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Real Name: Rafael Scarfe

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Lieutenant, NYPD;
                       formerly NYPD police captain of detectives;
                       formerly soldier in the U.S. military

Group Membership: None; formerly NYPD (Captain Jean DeWolff, Dwyer, Lieutenant Flint, Goldman, Ben McMurty, Metcalf, Neil, Pam, Reese, Thomas, Norm Riggs, Tesich and unidentified others)

Affiliations: Princess Azir, Ellen Burstein, Noah Burstein, John Byrne, Crime-Buster, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Robert "Bob" Diamond, Dwyer, el Aguila, D.W. Griffith, William Hao, Jeryn Hogarth, Iron Fist (Daniel Rand), Khumbala Bey, Marvel Softball Team (Chris Claremont, Mark Hanerfeld, Tony Isabella, Mike Kaluta, Bill Mantlo, Al Milgrom, Irene Vartanoff, Glynis Wein, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman), Power Man (Luke Cage), Doctor Claire Temple, Ben Urich, Vienna, Colleen Wing, Professor Lee Wing, Harmony Young; formerly Misty Knight

Enemies: Angar the Screamer (David Alan Angar), Sergey Bulovic, Chaka Khan, Chemistro (Calvin Carr),  Comanche, Discus (Tim Stuart), Fera, Mikey Fortunado, Gorilla Man (Arthur Nagan), The Hand, Impasse, Jester (Jonathan Powers), Misty Knight, Master Khan, Dudley Miller, Monstroid, Montenegro, Paladin, Reaper (Louis Dawson), Shades (Alvarez), Shroud (Maximillian Coleridge), Silver Sable (Silvija Sablinova), Super Skrull (Kl'rt), Stiletto (Tom Stuart), Warhawk

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Rafe" (nickname used by Misty Knight, Colleen and Lee Wing), "Lawman," "Jack" (nicknames used by Chemistro), "Loot" (nickname used by his men), "Cap'n Scarfe" (nickname used by Pam)

Base of Operations: New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere I#23 (August, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Rafael Scarfe possessed no known superhuman abilities. A former soldier, he was a trained, skilled and dedicated police official who wasn't easily intimidated by supernatural menaces. A proficient baseball player, Scarfe was a member of the NYPD softball team. Erudite to a fault at times, Scarfe's also tended to advise the superheroes he associated with to not take any needless risks. Though dedicated to his job, he had been known to bend the rules to help his friends. He felt particularly close to Misty Knight, who was his former partner during their early days on the force. On at least one occasion, Scarfe used an advanced ray gun, though he stuck to its stun setting. Rafael Scarfe was a smoker.

Height: 6'0" (by approximation)
Weight: 160 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Marvel Premiere I#23 (fb) - BTS) - In his younger years, Scarfe served in the U.S. military and was involved in an operation that took him to Vietnam. There, he first heard rumors of Lieutenant Mitchell Tanner, a CIA special operative called Warhawk, who was infamous for seeming almost inhuman and nigh invulnerable. 

(Marvel Premiere I#23 (fb) - BTS) - Scarfe eventually left the army to pursue a career with the police. Rising through the ranks, he became a Lieutenant with the NYPD. During this time, he befriended several people including Professor Wing and his daughter Colleen, who happened to be best friends with his police partner, Misty Knight.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#50 (fb) - BTS) - Misty and Rafael were partners for five years. One day, Misty needed to cash a check and Rafael accompanied her to a nearby bank where, just as they had entered, someone had dropped off a bomb. Misty tried to get rid of the explosive but it went off just as she threw it, blowing off most of her right arm. Scarfe immediately wrapped a tourniquet around her arm to stop the bleeding and got Knight to the hospital where he stayed at her side.

(Marvel Premiere I#23 - BTS) - Warhawk, mentally unstable and still believing he was fighting in an Asian war, went on a killing spree. He also kidnapped Colleen Wing, defeating Iron Fist in the process. Professor Wing decided to inform Rafael Scarfe.

(Marvel Premiere I#23) - After doing some checking, Scarfe went to visit the home of Professor Wing, where he was introduced to the injured Iron Fist. Scarfe revealed what he knew about Warhawk and their shared past. He feared that if Warhawk was indeed under the delusion they were the enemy, no one would be able to stop him. Iron Fist, not easily intimidated, vowed to find Colleen and stop Warhawk.

