Real Name: Sally Floyd

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Journalist/Publisher of Front Line;
former reporter/publisher for, reporter for Alternative

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Angel (Warren Worthington), Anti-Registration Underground (Battlestar, Canasta, Dahntu, Freeware, Gladiatrix, Green Guardswoman, Harbormaster, Johnny Justice, Kruzado, Lawman, Masked Rose, Natural, Network (Valerie Martin), Qiblah, Scorecard, Skybolt, Solo, Staten Island Star, Tosser, Typeface, USAnnie, Warbug, Zapster, others), Bantam, Beak, Black Bolt, Blob, Betty Brant, Luke Cage, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Chamber, Nelson Cragg, Neil Crawford, Geoff Cresswell, Randall Crowne, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Walter Declun, Doug, Dr. Stephen Strange, Dynamite (Susan Svensson), Eric, Kat Farrell, John Fernandez, Firestar, Former Order of Mutants (Kevin E. Elaine, Bertram K., Michael, Ralph, Joey V., others), Bill G., Gina Gonzalez, Danny Granville, Henry Peter Gyrich, Tim Hacker, Dezmond Harris, Havok, Lily Hollister, George Hummert, Bev Hynds, Inhumans, Initiative (Debrii, Justice (Vance Astrovik), Rage, Slapstick, Ultragirl), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Detective Izzo, Paul J., Jonah Jameson, LaTonya Jefferson, Jerry, Jerry, Jodi, John, Jubilee, Kenny, Lakeisha, Larry, Leshon, Martin Li, David M., Dr. Madden, John Mairs, Eric Marshall, Jeannie Martin, Mr. Fantastic, Max Modell, Moni, Danielle Moonstar, Morlocks (Irving, Marrow, others), Moon Knight (Marc Spector), Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Oprah, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, Detective Patterson, Gary Peterson, James Prindle, Joe Prindle, Prodigy (Richard Gilmore), Sarah Purser, Ned Ralston, Ramon, Roach (Hubie Edge), Robbie Robertson, Tony Romeo, Christine Ryan, Tony S., Violent Sanchez, Sandra, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man (Otto Octavius), Stacy X, Congressman Eugene Sykes, Thunderclap, Ben Urich, Wonder Man, X-Men (Angel (Warren Worthington), Cyclops, Emma Frost, Iceman, Psylocke, Rogue, Wolverine)

Enemies: Americops, Dreadnaughts, Ghoul, Hobgoblin (Phil Urich), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Hydra (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Dr. Faustus, others), Mushroom, Nitro, Prism;
formerly Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

Known RelativesKen Floyd (ex-husband), Minnie Floyd (daughter, deceased), Mom, Dad (names unrevealed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Generation M#1 (January, 2006)

Powers/Abilities: Sally is a talented reporter.

Education: College degree in journalism

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown


(Civil War Files#1) - Sally obtained her degree in journalism and worked at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution before getting hired at the Alternative, a famous left-wing paper, and moving to New York.

(Generation M#4 (fb) - BTS) - Sally dated millionaire mutant Angel (Warren Worthington) for a time, but he dumped her without an explanation.

(Civil War Files#1) - Sally married Ken Floyd and the two had a daughter, Minnie.

(Generation M#5 (fb) - BTS) - Minnie only weighed five pounds at birth, and Sally thought her defenseless and she and Ken were vastly overprotective for a time. As they became accustomed to being parents, they relaxed and grew to love it, rejoicing when Minnie said "Da-da", played with the cat, and played with her Elmo doll. They moved into a new apartment and were very happy until they realized that Minnie was getting smaller. They visited several hospitals and eventually learned that she was a mutant and regressing in age. There was no cure for her condition and Minnie grew more helpless, looking six months old on her fourth birthday. Sally started drinking severely and blamed Ken for everything, driving him away. Sally started reading to Minnie a lot until she eventually passed away. Sally nearly assaulted Dr. Randle when she heard the news with only Neil Crawford, her boss, on her side.

(Generation M#1 (fb) - BTS) - Sally interviewed a mutant dragon named Ned Ralston for her Mutant Diaries column. At some point, she interviewed Congressman Eugene Sykes, who was pushing for a political registration of all mutants, and made an enemy of him.

(Generation M#1 (fb)) - Sally was amazed when she interviewed the mutant Chamber for the column, noting his mundane interests even when he seemed so incredible.

