Real Name: Garrick King

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Career criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Amara King, Lassiter, Scorpion, the Shroud

Known Relatives: Amara King (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: The Shroud#1 (March, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Garrick King usually wielded firearms. He was a man of great ambitions, hampered by his great stupidity.

History: (The Shroud#3 (fb))- Garrick King was an employee of the crimelord Lassiter, and was sent to recover $2 million to use in a deal Lassiter was making with the Cult of Kâli. King obtained this money from a deal the CIA was making in the Middle East, apparently unaware that the money was counterfeit. This brought him to the attention of the CIA, and they planted their agent Amara close to him. Garrick married Amara, unaware of who she was.

(The Shroud#1)- When King went to receive the money, the Captain he was dealing with turned on him, and they turned to a gunfight. The Shroud rescued King from the battle, and took custody of the money, demanding that King work for him now.

The next day, Garrick was attacked by the Scorpion, sent by Lassiter to kill him. He was saved by Spider-Man and the Shroud.

(The Shroud#2)- The Shroud confronted Garrick that evening, and demanded to know what the money was to be used for. Garrick didn't know, but recognized the symbol on the Shroud's hood, leading the Shroud to suspect Lassiter's ties to the Cult of Kâli.

(The Shroud#3)- Garrick held a meeting with Lassiter while the Shroud remained nearby to guard him, but the Scorpion managed to capture Garrick while Kâli fought the Shroud.

(The Shroud#4)- Lassiter and the Scorpion brought Garrick to his home, and took Amara hostage to help force him into leading them to the money. Amara was contacted by the Shroud, and told Garrick to set up the money's transfer. They brought him to the Cult of Kâli, where the Shroud had disguised himself as a priest to help Garrick. However, Garrick turned on the Shroud in an attempt to save his own life, and exposed him to the Scorpion and Cult of Kâli. While the Shroud fought them off, Garrick attempted to escape with the money, but Amara shot him dead.

Comments: Created by Mike Barr, M.C. Wyman and Malcolm Jones.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
The Shroud#2, page 11, panel 6
The Shroud#1, page 3, panel 4

The Shroud#2-3 (April-June, 1994) - Mike Barr (writer), MC Wyman (pencils), Malcolm Jones III & Scott Koblish (#3) (inks), Mark Powers (editor)
The Shroud#4 (June, 1994) - Mike Barr (writer), A. Williams (pencils), Malcolm Jones III & Scott Koblish (inks), Mark Powers (editor)

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