Real Name: Susan Catrini

Identity/Class: Human, possibly mutant (see comments)

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: The CSIS (Dr. Elizabeth Benning, others), indirectly Michael Pointer

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: CSIS Headquarters, Canada

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents II#1/4 (November, 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Susan Catrini was a telepath, able to read the thoughts of others.


(Marvel Comics Presents II#1/4) – Susan Catrini was locked in a CSIS cell, demanding to see a lawyer. She soon began feeling ill and collapsed on her bed.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#3/3 (fb) – BTS) – Susan Catrini died, her lifeforce unknowingly absorbed into Michael Pointer.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#3/3) – The CSIS moved Susan’s corpse into quarantine, claiming that they would need to slow the power transfer into Michael next time, as the stresses to Susan’s body were clearly greater than anticipated. They then covered her with a blanket.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#10/4 – BTS) – Retreating into his own mind, Michael Pointer learned that all of those whose powers he had absorbed existed within his own mind. Finding Susan Catrini among them, Michael used her telepathic powers to learn the truth about Dr. E. Benning’s plot to use him as a weapon.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#11/4 – BTS) – Michael also learned how Susan was forced into cell and her lifeforce fed into him. Using her telepathy, Michael reached out to Rachel Carpenter and had her summon Omega Flight to his location so that they might take Dr. Benning into custody.

Comments: Created by Rich Koslowski and Andrea Di Vito.

The source of Susan Catrini’s powers were never revealed. I prefer to think she was a mutant born with them but it’s also possible she was mutated in some way, possibly from the Mutant Growth Hormone that Dr. Benning was giving some of the criminal volunteers.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Susan Catrini has no known connections to

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Marvel Comics Presents II#1, p25, pan5 (Susan Catrini, main image)
Marvel Comics Presents II#1, p25, pan6 (Susan Catrini, headshot)

Marvel Comics Presents II#1/4 (November, 2007) – Rich Koslowski (writer), Andrea Di Vito (art), John Barber (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents II#3/3 (January, 2008) – Rich Koslowski (writer), Andrea Di Vito (art), John Barber (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents II#10/4 (August, 2008) – Rich Koslowski (writer), Marco Checchetto (art), John Barber (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents II#11/4 (September, 2008) – Rich Koslowski (writer), Marco Checchetto (art), John Barber (editor)

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