(Marvel Premiere I#24 - BTS) - Scarfe and other members of the NYPD formed a softball team that competed against other companies in a friendly tournament in Central Park known as the Sheep Meadow Softball Championship. The game was attended by Halwan's Princess Azir, who was there incognito though Scarfe and his men were aware of her presence.

(Marvel Premiere I#24) - Moments into the NYPD team's match against the Marvel Softball Team, a stray ball almost hit Danny Rand, who happened to be in Central Park. The trained martial artist caught the ball instinctively, impressing both Marvel and NYPD players. Danny was asked by Chris Claremont to join their team for the match with Scarfe vouching for him. Moments after the game ended in a mutually enjoyed tie, Scarfe sensed something was wrong. Seconds later, the Monstroid appeared(having been sent by Master Khan to kill his enemy, Princess Azir). Scarfe ordered his men to protect the princess, even trying to shoot the Monstroid at point blank range. The Monstroid blasted Scarfe and the other officers away but their sacrifice allowed Danny Rand to change into Iron Fist and engage the alien weapon of destruction. Eventually, Danny used his Iron Fist to destroy the robotic menace. 

(Marvel Premiere I#25) - Scarfe accompanied Iron Fist when he went to check on Princess Azir's safety following the recent Monstroid incident. He watched as Azir was forced to end a life and death sparring match between Iron Fist and the princess' bodyguard Khumbala Bey. After bidding Azir adieu, they went to Professor Wing's place (unaware Khan's men were following them). When they discovered the house was a mess and the professor a wreck, they quickly arranged for an ambulance before rushing out to see if Colleen was alright. They arrived to see Khan's "police men" dragging her into a squad car on trumped up charges. When Scarfe didn't buy this, one of the goons tried to shoot him. Iron Fist saved Scarfe and together they went in pursuit of the car Colleen had been pushed in to. Their high speed chase across town almost caused Scarfe to run over some children though he narrowly managed to avoid hitting them. After Colleen's abductors drove into a dead end street, Fist and Scarfe figured they had them beat. However, Angar came out of the car and subjected both Iron Fist and the lieutenant to extremely disorienting illusions. Scarfe thought the steering wheel had turned into a dragon and panicked, causing the car to crash. Iron Fist dragged the unconscious cop out of the car before it exploded and then tried to face the illusions cast by Angar. During the fight, Angar's henchmen managed to get away with Colleen Wing as their prisoner. Eventually, Iron Fist overcame the illusions but was so furious that he nearly murdered Angar He was stopped by Scarfe, who reminded him killing was never the answer. Rafael also presented the hero with another clue he found on Angar's person: David Angar's Stark International I.D. pass. Still furious, Iron Fist vowed to find the person who was trying to kill him and hurt those he cared for.

(Iron Fist I#1 (fb)) - Scarfe and Iron Fist waited for Angar to wake up in order to get some answers. When he did, Fist grabbed the villain by the throat and threatened to snap his neck if he didn't tell them who was behind the abduction of Colleen and the attempts on Princess Azir's life. Angar revealed he was working for Tony Stark, who allegedly wanted to stage a coup d'�tat so he could get his hands on Halwan's mineralogical treasures. Seconds later, Angar managed to unleash one of his screams that knocked out both Scarfe and Iron Fist. The vocal attack also caused temporary memory loss in Scarfe. When he came to, he had forgotten all about having met or even seen Angar. Only Iron Fist was able to remember him and he didn't buy Scarfe's explanation that he'd been a dream. 

(Iron Fist I#1 - BTS) - Joined by Misty Knight, the Iron Fist infiltrated Stark International to discover proof of Tony Stark's involvement in overthrowing the Halwani government. After a fight against Iron Man, they realized it had been the work of a sleeper cell loyal to the mysterious mastermind working from within the multinational, unaware Master Khan was the one pulling the strings.

(Iron Fist I#2 -BTS) - While Iron Fist and Misty Knight were visiting the comatose Professor Wing at the Manhattan South Medical Center, Rafael Scarfe got a lead on the "masterlord" who had kidnapped Colleen. One of Khan's operatives had contacted Interpol and offered to switch sides and reveal all they needed to know about his operation. Interpol confirmed the offer was valid and set up a meeting in London.

(Iron Fist I#2) - Scarfe rushed down to the hospital to inform Misty Knight. He also told her he suspected the offer was a trap, but Misty said it was a risk she had to take for her partner. Somewhat disappointed, Scarfe reminded Knight he was her partner once too, one of the best cops he ever served with. The memories of her time on the force before the incident that cost her her arm struck a nerve with Knight, who told Rafael she was a whole woman then but not anymore. She then asked  him to get out and leave her alone as she fought against her tears.

