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Real Name: Vincente Cimetta

Identity/Class: Human mutant, citizen of Italy

Occupation: Terrorist

Group Membership: Emplate's "Hellions" (Bulwark/Oswald Boeglin, D.O.A./George Baker, Gayle Edgerton, Emplate/Marius St. Croix, Murmur/Allan Rennie, Nocturne/Bridget Warner, Wrap/Nick Bisley)

Affiliations: Trance & his Freaks

Enemies: Generation X (Banshee/Sean Cassidy, Chamber/Jonothon Starsmore, Husk/Paige Guthrie, Jubilee/Jubilation Lee, M/Claudette & Nicole St. Croix, Penance/Monet St. Croix, Skin/Angelo Espinosa, Synch/Everett Thomas, White Queen/Emma Frost), X-Men (Lucas Bishop, Iceman/Bobby Drake)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "That wanker" (nickname used by Chamber)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                  formerly Gayle Edgerton's Estate, United Kingdom;
                                  formerly Italy

First Appearance: Generation X I#12 (February, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Vincente could transmute his body into a sentient mist of varied composition. In combat, he relied on shifting into poisonous, incapacitating or otherwise harmful forms of vapor. His gaseous forms could knock out a group of people within seconds. He could hide inside objects and even lungs without any visible difficulty. Vincente was vulnerable to sudden temperature changes that affected his form (see comments).

Height: Variable; (when solid): 5'6" (by approximation)
Weight: Variable; (when solid): 160 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Bald

History: (Generation X I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Through unrevealed ways, Italian mutant Vincente came across the mutant bone marrow craving Emplate. He was recruited by Emplate.

(Generation X I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Vincente arrived at Gayle Edgerton's estate, which Emplate was temporarily using as his base on Earth. He waited around until the villain had gathered his team and Generation X was in a vulnerable position.

(Generation X I#12) - When Banshee took Generation X on a school trip to Boston, Emplate figured this was the ideal moment to strike. While he went to the Massachusetts Academy to claim Penance, Vincente followed Mondo, Jubilee, Synch and Husk around. When they went inside Ye Olde Plate Of Beans for a bite to eat, he hid inside one of the pans the waiter brought to their table. As soon as Jubilee lifted the lid, he attacked them as a powerful knock out gas, easily overpowering the "suckers" within moments. Vincente returned the unconscious Gen X'ers to the Academy, where Emplate and his teammates had already tied up the remaining members of Generation X. A gloating Emplate waited to welcome back the wayward M, who was so stunned to see what had happened in her absence, she was captured within seconds.

(Generation X I#13) - While Emplate gloated about his effortless victory, M managed to escape unseen. Vincente and his teammate Bulwark were sent after her. Bulwark was the first to catch up with M, moments after she'd jerry-rigged the Academy's communications system to warn the X-Men. The super strong Bulwark was eventually defeated by the power-draining Leech, who was then-currently living at the school. After M made sure Leech and his friend Artie Maddicks were safe inside their tree house, she was attacked by Vincente in mid-air. He slipped inside her lungs as a noxious mist, forcing her to crash. As she wretched and hurled him out of her system, he manifested and properly introduced himself. Mere seconds after deciding "Vincente" was a better codename than "Misty," he was surprised by the arrival of the X-Man Bishop, who pulled a gun on him.

(Generation X I#14) - Bishop, ready to fire at Vincente, listened as M told him what Emplate was doing. They were interrupted by Vincente's teleporting ally Murmur, who surprised Bishop by hitting him in the face. Bishop focused his attention to the new arrival. As he attacked Murmur, Bishop reminded M that he had fought Emplate's thralls in his own timeline and that compassion wasn't a luxury they could afford. Vincente sneeringly assured the X-Man that some of Emplate's victims were actually quite enjoying themselves. To prove his point, he told Murmur to get away while he himself slipped into Bishop's lungs. Through a supreme effort, Bishop was able use his energy redirection powers to forcibly expel Vincente from his system. The misty mutant then disappeared to parts unknown.

(Generation X I#57 (fb) - BTS) - Vincente eventually returned to Emplate's employ and, along with D.O.A. and new recruits Nocturne and Wrap, was sent to the Massachusetts Academy to capture Penance. To make sure they would not be interrupted, Emplate kept Generation X distracted by attacking during the Academy's annual Spring dance.

(Generation X I#57) - Vincente and the others had cornered Penance in her attic living quarters when Chamber, M, Synch and the visiting Iceman arrived to save her. Vincente boasted that his poisons could even affect Chamber but before he could make good on his threat, he was enveloped by Iceman's intensely cold ice sheath, effectively putting the vaporous mutant out of commission.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell (writer), Tom Grummett (pencils) and Mark Buckingham (inks).

Vincente was, rather obviously, based on the Earth-295 member of Generation X who had the same name, appearance and power set. Contrary to his far more heroic counterpart, the Earth-616 version was rather loathsome, though that might have been a result of Emplate's influence.

It's not been revealed what happened to Vincente after his defeat or whether or not he retained his powers following M-Day.

Profile by Norvo.

Vincente should not be confused with

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Generation X I#13, p18, pan2 (main image)
Generation X I#14, p5, pan3 (closeup)
Generation X I#13, p18, pan1 (emerging from M)

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