Real Name: Dalindra

Identity/Class: Human, mystic powers

Occupation: Servant of the Cult of Kâli

Group Membership: Cult of Kâli

Affiliations: Yannroth

Enemies: the Shroud

Known Relatives: Balinor (father), unnamed mother (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Temple of the Cult of Kâli, New York

First Appearance: The Shroud#1 (March, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Kâli possesses acute mystic senses which compensate for her lack of vision. She cannot be fooled by illusions, and can perceive threats before their approach. She is also immune to detection by the senses employed by the Shroud. She also appears to possess enhanced strength. Kâli wields two sais and shuriken in battle.

History: (The Shroud#1 (fb))- As a young woman, Dalindra befriended Maximillian Coleridge, an acolyte in the Cult of Kâli.

(The Shroud#4 (fb, BTS))- After Coleridge left the cult unexpectedly, Dalindra felt betrayed by him, and gradually became devoted to the cult's lama, Yannroth. She took the name of Kâli for her own use, and became distanced from her father.

(The Shroud#2)- Yannroth summoned Kâli to him for a meeting with his ally Lassiter.

(The Shroud#3)- Kâli accompanied Yannroth to New York, where he confronted Lassiter, who had requested the services of the cult's assassins. Kâli assaulted Lassiter, believing that he was responsible for the involvement of the Shroud. When Lassiter explained that the Shroud was his enemy as well, she let him go. Lassiter's agent the Scorpion hit on Kâli, but she rebuffed his advances. Yannroth informed Lassiter that the death of the Shroud would repair their relationship.

When Lassiter arranged to meet with his rival Garrick King, Kâli accompanied them, and found the Shroud spying upon their proceedings. She attacked him, exploiting her resistance to his mystic senses.

(The Shroud#4)- Kâli beat the Shroud badly, and he was finally forced to flee, leaving his cloak behind. Later, Kâli accompanied Yannroth for another meeting with Lassiter, as they prepared to receive his captive, Garrick King. However, King unmasked the Shroud, who had been hiding amongst the cultists. Kâli and the Shroud fought again, but he was able to finally defeat her by throwing a rug over her, being able to sense the rug's movements. Kâli escaped from him, and fled into New York, alone.

Comments: Created by Mike Barr, M.C. Wyman and Malcolm Jones.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
The Shroud#3, page 30, panel 2
The Shroud#4, page 3, panel 5

The Shroud#1-4 (March-June, 1994) - Mike Barr (writer), M.C. Wyman & A. Williams (#4) (pencils), Malcolm Jones III & Scott Koblish (#3-4) (inks), Mark Powers (editor)

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