Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former assassin and operative for the Secret Empire, mercy killer

Group Membership: Secret Empire (Former)

Affiliations: Alpha Flight, (Aurora, Diamond Lil, Guardian (Heather Hudson), Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch), Beta Flight (Goblyn, Mannikin, Pathway, Persuasion, Shaman (Michael Twoyoungmen), Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen), Witchfire), General Jeremy Clarke, Weapon X (Garrison Kane), Weapon Omega/Wild Child/Wildheart (Kyle Gibney);
    formerly the Breed, Dreamqueen, Mr. Farrell, the Secret Empire

Enemies: The Breed, Carcass, Mr. Farrell, Goddess (indirectly, through Witchfire), Robert Hagen, the Hardliners (Reginald Tork, numerous others unidentified), Khaos, Master of the World (Eshu), Rok, Various unidentified demonic minions of Carcass and Witchfire;
    formerly Alpha Flight, the Children of The Night, Nemesis, Weapon Omega/Wild Child/Wildheart, Weapon X (Garrison Kane), Witchfire

Known Relatives: The Breed (his genetically engineered "children")

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unrevealed;
    formerly Department H Headquarters;
    formerly Mobile throughout Canada;
    formerly the Secret Empire's Canadian compound

First Appearance: Alpha Flight I#114 (November, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Wyre possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility and tracking abilities, enhanced fighting skills, razor-sharp claws and evidently has some sort of healing factor. He can manipulate the synthetic wire on his chest, shoulder, and back (which are attached to his central nervous system) into tendrils with razor-sharp tips that can be uses to skewer or ensnare others, as well as to help him climb, etc.. He doubtless has many other abilities that have yet to be revealed, possibly including an age suppression factor. Wyre appears to have burn scars covering his face and body, possibly he was badly burned when he destroyed the Empire's base. If that is the case, why his healing factor didn't fix this is unknown.

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 198 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Nothing is known of the history of the man known as Wyre before he came to work for the Secret Empire.

(Alpha Flight I#117 (fb)) - Wyre was an assassin, their best, so good, in fact, that they decided to use his DNA on kidnapped people (presumably mutants) to create a group of unstoppable killing machines. Wyre acknowledged that one of his "children", the young mutant Kyle Gibney, code-named Wild Child, was the "Best" of the Breed, "The realization of their sick, twisted dreams." Wyre watched like a proud father as Kyle slashed anything and anyone they put before him.

(Alpha Flight I#114 (fb)) - Following a test where Wild Child slaughtered some hapless vagrants plucked from the streets in 36.02 seconds -- the fastest time yet -- the Secret Empire's Number Six suggested they move on to something more challenging. Wyre agreed that Wild Child was magnificent...like father, like son.

(Alpha Flight I#117 (fb)) - One day however, Wyre came to a horrible realization, "I knew, deep in my gut, that I had helped create abominations. Erred against God and man!" He turned against the Secret Empire, slaughtering everyone he could get his hands on at their Canadian complex, destroying all records of their work in a pitiful and misguided attempt to atone for his sins, and collapsed, sobbing, in the wreckage. But some of The Breed had escaped, and he felt forced to hunt them down, one by one, trying to protect them from their own pain and the world from their violence. But still one eluded him, Wild Child always slipped away...

(Alpha Flight I#116 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Wyre encountered Garrison Kane, the future Weapon X.

(Alpha Flight I#114) - Twelve years later...Kyle Gibney, now known as Weapon Omega of Alpha Flight, was camping in the woods after repeated squabbles with his teammates over his past as Wild Child. Wyre finally saw his opportunity, and moved in for the kill, ambushing him and blasting him with his hand weapon.

(Alpha Flight I#115) - Wyre brutally attacked Kyle, (who had no memory of who Wyre was, or even his own past), battling him, chasing him and taunting him to try to bring out the savage Wild Child to justify killing him. Wyre finally overpowered Kyle, and caught him in his hairs, but hesitated when Kyle, doubting his own right to live and fearing a reversion to Wild Child, begged him to end his life, free him from it all. As Wyre hesitated, Alpha Flight arrived, and Aurora and Sasquatch attacked him. Wyre fled into the woods, to await his next chance.

(Alpha Flight I#115 - BTS) - Garrison Kane (Weapon X) was hired by the Canadian government to track Kyle and protect him from Wyre.