(Generation M#4 (fb) - BTS) - Sally featured a college flying club, including mutant Sarah Purser, in her column. Sally also interviewed the savage Marrow of the Morlocks, who threatened to kill Sally twice during the interview.

(Generation M#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Sally's Diaries column was collected in a book format.

(Generation M#1 (fb) - BTS) - Over the following six months after Minnie's death, Sally started drinking heavily and stopped writing her column.

(Generation M#2 (fb) - BTS) - A friend of Sally's Christine Ryan, chose to leave the Daily Bugle when a man who wanted her to publish a story murdered her dog. At some point, Sally interviewed X-Men ally Jubilee and the two became fast friends.

(Generation M#1) - On an unassuming day at work, Sally and the others were shocked by a bright light in the sky and a small explosion. Neil helped Sally up, her face cut from her fall, and she denied that she'd been drinking. They rushed outside to see a large mutant dragon that had collapsed, dead. She recognized him as Ned Ralston and attended his funeral. She soon learned that most of the world's mutant population had lost their powers and read the tragic stories of many of them, including Tony Romeo, Jeannie Martin, Gary Peterson, and LaTonya Jefferson. Congressman Sykes spoke out against mutants, stating that he believed they still needed to register, powered or not. Sally confronted him at a press conference with questions about his fears and she met his defenses about the Constitution with bitterness and sarcasm, even calling him a "bigoted jackass". Neil grew upset with Sally for this. After she begged him and promised to attend an AA meeting, Neil reluctantly agreed to let her revive her column, and she decided to call it the Ex-Mutant Diaries, eager to tell the stories of former mutants. Sally put out some requests for stories and responded to a call from an orderly at a local hospital. She met an EMT named Gina Gonzalez who told her of the X-Men leaving behind one of their former allies for medical attention. When Sally saw the body, she immediately recognized Chamber and decided to write her first story on him and on Sykes' policies. After writing the column, she ignored a call from Neil and got drunk, missing Minnie. The next morning, she received a call and discovered that the column had proven to be an incredible success. Over the following weeks, it was bought out by other papers and Oprah collected Sally's old book for her Book of the Month Club. Sally was incredibly satisfied when she got to debate with Sykes on television and speak her mind to the audience. While walking home one night and talking to Neil on the phone about her success, she was shocked to find an envelope taped to her door with the note "Not Enough Died". She sorted through its contents and found mutant jokes and pictures of five murdered mutants.

(Generation M#2) - Sally learned the identities of the dead mutants: Roach (Hubie Edge), Dynamite (Susan Svensson), John Mairs, and Tim Hacker were four of the victims. She called Neil and they reported to the police. Though Sally grew defensive when Detective Patterson questioned her, she began to feel awful when she realized that she might be responsible for the deaths. The detectives theorize that the killer wanted Sally to make him famous, and she knew she couldn't write about him, reflecting on Christine Ryan. On her way out, she was briefly harassed by Larry the policeman. Sally interviewed the former X-Man and current prostitute Stacy X on the loss of her powers and the state of her life. She paid Stacy, turned down her proposition, and wrote another article for the paper. Neil later commended Sally for her writing and asked her to interview the X-Men if she could. She accused him of using her, made up an excuse for not attending AA, and walked out. Sally approached Jubilee, asking for an in with the X-Men. Jubilee apologized for not being more supportive about Minnie and Sally to Jubilee about the loss of her powers. Jubilee said that she kept busy with fighting against Sykes. Later, Sally drank and cried while watching videos of Minnie, ignoring a call from Neil. She interviewed former mutant Dezmond Harris for the Ex-Mutant Diaries. She later made a brief appearance at an AA meeting, where Bill G., Ramon, Paul J., David M., Tony S., and others attended, but she made an abrupt exit. She later met Detective Izzo to get some information, greeting Jerry and Doug on the way in. Izzo told her about the murder of LaTonya Jefferson and shared a theory that the perpetrator was a mutant himself.

