Membership: Kyle Gibney (Wild Child), Wyre, numerous others, all unnammed and presumed deceased

Purpose:The Breed were altered to become living weapons by The Secret Empire, after their escape, their main purpose was apparently survival.

Affiliations: Doctor Valerie Cooper (Wild Child only), Mr. Farrell, The Secret Empire, Wyre

Enemies: Mr. Farrell, The Secret Empire, Wyre (former)

Base of Operations: At least two Secret Empire bases within Canada

First Appearance: (mentioned) Alpha Flight I#115 (December 1992); (seen) Alpha Flight I#117 (February 1993)

History: (Alpha Flight I#115 - BTS) - The Breed were numerous homeless and other "Faceless" people kidnapped by The Secret Empire and transformed using the DNA of the  mutant assassin Wyre and a combination of drugs and psychological torture/brainwashing, into near mindless killing machines, which the Empire planned to sell off to criminal organizations interested in such weapons/soldiers.

(Alpha Flight I#117 (fb)) - The Breed were trained by Wyre himself, and he took an almost fatherly interest in them, calling them "The Sons of Wyre". He was particularly impressed by the feral mutant  youth Kyle Gibney, later to be known as Wild Child. Wyre, for some unknown reason, possibly a mental breakdown, came to believe that his "Children" whom he had cared for and trained in the arts of killing were too dangerous to live. In a misguided attempt at atonement for his part in the atrocities committed by the Empire, Wyre attacked the Secret Empire's base which housed the Breed, slaughtering everyone involved in the experiment he could find, before suffering a total mental breakdown, and collapsing, weeping, into the rubble of the base. A few of the Breed managed to escape, however, including Kyle. Somehow, Wyre also managed to remain free, and tracked down the survivors over a period of twelve years, apparently killing them all, believing that he was both protecting society from the Breed, and saving the Breed from their own anguish and suffering. He managed to kill all of the Breed except one, Wild Child continually eluded him. When Wyre finally caught up with Kyle, (Who was at the time the heroic Weapon Omega of Alpha Flight), Wyre was defeated, and when Kyle spared his life and forgave Wyre for his involvement in the unspeakable suffering he had endured, "Something an animal could never do."Wyre finally confronted his mistakes. Wyre saw no further  reason to try to kill Kyle, and his long hunt finally ended peacefully...

Comments: Created by: Simon Furmon, Pat Broderick, Bruce Patterson, and Bob Sharen

I list Wyre as a member of the Breed because he was their "Father", and arguably their leader, he was the one who trained and cared for them. The Breed were apparently all male, as they are called "The Sons of Wyre", It's possible that they were all naturally mutants as well, like Kyle. It's unknown how many Breed there were, other than Wild Child only one other's face was shown, though two pairs of hairy, clawed arms were seen grasping at each other from opposite cages in the Secret Empire's base in Alpha Flight I#117. I list Wyre as a former enemy as he would likely not have killed the Breed while in his right mind, he only killed them because he believed he was relieving their suffering, I suppose you could call them "Mercy Killings". It is assumed, given Wyre's incredible skill as a tracker and assassin, that all of the Breed save Kyle are dead, but it's not impossible to imagine an individual or two surviving Wyre's attack due to some sort of healing factor (Only if Wyre was unaware of the healing factor, which seems unlikely).

Dr. Valerie Cooper and Mr. Farrell were involved with Kyle's capture and transformation (Valerie didn't believe Kyle's stories of being kidnapped, but she did find out what they were doing to him, arguably too late to help him...). Doctor Cooper had no apparent role in the creation of the other members of the Breed, and quit soon after learning of Kyle's fate (X-Factor  I#142 (fb)). It is unknown if Mr. Farrell had any part in the creation and training of other members of the Breed, but it seems likely, given his "Success" with Kyle.

Wyre later aided Kyle and Alpha flight against their enemies, until the team was disbanded, his current status is unknown.

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Alpha Flight I#117, p3, pan2

Alpha Flight I#115 (December, 1992) - Simon Furman (writer), Pat Broderick (pencils), Bruce D. Patterson (inks), Rob Tokar (editor)
Alpha Flight I#117 (February, 1993) - Simon Furman (writer), Pat Broderick (pencils), Bruce D. Patterson (inks), Rob Tokar (editor)

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