(Alpha Flight I#116) - Kane had seen the tapes of what Wyre had done to the Secret Empire (some tapes had survived Wyre's destruction of the compound). Kane intended to kill Wyre to protect Kyle, seeing no other alternative.

(Alpha Flight I#116 / Alpha Flight I#117 (fb)) - As Kyle, Nemesis and Kane battled the villain Rok in the sewers beneath Montreal, Wyre arrived, evidently fought his way through the Children of the Night (though this wasn't shown, he may have just snuck in unnoticed while they were fighting Kane), and shot Kyle with a mercy (tranquilizer) bullet.

(Alpha Flight I#117 (fb)) - Wyre then blasted a large chunk of ceiling onto Kane, Rok and Nemesis (they all survived).

(Alpha Flight I#117) - Wyre explained to Kyle why he was hunting him, that he didn't want to, as each time he killed one of the Breed it was like killing a piece of himself; but he wanted to free Kyle and the others from the misery and madness he'd helped inflict on them. The two fought, and Kyle finally lost control, just as Wyre had expected. As he tried to kill him, however, Kyle gained the upper hand, but his humanity resurfaced, and he spared Wyre's life. Wyre finally let out all of his grief, shame and guilt over what he had done, and collapsed in tears as Kyle forgave him, "something an animal could never do". With Wyre no longer a threat to Kyle, Kane had no further reason to kill him, and left him in peace.

(Alpha Flight I#118 - BTS) - Wyre was taken into custody by Alpha Flight, and brought to their HQ.

(Alpha Flight I#118) - Wyre sat alone in a cell at Alpha Flight HQ, staring quietly. Kyle entered, demanding to know answers to his past. Wyre's response wasn't shown, but as Kyle was told of his origin later in the same issue by General Clarke, I assume he didn't say anything.

(Alpha Flight I#119) -A radical anti-mutant group known as the Hardliners (under the orders of the near-immortal creature known as the Master, alias Joshua Lord) stormed Alpha HQ while most of the team was gone, defeated Persuasion and Witchfire, and then attacked the helpless Mannikin, who was trapped in a cocoon-like thing after an attack by the Jackal Man, unable to defend himself.

(Alpha Flight I#120 (fb)) - Wyre released himself from his cell and planned to escape, but then learned of the Hardliners assault.

(Alpha Flight I#119 / Alpha Flight I#120 (fb)) - Wyre confronted the Hardliners, informing them that they had "missed one."

(Alpha Flight I#120) - Wyre kicked some Hardliner butt and saved Mannikin's life, holding them off until the main team arrived to drive them off. As soon as the threat was dealt with, Wyre witnessed Mannikin's "rebirth". When the rest of Alpha Flight returned, he described it in this way "It was like a birth! Only so...Ah! I don't have the words." asked why he had saved Mannikin's life, Wyre stated "I wished..to turn destructive...into constructive." Kyle, standing nearby, smiled at Wyre's new outlook on life...

(Alpha Flight I#122 (fb) - BTS) - Wyre broke out of another detention cell (the fourth in as many days) and participated in a training exercise with Beta Flight (Goblyn, Persuasion, Witchfire).

(Alpha Flight I#122) - The Infinity Crusade began... Guardian (Heather Hudson) interrupted the training session but agreed to give Wyre his own quarters and allow him to remain free, since they couldn't cage him anyway. Soon thereafter, Witchfire turned into a more demonic form due to the influence of her father, Belasco, and she attacked Wyre and Persuasion.

(Alpha Flight I#123 (fb) - BTS) - Blasted by Witchfire, Wyre was burning like a comet as he fell nearly 300'. However, his wires reached out and found purchase on Department H's sheer face, slowing his descent.

(Alpha Flight I#123) - Witchfire defeated most of Beta Flight, transformed Alpha HQ into a hellish state, and filled it with demons. Recovering, Wyre, prepared to confront Witchfire anew.

(Alpha Flight I#124) - Wyre attacked Witchfire, skewering her with his tendrils, but Guardian (Heather Hudson) ordered him to stop so she could try to reason with the possessed creature. Wyre argued that Witchfire was beyond help, but he let her go when Guardian ordered him to follow her instructions or he would have no place with Alpha Flight. Eventually, Witchfire was convinced to oppose Belasco, and the demons were driven out...for now. Wyre admitted that he had been wrong about Witchfire.

