Real Name: Farrell (full name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Genetic engineer

Group Membership: The Secret Empire

Affiliations: unnamed underlings; (former) Dr. Valerie Cooper

Enemies: Wild Child, Wyre

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Various Secret Empire bases throughout Canada

First Appearance: X-Factor I#142 (February, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Mr. Farrell apparently possessed an enhanced knowledge of genetic engineering and child psychology. He was also devoid of any sense of scruples or morality.

History: (X-Factor I#142 (fb)) - Mr. Farrell and the Secret Empire, under the guise of a United Nations sanctioned agency, hired Valerie Cooper to work with a mutant teenager by the name of Kyle Gibney. Farrell told Val that Gibney was a juvenile delinquent and pathological liar who had been sent by his parents to the facility for treatment. In reality, Kyle had been kidnaped by the Empire’s agents after living for over a year on the street, having been kicked out of his home by his parents when his mutation manifested itself. Farrell wanted Cooper to “Get him in touch with his emotions”, and “Unlock his potential.” What he didn't say was that he wanted to unlock Kyle's potential as a killing machine...

As Kyle tried to convince Val of the truth of the matter, she merely assumed that he was lying and ignored him, enraging the teen, who was already undergoing genetic therapy to turn him into a killer. Farrell, watching through a two-way mirror, seemed uncomfortable about Cooper, feeling she was getting too close to Kyle, but his unnamed aide proudly remarked, “Give her a year and she’ll be giving us pointers on how to engineer a more vicious killer.”

As Val finally made an emotional connection with Kyle, the Empire’s men put their plan into action, immediately isolating Kyle and further enhancing his therapy, creating a raging monster, much to Val’s horror, (but still not enough for the cold-hearted witch to blow the whistle).

(X-Factor I#142(fb, BTS)) - About a year later, Val returned to the base, where the Secret Empire had arraigned a “demonstration” for “Interested parties” of Kyle’s prowess. Starved and drugged out of his mind, Kyle, (in his new Wild Child persona) was set loose upon a captured homeless man, whom he devoured. Farrell was undoubtably a part of this as well. The "Interested parties" apparently decided not to buy, as Kyle remained at the facility until its destruction by Wyre.

(Alpha Flight I#114 (fb, BTS)) - The mysterious mutant known as Wyre, whose DNA had been used to alter Wild Child and the others, suddenly rebelled and stormed the Secret Empire’s Canadian complex, killing everyone he could find to end their horrible misuse of his genes. Mr. Farrell was almost certainly among those killed, but Kyle survived, fortunately.

Comments: Created by Bill Roseman, Leo Fernandez and Dan Green.

Farrell- Feral- Wild, a pun? Mr Farrell was a truly evil person if there ever was one, he won't be missed. This character, images:

by darc_light

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Images taken from:
(Full Body) X-Factor I#142, p7, pan1
(Headshot) X-Factor 1#142, p7, pan2

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