfire, who had suffocated under the building rubble, and Morph became emotional, accusing Mimic of being a monster and exclaiming that the Brood-infected Mimic should have killed himself rather than risk the lives of his teammates. Mimic did not fight back, instead crying at his part in Sunfire's death, and the Exiles' newest teammate, a returned Blink, soon showed up to replace Sunfire.

(Exiles I#43) - A still-emotional Morph immediately exclaimed to Blink that Mimic had killed Sunfire and when Blink questioned Mimic, the devastated Mimic asked Blink to not look at him. As Mimic continued his self-pity, the Exiles were transported to Earth-4400's Morlock tunnels, where Morph angrily berated Mimic and accused him of betraying the Exiles. Morph then stormed off as Mimic ran the other way. Blink went after Mimic and Magik went after Morph as the other Exiles were introduced to Earth-371's Gambit, a member of the reality-hopping Weapon X team. Blink caught up to Mimic as he was taking out his frustrations on the sewer walls with his optic blasts and she tried to assure him of her belief that he would never deliberately hurt his teammates. Frustrated and distraught, Mimic exclaimed his feelings of failure and expressed his desire to stop blindly following the Tallus and start making a difference in the alternate realities. Apologizing for Sunfire's death and admitting how much he had missed Blink, Mimic embraced Blink and Blink swore to Mimic that everything would be okay. The two then went to a room, where Mimic noticed his copied healing factor healing his damaged eye and Blink noticed the Tallus switching from Mimic to herself. Mimic then convinced Blink to stay with him for awhile before they returned to the other Exiles and the two rested together as Gambit-371's Tallus revealed to the other Exiles that only six from the Exiles and Gambit's Weapon X would move on to the next mission while the others would die.

(Exiles I#44) - After the Exiles and Gambit informed Mimic of their newest mission, Mimic outright refused to kill anyone despite what the Tallus said. Mimic apologized to the other Exiles for Sunfire's death and Morph accepted Mimic's apology, warning that if he made another mistake, Morph would take Mimic down himself. Mimic, the Exiles and Gambit then continued their discussion over the possibility of killing some of the Weapon X or Exiles members. Once they had decided on a plan to have Nocturne possess Weapon X's power-mad Earth-4023 Hyperion, Mimic, Blink, Morph and Gambit watched from afar as Magik turned on the other Exiles and sided with Hyperion in an effort to complete the Tallus' mission. Mimic and Morph then watched as Hyperion killed Magik, prompting Morph to attack Hyperion himself. Mimic reluctantly joined Morph in the attack despite the two not having a definite plan.

(Exiles I#45) - Upon seeing Hyperion's power, Mimic attempted to get Morph to turn back but when Hyperion fired his heat vision at Morph, Mimic intercepted the beams with his own optic blasts, causing a backlash of power that downed both Mimic and Morph. Mimic insisted that they would only defeat Hyperion by working together and Hyperion, tiring of hearing Mimic talk, hurled Mimic into a nearby skyscraper. Morph then jumped in to attack Hyperion one-on-one and a recovering Mimic returned to the fight by hitting Hyperion in his steel form at superhuman speed. Morph was then attacked by Weapon X's Earth-4732 Ms. Marvel as Mimic fought Hyperion, who shattered Mimic's bone claws. Hyperion then nearly killed Mimic until Sasquatch and Nocturne showed up and Blink and Gambit teleported into the battle. After Blink managed to take down Hyperion by teleporting his own eye beams to hit Hyperion's spine, a recovered Mimic informed the other Exiles of Magik's death. The Exiles then located Morph, who was being offered a chance to return home by the Timebroker. Checking on Morph, Mimic barely saw the Timebroker before the Timebroker dissipated and Morph, having chose to stay with the Exiles, admitted that he knew Mimic's killing of Sunfire was an accident. Hugging Morph, Mimic thanked him for his kind words and admitted Morph was like a brother to him.

Later, after the Tallus gave the Exiles twenty-four hours to relax before their next mission, Mimic joined Blink and the other Exiles in watching some television.

(Exiles I#46) - Teleported away from Earth-4400, Mimic and the Exiles were deposited in the middle of New York Harbor and Blink quickly felt as if another person had teleported with them. Morph soon located the Exiles' replacement for the deceased Magik, Earth-2189's Namora, and when Namora surfaced, Mimic found himself staring at his scantily-clad new teammate. Once out of the Harbor, Blink introduced herself as the Exiles' leader (and Mimic as the "cute guy") and explained the Exiles' mission. When Namora grew angry, feeling as if she had been enslaved by unseen powers, Mimic insisted that the Exiles did not see their missions as enslavement and explained how the Timebroker was more an aspect of the Exiles' collective unconscious. Nocturne argued that Mimic's description of the Timebroker was given by the Timebroker himself but Mimic assured Namora that each of the Exiles felt in their gut the truth of the Timebroker's words. The argument was soon quelled when the Exiles asked Blink what the Tallus said of their mission but Mimic and the others were only told to "leave their possessions behind and earn their wings." Annoyed, Namora refused to participate in the Exiles' mission and began to walk off, but when Sasquatch attempted to stop her, Namora fought back, drawing Mimic and the other Exiles into the battle to defend Sasquatch. Mimic, Morph and Nocturne all went to handle Namora as Blink left to rescue Sasquatch but Namora managed to fight off all three combatants before diving in the Harbor and swimming off. Blink soon returned with Sasquatch and Mimic informed her of Namora's escape, asking if the Exiles should continue their mission or go after Namora. Blink remained unsure of what their mission actually was, given the vague Tallus instructions, and Mimic then discussed with the other Exiles where they might find clues that could provide more details to the Tallus' words. Per Blink's subsequent suggestion, Mimic accompanied the Exiles in visiting Westchester County's Xavier Institute, where they all determined they had returned to Earth-616. While checking out the Institute from afar, Mimic and the Exiles were confronted by the X-Man-in-training Beak, who learned that Exiles were friendly despite wishing their presence to remain a secret. Blink soon informed Mimic and the others of an update from the Tallus explaining that the Exiles now had to rescue Namora from Earth-616's Namor and the Fantastic Four after Namora had informed them of her status as an Exile.