(Generation M#3) - Sally had an intense dream about losing Minnie and woke up in tears to the phone ringing. She answered and heard the murderer on the other line, identifying himself the Ghoul. He asked why she hadn't printed his story, then hung up. The police traced the call to an ex-mutant named Violet Sanchez, and Sally told Neil this information later. He chided her for not accepting police protection. He checked on the progress of the X-Men interview, ignored her request for information on the Bev Hynds' book deal being arranged, and told her about an ex-mutant support group, the Former Order of Mutants (FOOM). Sally listened to several stories and met Kevin E. Elaine, Bertram K., Michael, Ralph, Joey V., and others, then left. She was shocked when the Blob, who'd lost his powers, told her part of his story though he didn't want it printed. He then gave her the idea to investigate the Ravencroft Asylum for the Criminally Insane. She went to a full AA meeting, though she stayed silent, and went home feeling well. She was shocked and angry when she found Ken in her house seeking to talk. She refused to listen to him and they screamed at each other before he walked out. She drank herself to sleep to forget the argument. The next day Neil set her up with a pass to the Asylum. Inside, she found a power shift as the few remaining mutants placed themselves in positions of power, and was shocked as she watched Prism murder fellow inmate Nelson Cragg. As she drove away, Sally was shocked when the body of Violet Sanchez was thrown on her car.

(Generation M#4) - As Sally was tended to, Izzo announced that they would go public and Sally would receive police protection, though she doubted their power. After writing her article, she appeared on Fox News debating against Sykes, who cited Pyro, Toad, and Juggernaut as examples of mutant terrorism. After pointing out that Juggernaut was not a mutant, Sally joked that Sykes may be a mutant as well, then cited several historical references to terrorism against minority groups. As she walked to the car at the top of the parking garage, Sarah Purser, who'd lost her powers, spoke to her in tears and then jumped to her death. Sally later wrote an article on Purser. Her coworker Neil gave her his condolences. She then heard from Barnell Bohusk, formerly Beak, that the X-Men had granted her interview request. Sally found flowers on her desk with a card. Her phone rang and it was Ghoul saying he'd sent the flowers to thank her for telling his story. He believed that the stances she took on television were words planted by the police and that he was doing a public service with his murders. Ghoul refused to meet her and she told him off. Sally opened the envelope to see a picture of several more dead mutants, these former Morlocks. She contacted Marrow about the deaths and interviewed her on the state of the Morlocks, meeting the small Irving as well. She later published another Diary. Sally and Izzo listened to a psychological profile on the Ghoul, and the nest day she interviewed Joe and James Prindle, twins who had differing reactions to the mutant depowering as James had lost his powers. She later went to meet one of the X-Men and was shocked to see Angel. They argued briefly before Angel agreed to do a two part Diary entry and revealed that his wings were falling off because of M-Day.

(Generation M#5) - Sally interviewed Angel for hours and later tried to interview Danielle Moonstar, but she was too distracted and promised to do it later. Overcome with need, she asked Neil for permission to write about her daughter in the Diaries and he reluctantly agreed. Sally published the story, noting the irony that if Minnie had lived a bit longer she likely would have lost her powers and been okay. Sally later met with Angel again and accepted a hug of comfort from him. They were attacked by the Ghoul, who was furious that she had "betrayed" him with her article. The X-Men (Cyclops, Emma Frost, Iceman, Psylocke, Rogue, Wolverine) entered as Ghoul knocked Sally down and started choking her. Angel revealed that his shriveled wings had only been an illusion just as Ghoul teleported to a nearby bell tower with Sally. He interrogated her, slapping her again as she purposefully taunted him. He knocked Angel out of the sky with a fiery blast, then Sally punched him right in the face and jumped out the window to safety. Angel caught her as Cyclops fired a blast at the tower. The Ghoul was arrested and Sally commented on how sexy Angel looked before getting medical attention. She was released two days later with a broken elbow and two broken ribs. She returned to work, where her fellow reporters cheered for her, then went to another AA meeting where she spoke out for the first time.

(Civil War: Front Line#6) - At a Press Corps Christmas party, Eric Marshall hit on Sally Floyd when he should have been working. She checked up on him and learned he was a National Security Agency employee with a wife and three kids.

(Civil War: Front Line#1) - Sally attended the funeral of an old reporter friend, John Fernandez, who'd been killed while filming the New Warriors reality show when the villain Nitro killed hundreds, an act that was potentially going to spark the implementation of a Superhuman Registration Act (SHRA). After listening to Robbie Robertson's eulogy at the grave, Sally sat next to Ben Urich at a bar, wearing a party hat and ensuring him that she wasn't drinking. They discussed how their papers would report on the new act and laughed about Jonah Jameson's response. Reflecting on her thoughts, Sally returned home and felt lonely. She heard messages from Dr. Madden, Eric (who was asking her out), and Neil (needing her report on Havok). Sally screamed in shock when Spider-Man, in a new costume, revealed himself. After she calmed down and learned he was just there to talk, she poured herself a drink recorded a brief interview with Spider-Man. He expressed his concerns about the SHRA and what it would mean for he and his family. As he prepared to leave, Sally flirted with him and invited him to come by again before learning he was married. Following a tip from Spider-Man, Sally went to a press conference scheduled by Iron Man. After meeting her old friend Mori, she watched Iron Man unmask himself as Tony Stark.

