Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional demon (Ru'Tai)

Occupation: Explorer, warrior, beholder

Group Membership: Ru'Tai race

Affiliations: Mongrels;
    formerly Wolverine

EnemiesBelasco, Kierrok, Magik (Amanda Sefton/Jimaine Szardos), N'Garai, X-Men

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Pilgrim, Colonel Wei

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
    formerly Hong Kong, China
    formerly the dimension of the N'Garai

First Appearance: (Behind-the-scenes) X-Men II#71 (January 1998)
    (fully seen) X-Men II#75 (May, 1998)










Powers/Abilities: Pilgrimm is one of the Ru'Tai, an apparently demonic race. He is superhumanly strong (Class 25-75) and swift and is covered by a dense carapace that heals swiftly from injuries. He has dense, sharp talons able to rend flesh, bone, and even steel. He can teleport sub-planetary distances at will. While holding the Eye of Kierrok he could unleash mystical blasts.

    Pilgrimm passionately hates the N'Garai and will do everything in his power to stop anything they do, even if their purposes dovetail with his own. He views humanity as research subjects, meat to be consumed, and future slaves.















(X-Men II#75 (fb) - BTS) - The Ru'Tai were a slave caste to the N'Garai; the filth-ridden N'Garai empire was built on the backs of the Ru'Tai, overseen by Kierrok. The N'Garai were stronger in many ways, though the Ru'Tai felt that they lacked vision and an understanding of life. The Ru'Tai felt they had a better understanding, that the energy of the universe was channeled through them, and that they were part of a the universal dance that would one day ascend. While the N'Garai made plays for power on the human world, the Ru'tai defined power through secret practice, secret prayer.

(Wolverine Annual 1996 - BTS / X-Men II#75 (fb) - BTS) - The Ru'Tai's prayers were answered when Wolverine -- whom they called Mai'keth, the Undying One -- traveled to the dimension of the N'Garai, slaughtering a large number of the N'Garai before being banished back to Earth by Kierrok.

(X-Men II#75 (fb)) - Inspired by Wolverine's relentless struggle against the N'Garai, the Ru'Tai rebelled and conquered the weakened N'Garai. Kierrok was beheaded, and his secret knowledge became that of the Ru'Tai. They learned of Earth and of humanity, fresh with life, energy, mystery. The Ru'Tai who would become Pilgrimm was chosen to serve as the Ru'Tai's explorer and beholder, in the process winning individuality and the right to a name. He traveled to Earth with attendants, the Mongrels, and began studying humanity. They started with the physical aspects, slaying and vivisecting (and possibly consuming) people...they found the experience very enlightening.

(X-Men II#75 (fb) - BTS) - The Ru'Tai took eons to build their Cynosure.

(X-Men II#75 (fb)) - Pilgrimm and the Ru'Tai established a number of other cairns and dimensional portals on Earth, including in Egypt. Pilgrimm made base in the Ukraine.

(X-Men II#71 - BTS) - Shortly after the X-Man Maggott passed through Salem Center, Pilgrimm and the Ru'Tai slaughtered a homeless man in an alley.

(X-Men II#73 - BTS) - A pathologist, Myra, evaluated two of Pilgrimm and the Ru'Tai's victims, revealing that they had bite marks of an unknown configuration, and that the pattern of lacerations mirrored an autopsy exam.

(X-Men II#74 (fb) - BTS) - Pilgrimm and the Ru'Tai's continued assaults were mistaken for the work of mutants.

The X-Man Maggott's stomach-slugs, Eany and Meany, were drawn to Pilgrimm, abandoning Maggott.

(X-Men II#74 - BTS) - Investigating the murders, Wolverine scented the stomach-slugs just seconds before being ambushed by the scentless Mongrels. Meanwhile, Maggott tracked down Eany and Meany, finding them covered with blood.
    <Wolverine, at the time, was weakened by his recent loss of Adamantium and suffered a weakened healing factor)

(X-Men II#75 (fb) - BTS) - Pilgrimm and the Ru'Tai vivisected Wolverine, slicing open his body to examine it.

(X-Men II#74 - BTS) - Wolverine awakened with a large wound ripped down his chest, and Maggott assumed that his stomach-slugs had attacked him.