(Exiles I#47) - Mimic and the Exiles teleported to Earth-616's Baxter Building, where Namora was being held. As the team discussed their possible plans to rescue Namora, Beak suggested he just walk in and ask the Fantastic Four to release Namora, but Mimic, admitting that they had only brought Beak with them to keep him from telling the X-Men that the Exiles were there, suggested Beak keep his head low and his comments to himself. Nocturne remarked that perhaps Beak had a point and Blink soon agreed to let Beak visit the Fantastic Four while Mimic and the Exiles waited. After twenty minutes had gone by, Mimic began commenting on how sending Beak in was a bad idea and Blink reminded Mimic not to second guess her plans until the Thing and Human Torch confronted the Exiles. Mimic immediately attempted to calm the situation but the Thing grabbed Mimic by the throat and punched him into the sky. Blink quickly teleported away to rescue Mimic while ordering the other Exiles to keep the fight contained to the roof. The fight soon made its way into the Baxter Building and Blink teleported Mimic into the Building.

(Exiles I#48/Exiles I#69 (fb)) - Mimic fought the Human Torch as the other Exiles battled Earth-616's Fantastic Four but soon realized the two groups were beyond reasoning with and suggested Blink teleport everyone out of the Baxter Building before someone got hurt. Blink agreed but when she tried to teleport Namor and Namora, Invisible Woman entrapped Mimic and Blink in invisible force fields. When Invisible Woman then stopped the fight by trapping the other members of the Exiles, Mimic suggested Blink wait before teleporting the Exiles out of their force fields, having suspected that Nocturne had possessed Invisible Woman. Mister Fantastic soon deduced something was up, however, and Mimic told Nocturne to stop pretending to be Invisible Woman. Mimic then assured the Fantastic Four that Invisible Woman would be fine despite Nocturne's possession and Nocturne agreed to leave Invisible Woman's body if the fighting stopped. The two teams then discussed the Tallus' mission to "leave your possessions behind and earn your wings" and Mister Fantastic suggested that perhaps the Tallus meant that the Exiles had to leave Nocturne behind and recruit Earth-616's Beak. Blink's Tallus confirmed Mister Fantastic's suspicions and the Timebroker soon appeared to also confirm that Beak had to join the Exiles. After the Timebroker gave the Exiles until morning before their next mission, Mimic and the Exiles took Beak to see his wife Angel but Angel was unable to see or hear him due to Beak's new status of being unhinged from the timestream. Beak then left with the Exiles and Mimic and the others hugged Nocturne goodbye before they were teleported towards their next mission.

(Exiles I#49) - Arriving on Earth-14845 to find the Avengers transformed into paper dolls and the Capitol building a toilet bowl, Mimic informed the other Exiles that he could not hear a single engine anywhere and questioned what fate had befallen this reality. Blink soon ordered Mimic to use his copied superhuman speed to survey the area and Mimic quickly found a crashed S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier half a mile away. Reporting back, Mimic was told to check all of Washington, D.C. for survivors while the other Exiles checked out the Helicarrier to learn what had happened to Earth-14845. During his subsequent recon, Mimic located what appeared to be survivors but when he touched down to investigate, the "survivors" revealed themselves to be the transformed fingers of Earth-14845's Impossible Man. Escaping, Mimic ran for it but a stern Impossible Man transformed into a train and chased after Mimic while posing the question "what is funny?" After Impossible Man hit him with ice cream cones, Mimic fought back with his optic blasts and seemingly killed Impossible Man as the Exiles regrouped with him. At first scared he had killed again by accident, Mimic was relieved when Morph assured him the Impossible Man was not dead and the very much alive Impossible Man then appeared from the ground, transforming into multiples of himself and hit the Exiles as if boxing. Impossible Man then transformed Mimic and the other Exiles into plush versions of themselves but Morph realized that the disc attached to Impossible Man's head was controlling him and he told a string of jokes to get Impossible Man to laugh, shorting out the control disc and successfully accomplishing the Exiles' mission to "free Impossible Man." Back in control of his own mind, Impossible Man restored Mimic and the other Exiles to their true selves before restoring the world.

(Exiles I#50/Exiles  I#51 (fb)) - Mimic and the other Exiles were transported to Earth-5423, where they were almost hit by a train.

(Exiles I#50) - Avoiding the train, Mimic and the Exiles found themselves surprised by an earthquake caused by Earth-5423's Avalanche before Earth-5423's Mystique blew up the crashed train, releasing smoke that nullified Mimic's copied superhuman sense of smell and some of the other Exiles' powers. Hoping the effect was temporary and that Sasquatch could subsequently run tests on the group, Mimic, unaware that Earth-5423's shapeshifting Mystique had replaced Blink, asked "Blink" what the Tallus was telling her about the Exiles' mission on Earth-5423 and soon learned that they were there to help regroup the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to free "Big M" from prison. Beak immediately declined to help, thinking of his world's Magneto, but Mimic assured Beak that it was possible that Magneto was destined to save the world on Earth-5423. In an effort to cheer up Beak, Mimic reminded Beak that he once led Magneto's Brotherhood in his own reality and each reality's Magneto reminded him of his own worst mistakes, remarking that Beak had to learn from his mistakes. Mimic and the Exiles then accompanied "Blink" in finding the former Blob robbing a bank and Pyro, who was being experimented on by A.I.M. After both Blob and Pyro recognized Mimic and were told to keep quiet by "Blink," Mimic asked why everyone reacted in such a way but before Blob or Pyro could answer, "Blink" suggested the Exiles complete their mission first. When Pyro blurted out that Magneto was dead, Mimic questioned "Blink," who revealed that on Earth-5423, Calvin Rankin led the Brotherhood as the Big M. "Blink" then revealed that the Big M was in prison and that the Exiles would have to free him, allowing Mimic to glimpse a world where Charles Xavier had never taken him under his wing.

