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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-10101) android

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: None; formerly Weapon X (Angel/Warren Worthington of Earth-714, Colossus/Peter Rasputin of Earth-1917, Deadpool/"Wade Wilson" of Earth-5021, Hulk/Jen Walters of Earth-1029, Iron Man/Tony Stark of Earth-2020, Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers of Earth-4732, Sabretooth/Victor Creed of Earth-295, Spider/Peter Parker of Earth-15, Storm/Ororo Munroe of Earth-23895)

Affiliations: None, formerly Exiles (Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Mimic/Calvin Rankin of Earth-12, Morph/Kevin Sidney of Earth-1081, Nocturne/Talia Josephine Wagner of Earth-2182, Sasquatch/Heather Hudson of Earth-3470, Sunfire/Mariko Yashida of Earth-2109)

Enemies: King Hyperion (Mark Milton) of Earth-4023, David Richards of Earth-2600, Timebroker

Known Relatives: None (see comments)

Aliases: "Red faced sack of circuitry" (nickname used by Morph), "Sack of bolts" (nickname used by Nocturne),

Base of Operations: Avengers Memorial Garden, Earth 10101, New York City, New York;
                                  formerly the Panoptichron;
                                  formerly mobile across the Omniverse;
                                  formerly Avengers Mansion, Earth-10101, New York City, New York

First Appearance: Exiles I#12 (June, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: A cybernetic hybrid containing the remains of his reality's Ultron and the original, android Human Torch, Earth-10101's Vision possessed a variety of superhuman abilities. He could alter his density at will, allowing him to phase through solid matter or to become diamond-hard. Vision could phase at least one other person, though the process was extremely uncomfortable. In battle, he often solidified parts of his body inside opponents to cause excruciating agony. His density control allowed for flight on air currents. The Vision was able to generate and store solar energy which he could discharge from his eyes. His built-in scanners covered a 25 mile radius and could distinguish mutant from human genetic signatures. His vision and hearing were ultra sensitive. Vision could pick up, identify and trace unique energy surges, including teleportation effects. His self repair systems allowed him to recover from extensive, though not systemic damage without outside aide. Cold, analytical and operating on pure logic, the Vision had no problem with taking life if it helped complete his assigned tasks.

Height: 6'3" (by approximation)
Weight: 350 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Bald


(Exiles I#12 (fb) - BTS) - After Kane of Earth-3031 perished during a mission, the Timebreakers (posing as the Timebroker) recruited Earth-10101's Vision, telling him he'd become unhinged from time and forcing him to join Weapon X. As its newest member, Vision accompanied alternate reality versions of Deadpool, She-Hulk, Sabretooth, Spider-Man and Storm on various grim, bloody missions across the Multiverse. Among their recorded exploits: starting a war between Atlantis and the Inhumans and slaughtering the Morlocks of another reality in their sleep. Vision performed these tasks with cold, robot-like efficiency.

(Exiles I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Weapon X was sent to Earth-2600, a world where the Sentinels actively hunted mutantkind. By the time he was 10, young David Richards was an orphan stuck in a Sentinel-guarded camp for preteen mutants. His existence was noticed by the Timebreakers who got worried when they realized the child would grow up to be his reality's most powerful mutant, easily able to take over the world. They decided the best thing for Earth-2600 was killing the boy before that could happen. In order to achieve this gruesome task, they assigned both the Exiles and the far more ruthless Weapon X squad to the mission.

(Exiles I#12) - Weapon X arrived on Earth-2600, unaware of their mission. Vision quickly scanned the area, reporting nothing but human life signs in a 25 mile radius. In response, Spider sang the android's praises, calling him far more useful than Kane. Vision then picked up an energy surge which happened to be the Exiles teleporting in. After a brief moment of confusion, the Exiles' leader Blink recognized Weapon X's front man Sabretooth as the one from her own reality and they had a happy reunion. The two teams bonded, though the Exiles didn't quite care for Weapon X's ruthlessness. When the Tallus gave them their mission, both teams worked together. While the others kept the Sentinels occupied, Blink teleported herself, Sabretooth, Vision and Nocturne into the camps. Vision's scanners quickly localized David and he carelessly picked him up, which angered Nocturne who set the "sack of bolts" straight. Once they realized there were only children there, Blink decided to take all of David's friends as well. Once they'd returned safely to their makeshift camp, the Tallus revealed to teamleaders Sabretooth and Blink what David's final fate needed to be.