(Civil War: Front Line#2) - At Moto in New York, Sally discussed the SHRA with Firestar, who had doubts about her own future and chose to give up her hero career. Later that night, while walking home, Sally and Ben watched as the SHRA was implemented and Iron Man violently took down the first hero to refuse to register, Prodigy. Unwilling to run, Sally shouted angrily as Iron Man and the police drove away.

(Civil War: Front Line#3) - Sally was contacted by the Anti-Registration Underground (Battlestar, Canasta, Dahntu, Freeware, Gladiatrix, Green Guardswoman, Harbormaster, Johnny Justice, Kruzado, Lawman, Masked Rose, Natural, Network (Valerie Martin), Qiblah, Scorecard, Skybolt, Solo, Staten Island Star, Tosser, Typeface, USAnnie, Warbug, Zapster, others), who were opposing the SHRA, and taken by blindfold to their secret hideout to interview them. She questioned their motives and plans and promised to follow up with them later, though Solo questioned how much they could trust her. As she walked home that night, she saw a familiar cameraman, Geoffy Creswell, and the two of them watched as the hero Bantam tried apprehending anti-reg hero Thunderclap, who accidentally killed Bantam.

(Civil War: Front Line#4) - Sally had lunch with Urich and told him of her concerns that something big was going down behind the SHRA, such as government corruption. He didn't believe her and warned her to be careful. While meeting with the Anti-Registration Underground again, Sally was shocked when SHIELD agents, including Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, and Wonder Man stormed the place. Battlestar and Gladiatrix helped Sally get out and away. She called Urich for help, believing the government had followed her there, but couldn't get through.

(Civil War: Front Line#5) - While walking through Chinatown, Sally was shocked to have a male stranger claim to have a gun in her back. He told her to keep looking into the SHRA and proved that the government was following her. He ran off, leaving the banana he'd been using behind. She put together her first feature on the SHRA later and had it approved by Neil, who sent Jerry to run it to copy. They were both shocked when SHIELD agent Eric Marshall entered with armed flunkies demanding information on Sally's sources. When they refused to cooperate, both Sally and Neil were arrested.

(Civil War: Front Line#6) - Marshall questioned Sally angrily, but she refused to give any information on him and taunted him with what she knew about him. He told her that he had a deal for her.

(Civil War: Front Line#7) - Kept waiting for hours, Sally was in tears over needing a drink when Sykes walked in on her. He ignored her sarcasm and gave her an envelope to open later. After explaining that he had served the country in the past and believed the SHRA to be necessary, Sally accused him of trying to trick her. She then opened the envelope to see a note from Sykes predicting she would accuse him of that. Having proved his point, Sykes bailed her out.

(Civil War: Front Line#8) - After reluctantly agreeing to go on a blind date with policeman Danny Granville as a favor to Urich, Sally used her contacts Jerry and Doug to meet a vagrant named Stevie. Sally agreed to pay him for information about the man who'd held Sally up, though she was put off by his dated references, obviously lies. He led her to a private shed and revealed himself as Captain America before Sally could spray him with mace.

(Civil War: Front Line#9) - Sally was thrilled to interview Captain America until she realized that he was spouting off patriotic rhetoric. She walked out on him after only minutes. The next day she met Danny for their date and was attracted to his manners and charm. He promised her more sources and she kissed him when she asked her out again.

(Civil War: Front Line#10) - Sally set up a private interview with Ms. Marvel, calling in a favor, and learned that the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) had been controlled by a government traitor. She began to piece the truth together and called Urich, who also claimed to have a dearth of information. They agreed to meet at Times Square at six. When they met, there was a sudden outpouring of super heroes battling over the city, leaving Sally and Ben to run for cover, seeing Typeface's body along the way. They hid in a subway and realized, after laughing off the trauma, that they'd come to the same conclusions.