(Exiles I#51) - Still unaware of Mystique's ruse due to the olfactory suppressant gas released from the train, Mimic, finding "Blink" outside their motel room, walked up and invited "Blink" to lunch. Curious who "Blink" was talking to and told that she was talking to Avalanche to have him meet the Brotherhood and Exiles at the Vault to free the Big M, Mimic questioned "Blink"'s skill at convincing Avalanche over the phone, prompting Mystique to spontaneously kiss Mimic in an attempt to change the subject. "Blink" then pushed Mimic back inside the motel room, suggesting they have some time to themselves if the others were out to lunch. Following their romantic interlude, Mimic expressed concern over the Exiles' upcoming mission to free the Big M and whether the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants would hold back their killer instincts during the invasion of the Vault. "Blink" assured him that the Tallus wanted the Exiles to assist the Brotherhood and when Mimic asked what she was staring at, Mystique nearly gave herself away when she remarked on how different Mimic was than the Big M. That evening, Mimic joined the other Exiles and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in storming the Vault while the Big M learned of the Exiles' missions from the real Blink, who had escaped Brotherhood captivity to confront the Big M. As the Vault battle progressed, Mimic blasted Blob with his optic blasts to keep the villain from killing Guardsmen but he was soon confronted by the escaped Big M, who learned of Mimic's life through Blink's memories and felt that Mimic had gotten all of the lucky breaks he himself deserved. Preparing to telepathically erase all of Mimic's memories, the Big M learned that the only difference in the two Mimics' history was that Mimic had accepted Charles Xavier's offer to join the X-Men where the Big M had spat in Xavier's face. While the Big M was shocked by the revelation, Mimic copied Big M's stolen telepathy and telepathically forced the Big M to see the dark moments of Mimic's life and how Mimic strove to rise above, making the Big M realize that Mimic was much harder of a person than the Big M had assumed. Having accomplished their mission when the Big M opted to give himself a second chance at improving his life by rising above the dark times in his own life, Mimic and the Exiles teleported away, unaware that the Big M would go on to rededicate the Brotherhood to Charles Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence between human and mutant.

(Exiles I#52) - Mimic and the other Exiles arrived on Earth-4162, where the planet had been infected by Ego the Living Planet and had generated Anti-Bodies to fight off those harming the planet. Blink quickly ordered Mimic and the others to save civilians being attacked by the Anti-Bodies, which only succeeded in drawing the Anti-Bodies' attention to the Exiles. Blink then teleported all of the Anti-Bodies into space, prompting a smiling Mimic to commend her actions before Kirk Brasington, head of the Pleasant Hills Nuclear Reactor, greeted the Exiles and thanked them for saving his plant. Mimic then asked Blink what the Tallus said of their mission but Blink whispered that she'd rather not say it in the company of Brasington. After learning from Brasington that the Fantastic Four had gone missing and that the Avengers were working with Doctor Doom to stop the Anti-Bodies, Blink informed Mimic and the others that their mission was "to stop the Avengers and Doctor Doom." Teleporting to the Avengers' location, Mimic and the Exiles attempted to dissuade the Avengers from working with Doctor Doom but the Avengers were unconvinced that the Exiles were legitimately trying to help. A fight soon broke out when the egotistical Doctor Doom attempted to continue his mission regardless of the Exiles' presence and during the battle, Mimic fought the Avengers' leader, Captain America. More Anti-Bodies soon appeared and captured the Avengers, beckoning Mimic and the Exiles to follow them into the Earth's center. Despite the Avengers' warnings, Mimic and the Exiles followed the Anti-Bodies into the center of Earth, where they found the missing Fantastic Four and Reed Richards, who had linked his mind with Earth's newborn consciousness in an attempt to guide it and prevent it from destroying humanity. As Mimic and the others watched, Reed informed Blink that Ego the Living Planet on a course for Earth, leading his enemies to Earth.

(Exiles I#53) - Mimic and the Exiles watched as Reed Richards' personality was temporarily overridden by a psychic broadcast from Ego, who revealed his enemies to be the Celestials Gammenon and Jemiah. When Ego arrived at Earth and began trying to wake the planet's consciousness to side with him against the Celestials, Reed attempted to stave off Ego's influence as Anti-Bodies arrived to attack the Exiles and the other Fantastic Four members in the Earth's center. Mimic and the other Exiles fought off the Anti-Bodies while Beak reminded Reed of his son Franklin and Reed's emotions prompting Earth's consciousness to fight back against Ego, forcing his Anti-Bodies to halt their attack. Doctor Doom soon arrived with his Brain-Bomb drill and Mimic watched as Blink teleported into space, where she placed Doom's drill into Ego's core, killing him. Once Blink had been returned unconscious by the Celestials, Mimic explained to Reed Richards who they were and the Exiles' mission to repair damaged timelines. Three days later, Mimic greeted Blink when she regained consciousness and before the Exiles teleported away, their mission to save Earth completed, Blink informed Mimic that the Celestials had warned her about the "Timebreaker."

(Exiles I#54) - Mimic and the Exiles arrived on Earth-26292's New York, where Mimic questioned what would happen if the Exiles decided not to carry out their newest mission to "go to Twenty-Sixth and Lexington and buy the last cheese danish." After inadvertently scaring away Ruben Goldberg from the Bagel House restaurant, Mimic led the Bagel House's owner back into his store and asked if the man would be making any more cheese danishes that day. Upon hearing that the last one was displayed in the restaurant's window, Mimic informed Blink, who suggested the Exiles act fast, as the final cheese danish could control the fate of Earth-26292. When Beak questioned why the Exiles were still listening to the Timebroker's orders through the Tallus if they had been warned not to trust the "Timebreaker," Mimic and the other Exiles got into a discussion about the butterfly effect and how everything in the world was interconnected. Mimic ultimately went inside the Bagel House and bought the last cheese danish, eating it to accomplish the Exiles' mission. He was then transported to Earth-37072 alongside the other Exiles for their next mission, unaware of how the cheese danish being bought affected events on Earth-26292. Immediately upon arriving on Earth-37072, however, Mimic and the other Exiles were transformed into medieval versions of themselves to fit the rest of the world.

