Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: Dark Riders (Barrage, Deadbolt, Gauntlet, Harddrive, Hurricane, Lifeforce, Psynapse, Tusk)

Affiliations: Genesis (Tyler Dayspring), Jamil, Selene

Enemies: Caliban, Cyber (Silas Burr), Marc Dale, Dirt Nap, Foxbat, Faye Livingstone, Silver Salvation, X-Men (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Henry McCoy, Cable/Nathan Summers, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Dazzler/Alison Blaire, Domino/Neena Thurman, Elixir/Josh Foley, Jean Grey, M/Monet St. Croix, Magneto/Max Eisenhardt, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Sabretooth/Victor Creed, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Triage/Christopher Muse, Wolverine/James Howlett)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Akkaba, Egypt

First Appearance: Cable II#17 (November, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: As a mutant, Spyne has a red skeletal appearance with a long prehensile tail, with a sharp barb at the end, one he can wrap around his prey or stab someone with. Spyne has sharp claws and teeth, and seems to have a hunger for human flesh. Spyne has been killed and resurrected with a combination of magic and the Transmode virus.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None

(Cable II#19 (fb) - BTS) - The time-traveling Genesis (Tyler Dayspring) took over the Dark Riders, adding mutants Lifeforce, Hurricane, Spyne, and Deadbolt to the team.

(Cable II#17) - In Egypt, Foxbat was hunted down and killed by the new Dark Riders, who determined he was unworthy. Later, with Barrage now, the Dark Riders hunted Caliban in the Morlock Tunnels, and they found a team of X-Men (Cable, Domino, Storm) there. During the fight, Spyne attacked Cable but was thrown backward with telekinesis. Soon, Hard-Drive teleported the Dark Riders away, promising Gauntlet that he would be punished for engaging in battle with Cable against orders.

(Cable II#18) - In Egypt, Cable, Domino, Storm, and Caliban arrived in Egypt and began battling the Dark Riders, with Spyne threatening to eat Domino's flesh. When Harddrive teleported the Riders away, the mutants pursued them back to the destroyed city of Akkaba, where Genesis was revealed as the leader of the Dark Riders.

(Cable II#19) - Cable, Storm, Domino, and Caliban battled the Dark Riders in Egypt, and Spyne seemed eager to consume Caliban's flesh. Cable briefly surrendered to Genesis, and he was placed in stasis next to Foxbat and Hurricane as Spyne curled himself up at Genesis' feet. The mutants attacked, and Caliban defeated Spyne by slamming him against a wall. As the base exploded around them, Genesis had Harddrive teleport them all away at the last moment.

(Wolverine II#93) - Genesis sent Lifeforce, Spyne, and Hurricane to apprehend Cyber and they broker Cyber out of jail, and Spyne was rough with the guards.

(Wolverine: Origins#12 (fb) ) - Lifeforce, Spyne, and Hurricane broke Cyber out of jail.

(Wolverine II#94) - Hurricane, Spyne, and Lifeforce returned Cyber to Akkaba, where they were met by Jamil, an agent of Candra, and he led them forward into the citadel. In a moment of frustration, Spyne threatened to eat Cyber's spleen.

(X-Men Annual '95) - Genesis assembled the Dark Riders (Gauntlet, Hurricane, Lifeforce, Spyne, Deadbolt) to apprehend Jean Grey, so he could use her to read the mind of Faye Livingstone, an elderly woman who held secrets about the past of Mr. Sinister. Harddrive teleported the team, who kidnapped Jean after a brief battle with the Beast.

(Wolverine II#95) - Gauntlet, Hurricane, Spyne, Lifeforce, and Genesis watched Cyber battle with a Wolverine construct.

(Wolverine II#96) - Lifeforce, Spyne, and Hurricane helped Genesis place Cyber in an experimental chamber, where Cyber fought back, punching Hurricane out of the room until Hurricane used winds to blow Cyber into the room, locking the door behind him.

(Wolverine II#100 (fb) - BTS) - The Dark Riders gathered hundreds of sarcophagi and placed them in piles in a psychic ring around the tomb of Apoalypse. Genesis planned to revive the villain. Genesis also added Dirt Nap to the team.

(Wolverine II#100) - Cannonball attacked but was easily defeated by the Riders, then the machine exploded, sending scraps of Adamantium across the room, killing both Lifeforce and Hurricane instantly. Wolverine then hunted down Spyne (who had been tracking Cannonball) and killed him, severing his spinal column and using it to ensnare Deadbolt, who he then killed as well.

(X-Force III#21 (fb) - BTS) - Hurricane, Spyne, and Deadbolt were revived by Selene on Genosha.

(X-Force III#21) - When the X-Men attacked, Hurricane, Spyne, and Deadbolt sparred with Dazzler and Psylocke.


(Uncanny X-Men IV#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Dark Riders reformed and sought to pursue their mission of culling the weak from the strong. Learning that M-Pox was killing mutants, they sought to kill mutant healers so that the mutants could truly be tested and only the strong would survive.

(Uncanny X-Men IV#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Dark Riders hunted down mutant healers Sister Salvation and Marc Dale, among others.

(Uncanny X-Men IV#1) - Gauntlet, Tusk, Spyne, and Deadbolt hunted down a mutant healer, killing him.

(Uncanny X-Men IV#2) - Barrage, Spyne, Gauntlet, Psynapse, and Deadbolt hunted down Elixir in a hospital, but found Sabretooth and M of the X-Men there. They killed Elixir and teleported away.

(Uncanny X-Men IV#4) - In Egypt, the X-Men (Archangel, Psylocke, M, Sabretooth) attacked, and Tusk and his Underlings, Gauntlet, Deadbolt, Hurricane, and Spyne fought back, with Hurricane blowing Sabretooth back with winds during the fight. The Dark Riders caved in their base and teleported away to go after Triage on Genosha, but Magneto was there to protect him.

(Uncanny X-Men IV#5) - Magneto hit Tusk and Deadbolt with a car while Spyne stabbed Triage through the abdomen with his tail, then Magneto killed Spyne with metal shrapnel. The X-Men blew up the Dark Riders on the remains of Genosha.

Comments: Created by Jeph Loeb, Steve Skroce, Mike Sellers, Matt Ryan, and Kevin Dvorak.

Profile by Chadman.

CLARIFICATIONS Spyne has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Cable II#17, p3, pan1 (main)
Wolverine II#94, p5, pan1 (face)
Uncanny X-Men IV#4, p16, pan3 (vs. Sabretooth)

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