(Civil War: Front Line#11) - After the war was finally over, Sally and Ben saw the devastation in the city and Sally was disgusted. They reported on Captain America being arrested and the clean-up effort. Sally chose to leave the Alternative, her conversation with Sykes having made her realize that she had grown too comfortable. She and Urich, who had quit the Daily Bugle, got permission to interview Captain America in Rykers Island. Though Sally listened to his side for a bit, she ended up lecturing Captain America about how out of touch with America he was and how bitter she was that her tax dollars had to cover the damage he did. On their way out, she explained herself to Urich, and they started working together on their big secret story in preparation for their interview with Iron Man ten days later. Sally got together with Danny again and they got more serious. She and Urich continued reporting , interviewing unregistered super heroes and developing a name for themselves in their newly established "" business, started with a business loan and small office. Sally gained recognition for her reports, including one on the looming Atlantean threat. Days later, they moved to Avengers Tower to interview Stark, who sat silently as they presented their theory that Stark had been manipulating events behind the scenes, including the SHRA, the implementation of villains as heroes, and war with Atlantis. At the end of a long speech, Sally stood up and applauded Stark, who furiously ordered them out of his office. Before leaving, they told him that they wouldn't publish the story as it would do more damage than good.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#1 (fb)) - Sally and Ben struggled to make work, spending 18 hour days and sleepless nights. They developed critical acclaim but quickly ran out of funding, patience, and stamina. Sally started drinking again and getting more depressed when suddenly a mysterious benefactor purchased the offices of the Alternative, turning it into the Front Line paper. Sally and Ben were made publishers and offered two hundred thousand a year to write whatever they wanted. Neil Crawford and others remained there to work with them. Meanwhile, Sally moved in with Danny and they did well in their relationship, though she hated his cat.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#1) - Noticing that all the pigeons were missing from the city, Sally and Ben left for lunch, passing Jodi on their way out. They were discussing the success of their paper when a strange stone ship passed over them. They heard a nationwide message from the Hulk, stating that he was there to get revenge on Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, and Iron Man, the heroes who'd sent him into space. The city was evacuated so they moved to report, Sally and Geoff looking at the poorer parts of the city while George Hummert reported on Brooklyn Bridge. When part of Hulk's ship landed in Central Park, several of Front Line's reporters chose to stay and report even though the city was dangerous. Sally and Danny slept together later, then she moved to interview bystanders across the city. Sally called to check in with Danny, but he didn't answer. She then grabbed photographer Kenny and they went to take pictures, managing to get shots of Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armor fighting Hulk. Kenny was flirting with Sally until a billboard nearly crushed them.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#2) - Sally and Ben drove through the city, noting the state of things as people struggled to still get out while others were coming back. They drove into a riot and had their window bashed out as they drove away. Later, she and Geoff were discussing how quiet the city had gotten when Luke Cage suddenly came flying across the sky, landing and breaking a gas main. Daredevil (Matt Murdock) stopped small Lakeisha falling, though her brother Leshon was less than grateful. Sally listened as Daredevil promised Leshon and Lakeisha that nothing would happen to their home. She interviewed Daredevil about the irony of the Super-human Registration Act not seeming to matter since the Hulk attack as Ben called from the site of the Hulk's battle.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#3) - Front Line started gaining national renown. Sally admired an old woman in Harlem who refused to budge for the military before taking a call from Urich to confirm the state of the evacuation and the military's planned attack on the Hulk. Sally and Ben, in hard hats, stood in the war zone and interviewed a military captain, then rushed off to cover a falling helicopter despite the danger. Sally was highly scared as they ran through the battle zone, then saw the old woman Sally had admired had lost her home.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#4) - Sally broke Danny's rule about not talking about work in bed in order to ask him about the black eye he'd received, but he was vague about it, saying a rock gave it to him in a fight. She called Urich for advice, then called to check in with her mom in the evacuation zone. Mrs. Floyd lectured Sally on moving in with Danny so soon, but Sally quickly hung up, finding an excuse to get a drink from John, the bartender. She was shocked when she saw aliens in the bar, and J. Jonah Jameson buying her a drink. She treated him with scorn, feigning disgust at his presence. Jonah revealed that he knew about Front Line's secret financial backer and offered to buy the paper, but she turned him down and walked away.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#5) - Drunk and not caring, Sally walked through the city depressed by the state of the people there when Mushroom and his friends tried detaining her. As she reached for her mace, Moon Knight stopped Mushroom and she walked away, incoherent. Meanwhile, Front Line's circulation continued to increase as she and Ben worked hard. She looted a liquor store later, lying to Ben about it. When she went to reunite with him, he was nearly being trampled by a panicked crowd. She rushed to aid him, hitting a man on the head with her bottle when he got in her way. A cop stopped her and the whole crowd calmed when the Sentry flew in to fight Hulk.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#6) - As Sentry fought the Hulk, the crowd scattered and Sally pulled Ben free. Over the next few hours, everyone in the city just ran where they could to protect themselves from the repercussions of the battle, including the Hulk's broken stone ship. A chasm opened through the center of the city and Sally and Ben barely escaped falling in. Over the following three days, the battle ended and people worked to get the city back together. Front Line continued to increase in publication as they reported on the state of the city. Sally kept drinking. During a walk, she saw that Leshon's house had been destroyed. She flipped off Daredevil when she saw him for not keeping his promise. A few days later, Ben found Sally in a bar when she missed a meeting. He was furious that she had been lying to him and he walked away. She suddenly realized that Jameson was their secret funding source, based on the clues he'd given her. She rushed to the Daily Bugle, past Jameson's secretary Sandra, and told off Jameson in front of Robertson. Jameson explained that he expected her to find his secret and that he was pleased with Front Line's success. He told her his friend Larry had offered the money to Urich at Jameson's request. He advised her to keep the job and not tell Ben and she found herself agreeing.