(Exiles I#55) - The memories altered by the spell on Earth-37072, the medieval versions of Mimic and the Exiles visited a tavern, where Mimic suggested they take jobs as the punishers of those who broke curfew. While some of the Exiles disliked the idea of such a job, Mimic considered it honest work and when Blink mentioned being unable to remove her Tallus and that it talked to her, Mimic suggested she keep quiet about the voices, as such talk would get them thrown out of the tavern. Mimic then suggested they all get some rest and worry about finding gainful employment the next morning. That night, Mimic was awakened when his copied superhuman senses picked up the scent of Earth-37072's Spider-Man, who was seeking to acquire Mimic's help. Spider-Man ultimately convinced Mimic and Blink to assemble the Exiles and he explained how the sorcerer Kulan Gath had transformed New York into a medieval world using a spell and that only Spider-Man recalled how things should be. Having not yet been recruited into Kulan Gath's guard, Mimic and the Exiles agreed to help Spider-Man, who led them into the sewers to rendezvous with his allies. While in the sewers, the Exiles were attacked by Earth-37072's Magik, who slashed Blink with her Soul Sword as Mimic hit Magik with optic blasts. Spider-Man protected Magik by temporarily blinding Mimic with webbing before Mimic learned that Magik's Soul Sword restored those transformed by Kulan Gath's spell. Spider-Man then introduced Mimic and the Exiles to the man who had sent him to recruit the Exiles in the first place: Kulan Gath himself, who wished to depose the transformed Ghost Rider that had ousted him as Earth-37072's ruler.

(Exiles I#56) - After Beak was restored by Magik's Soul Sword, Mimic allowed himself to be restored as well. When Heather Hudson proved to still be sick following her restoration, Mimic tried to get Heather to transform into her Sasquatch form to allow her healing factor to fight off the sickness and when Blink approached Heather, Kulan Gath grabbed her hand and warned that if Heather's powers were mystical, she should not transform into Sasquatch. Stepping in front of Gath, Mimic began charging up his optic blasts and warned Gath to never touch his girlfriend before explaining to Gath that Heather's powers came from Gamma radiation not magic. Spider-Man then interrupted to remind everyone of the mission to help Gath depose Ghost Rider and when Gath questioned Blink's Tallus, Mimic stood by Blink as she explained the Tallus and the Exiles' mission. Soon after, Mimic and the Exiles accompanied "Spider-Man" (unaware he was a disguised Kulan Gath) and Magik to Ghost Rider's domed fortress, where they all discussed the plan and the benefits of attacking during the day when Ghost Rider and his allies Morbius and Wendigo were sleeping. The group then split into two squads, with Mimic, Namora and Morph distracting the guards with battle while Blink and the others teleported inside the stronghold. Mimic's squad was soon overwhelmed by the guards but the Black Queen Selene appeared and helped against the guards, leading Mimic's squad inside and explaining that they were not the only ones who wished to see Ghost Rider deposed.

(Exiles I#57) - Selene led Mimic's squad further into Ghost Rider's fortress, only to be met with Blink, who teleported to Mimic's location with Beak and informed Mimic that Heather Hudson had been taken over by the Great Beast Tanaraq. Before Blink could learn why Selene was with Mimic, Tanaraq burst through the floor, battling Kulan Gath, who had assumed control of Earth-37072 following Tanaraq's destruction of Ghost Rider. When Tanaraq hurled Kulan Gath into his throne, accomplishing the Exiles' mission on Earth-37072, Mimic watched in shock as Tanaraq agreed to continue with the Exiles by placing himself in charge of the group until he could return to his home reality-3470. He then watched as Tanaraq gave Kulan Gath's mystic necklace to Selene, who used it to restore Earth-37072 to normal as Mimic and the other Exiles teleported towards their next mission.

(Exiles I#58) - Arriving on Earth-50358's Vancouver Island to stop a fuel cell factory from igniting the atmosphere, Mimic and the Exiles witnessed Tanaraq, still in control of Heather Hudson's form, massacre the villains causing the fuel cell problems. At first shocked, the Exiles soon fought the murderous Tanaraq and Mimic attempted to stop Tanaraq with his optic blasts but the previously attacking Namora was thrown into him before Blink attempted to reach Heather's personality. In an effort to assure the Exiles' cooperation with his actions, Tanaraq used Heather's knowledge to sabotage the fuel cell factory to ignite the atmosphere as it was supposed to and Mimic confirmed Tanaraq's actions by checking the computers. After Tanaraq revealed his plans to trace the Tallus back to its source and force the Timebroker to return him to his home reality, he forced Mimic and the other Exiles to seek out criminal geniuses to assist in his plan. Mimic then reached to the Leader, as well as the Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android, succeeding in recruiting the Mad Thinker's help with Tanaraq's plan. As Tanaraq worked with the criminals, Mimic, Morph and Namora discussed whether the Timebroker was really a figure of their collective unconscious, as they had been told, until Beak returned with Earth-50358's Shaman. When Shaman managed to reach Heather inside Tanaraq, Mimic and the other Exiles helped banish Tanaraq as Heather escaped their combined form. Helping the now non-powered Heather to her feet, Mimic asked if Heather had really been married to Wolverine in her reality and Heather confirmed that she had loved him despite it not ending well. Mimic then stood by the other Exiles as Blink confirmed that they had nine hours before their next mission.

(Exiles I#59) - Mimic and the Exiles were transported back to Earth-2600, years after their last visit there. When the group of mutant children recognized Blink from their previous rescue at the Exiles' hands but nonetheless attacked, Mimic transformed into his steel form and blasted the children away from Blink with a large optic blast. When Beak asked why the Exiles were defending Sabretooth, Mimic explained how the Exiles had once visited Earth-2600 to ensure the young mutant David Richards did not grow up to become a dictator and how Earth-295's Sabretooth stayed behind to ensure David grew up right. Mimic then revealed his knowledge that when Blink was earlier taken from the Exiles, she had actually been sent back to Earth-2600 and admitted that Blink now would not talk about experiences. After Blink asked the Tallus about the Exiles' mission on Earth-2600 and teleported away, an angry Mimic grabbed Sabretooth and demanded to know what had happened when Blink had returned there and why she was on edge. Sabretooth threatened Mimic to back down and refused to tell him anything, feeling as if it were better to have Blink tell him. Sabretooth soon revealed that twenty years had passed on Earth-2600 since the Exiles had last been there and the mutants that attacked them on arrival were the mutants rescued by Mimic and the Exiles earlier. Upon hearing this, Mimic suggested Sabretooth tell him the whole story as the two searched for Blink and the two departed with Mimic ordering the other Exiles to stay put.

