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Real Name: Peter Parker

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-15) human/symbiote hybrid

Occupation: Terrorist

Group Membership: None;
                                    formerly Weapon X (Angel/Warren Worthington of Earth-714, Colossus/Peter Rasputin of Earth-1917, Deadpool/"Wade Wilson" of Earth-5021, Firestar/Angelica Jones of Earth-3062, Hulk/Bruce Banner of Earth-873, Hulk/Jen Walters of Earth-1029, Iron Man/Tony Stark of Earth-2020, Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers of Earth-4732, Sabretooth/Victor Creed of Earth-295, Storm/Ororo Munroe of Earth-23895
, Vision of Earth-10101)

Affiliations: Hyperion of Earth-4023, Iron Monarch (Tony Stark) of Earth-42777

Enemies: Avengers of Earth-4400, Brotherhood of Mutants of Earth-94831, David Richards of Earth-2600, Exiles (Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Mimic/Calvin Rankin of Earth-12, Morph/Kevin Sidney of Earth-1081, Nocturne/Talia Josephine Wagner of Earth-2182, Sasquatch/Heather Hudson of Earth-3470, Sunfire/Mariko Yashida of Earth-2109), Fantastic Five of Earth-4400, Sentinels of Earth-2600, Scarlet Witch of Earth-42777, Stephen Strange of Earth-42777, Wonder Man of Earth-42777, Timebroker,

Known Relatives: None (see comments)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A grave on Earth-15;
                                  formerly the Panoptichron;
                                  formerly mobile throughout the multiverse;
                                  formerly mobile on Earth-15

First Appearance: Exiles I#12 (June, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: A bite from a radioactive spider granted Peter Parker enhanced strength, reflexes and agility. He also gained a 'spider sense' alerting him to possible danger. After merging with an alien symbiote, all his abilities were increased to unknown degrees. The symbiote can produce an organic substance akin to web fluid and is sticky enough to trap even superstrong foes for extended periods of time. Due to his merging with the symbiote, Spider is especially vulnerable to fire and sonics.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 167 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Hazel


(Exiles I#83 (fb) - BTS) - Peter Parker was born on Earth-15 in 1963.

(Exiles I#24 (fb) - BTS) - Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider.

(Spider-Verse I#2/5 (fb) - BTS) - The bite anointed Peter as the Spider-Totem of his reality.

(Exiles I#12 (fb) - BTS) - At an undetermined point Peter Parker encountered and merged with an alien symbiote that enhanced his powers.

(Exiles I#38 (fb) - BTS) - Now known as the Spider, he went on a reign of terror on Earth-15 that led to a series of brutal murders. His killing spree ultimately came to an end. He was incarcerated and convicted to serve sixty-seven consecutive life sentences.

(Exiles I#83 (fb) -BTS) - The Spider's prison registration number was #24739.

(Exiles I#12 (fb) - BTS) -  At an unrevealed point, the Spider was recruited by the Timebreakers (posing as the Timebroker) claiming he had become 'undone in time'. He was forced to help repair breaks in the chain of time and reality as part of Weapon X a team of ruthless and bloodthirsty dimensional exiles led by Earth-295's Sabretooth. He replaced an alternate version of Daredevil who got killed.

(Exiles I#38 (fb) - BTS) - In no real rush to return home, Spider mostly focused on having fun during the missions.

(Exiles I#12 (fb) - BTS) - As part of Weapon X, the Spider used his abilities to help accomplish their often gruesome missions. Among their recorded exploits: starting a war between Atlantis and the Inhumans, crippling Doctor Strange, blowing up Avengers Mansion and murdering Tony Stark. When Kane died on a mission against the Sub-Mariner, he was replaced by Vision.

Exiles I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Weapon X was sent to Earth-2600, a world where the Sentinels actively hunted mutantkind. By the time he was 10, young David Richards was an orphan stuck in a Sentinel-guarded camp for preteen mutants. His existence was noticed by the Timebreakers who got worried when they realized the child would grow up to be his reality's most powerful mutant, easily able to take over the world. They decided killing the boy before he could access his full power was the best option. To achieve this task they assigned Weapon X and the Exiles, another band of time tossed mutants with a far softer approach.

(Exiles I#24 (fb) - BTS) - During a mission to exterminate the Morlock population, Spider was nearly killed by his teammate She-Hulk who disagreed with his bloodthirsty approach.

(Exiles I#12) - Still reeling from their last mission, which involved him having to kill fifty Morlocks in their sleep, Spider tried to take in the terrain of Earth-2600. He couldn't help but comment on the Vision's astonishing versatility, preferring the versatile android's advanced abilities to his predecessor Kane. Weapon X was surprised by the arrival of the Exiles, especially when it became clear Sabretooth knew their leader Blink. After comparing notes, and being shocked that Exiles member Sasquatch was a black woman called Heather Hudson, the teams banded together to carry out what they believed to be their full mission: rescue David Richards from the Sentinels.