(Avengers: The Initiative#6) - At a press conference at Camp Hammond in Stamford, Connecticut, Sally questioned Henry Peter Gyrich, program director of the Initiative training facility, about difficult ethical questions related to super hero training. Gyrich grew frustrated and called off the conference.

(New Warriors IV#5) - Sally had lunch with Kat Farrell of the Daily Bugle and they bantered about what real news was. They made a wager for a week's worth of lunches on who could crack the story behind the new New Warriors first.

(New Warriors IV#11) - Sally Floyd interviewed the former members of the New Warriors who had joined the Initiative (Debrii, Justice (Vance Astrovik), Rage, Slapstick, Ultragirl) at Camp Hammond. She immediately put them on the defensive by comparing them to the new New Warriors vigilantes and comparing Ultragirl's Junior Guardsmen program to Hitler's Youth. Rage and Justice soon stormed out.

(Avengers: The Initiative#12) - At a press conference when Henry Peter Gyrich resigned from the Initiative to spend more time with his family, Sally reminded Gyrich that he didn't have any family.

(Avengers: The Initiative#13) - At an Initiative press conference, Sally Floyd questioned Prodigy about his acceptance of the Registration Act, questioning his sincerity and commitment.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#568) - Sally found connections from a sweatshop to mayoral candidate Randall Crowne. She reported the findings to Urich, Robbie Robertson (Front Line's new editor), and Peter Parker (Front Line's new freelance photographer).

(Amazing Spider-Man I#570) - Sally, Urich, and Robertson discussed looking further into the Crowne story, ignoring a Spider-Man battle that was taking place.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#571) - Sally and Ben waited for her source, Harry Osborn, at the Red Cent Diner. They looked into the files Osborn provided about Crowne's crimes.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#572) - While interviewing the workers at the FEAST center, Sally bantered with Betty Brant, a reporter from the DB. Parker rushed off to investigate when they realized Oscorp was tied to the workers.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#573) - By the time Ben and Sally arrived at the Oscorp building, it had exploded and all the evidence had been buried, though Spider-Man had saved the refugees. Floyd tried interviewing Lily Hollister, but she was too distraught. Later, at the FEAST Center reopening, Floyd realized that none of the refugees wanted to testify for fear of deportation. Brant left, stating there was no longer a story at FEAST.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#591) - Sally Floyd interviewed mayoral candidates Martin Li and Walter Declun, but Jonah Jameson later won the election.

(Avengers: The Initiative#23) - Sally attended a press conference in Stamford where Justice (Vance Astrovik) announced that MVP had been killed in a training exercise and his death was covered up by the administration. The Scarlet Spider then unmasked, revealing he was a clone of MVP. Sally questioned Gauntlet (Joseph Green) on this, but he evaded the question to go help civilians after a recent attack on Stamford. When she questioned Ultragirl, she admitted it was all true.

(Avengers: The Initiative#26) - Sally listened to Osborn announce his planned changes for the Initiative, including newly appointed teams of former criminals in various states. Osborn deftly avoided her questions about the former villains by referring to several criminals who had since reformed.