As Mimic and Sabretooth searched for Blink, Mimic questioned why twenty years had passed on Earth-2600 while only a few months had passed for the Exiles but Sabretooth had no answer. Mimic then commented on how Sabretooth looked as if he had not aged and Sabretooth explained that he aged slowly, commenting that Mimic would age slowly too as long as he kept Wolverine's mimicked healing factor. Sabretooth then suggested they touch down outside of a nearby forest where Blink had once fled but when Mimic questioned what had happened, Sabretooth again suggested it would be better if Blink told him. While they landed, Sabretooth prepared to sniff out Blink using his senses but Mimic argued that he could do the same. Sabretooth quipped back that Mimic only had half of Wolverine's senses but an increasingly angry Mimic popped his claws and reminded Sabretooth that he had also mimicked Wolverine's claws. Sabretooth then suggested they split up before Sabretooth was forced to gut Mimic and five hours later, Mimic sensed Blink and reunited with her. Offering to help her, Mimic remarked that Blink would have to tell him what had happened during her return visit to Earth-2600 so that he could help her deal with it. Blink then revealed to Mimic how David Richards had telepathically forced her to kill those responsible for unleashing the Earth-2600 Sentinels. Sabretooth then arrived and finished the story, explaining how he had been forced to take down David himself, and Mimic suggested the Exiles just complete their mission and leave. Blink immediately argued against it, refusing to even tell Sabretooth and Mimic what the mission was, and she attempted to teleport the Tallus from her arm. It returned several times before finally moving to Sabretooth's arm and Sabretooth confirmed that the Exiles' mission was to kill Mimic. Transforming to steel, Mimic asked Sabretooth to take his best shot and the Timebroker showed up to goad Sabretooth into killing. Sabretooth outright refused, not wanting to take love away from Blink, but the Timebroker warned them of punishment should they refuse to carry out their mission. Blink responded by announcing they were done being Exiles and the Timebroker agreed, snapping his fingers and transporting Sabretooth, Mimic and Blink away.

(Exiles I#60) - Mimic and the other Exiles found themselves transported to Earth-295, the home reality of Sabretooth and Blink, and the Timebroker explained that they had been sent there to be punished. Mimic quickly noticed that Beak was missing and the Timebroker revealed the Exiles' newest member: Earth-295's Holocaust. Holocaust immediately attacked the Timebroker, who used Sabretooth's Tallus to force Holocaust, Mimic and the rest of the Exiles to telepathically "view" their upcoming mission to kill Earth-295's X-Men. After learning that Sinister was attempting to take over where Apocalypse had once ruled, Holocaust flew off to destroy Sinister while Mimic and the Exiles visited the Bureau of Mutant Affairs in an attempt to speak with the X-Men's leader Magneto. While there, Mimic tried to stop Sabretooth from scaring the wrong people but Sabretooth threatened Mimic, assuring Mimic that they were not friends despite Mimic's relationship with Sabretooth's adopted daughter Blink. Holocaust soon returned to the Exiles, prompting Mimic and the others to rush outside to confront Holocaust, who informed the Exiles that they could combine Earth-295's M'Kraan Crystal with Sabretooth's Tallus to win back their lives from their Exile duties.

(Exiles I#61) - Some of the Exiles considered Holocaust's offer to work together to free themselves of being an Exile but Mimic argued that, since Holocaust was known murderer, they should continue the conversation with Holocaust behind bars. Humans soon rallied to apprehend Holocaust and before Holocaust could kill them, Mimic ricocheted an optic blast off the ground to hit Holocaust's arm, throwing off Holocaust's aim. Holocaust responded by knocking Mimic far away.

(Avengers IV#12 - BTS) - Mimic and the Exiles' battle on Earth-295 was briefly glimpsed on Earth-616 during a battle between the Infinity Gem-wielding Red Hulk and Hood.

(Exiles I#61) - Sabretooth ultimately agreed to a truce with Holocaust while Mimic returned to the field and then had Blink teleport Mimic and the others away from their human attackers. Arriving at a former Yucatan base of Earth-295's Beast, Mimic and the Exiles were confronted by Magneto's X-Men. Ambushed by Quicksilver, Mimic tricked Quicksilver into running into a wall before coming to Namora's aid by downing Sunfire. The Timebroker soon showed up and tried to goad Holocaust into killing Magneto, making the suspicious Holocaust instead halt his attack and Mimic and the Exiles then teleported away from the battle. Arriving at the M'Kraan Crystal, Mimic expressed to Morph concern over Blink's lack of confidence since Sabretooth joined the Exiles as Holocaust had a scientist calibrate the M'Kraan Crystal to the carrier signal of Sabretooth's Tallus. Holocaust then had Blink teleport the Exiles into the M'Kraan Crystal so they could follow the Tallus' signal back to the Timebroker and Mimic announced his trust of Blink when she expressed concern over teleporting the group into a solid object. With his hand in Blink's, Mimic was then teleported into a Crystal Palace alongside the other Exiles and once inside, Sabretooth announced that he was picking up no human scent.

(Exiles I#62) - Mimic questioned where the Exiles were exactly but Sabretooth quickly quieted Mimic, suggesting they all lay low and only use hand signals from that point on. Investigating the Crystal Palace, Mimic and the Exiles soon found a wall housing their past fallen teammates and when they noticed Beak and Heather Hudson in the suspended animation wall, Mimic prepared to cut them loose with his claws but Blink stopped him, suggesting instead that she teleport them free to be safer. Sabretooth warned Blink that they might be on some sort of life support and Mimic angrily ordered Sabretooth to stop second-guessing Blink. The two nearly fought before Sabretooth sensed approaching sentients and ordered everyone to hide. Upon seeing the approaching being was a human-sized insect, Mimic and the Exiles tackled the insect and demanded he take them to his leader. As the insect led them away, Mimic remarked that perhaps the insect didn't recognize the Exiles' Timebroker because they only projected the Timebroker construct without actually seeing it. When the door to the insect's leader was sealed, Blink opted to teleport Mimic and the other Exiles inside and the Exiles immediately attacked the insects inside. Mimic soon realized the insects were not fighting back and helped halt the attack as the insects' leader revealed himself as a recovered Earth-4023 Hyperion. Mimic then watched as Holocaust attacked Hyperion and was killed.

