Real Name: Shingen Harada

Identity/Class: Human warrior/conventional weapons user;
    Japanese citizen;
    briefly reanimated

Occupation: Former professional criminal

Group Membership: Former leader of Clan Yashida and a portion of the Yakuza

Affiliations: Devil, the Hand (Shoji Soma, others), Mandrill;
    formerly Yukio

EnemiesAsano Kimura, Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett), Yukio

Known Relatives: Mariko Yashida (daughter), Noburo-Hideki (son-in-law, deceased), Kenuichio Harada (Silver Samurai, son), Shiro Yoshida (Sunfire, nephew), Saburo & Tomo Yashida (nephews, deceased), Leyu Yoshida (Sunpyre, niece, deceased)

Aliases: Shingen Yashida (in Wolverine III#61)

Base of Operations: Hell;
formerly the Yashida ancestral stronghold in the hills overlooking the port city Agarashima, in the Miyago prefecture, 300 kilometers north of Tokyo, Japan

First Appearance: (Silver Samurai's father referenced in BTS flashback) Daredevil I#111 (July, 1974);
    Wolverine I#1 (September, 1982)



Powers/Abilities: Shingen was a master swordsman and combatant, able to defeat Wolverine in a swordfight, though his purely human nature rendered him more vulnerable to injury.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald (black eyebrows)





(Wolverine I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lord Shingen disappeared years ago, during Mariko's childhood, and he was believed dead.

(Secret Warriors#26 (fb) ) - Shingen and his son, the Silver Samurai, were visited in Agarashima by the Hand and their leader Shoji Soma, who demanded to see an ancient box owned by Clan Yashida. Soma placed a Brood power source inside the box and then left. The next day Soma was slain by Magadan of Leviathan.

(Daredevil I#111 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Shingen came to owe the Mandrill a debt of honor.

(Daredevil I#111 (fb) - BTS) - The Silver Samurai freed the Mandrill from his prison cell to repay the debt Shingen owed him.

(Wolverine I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lord Shingen later resurfaced and reclaimed his rightful place as head of Clan Yashida. He had apparently incurred some great obligation, the payment of which was Mariko's hand in marriage to Noburo-Hideki. He felt his family had as legitimate a claim to Japan's throne as the current Emperor.

(Wolverine I#1 (fb) - BTS) - After letters sent to his girlfriend, Mariko, were returned unopened and his phone call hung up on, Logan traveled to Japan to investigate.

(Wolverine I#1) - Logan sneaked into the Yashida stronghold and found a beaten Mariko praying in front of Buddha. Mariko stopped Logan from assaulting her abusive husband, but as he prepared to depart he was knocked out by several drugged shuriken thrown by Lord Shingen's agents. Logan revived sometime later in front of Shingen who acknowledged that Mariko loved him and then determined to prove him unworthy. They sparred with bokan, wooden practice swords, as Shingen stated that Logan was unworthy of using a true sword. An expert swordsman, Shingen proved superior to the drugged Logan, but Shingen also cheated, kicking Logan and then striking nerve clusters that revealed his intent to paralyze or kill Logan. Recovering from the blows, Logan tossed aside his bokan and popped his claws; this played into Shingen's hands, as it had appeared to Mariko that this had been a honorable duel with humiliation as Shingen's sole goal, and that Logan had dishonored himself by turning it into a real fight. Disheartened upon realizing how Mariko saw him, Logan fell victim to a series of Shingen's strikes and eventually was knocked unconscious. As he faded out, Logan heard Shingen denounce him as an animal and ask Mariko whether he was worthy of her heart, and she said, No."
    Logan was dumped in an alley off the Ginza in Tokyo where he encountered Yukio, secretly an agent of Shingen, who earned his trust by saving his weakened self from attackers.

(Wolverine I#2) - Shingen sent agents of the Hand to assassinate Logan, instructing them to try to kill Yukio as well to allow her to further earn Logan's trust. They defeated the group, though Yukio took a sword slash to her left shoulder. Yukio later told Logan that the Hand had been sent by a crimelord who sought to expand his influence from crime to politics and eventually take over Japan...a man she feared.
    Not long after, Yukio confronted Shingen over the brutality of the Hand's assault. Having not summoned her there, Shingen ordered her away, and when she refused, he set another Hand assassin on her. She defeated her attacker, but when she warned Shingen that she was a dangerous woman, he grabbed her wrist and twisted it, proving him her superior as he informed her that the assault had had to be convincing, and that he had to test her worth for his next target, Katsuyori. He next informed her of the peace conference he had arranged with Katsuyori to which he was sending Mariko and Noburo-Hideki; he knew Katsuyori would think he wouldn't place his daughter at risk. He also, however, informed Yukio that she would die if Mariko came to the slightest harm. He further told her that after Katsuyori was out of the way that Wolverine was to be eliminated as well.
    Yukio led Wolverine to the meeting where he aided her in killing Katsuyori and taking down his guards. As intended by Yukio and possibly by Shingen as well, Mariko was mortified to see Wolverine so savagely take out the guards.