(Exiles I#13) - Vision's ultra sensitive hearing picked up the conversation between Sabretooth and Blink. Ever the logical one, Vision informed his fellow Weapon X teammates their mission was incomplete, telling them their true task was killing David Richards. Sabretooth and the Exiles refused to murder an innocent boy in cold blood, no matter what he might potentially do in the future. Relying on an old combat tactic from their native reality, Blink and Sabretooth managed to teleport David, his friends and the Exiles away before Weapon X could stop them. Before being teleported away, Sabretooth also killed his teammate Deadpool who was about to shoot David. He was quickly replaced by an alternate reality Iron Man who joined Weapon X in searching for David and the others. Once they were safely outside the range of Vision's sensors, the Exiles paused for a moment only to be met by an annoyed Timebroker (a hologram used by the Timebreakers to communicate with their recruits). He simply announced Weapon X had already located them and were moving in, courtesy of the Vision tracing Blink's energy signature. The Exiles decided they had no choice but to fight Weapon X. Morph, altered to resemble a giant squid, tangled with Vision who found his density altering powers were useless against his opponent, though the changeling did prove vulnerable to his optic blasts. Vision then went on to fight Nocturne as well, proudly boasting they'd all be better off to hand David over now because he didn't experience fatigue, pain or hunger and would continue this battle until they were all defeated. As if on cue, he was seemingly blasted to shreds by an arriving squad of advanced Nimrod class Sentinels sent to kill everyone. Blink successfully teleported David, his friends and both teams of extradimensional travelers safely out of the Sentinels' reach. Once they were in the clear, Sabretooth struck a deal with the Timebroker: he would stay behind to raise and teach David and the other children, hopefully preventing the dystopian future they'd been warned about without killing an innocent boy.

(Exiles I#24 (fb) - BTS) - Vision survived the Sentinels' attack, slowly stitching himself together as he rejoined his fellow Weapon X members. Some cosmetic damage remained visible in his face. He remained with the team over the course of several undocumented missions, including one against a Doctor Octopus that tried to steal the Tallus only to die in the process. Over the course of time, they lost Iron Man but gained alternate reality versions of Angel and Gambit, who served as the new field leader wielding the Tallus.

(Exiles I#23) - Weapon X arrived on an alternate Earth ruled by Iron Man (Tony Stark). They emerged in president Stark's Oval Office in New York City.

(Exiles I#24) - Vision told the startled Stark to stand down, leading Gambit to shush him and calmly explain their reason for being there: they'd been ordered by the Tallus to help him capture the Inhumans and they wanted to do just that. After some doing, that saw Vision kill some of Stark's guards who tried to ambush them, Stark explained the only way to breach the Inhumans' seemingly impenetrable G-barrier was a "key" created by Reed Richards and currently in possession of the gamma enhanced, super strong Wonder Man. Weapon X opted to retrieve the device. Thanks to Storm's magics, they fooled Wonder Man's security systems. While the others kept him occupied, Vision phased Angel (who got sick in the process) through solid matter to enter the subterranean vault the device was kept at. At the same time, Gambit was forced to use a portable portal to the Negative Zone to rid themselves of the furious, unstoppable Wonder Man. However, as a result their fellow Weapon X member Hulk (Jen Walters) was sucked in as well. She was replaced with Earth-1917's Colossus. Spider reminded Gambit it was up to former neophyte member Angel to fill the newbie in.