(Exiles I#63) - Before Hyperion could further act, Blink ordered Mimic and the Exiles to retreat and Mimic was teleported away with the others in an effort to hide from Hyperion and buy themselves time to come up with a plan. Hyperion soon located the Exiles but Blink managed to continue teleporting Mimic and the others away until they arrived in the desert area where the Timebroker had gathered the original Exiles. When Hyperion again located the Exiles, Blink teleported Mimic and the other Exiles away while she stayed and kept Hyperion distracted in the desert area. Making his way back to Blink, Mimic stayed hidden and listened as Hyperion explained the origins of the insect Timebreakers. Having sensed the Exiles regrouping around Blink, Hyperion soon offered the Exiles a place at his side, reminding Mimic that he was once a criminal.

(Exiles I#64) - After Hyperion seemingly killed Morph, who had attacked him posing as Namora, Mimic extended his claws and transformed into steel form to attack Hyperion by slashing his back. Hyperion soon spun at superhuman speed, creating a one-man sandstorm in the desert, forcing Mimic to fly high into the air to avoid the spinning sand. Transforming back into his steel form, Mimic flew himself at Hyperion at half-light speed, slamming himself into Hyperion and seriously injuring himself to down Hyperion. Blink rushed back to check on Mimic and informed the barely-moving Mimic that he had only stunned Hyperion. When Hyperion regained consciousness, Blink quickly teleported Mimic and herself away but Hyperion followed, only to have his neck broken by Namora. Hyperion surprisingly recovered and returned to confront Blink and Mimic, only to be met with a revived Blink and his recruited allies, Earth-712 and Earth-5764's Hyperions.

(Exiles I#65) - The injured Mimic, Blink and Beak watched as the two heroic Hyperions battled the corrupt Earth-4023 Hyperion in the air above them. The heroic Hyperions ordered Beak to hide as the battle progressed and Beak informed Mimic and Blink that he had been chosen to join the Exiles for the sole purpose of helping against Hyperion-4023. Mimic admitted that the Timebreakers had seen something in Beak that no one else had and apologized for misjudging Beak. The battle of Hyperions soon erupted back into the Crystal Palace and water from the "ocean room" came pouring in, nearly scattering the trio of Exiles until Blink managed to teleport Beak, Mimic and herself back into the Timebreakers' control room. Moments later, the battle erupted into the control room as well and as Blink teleported Beak and Mimic away from the battle, Mimic grabbed the leg of Earth-4023's Hyperion to allow the heroic Hyperions to gain an upper hand. Learning from the Timebreakers that the Hyperion battle could cause the Crystal Palace to implode, Mimic suggested they find a way to move the fight out of the Crystal Palace and Blink teleported all Hyperions into the desert room. Mimic then watched on the Timebreakers' screens as Blink teleported a half ton of sand into Hyperion-4023's body, buying the heroic Hyperions time to regroup. When Beak asked if the heroic Hyperions would have to kill their foe, Mimic asked the Timebreakers about their recruitment of Earth-4023's Hyperion then utilized the Timebroker holographic interface to speak to Blink. Revealing how Earth-4023's Hyperion had lived years alone in his bombed-out home reality, Mimic convinced Blink and the Hyperions to exile Earth-4023's Hyperion to his own home reality. Still laying on the floor of the Crystal Palace's control room, too injured to even move his legs, Mimic watched as Earth-4023's Hyperion was exiled and Sabretooth warned Mimic about the potential for Hyperion to someday escape. Mimic replied by telling Sabretooth he was more worried whether or not he would ever walk again.

(Exiles I#66 (fb) - BTS) - Mimic was taken to the Crystal Palace's infirmary.

(Exiles I#66) - Mimic's former teammate, Earth-3470's Heather Hudson, was freed from the Crystal Palace's stasis to tend to Mimic's injuries. When she arrived, Heather immediately asked Mimic what had happened and Mimic explained how he had collided with a proverbial immovable object, remaining in his steel form ever since. Heather commended Mimic on being smart and staying in his steel form but warned that he couldn't stay in his steel form forever. Heather later brought in superhuman surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange from Earth-59661 to check on the condition of Mimic and Morph and when Mimic asked what his prognosis was, Dr. Strange informed Mimic that if he were to transform back to his flesh form, he would die quicker than his copied healing factor could heal him. Sabretooth volunteered to let Mimic copy his healing factor to add to his already-existing healing factor, surprising Mimic, who admitted he hadn't exactly gotten along with Sabretooth since Sabretooth joined the Exiles. Mimic then admitted that while it was a nice thought, he had been trying to mimic Sabretooth's abilities for days with no luck. Blink interrupted to discussion, reminding everyone that Mimic needed immediate help, and Heather Hudson suggested placing Mimic within the suspended animation wall in the Crystal Palace to buy Mimic time for the others to find a permanent fix for his situation. Expressing his dislike of the idea, Mimic nonetheless allowed himself to be placed in suspended animation until the Exiles could find someone whose healing factor he could mimic and Mimic informed Blink of his wish to keep Blink's life from being one constant crisis after another before the wall was sealed with him inside. Heather Hudson then led Dr. Strange to the Crystal Palace's control room so they could research other fast-healing superhumans in other realities and, along the way, Dr. Strange admitted that he had never encountered a being like Mimic in his reality, curious if Mimic could copy only mutant powers or any superhuman powers. Five hours later, Dr. Strange checked on Heather to see how her research into finding a healing factor "donor" for Mimic to copy was going. Leaning towards utilizing the healing factor from Earth-3752's Curt Connors, the Exiles argued over the priorities of saving Mimic's life, continuing to repair broken realities or simply shutting down the Timebreakers and their Crystal Palace until a recovering Morph reminded the team of their priorities and insisted they have a funeral for their previously fallen teammate Sunfire before they decided on anything.