(Iron Fist I#8 - BTS) - Scarfe and his men had been trying to deal with a rise in gang violence, especially the street gang called the Golden Tigers, who were becoming a real menace, robbing people in a seemingly random pattern.

(Iron Fist I#8) - Iron Fist managed to fight off the Golden Tigers as they attempted to mug several people in the subway. As Scarfe had the area cordoned off, one of his men handed him sketches that one of the eye witnesses, one John Byrne, had made of the gang and their trademark tiger emblem. Scarfe was overjoyed, figuring this might finally lead them to crack this case.

(Iron Fist I#10) - Scarfe and his officers were called in when Iron Fist found himself engaged in final battle against Chaka, leader of the Golden Tigers, who had managed to pin the alleged murder of William Hao on the hero, making him a pariah. In reality, Hao had survived but Scarfe decided the best way to draw Chaka out into the open was by telling the papers he had died, forcing Iron Fist to try and clear his name by finding the true culprit. In the end, Iron Fist defeated Chaka and Scarfe's men took him into custody. Iron Fist confessed he was relieved they'd at least won the day. Scarfe reminded him however, that tomorrow there would undoubtedly be another gang and another Chaka to lead them, starting the cycle all over again.

(Iron Fist I#15 (fb)) - Scarfe was present at Misty Knight's meeting with district attorney Blake Tower and his assistant William Hao. Tower wanted Misty to infiltrate the criminal network of John Bushmaster to bring the operation down from the inside. She agreed to do it even though Rafael insisted Tower told her that every single operative sent by Interpol, CIA and FBI had wound up dead. That didn't deter Misty, who went undercover as "Maya Korday."

(Marvel Team-Up I#60 - BTS) - Scarfe joined the NYPD Special Operations squad, where he became the partner of Captain Jean DeWolff.

(Marvel Team-Up I#60) - DeWolff, Scarfe and their officers rushed to the 59th Street Bridge, the site of the battle between the super villain Equinox and Spider-Man, Yellowjacket and the Wasp. That conflict ended with Equinox seemingly killing Yellowjacket. Scarfe did his best to cordon off the area while DeWolff comforted the distraught Wasp. Scarfe couldn't prevent Wasp from jumping over the barricades and attacking Equinox again.

(Marvel Team-Up I#61) - After a long night of paperwork behind their desk at the West Side station house, Captain DeWolff and Lieutenant Scarfe were about to retire to an early breakfast when a call came in about trouble at the Baxter Building. The duo raced off in DeWolff's 1930s roadster to investigate, only to find Spider-Man and the Human Torch fighting a flaming form. They learned it was the Super Skrull when Spider-Man spotted DeWolff's trademark automobile and stopped by for a brief chat during which Jean officially introduced Scarfe to Spider-Man. The wall crawler then spotted nearby generators, which gave him an idea to defeat their enemy. He asked DeWolff and Scarfe to keep the Super Skrull occupied while he worked. While the officers opened fire on the Skrull using the department's special energy weapons, the Human Torch redoubled his efforts only to get knocked out. Lieutenant Scarfe went to check on the FF's junior member, who was rattled but not critically injured. Scarfe pleaded with Spider-Man to wait for reinforcement and not fight the Super Skrull alone. Ignoring Rafael's well-intended warning, Spider-Man engaged the Skrull and lured him to the rigged generators, hoping they would overload his powers. Instead, they only made the alien angrier.

(Marvel Team-Up I#62) - Scarfe and DeWolff watched from a safe distance as the Super Skrull moved to kill Spider-Man. To their shock, they learned that police central was unable to reach both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, meaning that no one was coming to Spider-Man's aid. The nimble hero managed to avoid the Skrull's attacks long enough until the alien hit the generators, causing an explosion that ended their fight. The Super Skrull was spotted over sea, near a cruise liner, and DeWolff and Scarfe arranged for a police helicopter to take Spider-Man out to sea so he could continue the fight.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#50) - A fight between Power Man, Iron Fist and the mercenaries Stiletto and Discus drew the attention of Scarfe and the NYPD. Misty Knight accompanied them to the location where Scarfe was ruthlessly shot in the chest by Stiletto after he dared place him under arrest. Seeing her old partner seemingly killed before her eyes, Misty nearly shot Stiletto through the head with her magnum handgun. Cage managed to grab the bullet at the last moment. In the end, Scarfe turned out alive and well, revealing Stiletto's blade actually got lodged in his police badge and the impact had only rendered him unconscious.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#51 (fb) - BTS) - Scarfe's department was tasked by District Attorney Blake Tower to deal with a mysterious group of robots dressed like thugs who, seemingly out of nowhere (actually built by Nightshade), took over all crime syndicates in Harlem, driving local gangs and even the Maggia out. 