(Exiles I#25) - Vision joined Weapon X and president Stark's metahuman forces in their attack on the Inhumans' stronghold in the Pacific Ocean. He fought the highly analytical Karnak, thinking him an easy target. Vision disabled the Inhuman by phasing and damaging his heart. However, in his dying moments Karnak sensed a structural weakness in the android's frame and struck at it. This resulted in Vision losing his left arm. The battle continued, with Stark using the "key" to bring down the G-barrier surrounding the Inhumans' refuge. When Weapon X entered, they found every Inhuman dead on the floor, killed by Black Bolt as part of a strategy inspired by the tale of the Jewish desert fortress Masada. Their mission accomplished, Weapon X moved on. Vision and Angel returned with the "key", which president Stark happily accepted. He began planning the invasion of the Inhumans' refuge.

(Exiles I#38 (fb) - BTS) - Weapon X continued on its missions, Vision regrew his missing limb though it remained mechanical in appearance. Over time, Angel was replaced by Earth-4732's Ms. Marvel (though he ended up part of the Panoptichron's stasis wall). The team was sent to another alternate reality with an unknown mission that saw Storm lethally injured before the assignment got well underway.

(Exiles I#38) - Vision watched Storm perish in Gambit's arms, only to be immediately replaced by Earth-4023's Hyperion. So overwrought by the loss of his beloved, Gambit walked off and refused to tell Weapon X their mission. That led Hyperion to question the Timebroker's whole setup: what if they simply refused to go on their missions? Hyperion planned to stay on this Earth and rule it. When Vision opposed this course of action, his supremely powerful opponent blasted the android to scraps.

(Exiles I#40 - BTS) - The Vision's systems finally gave out, as soon as he "perished" he was teleported to the Panoptichron by the Timebreakers who encased him in their life-preserving wall.

(Exiles I#59 (fb) - BTS) - On a repeat visit to Earth-2600, the Exiles recounted how they once had to fight Vision and Weapon X over the fate of David Richards.

(Exiles I#62 - BTS) - When the Exiles finally reached the Panoptichron and learned the "Timebroker" was actually a hologram operated by the insectoid Timebreakers, they also discovered the "Wall of the Fallen" which included the robotic remains of Earth-10101's Vision.

(Exiles I#64 - BTS) - During his exploration of the Panoptichron, the Exiles' latest member Beak (Barnell Bohusk) stumbled on the "Wall of the Fallen" and was visibly shocked by seeing so many mutilated metahumans, including Vision.

(Exiles I#67) - Looking for a metahuman with a healing factor to aid the ailing Mimic, the Exiles passed Vision and opted to revive his former Weapon X teammate Deadpool from the Stasis Wall.

(Exiles I#83 (fb) - BTS) - The Exiles decided to return all their fallen comrades and Weapon X members still stuck in the Panoptichron's stasis walls to their respective realities. The remains of the Vision were transported home to Earth-10101.

(Exiles I#83) - Earth-10101's Avengers erected a statue in their garden for the Vision in honor of their fallen comrade. The Scarlet Witch was seen visiting the memorial.

Comments: Created by Judd Winick (writer), Mike McKone (pencils), Jon Holdredge (inks)

I always liked this alternate vision of erm, Vision... The somewhat altered take on the classic costume made him stand out in a crowd and his power set as well as his personality (or lack thereof) made him a force to be reckoned with. He was written as a bad guy for most of his appearances and while he certainly did a lot of bad things, I'd like to think he made the best out of the situation he was in (unhinged from time, stuck on a team of killers and forced to murder, maim and slaughter). After all, he's shown to be an Avenger back in his native reality. They even erect a statue for him in their garden, so he can't have been ∗that∗ bad (unless of course these Avengers were evil, bloodthirsty tyrants as well).

The fact the Scarlet Witch is seen mourning Vision might suggest they were married or at least romantically involved in this reality.

The Earth-10101 designation is obviously based on digital binary code, appropriate for an alternate android.

Vision of Earth-10101 received an entry in the Exiles profile in X-Men: Messiah Complex Mutant Files#1.

Profile by Norvo.

Vision of Earth-10101 should not be confused with:

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Exiles I#64, p1, pan1 (encased in Panoptichron walls)
Exiles I#83, p21, pan1 (memorial on Earth-10101)

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