(Exiles I#67 - BTS) - Mimic remained in stasis as the Exiles traveled to Earth-3752, where they encountered the living island Krakoa. Monitoring the Exiles' progress from the Crystal Palace, Heather Hudson informed Dr. Strange of the trouble the Exiles had encountered before they could ask Dr. Curt Connors for his assistance with Mimic. While the Exiles later asked for Connors' aid and he agreed to help Mimic on the condition that the Exiles assist Earth-3752 against Krakoa, Dr. Strange visited the Crystal Palace's stasis wall and learned that formerly deceased Weapon X operative Deadpool had been resurrected by his supercharged healing factor. Strange immediately ordered the Timebreakers to free Deadpool from the stasis wall in hopes of having Mimic copy Deadpool's healing factor.

(Exiles I#68) - After the freed Deadpool killed Earth-59661's Dr. Strange and then threatened to kill Heather Hudson unless she released the other Weapon X members from the stasis wall, Beak ordered one of the Timebreakers to release Mimic from the stasis wall despite still being injured. By the time Deadpool and Heather Hudson arrived at the stasis wall, Deadpool found Mimic lying unconscious on the floor, having been released by the Timebreakers. Finding Dr. Strange dead, Heather rushed to check on Mimic but Deadpool forced her to leave Mimic and focus on reviving his Weapon X teammates. As Heather was forced to revive Weapon X's Hulk, Mimic regained consciousness and copied Deadpool's healing factor, transforming back into human form to heal his injuries. Confronting Deadpool, Mimic transformed back into steel form and prepared to punish Deadpool for the murder of Dr. Strange. Hitting Deadpool with an optic blast, Mimic fought Deadpool until Hulk, tired of the reality-hopping, grabbed Deadpool and offered to adjudicate Deadpool in exchange for the Exiles sending her back to her home reality. Unsure what Hulk meant, Mimic witnessed Hulk kill Deadpool by breaking his spine. When the Exiles subsequently returned from Earth-3752, Heather informed them of Deadpool's attack and the healed Mimic revealed himself to the team, his skin having developed a cancerous look similar to Deadpool's. Assuring Blink he would be fine once he replaced Deadpool's power with a different one, Mimic noted that they could use Dr. Connors' regenerative serum from Earth-3752 to heal his skin condition before suggesting they send Beak back to Earth-616.

(Exiles I#69) - As the Exiles prepared to send Beak back to Earth-616 and had trouble locking onto the reality, Mimic again assured Blink he would be fine after he replaced Deadpool's mimicked healing factor with Blink's teleportation powers. Unfortunately, Mimic found himself unable to rid himself of Deadpool's powers. Blink suggested using the regenerative serum but Mimic opted to get rid of Deadpool's powers first before using the only serum they had. The two briefly discussed Blink's repulsion to Mimic's scarred skin before they were interrupted by Heather Hudson, who asked them to meet the other Exiles at the Crystal Palace's excursion platform. Explaining to Heather Hudson that they had hit a snag in curing his scarred skin, Mimic accompanied the Exiles to Earth-616, unaware that a reality warp had overridden it with that of Earth-58163. Upon arriving, Mimic and the Exiles immediately got sick before they began investigating the reality. Reading a newspaper, Mimic informed the other Exiles that Magneto had somehow become a well-loved head of state and that mutants were a majority. Mimic then joined the other Exiles in helping Beak find his wife Angel, whom they soon noticed posing semi-nude on a billboard. After Beak confronted Earth-58163's Angel and learned his children did not exist, Beak returned to Mimic and the other Exiles and insisted they restore Earth-616 to prominence. Mimic and the Exiles replied that if the reality changes were meant to be, the Exiles might not have a right to change them back, unaware that they were being watched by Earth-58163's Mutant X.

(Exiles I#70) - Mimic tried to console Beak but Sabretooth again questioned whether the Exiles should change things, prompting Mimic to angrily accuse Sabretooth of writing off Beak's family. The two nearly got into a fight until Blink broke up the argument as Beak was lured away and captured by a Mutant X-possessed Angel. Mimic prepared to pursue the two but Earth-58163's Moira MacTaggert revealed herself and warned against it for the sake of Beak's life. Taking Mimic and the Exiles to a nearby shelter, Dr. MacTaggert revealed the origins of herself and her son, Mutant X, until robot Sentinels attack, forcing Mimic to use his optic blasts against the robots. Once the Sentinels had been destroyed, Dr. MacTaggert tracked Mutant X to a nearby skyscraper and Mimic and the Exiles confronted Mutant X, who had captured Beak.

(Exiles I#71/Exiles I#80 (fb)/Exiles: Days of Then & Now#1 (fb)) - Mimic watched as Mutant X attempted to force himself onto the Exiles team but when Mutant X noticed Sabretooth speaking to his Tallus bracelet, Mutant X warped reality around Mimic and the others, painfully distorting their physical forms. When Mutant X began forcing Blink to live her worst fears, Mimic fought back, firing his optic blasts, but succeeding only in hitting a transformed Sabretooth. Mutant X then turned his attention towards Mimic, forcing him to see Blink turning away from him after being unable to mend his newly-scarred body. Mutant X then made Mimic seemingly melt in a blob of flesh until Earth-58163's Moira MacTaggert shot Mutant X. With Mutant X distracted, Sabretooth informed Mimic that Heather Hudson had determined Mutant X's weakness to metal and when Mimic left Angel's body, Mimic transformed into his steel form and extended his claws to kill Mutant X despite Mimic's qualms against killing. Before Mimic could kill Mutant X, however, Mutant X possessed Mimic and attacked the other Exiles. Blink teleported Sabretooth and Morph away and confronted Mutant X herself, demanding he give up Mimic's body, but Mimic/Mutant X (called Proteus by the Timebreakers) admitted he had seen a glimpse of other realities via the Crystal Palace and Mimic's memories. Wishing to extend his reach into these other realities, Mutant X/Mimic teleported out of Earth-58163 and into another reality, leaving the remaining Exiles behind to be extracted to the Crystal Palace by Heather Hudson.