(Exiles I#13) - When Blink told her teammate Mimic what their true mission was, it got picked up by Vision who immediately informed Spider and the other members of Weapon X. Spider was ready to kill David and move on, but Sabretooth switched sides: killing Deadpool before teleporting away with the Exiles, David and the other mutant kids they rescued from the Sentinels.

(Exiles I#13 - BTS) - Following Deadpool's death, Spider and the others welcomed his replacement: Iron Man.

(Exiles I#13) - Forced by the Timebroker to stop running, the Exiles took the fight to Weapon X who were out for blood. Spider faced Nocturne and Sabretooth but proved incapable of seriously hurting any of them before a blast of plasma from Sunfire took the fight out of him completely. The arrival of a new brand of killer Sentinels forced the combatants to stop and evacuate. In the aftermath, an agreement was reached: Sabretooth was to stay behind on Earth-2600 to help David Richards grow up to be a responsible mutant adult.

(Exiles I#24 (fb) - BTS) - Without Sabretooth as their leader, Spider and Weapon X continued with their tasks. They went on several undocumented missions, including one against a Doctor Octopus that tried to steal the Tallus only to die in the process. Over the course of time, they lost Iron Man but gained alternate reality versions of Angel and Gambit, who served as the new field leader wielding the Tallus.

(Exiles I#23) - Weapon X arrived on Earth-42777, a reality ruled by Iron Man (Tony Stark). They emerged in president Stark's Oval Office in New York City.

(Exiles I#24) - Spider watched Gambit explain to the highly distrustful Stark who they were and what they'd come to do. They'd been ordered by the Tallus to help him capture the Inhumans and they wanted to do just that. Joining the president on a walk, they learned the only way to breach the Inhumans' seemingly impenetrable G-barrier was a "key" created by Reed Richards which was currently in possession of the gamma enhanced, super strong Wonder Man. Weapon X opted to retrieve the device. Thanks to Storm's magics, they briefly fooled Wonder Man's security systems. However, when Spider attacked Wonder Man's house guest Doctor Strange, they were quickly discovered. Spider made matters worse by trying to use Wonder Man's lover Scarlet Witch as a hostage. This caused him to completely lose control and Hulk out, forcing Gambit to use a device that generated a vortex to the Negative Zone. Both Wonder Man and their teammate Hulk were sucked in, with Spider making no effort to rescue her because of the Morlock incident. Jen Walters was quickly replaced with Earth-1917's Colossus. Spider reminded Gambit it was up to former neophyte member Angel to fill the newbie in. Weapon X retrieved the key and delivered it to a gleeful Tony Stark.

(Exiles I#25) - Spider joined Weapon X and president Stark's metahuman forces in their attack on the Inhumans' stronghold in the Pacific Ocean. Eventually Stark using the "key" to bring down the G-barrier surrounding the Inhumans' refuge. When Weapon X entered, they found every Inhuman dead on the floor, killed by Black Bolt as part of a strategy inspired by the tale of the Jewish desert fortress Masada. Their mission accomplished, Weapon X moved on.

(Exiles I#38 (fb) - BTS) - Weapon X continued on its missions. Over time, Angel was fatally wounded and replaced by Earth-4732's Ms. Marvel (though he ended up part of the Panoptichron's stasis wall). The lascivious new recruit considered starting a relationship with Spider, but quickly concluded he was more into violence than acts of love. The team was sent to another alternate reality with an unknown mission that saw Storm lethally injured before the assignment got well underway.

(Exiles I#38) - Vision watched Storm perish in Gambit's arms, only to be immediately replaced by Earth-4023's Hyperion. So overwrought by the loss of his beloved, Gambit walked off and refused to tell Weapon X their mission. That led Hyperion to question the Timebroker's whole setup: what if they simply refused to go on their missions? Hyperion planned to stay on this Earth and rule it. Spider, in no rush to return to a cell on Earth-15 anyway, enthusiastically backed this notion. When Vision opposed this course of action, his supremely powerful opponent blasted the android to scraps. It was then decided: they were to ignore the Timebroker's mission of killing the remaining mutants on this planet.

(Exiles I#39) - While Hyperion and Ms. Marvel went to deactivate the Sentinels threatening their new homeworld, Gambit led Spider and the others to Boulder, Colorado where Storm and Vanisher were living in exile. After remote scans proved they weren't Sentinel operatives, Vanisher teleported them all inside where they made friends with the survivors. Soon, it became apparent that a massive meteor was bound for Earth.

(Exiles I#40) - Spider could do very little to stop the comet's imminent collision. When even Hyperion failed to prevent its descent, he decided to simply carry out the Tallus' original mission so they would move on and get a new Earth to conquer. Killing mutants didn't sit well with their teammate Colossus, but Hyperion ended his existence quickly. After the Vision's lifespark gave out as well, they were replaced by new members Hulk and Firestar who told Hyperion the Timebroker was not happy with them. Soon only that world's Storm was the only mutant left to survive, she asked Gambit to end her life. Hyperion, Spider and the others were happy to see Gambit complied. They moved on from Earth-94831.