(X-Men II#75) - The wounded Wolverine returned to the X-Mansion, and his incoherent ramblings led the other X-Men to believe that Maggott had attacked him, though Dr. Reyes realized that Wolverine's wounds were consistent with those created during an autopsy.
    Pilgrimm captured and vivisected another victim.
    Beast and Dr. Reyes tracked Wolverine to the N'Garai cairn, from which emerged the Mongrels. The terrified Dr. Reyes fled, and the Mongrels pursued her, but Marrow arrived and helped the X-Men stop the Mongrels.
    Cannonball, Rogue, and Storm located Maggott, and when Eany & Meany chewed a hole through the asphalt, the others followed, passing through the Ru'Tai portal to their base in the Ukraine, where they found the dead and dissected victims of the Ru'Tai. Maggott fled through the cairn, pursued by the other X-Men, and was confronted by the Mongrels, but Wolverine--having had some unseen, extended adventure in the N'Garai realm--then appeared and slaughtered the Mongrels.
    Beast and Marrow awakened strapped to the wall in a laboratory (the Cynosure?) while Pilgrimm used his machine to try to vivisect Dr. Reyes. Protected by her force field, Reyes yelled back at Pilgrimm, assuming him to be a N'Garai. Insulted by the reference, Pilgrimm stopped and explained (via magically generated images) the story of the Ru'Tai.
    Meanwhile, Mongrels rampaged on the streets on New York.
    Storm, Cannonball, and Rogue then arrived, attacking Pilgrimm, but he used the Eye of Kierrok to blast them away. Wolverine then arrived with Maggott, and Pilgrimm recognized Wolverine as Mai'Keth, kneeled before him, and released his allies. He apologized for offending the "Great One," explaining how he had inspired the Ru'Tai. Devastated by having inspired the Ru'Tai to come to Earth and slaughter innocents, Wolverine withdrew, while the other X-Men attacked Pilgrimm to little avail. Seeing Wolverine sitting out of the fight, Pilgrimm decided that he was no Mai'Keth after all. However, Maggott, Rogue, and Marrow then cut the Eye of Kierrok from his necklace. As Pilgrimm reached for the Eye, Wolverine regrouped and attacked him, and Dr. Reyes cracked the Eye, dissolving the magical bonds that held the X-Men. Pilgrimm screamed at the loss of the Eye, insisting that their Cynosure must remain intact. The X-Men fled through a portal, taking with them the still-living prisoners of Pilgrimm and exiting a cairn in Las Vegas seconds before the cairn (and others like it across the planet) exploded, shutting the portal to the N'Garai realm.
    One of the Mongrels, which had lapsed into a dormant state, was captured by an agent of Black Air.
    Pilgrimm himself either took the form of or possessed one of the people, Chinese Colonel Wei, escaping to Earth with the X-Men. He willingly accompanied the authorities to determine what had happened and how to get him back where he belonged.

(X-Men: Black Sun#1 (fb) - BTS) - The recovered N'Garai allied themselves with Belasco in a plot to conquer Earth and Limbo/Otherplace, re-creating the cairns and reopening the portals in the process.

(X-Men: Black Sun#2 (fb) - BTS) - The captured Mongrel was brought to the secret detention center within Starkesboro's Radiance Luminology facility.

(X-Men: Black Sun#2) - "Col. Wei" was brought to a newly discovered N'Garai cairn in Hong Kong. Pilgrimm then revealed his true form and slaughtered his assistant and the detective to prevent them from spreading news of the portals to the N'Garai realm though which he had intended to bring his brethren.
    A cairn suddenly appeared within the captured Mongrel's cell, and the previously dormant Mongrel came to life, leaping atop and impaling itself on the cairn. In a flash of light, the Mongrel vanished and was replaced by the form of Col. Wei, who then transformed into Pilgrimm and slaughtered the guards who had rushed into the cell.
    Soon thereafter, Pilgrimm appeared on the grounds of the Xavier Institute, ambushing Thunderbird (Neal Shaara), but then bypassing Magik (Amanda Sefton) in order to confront Storm, who was at the time possessed by one of the N'Garai. The Angel (Warren Worthington) -- unaware of Storm's possession -- cast Pilgrimm to the ground, only to be knocked to the ground himself by Storm. Pilgrimm stopped Storm from attacking Angel further, though when he revived a three-way struggle began. Storm stunned Angel and Pilgrimm with an ice storm and then held Psylocke hostage to gain Angel's surrender, but Pilgrimm nailed Storm from behind, only to take Psylocke hostage himself, offering Angel her life in exchange for his. Thunderbird arrived and blasted Pilgrimm, and with he and Magik added to the fight Pilgrimm teleported away. Storm/N'Garai claimed the Angel's soul for Belasco.