(Alpha Flight I#125) - Wyre, Box (Madison Jeffries), Diamond Lil, and Nemesis were recruited by Michael Twoyoungmen (Shaman) into a strike force that entered the realm of Carcass, an agent of Khaos, and successfully battled the armies of the dead. Only once there did they learn that they had died as the price of entrance.

(Alpha Flight I#126) - Wyre angrily attacked Shaman for his deceit until Shaman revealed that their bodies were being held safely until their souls could return. Wyre and the others futilely assaulted Carcass who warped reality (or used illusionary assaults) against them. Chaos began to engulf all reality, until Shaman weakened Carcass, and Wyre and the others joined forces to finish off Carcass. This opened the pathway for Wyre and the others to return to their bodies.

(Alpha Flight I#128 - BTS) - The extradimensional demon known as the Dreamqueen recognized the Master of the World, as a threat to her dominion, as his rule would eliminate all free will, and all dreams. She determined to undermine him, with Alpha Flight's help...

(Alpha Flight I#128) - Wyre and all of Alpha Flight experienced a dream/vision of "Earth-9418," a world ruled by the Master, a "perfect" world, enabled by the passage of an anti-mutant law by the politician Robert Hagen and enforced by his Hardliners. In this reality Wyre and Alpha Flight "died" fighting the Master, but awakened from the dream that was something more...perhaps, a prophecy.
    Wyre stood with Alpha Flight as they watched a transmission from the present-day Hardliners stating that they had kidnapped their young mutant ally, Feedback (Albert Louis), and that they must battle the Hardliners at a place of the Hardliners' choosing or Louis would be killed.

(Alpha Flight I#129) - Wyre and the rest of Alpha Flight defeated the Hardliners and freed Feedback. They were then confronted by the Master's agents, Omega Flight (Bile, Brain Drain, Miss Mass, Sinew, Strongarm, and Tech-Noir). The Master himself then appeared and revealed his alliance with a metallic Mac Hudson, the previous Guardian, and Heather's husband, long thought dead.

(Alpha Flight I#130) - Most of Alpha Flight was too distracted by the revelation of Mac Hudson's survival and apparent betrayal (as well as their premonition of the potential future), and Wyre was frustrated as he battled Strongarm, knowing he couldn't take the entire team by himself. Ultimately Guardian rallied the rest of Alpha Flight to take down Omega Flight, and Wyre took out Bile, his synthetic wires proving immune to the diseases Bile transmitted. Heather finally got through to Mac, and he regained his wits and turned against the Master. Feeling betrayed, the Master lost the will to live, and allowed himself to be seemingly destroyed.
    Alpha's celebration was short-lived, however, as the team was shut down by the Government and General Clarke, leaving Wyre, Kyle and the others high and dry.

Comments: Created by Simon Furman, Pat Broderick and Bruce Patterson.

    Where Wyre has gone now is a mystery. It's possible he's gone back to living in the wilderness, but nothing can be confirmed.

    I truly felt sorry for Wyre. He discovered his conscience too late to help the Breed and his other victims, and the guilt drove him to madness. He sincerely believed he was helping the Breed by putting them out of their misery. He said that he could still hear the screaming, see the blood and broken bodies, that it could never be expunged. He was clearly traumatized by what he had seen and done in his life, and felt beyond redemption. Hopefully he's found some sense of peace with his past and hope for his future.

    Now that Wild Child has resurfaced as a part of the Weapon X program, one wonders if Wyre will go after him again, hopefully he'll never find out, as it would likely destroy him.

    Garrison Kane was also a member of the Weapon X program, until his recent (apparent) death, as he betrayed the program and sacrificed his life to save Cable.

    Alpha Flight has since been reinstated, but Wyre has yet to be seen.

    Techno-Organic hair? That sounds more cybernetic than mutant. It may be that he was augmented at some point in the past. It's also possible that Wyre, like Wolverine and Sabertooth, is far older than he appears, and ages at a slower rate than "normal" men.
    Where is it stated that he is a mutant or that his "hair" is techno-organic.

Wyre received an entry in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#2.

Profile by Darc_Light

This character, Wyre , has no known connections to:

  • Wire, of the Warpies, @ Excalibur I#65
  • Wire, of 2099, one of the Zefiro, @ Marvel Comics Presents#118

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Head Shot: Alpha Flight I #115, p 14, pan 3
Full Body: Alpha Flight I #115, cover
Partial body shot: Alpha Flight I #117, p4, full panel

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