(Hawkeye: Blindspot I#2 - BTS) - Floyd wrote in the paper about a recent adventure of Hawkeye.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#695) - Sally Floyd interviewed employees of Horizon Labs, including Max Modell and Peter Parker, and refused to kill a story about Parker designing tech for Spider-Man.

(Superior Spider-Man#16) - When Spider-Man (Otto Octavius) publicly revealed on television that Phil Urich was Hobgoblin, Sally Floyd was among the shocked Daily Bugle employees.

(Superior Spider-Man#17) - Sally, now blonde, reported on the arrest of Max Modell.


(Captain America: Steve Rogers I#17) - After Hydra took over the United States, Sally Floyd was invited to interview the Hydra Supreme/Captain America, but she was warned by Dr. Faustus to not ask about recent events in Las Vegas, which had recently been razed by Hydra. On Frontline Line, Sally asked hard questions about elected officials being held somewhere, Inhumans in holding camps at New Attilan, about mutants in New Tian, and about his claims that Hydra had won WWII before reality had been rewritten. Rogers was furious with the failings of the press, which he claimed only focused on the negative while ignoring new jobs building Dreadnaughts, the Americops, and the Hydra soldiers. Floyd confronted him angrily and, when she mentioned Las Vegas, she was arrested.

Comments: Created by Paul Jenkins, Ramon Bachs, and John Lucas.

Profile by Chadman.

Sally Floyd has no known connections to

Dr. Madden

(Civil War: Front Line#1 - BTS) - Dr. Madden's office called Sally Floyd about a discrepancy on her insurance papers.

--Civil War: Front Line#1 (Civil War: Front Line#1 - BTS

Mom and Dad

(World War Hulk: Front Line#4 (fb) - BTS) - The parents of Sally Floyd got married after knowing each other five months when they became pregnant with Sally. Years later, they evacuated with most of the citizens of New York when the Hulk attacked.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#4) - Sally checked in with her mom, who lectured Sally on moving in with her boyfriend, Danny Granville, so quickly. She reported that Sally's dad was drinking a lot but they were coping.

World War Hulk: Front Line#4 (World War Hulk: Front Line#4 (fb) - BTS, 4


(Generation M#4 - BTS) - Reporter for the Alternative, Eric, apologized to Sally Floyd when he herd about her witnessing the suicide of Sarah Purser.

(Civil War: Front Line#1 - BTS) - Eric left Sally a message, asking her out on Friday.

--Generation M#4 (Generation M#4 - BTS, Civil War: Front Line#1/1 - BTS

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New Warriors IV#11 (June, 2008) - Kevin Grevioux (writer), Paco Medina (penciler), Juan Vlasco (inker), Daniel Ketchum (editor)
Avengers: The Initiative#13 (July, 2008) - Christos N. Gage (writer), Steve Uy (penciler/inker), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#568 (October, 2008) - Dan Slott (writer), John Romita, Jr. (penciler), Klaus Janson (inker), Stephen Wacker (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#570-572 (November, 2008) - Dan Slott (writer), John Romita, Jr (penciler), Klaus Janson (inker), Stephen Wacker (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#573 (December, 2008) - Dan Slott (writer), John Romita Jr (penciler), Klaus Janson (inker), Stephen Wacker (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#591 (June, 2009) - Dan Slott (writer), Barry Kitson, Jesse Delperdang, Dale Eaglesham (artists), Stephen Wacker (editor)
Avengers: The Initiative#23 (June, 2009) - Christos Gage (writer), Humberto Ramos (penciler/inker), Jeanine Schaefer (editor)
Avengers: The Initiative#26 (September, 2009) - Christos Gage (writer), Rafa Sandoval (penciler), Roger Bonet (inker), Jeannine Schaefer (editor)
Hawkeye: Blindspot I#2 (May, 2011) - Jim McCann (writer), Paco Diaz (penciler/inker), Tom Brennan (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#695 (2012) - Dan Slott, Christos Gage (writers), Giuseppe Camuncoli (penciler), Dan Green (inker), Stephen Wacker (editor)
Superior Spider-Man#16-17 (2013) - Dan Slott (writer), Ryan Stegman (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Captain America: Steve Rogers#17 (July, 2017) - Nick Spencer (writer), Andres Guinaldo, Ramon Bachs (artists), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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