(X-Men: Black Sun#3) - Wolverine and Iceman battled the N'Garai-possessed Banshee and Sunfire in Genosha, and Banshee cried a sonic wail that incapacitated the entire city of Hammer Bay. As Banshee attempted to kill the unconscious Wolverine, Pilgrimm blocked his path, determined to stop the N'Garai and Belasco's plot by any means possible. Polaris then arrived and cast Pilgrimm from the chambers. As Polaris and the other revived X-Men battled, Pilgrimm returned, watching from above and preparing an ambush, only to be ambushed himself by Wolverine. Polaris coated herself in flexible steel to confront Pilgrimm, who cast Wolverine aside and tore through her armor, but was then blasted by Sunfire. Wounded, Pilgrimm teleported away.

(X-Men: Black Sun#4) - In Rome, Beast and Jean Grey investigated another cairn, and they came upon Pilgrimm fighting the N'Garai possessed Colossus. Pilgrimm attacked Hank & Jean, and Jean (temporarily lacking her telekinetic powers) used telepathy to optimize Hank's own neural functions, enhancing his powers and skills to their maximum. Hank held his own against Pilgrimm, but when Magik and the N'Garai-possessed Nightcrawler arrived, and as the possessed Colossus began to revive, she used her telepathy to try to shut down the N'Garai and Ru'Tai minds. However, the N'Garai turned her attack back against her, and the possessed Colossus then attacked Pilgrimm, punching him across the square, after which Pilgrimm vanished.

(X-Men: Black Sun#5) - Belasco possessed five soul "bloodstones" (soulstones?) that would allow him to fully open all 169 gateways between Earth and the N'Garai's realm. As the X-Men battled the N'Garai on the Xavier Institute, Pilgrimm arrived, grabbing the unconscious Psylocke and confronting Jean Grey. Jean bluffed him by telepathically making him believe she possessed Wolverine's claws and Thunderbird's plasma beams, but he soon realized the ruse and struck her down. She convinced Pilgrimm that he must stand beside the X-Men against Belasco and the N'Garai to prevent them from conquering Earth and Otherplace. Pilgrimm easily swept through the N'Garai possessed X-Men (Banshee, Colossus, Iceman, Storm, Sunfire), taking them out and then vowing that the Ru'Tai would conquer Earth in their place. However, after Magik and other X-Men foiled Belasco and the N'Garai plot in Otherplace, the N'Garai were all banished back to their realm.
    Later, as the X-Men recuperated, Storm and Jean noticed Pilgrimm watching them from a distance, taking a particular interest in Jean, as it felt that "the soul of the Phoenix is the Ru'Tai soul...it would be the ultimate honor to consume such a creature."





Comments: Created by Joe Kelly, German Garcia, Art Thibert, Panosian, Hanna, and Holdredge.

cynosure n. An object that serves as a focal point of attention and admiration. Something that serves to guide.

I can't recall if Pilgrimm has other powers or not. Let me know what I missed.

Profile by Snood.

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images: (without ads)
X-Men II#75 cover (main image)
        p12, panel 1 (Mongrels relaxed)
        p16, panel 7 (Mongrels attacking)

        p23, panel 4 (Pilgrimm, close up)
        p26, panel 1 (Ru'Tai enslaved)
            panel 4 (Pilgrimm chosen to travel to Earth; Ru'Tai leader?)
X-Men: Black Sun#2, p9, panel 10 (Col. Wei)
        p15, panel 1
    #4, p9, panel 3

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