(Wolverine I#3 - BTS) - Shingen sent Hand agents to confront Yukio for having failed to yet kill Wolverine, but she slew them. Later, after Wolverine confronted Yukio for her murder of his friend, Asano Kimura (apparently because she thought he was another Hand agent coming for her), Hand agents attacked Wolverine, allowing her to escape

(Wolverine I#4 (fb) - BTS) - When Wolverine began interfering with all of Shingen's operations to make him lose face, Shingen sent his top ninja to assassinate Wolverine.

(Wolverine I#4) - One of Shingen's associates criticized him for Wolverine's making him look foolish. After Shingen noted that Wolverine was as good as dead, one of his servants delivered a message for Shingen: the defeated ninja's cloak and a challenge -- "Tonight." Shingen had the Hand summoned, but he refused to leave his stronghold, stating that he had defeated Wolverine before and would do so again. Wolverine defeated the Hand agents who attacked him.
    Yukio sneaked into Lord Shingen's stronghold again, intending to kill him to make up for killing Asano, but she was captured by other Hand agents and brought before Shingen who had Mariko watch as he punished Yukio. He freed Yukio, challenged her to combat, and easily bested her. He grew irate when Mariko tried to stop him, but was distracted upon learning Wolverine had taken out most of his agents. Shingen drew Clan Yashida's Honor Sword as Wolverine confronted him, asking if he was worthy now. Stating that that remained to be seen, Shingen attacked him. The two battled for a time, with Shingen generally getting the better strikes against Wolverine, but the mutant's Adamantium bones saved him from fatal injuries. Ultimately, Wolverine got close enough to grab Shingen's sword and pull him in, then popped his claws through Shingen's neck, killing him.
    As Mariko approached, Wolverine decided to let her kill him to avenge her father, but she revealed that her father had disgraced her Clan and that if Shingen had survived the battle with Wolverine, she would have tried to slay him herself.

(Wolverine II#116) - When Wolverine was badly injured, his spirit seemed to access a sort of Purgatory where he was assaulted by a group of Logan's apparently dead foes led by Lord Shingen: others included Cyber, Geist, Cameron Hodge, Scylla, Stonewall, Super Sabre, and 3 others (who escape me at the moment). With the aid of Colossus (who was also apparently dead at the time), Wolverine made short work of his enemies and then revived soon after.
    It's possible the whole thing was a delusion.

(Wolverine III#61) - Lord Shingen was resurrected by Phaedra and brought to Scimitar's base within Mount Fuji. The two shared a bed and presumably a romance.

(Wolverine III#60) - When Logan confronted Phaedra in her bed, demanding answers for Scimitar's insult on him that sent him to the afterlife, Shingen arose from the bed and told Wolverine he would meet his permanent death at his hands.

(Wolverine III#61) - Shingen fought Logan, taking out his right eye with a sword slash, but Wolverine got in close enough to finish Shingen off by popping his claws under his jaw and into his brain.

   After Wolverine left after slaying Scimitar agents Shingen returned to life (possibly resurrected by Lazaer or Phaedra before she died herself) and put on a Scimitar armor.

(Wolverine IV#2) - Lord Shingen was one of the many souls under the Devil's control that Wolverine fought.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, and Josef Rubinstein.

    He was only identified as Lord Shingen in the first Wolverine series. Where did he first get the last name Harada? It's in the OHotMU I#10: Silver Samurai entry. Was that the first reference, or was it in Uncanny X-Men#172-174?

    Interestingly, Shingen was referenced (only as a mention of "Silver Samurai's father") in Daredevil I#111 (1974), but didn't actually appear until 8 years later, and then wasn't identified as Silver Samurai's father until Uncanny X-Men#172 or so (August, 1983).
Thanks to John McDonagh for pointing this appearance out.

    Editor Louise Jones later became Louise Simonson.

Profile by Snood.

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images: (without ads)
Wolverine I#1, p16, panel 1 (ceremonial garb)
    #4, p5, panel 3 (face close-up)
Wolverine III#61, last page (full body)

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