(Exiles I#72) - Arriving on Earth-15731 near the Clinic for Paranormal Research in Wisconsin, Proteus/Mimic was found by Earth-15731's DP7 group and he thanked them for their assistance, asking how far away he was from Pittsburg. The Exiles soon learned of Proteus' arrival on Earth-15731 and teleported there, hoping to force Proteus out of Mimic's body and save their teammate. Sensing power elsewhere, Proteus/Mimic flew off moments before the Exiles teleported to the Clinic and asked DP7 about Mimic's whereabouts. Once in Pittsburg, Proteus/Mimic sought out Kenneth Connell, having learned of Connell's near-unlimited power when Proteus earlier glimpsed the Crystal Palace's reality index systems. While searching through Connell's apartment, Proteus/Mimic decided to familiarize himself with Connell's life, figuring Proteus would need to know it if left Mimic's body for Connell's, but when Proteus/Mimic looked at a photo of Connell's love interest, Mimic began resisting Proteus' control and flooding Proteus with thoughts of his love for Blink. Soon realizing that Mimic had trying to mentally fight back for control of his body ever since Proteus possessed it, Proteus/Mimic barely had time to think before he was confronted by Earth-15731's Justice. Extending his claws, Proteus/Mimic was hit by a powerful energy blast from Justice that hurt Proteus.

(Exiles I#73/Exiles I#80 (fb)) - A fierce battle continued between Justice and Proteus/Mimic, forcing Proteus to burn out Mimic's body faster than normal. Moments before Proteus had completely exhausted and burned out Mimic's body, however, he jumped out of Mimic's body and into Justice's. The dying Mimic then collapsed on the ground as Proteus/Justice looked at Mimic and remarked on how he had thought Mimic's body would have lasted longer. Proteus/Justice then stepped over the dead Mimic to leave Ken Connell's apartment. Unaware of Mimic's death, the Exiles recruited Ken Connell and together, they went to Connell's apartment, where Blink tearfully discovered Mimic's corpse.

(Exiles I#74) - As the Exiles, their newest recruit Longshot and several Earth-15731 heroes forced Proteus to teleport out of reality-15731, Heather Hudson transported Mimic's corpse into the Crystal Palace's stasis wall.

(Exiles I#75 - BTS) - Heather Hudson revealed her plan to prevent Earth-58163's Proteus from accessing the Exiles' body, remarking that if she had thought about the idea earlier, Mimic might still be alive. When Hudson mentioned wishing she had gotten the Crystal Palace's temporal scanners operational sooner, Sabretooth threatened to slap Heather if she blamed herself for Mimic's death one more time. Sabretooth then assured Heather that Mimic had hesitated to kill Proteus when he had the chance and paid the price for it. The Exiles later tracked Proteus to Earth-928, which later diverged into Earth-6375 due to Proteus' involvement, and when Blink confronted Proteus (now in that reality's Hulk), Proteus taunted Blink with Mimic's memories of how Blink liked to be touched.

(Exiles I#76 - BTS) - Proteus/Hulk claimed he could not stop thinking about Blink, suggesting perhaps that he had developed leftover feelings from being in Mimic's body. Blink argued that Proteus might have stolen Mimic's memories but he had none of Mimic's humanity. Proteus later claimed to have done a wrong to Blink by stealing Mimic's body and admitted that he was not prepared for the depth of Mimic's feelings for Blink. Proteus then explained that Mimic's feelings for Blink had been preying on Proteus' mind and growing like a virus, causing Proteus to develop feelings for Blink as well.

(Exiles I#83) - As the Exiles returned each of those within the Crystal Palace's stasis walls to their proper realities, Blink brought Mimic's corpse in the desert area of the Crystal Palace with Longshot. She then attempted to have a small funeral but when Longshot asked why Mimic was being buried in the desert, Blink admitted she had hoped to keep Mimic's grave close so she could visit it. Following a brief battle against Weapon X's revived Iron Man, Sabretooth informed the other Exiles that Blink was keeping Mimic within the Crystal Palace but when new recruit Power Princess questioned why Mimic was not being buried on his home soil, Blink decided to return Mimic to his home reality. Teleporting into Earth-12's X-Men mansion, Blink tearfully informed Earth-12's X-Men that Mimic had died fighting for what he believed in. She then promised to tell the X-Men more about why Mimic had been gone and expressed hope they would tell her things about Mimic she never knew.

(Exiles I#84 - BTS) - A funeral was held for Mimic on Earth-12 that was attended by Blink, who was offered a place in the X-Men by Professor X.

(Exiles I#89 - BTS) - Recovering from his earlier injuries within the Crystal Palace's stasis wall, former Exiles member Thunderbird dreamed of fighting Apocalypse alongside his Exiles teammates, including Mimic.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 7 - Mimic entry - BTS) - Despite his apparent death, it remained unclear if Mimic's supercharged healing factor might be able to someday resurrect him.

(Exiles III#1 - BTS) - When Earth-616's Unseen acquired an iteration of the Tallus in an effort to save the Multiverse, the Tallus sprung to life, displaying images of Mimic (specifically his steel form hand with claws), the other past Exiles and individuals met during various Exiles mission, ultimately forming a singular image of Blink.

Comments: Created by Judd Winick, Mike McKone and Mark McKenna.

In Exiles I#18, Mimic mentions having encountered Mojo and Longshot three separate times in the past. Despite Mojo's claims of being individual to the Multiverse, we have seen different counterparts of both him and Longshot so it was unclear which counterparts of Mojo and Longshot the Exiles encountered or it was the prime, Earth-616 Mojo and Longshot.

In Exiles I#35, Mimic's eyes were mistakenly colored brown instead of his usual blue.

The flashback to a winged Mimic fighting alongside Blink, seen in Blink's mind when the Big M read her mind in Exiles I#51, could only have occurred during the events seen in Exiles I#1, as Mimic still had his wings and was wearing his goggles. He gave up his wings to mimic the Phoenix Force in Exiles I#4 and in most of Exiles I#2-3, he was either wearing a disguise or recuperating from his battle against the alternate Wolverine. Similarly, the kiss seen in Blink's memories did not appear to be Blink and Mimic's first kiss, as Blink kissed Mimic during their first kiss and Mimic seemed to be leading the kiss in the Exiles I#51 flashback. Therefore, that particular kiss in Blink's memories was likely a later kiss the two shared.

Earth-12's Mimic received profiles in Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 7.

In regards to Mimic's Affiliations and Enemies, all characters are the Earth-12 versions unless otherwise noted.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-12's Mimic has no known connections to:

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