(Exiles I#44 (fb) ) - In the weeks that followed, Spider allied himself with Hyperion and Ms. Marvel, happily slaughtering his way across the alternate Earths they arrived on. At the same time, Gambit, Hulk and Firestar tried to secretly accomplish the Tallus' missions so they could move on and limit the damage their teammates would cause. After two missions, Hyperion realized what they were doing. Upon arrival on Earth-4400, Spider watched how Hyperion tried to take the Tallus from Gambit by burning off one of his arms. The jewel simply switched to the mutant's other arm. Witnessing this callous act of cruelty was too much for Hulk and Firestar who attacked Hyperion, only to get soundly defeated.

(Exiles I#44 (fb) - BTS) - Gambit managed to escape with his life and the Tallus, disappearing into the sewer systems of Earth-4400's New York City while the Tallus simply told him to wait.

(Exiles I#44 (fb) ) - Over time, Spider, Ms. Marvel and Hyperion happily conquered New York City, killing many of Earth-4400's superheroes in the process, like the Avengers and the Fantastic Five. Spider webbed up Hulk and Firestar, hanging them on display in Hyperion's makeshift outside throneroom in Times Square. He made sure they stayed alive to prevent the Timebroker from sending in replacements. Hyperion turned Manhattan into his own private kingdom and threatened to start killing civilians if he wasn't granted control over the entire United States within a day.

(Exiles I#43 - BTS) - The Exiles arrived on Earth-4400 and were met by Gambit. The Tallus told them their gruesome new mission: the Timebroker only wanted a team of 6 members moving forward. Weapon X and Exiles were to fight and kill each other for those 6 slots on the roster.

(Exiles I#43) - The Exiles' arrival was picked up by the Spider's enhanced senses. He immediately went to Times Square to inform a delighted Hyperion.

(Exiles I#44) - Hyperion tasked the Spider to use his spider senses to locate either the Exiles or Gambit. However, he came up empty and returned to Times Square in time to see Hyperion start to carry out his threat now that the president had refused to give in to his demands for control over the country. Spider made sure Hulk and Firestar were awake for the coming slaughter and he laughed off their pleas to help stop this insanity, laughingly calling them losers before he joined Hyperion's side again. Before Hyperion went on his announced killing spree, the rebellious Exiles member Magik presented herself to him, offering to switch sides and tell Hyperion of the mission. Hyperion heard her story and thanked Illyana by killing her. He then figured he'd kill Hulk and Firestar because it meant there were no replacements coming. After watching Hulk get slaughtered, the frantic Firestar burned herself free. Spider tried to stop her, but got flash fried into a pile of ashes for his troubles.

(Exiles I#45 - BTS) - After the Exiles succeeded in stopping Hyperion and Weapon X, the Timebroker appeared before them to explain this mission. The deaths of Spider and the others were necessary to correct the imbalance that had started to occur.

(Exiles I#59 (fb) - BTS) - On a repeat visit to Earth-2600, the Exiles recounted how they once had to fight Spider and Weapon X over the fate of David Richards.

(Exiles I#83 - BTS) - When the Exiles finally took control of the Panoptichron and learned the "Timebroker" was actually a hologram operated by the insectoid Timebreakers, they also discovered the "Wall of the Fallen" which included what little remained of the Spider. They made arrangements to have his remains returned to Earth-15 where they were interned in the prison graveyard the Timebroker once recruited him from.

(Spider-Verse I#2/5) - The Spider was among the many Spider-Totems summoned to Earth-001 to help fight off the Inheritors. On Loomworld, he joined forces with his alternate counterparts (see comments).

Comments: Created by Judd Winick, Mike McKone & Jon Holdredge

Little is known of the backstory of Earth-15's Spider-Man. We can't assume he has the same relatives and place of birth as Earth-616's Spider-Man. We also don't know if Earth-15's Peter Parker was a hero before merging with the alien symbiote. It's also possible he was always a psychotic killer and the symbiote simply accentuated those tendencies. 

For someone sentenced to serve sixty-seven consecutive life sentences, the Spider didn't actually commit any horrendous crimes on panel. Sure, he had a clear and callous disregard for (human) life, but he isn't seen killing or slashing in the same way Carnage or Venom would.

The Spider's tombstone in Exiles I#83 clearly establishes this Peter was born in 1963 and his body returned to its home reality in 'their' 2005. There is no information available on the passage of time in that particular reality. And let's not start on how there was even a body to bury given that the Spider was turned to ashes by Firestar. Maybe the Timebreakers retrieved the body an instant before it was completely destroyed.

The Spider's cameo appearance in 2015's Spider-Verse I#2 is tough to explain. It seems clear he was summoned from a point in his own past, but without additional information we can't be sure it happened when he was still back on Earth-15 or when he was reality hopping as part of Weapon X.

The Spider, as part of the Exiles/Weapon X entry, was profiled in X-Men: Messiah Complex: Mutant Files I#1.

Profile by Norvo.

The Spider of Earth-15 should not be confused with:

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Exiles I#43, p20, pan4 (spider senses went loopy)
Exiles I#44 p17, pans1&2 (killed by Firestar)
Exiles I#83 p18, pan5 (grave)

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