Real Name: Danny Granville

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Police officer

Group Membership: New York City Police Department

Affiliations: His cat, Chang, Jimmy Crowder, Sally Floyd, Harry Givens, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Korg, Mr. Fantastic, Beverly Sykes, Thermo the Thermogenic Man, Ben Urich, Yellowjacket (Criti Noll)

Enemies: Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Grey Gargoyle

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Civil War: Front Line#8/1 (November, 2006)

Powers/Abilities: Danny Granville is a trained police officer, accustomed to investigating super human crimes.


(Civil War: Front Line#8/1 (fb) - BTS) - When a warehouse fire left a building decimated and suspicions of super hero involvement, Granville investigated. He looked into the event, suspicious that SHIELD had been involved in the clean-up, and learned that an Atlantean terrorist cell had been stationed in the building and that the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) had somehow been involved in the devastation.

(Civil War: Front Line#8/1) - Granville showed Ben Urich the site of the fire, making Urich promise to keep it out of the papers for a few weeks. Granville shared much of his information with Urich, but wouldn't reveal all of it until Urich set him up on a blind date with reporter Sally Floyd. Granville and Urich walked later, getting ice cream, and talked over the Superhuman Registration Act (SHRA), Granville sharing his suspicions that Iron Man and Mister Fantastic had been betrayed from inside their organization, which led to the Green Goblin going AWOL, and that profits were the motivation around the surrounding civil war.

(Civil War: Front Line#9/1) - Sally met Danny for their date and was attracted to his manners and charm. He promised her more sources and she kissed him when she asked her out again.

(Civil War: Front Line#11) - Danny and Sally got together again and got more serious with each other.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#1 (fb) - BTS) - Sally and Danny moved in together and did well in their relationship. She started publishing her own paper with Urich, the Front Line, and started drinking again. She also didn't care for Danny's cat.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#1) - When the Hulk landed an alien ship in New York, the city had to be evacuated, but both Sally and Danny chose to remain. They slept together that afternoon. Later, Danny was busy with the evacuation when his captain summoned him to aid the alien Korg in finding out who killed the robotic Arch-E-5912. Danny was stunned into silence when Korg stated he would have to enter judicial servitude. His captain explained that they had no choice as Granville had been specifically requested and this was a costume divisions matter.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#2/2) - Danny grew frustrated immediately in the case as he surveyed the poor state of the crime scene. He checked in on their only lead, a waitress, but found she was gone in the evacuation. He ordered Jerry to have Louise call the coroner for the robot's body, then met with Korg. Korg instructed Danny to keep quiet while they had a moment of silence for Arch-E-5912, then Danny agreed to judicial servitude, shaking Korg's hand on it. Danny noted the area had been racked by an explosion and pointed out to Korg that it wasn't necessarily of human origin. After lecturing Korg on not touching the crime scene, Danny grew more frustrated when Korg refused to answer most of Danny's questions. Korg apologized after he questioned Danny's integrity and finally admitted that the robot had been sent out to peaceably observe humans. Danny learned that Korg would not allow them to scavenge memory chips, claiming Arch-E-5912 was sentient and it would be a desecration. Danny confessed that they didn't have a lot to go on, then learned that judicial servitude meant that they only had two days to find the killer or Danny's life would be forfeit.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#3/2) - After cooling down and comparing Korg to Sally, Danny confirmed with Jimmy Crowder in ballistics that the blast originated with the robot. They questioned Thermo the Thermogenic Man, Korg holding the villain from the roof, and learned that Arch-E-5912 had been in Slappy's Deli before the explosion. They searched the place, Danny getting frustrated with Korg for bursting the door down, and Danny grew frightened by a running puppy. He was thrilled to see a security camera in the place.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#4/2) - Danny took Korg back to his apartment to watch the security tapes, making popcorn for them. They watched Arch-E-5912 on the video receiving a foreign radio transmission, but Korg refused to translate it, stating that it was classified. After Korg commented on Danny's cat's gas, Danny threatened to hit him and had his arm knocked aside. Korg willingly revealed that Arch-E-5912 was sent out to observe humans but to not interact with them. Frustrated with Korg, Danny then got a call that a witness was available. They returned to the crime scene where Danny ran through the facts. He determined that Arch-E-5912 exploded and that Korg was the one who killed him.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#5/2) - Furious, Korg punched Danny in the eye and help him up for punishment, but dropped Danny when two cops and the witness approached. The witness, a street person named Cheryl, agreed to give her testimony when Danny promised not to arrest her for looting. They learned that Arch-E-5912 had caused some men accosting Cheryl to run off. Having indirectly interfered with humanity against his orders, Arch-E-5912 blew up. Danny explained this to Korg, who was mournful. Later that night, Danny gave Korg liquor and listened to Korg's thoughts on humanity.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#4) - Sally broke Danny's rule about not talking about work in bed in order to ask him about the black eye he'd received, but he was vague about it, saying a rock gave it to him in a fight.

(World War Hulk: Front Line#6) - Danny was called in to see to apprehended aliens, but the captain simply chose to let them go.

(New Warriors IV#1) - Granville bantered to fellow costume division cops Harry Givens and Beverly Sykes as he showed them the miniaturized and captured Grey Gargoyle, apparently captured by a new New Warriors team. As they discussed the case, they found a graffiti tag saying "the New Warriors were here."

(New Warriors IV#4) - While showing around rookie Chang, Granville found a miniaturized Givens and Sykes taped to the wall. Yellowjacket (Hank Pym) arrived and restored them to their true size. They worked on pursuing more leads about the New Warriors.

Comments: Created by Paul Jenkins, Ramon Bachs, and John Lucas.

Profile by Chadman.

Danny Granville has no known connections to

Jimmy Crowder

(World War Hulk: Front Line#3/2 - BTS) - Jimmy Crowder, from ballistics, confirmed the details on the explosion that killed Arch-E-5912 for Danny Granville.

World War Hulk: Front Line#3/2 - BTS

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