Real Name: Betty Stein

Identity/Class: normal human

Occupation: Taking her dog for a walk

Group Membership: None

Affiliations:  Shroud

EnemiesManny and his gang

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#87/4 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: None



(MCP#87/4) - Sixty-eight years old Betty Stein was walking her dog when she was attacked by Manny and his gang. She was hospitalized with numerous internal injuries and was the fourth victim that month. Shroud visited Betty in hospital again and again. When she woke up he gave her water and he stayed with her until she slept again. After Shroud had taken care of Manny and his gang he returned to Betty for the last time. It was morning and the sun hurt her eyes until Shroud surrounded her with shadows. Betty thanked him that he helped her through her pain and then she died.




Comments: Created by Eric Fein, Ron Wilson & Harry Candelario.

Nightshift members seen in this story were Werewolf one of the Brothers Grimm (Percy or Barton Grimes) and Mockingbird. Mockingbird never was a member of Nightshift, but probably she was in the area and just wanted to do something good for an old friend of Hawkeye.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Betty Stein has no known connection to:

Manny has no known connection to:


Manny was a small gangleader in Los Angeles. Together with his men he attacked elderly people until the people were afraid enough to pay for his protection. Shroud found out what Manny was doing and opposed him on the street. He told Manny to stop and offered him the chance to discuss a solution. Manny wanted to meet Shroud at Warehouse 22 on Pier 11 at midnight. Manny called in his gang and when Shroud arrived they attacked him, but they couldn't take him down. Manny tried to escape, but Shroud's Nightshift stopped him and Manny surrendered.

--Marvel Comics Presents#87/4

Betty Stein body shot: Marvel Comics Presents#87, p25, pan1
Betty Stein head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#87, p32, pan1
Manny head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#87, p26, pan5

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