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Real Name: Basil Kilgrew

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Top-secret Department H employee

Group Membership: Department H

Affiliations: Beta 2, Beta 3, Beta 4 & Lambda 6 (co-workers), Puck (Eugene Milton Judd)(loose)

Enemies: Department H

Known Relatives: Gerard (infant son), unidentified wife

Aliases: Beta 1, Dr. Jones

Base of Operations: Department H, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

First Appearance: Alpha Flight II#13 (August, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Basil Kilgrew was a normal human who was skilled in the art of spying and doing covert operations without being detected. He had a keen mind and knew many aspects of genetics, superhuman development (including DNA sample extractions) and computer sciences. He had Code 7 clearance. He was also rather obsessive about his own punctuality. He was subject to the Floor 13 rule at Department H that employees only refer to each other by their sequentially assigned subject codes.



(Alpha Flight II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Basil Kilgrew's past is largely unknown. He began working for Department H after signing a contract denying his existence and to never reveal his job to his family or friends. He was appointed to work as a supervisor on Floor 13 at Department H and was responsible to secretly keeping track of all aspects of research and development of their superhuman programs. Being a man of conscience and patriotism, he began questioning himself over his actions regarding the immoral science projects being conducted in secret.

(Alpha Flight II#3 - BTS) - Basil Kilgrew secretly slipped a top secret Ministry of Defence document under Puck's door to inform him about the death of a Beta Flight test subject known as Cleric. He quickly disappeared before Puck was able to open the door and see him.

(Alpha Flight II#12 - BTS) - Basil Kilgrew survived the assault from the Zodiac on Department H as Floor 13 was not compromised.

(Alpha Flight II#13) - The next day after the attack by the Zodiac, he got up from bed to get ready for work and found his infant son asleep and holding top secret documents. Knowing that his child was too young to read, he shrugged it off and left for work. Walking the halls of Department H, he bumped into Puck who said that his voice sounded familiar. On Floor 13, he was informed that the lab had not been compromised by the Zodiac and that the Alpha Flight member, Flex, had gained access to the monitor bay only. He acknowledged Lambda 6 before gaining access to the lab using his security card. He then inspected the DNA testing with Beta 3 and Beta 4 on the creature known as Woodgod.

  Kilgrew discovered a secret folder that may have been sent to him and suspected it was sent as subterfuge and that maybe someone was onto him about his agenda to bring down Department H. However, he was interrupted by Beta 4 who told him that the DNA samples from the Zodiac were state of the art and someone was doing unsanctioned testing to create them. Making his rounds around Department H, he sat in on the tests being conducted on Radius but was unable to gain information due to the fact Radius decided not to comply with the scheduled procedures. Leaving, he was confronted by Manbot who identified him as an unauthorized intruder, but Kilgrew used a special code to erase the incident from Manbot's memory. Later on, acting as a doctor, he acquired a blood sample from Murmur who had been injured in the Zodiac attack the night before. Guardian and Vindicator were present and they thought that he somehow looked familiar to them. Thinking quickly, he passed himself off as Dr. Jones in charge of Murmur's testing and then exited the room.

  Returning to Floor 13, he found one of his co-workers, Beta 3, being arrested by Epsilons (Red) for some unknown security breach. Kilgrew ignored the incident (as per protocol) but as he passed the fellow Beta, the co-worker cried out that he had better watch out because Beta 2 had been taken away earlier and to watch out because he was next. Gaining access to a lift, Kilgrew began to feel a little worried and shook a little from fear, dropping the vial of blood belonging to Murmur on the floor. He then exited the lift but ran straight into a Department H special operative and "cleaner", an Epsilon Black, who spotted the broken vial on the floor. After the incident, Kilgrew opened the top secret file about Beta Flight he had received earlier in the day and sent it anonymously to Puck's computer, along with information on Hull House and Department H's immoral experiments, before deleting his own copy.

  Thinking that he had finally taken down the "mighty Goliath" known as Department H, he entered a lift to go home to his wife and child. However, unknown to him, since his briefcase had been opened by his infant son and documents taken out, this was monitored as a security breach and he was terminated as the lift failed and plummeted to the bottom floor. Later, his wife and child would receive a letter about his accidental death and his obituary would say how much he loved his country and how much he believed in Canada.

Comments: Created by Steve Seagal, Duncan Rouleau & Ashley Wood.

Profile by AvatarWarlord72.


Although unrevealed in the story in Alpha Flight II#7, he was probably responsible for sending the e-mail to Adrian Corbo regarding the adoption records belonging to his brother.

Interestingly, when he entered the lab where they were holding Woodgod, Basil's security card had the same ID number as for Guardian (James MacDonld Hudson) shown on the letters page.--GrendelPrime

Basil Kilgrew has no known connections to:

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Alpha Flight II#13 (August, 1998) - Steve Seagle (writer), Duncan Rouleau (pencils), Ashley Wood (inks), Jaye Gardner (editor)

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