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#51) - Two months after Scarfe had received his assignment, Power Man and Iron Fist happened to run into the robotic hoodlums in Harlem. After fighting some of them, Scarfe had the heroes "arrested." In actuality, he took them to Blake Tower's house, where they were officially asked to help out.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#53) - Acting on leads from Power Man & Misty Knight regarding the whereabouts of Rossum and Nightshade, the brains behind Harlem's robotic hoodlums, Scarfe and his NYPD team raided the Liberty Towers, an empty, low rent housing project. However, when they entered the location where Misty swore she had been taken, they found the place was empty. Misty then collapsed from the brutal beatings she had endured as Rossum's prisoner, causing Scarfe to alert the squad's medic as Power Man & Iron Fist continued their search for Rossum and Nightshade.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#56) - Against his better judgment, let alone standard police procedure, Lieutenant Scarfe allowed Iron Fist to interrogate one of the hoods they had caught trying to rob a museum exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts. As Scarfe looked on, Iron Fist's intimidating presence was enough to make the crook reveal his band of thugs had been hired by one Ahmed Abdol.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#59) - When a bomb exploded on the top floor of New York's Drexler Building, right in the middle of the Ducal Cellar, where Iron Fist, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight were having dinner, the news spread quickly. Lieutenant Scarfe and his men cordoned off the area as it became clear the explosion had caused a fire that had trapped everyone at the restaurant inside. Rafael let Luke Cage, who had rushed to the scene to help out, through the cordon. Cage was met by Iron Fist's associate, former IRA terrorist Alan Cavenaugh. Unbeknownst to Cage and Scarfe, only minutes before the blast, Cavanaugh had caused a bit of a stir when he tried to enter Ducal Cellar to speak with the Halwani ambassador, who happened to be dining there. Moments after Cage had dealt with the fire and everyone came out, Misty Knight told Scarfe to immediately arrest Alan Cavanaugh, convinced he was the one who had planted the explosive.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#60) - Scarfe brought in Cavanaugh, while Iron Fist, Power Man and the Nightwing Restorations women accompanied them to the 6th Precinct where Alan's arrest was being processed. While Misty was sure of Cavanaugh's guilt, Cage told Scarfe Alan had gotten a bum rap and there was no way to prove the man guilty. Rafael replied that, while the evidence against Alan might be flimsy, it wasn't unwise to keep him locked up given his terrorist past. Cage reminded the lieutenant that it was exactly that kind of reasoning that led to his own unjust incarceration. Hearing Power Man come to Cavanaugh's defense angered Misty, who felt Alan was just as bad as the other terrorists that had caused her to lose an arm. Rafael tried to empathize, telling his former partner he knew how she must feel, only for her to grab his service pistol and smashing it to bits with her bionic arm to prove what terrorists like Cavanaugh had cost her. Letting cooler heads prevail, though he was angered by Misty destroying his firearm, Scarfe told her Cavanaugh had nothing to do with the tragedy that befell her and there was no solid evidence he was connected to the Ducal Cellar bombing either. Furious at not being believed, Misty stormed off with Colleen Wing, leaving behind a very confused Iron Fist, who asked Rafael for advice on dealing with her. All Scarfe could offer was that he'd found it was hard for Knight to confide in another person when she was in pain.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#60 - BTS) - Figuring Cavanaugh was no immediate threat, Lieutenant Scarfe arranged for him to be released as soon as Danny Rand put up the desired amount of bail money. Rafael also told Alan where he could find Luke Cage: at Harlem's Gem Theater.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#64) - Rafael Scarfe and his men responded to the 911 emergency call regarding the fire at the Gem Theater that had been caused by henchmen of Suerte & Muerte as part of their ongoing conflict against Power Man & Iron Fist. Scarfe watched as the furious Power Man questioned local hoodlum Gabby. Power Man, like everyone else, proved powerless to stop one of the crimelord's henchmen from killing Gabby moments later.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#67) - Scarfe was called in after Power Man & Iron Fist stopped a mysterious band of bank robbers, who managed to knock out the heroes with sleeping gas, learning that they didn't actually take any money. Scarfe discovered the heavily sedated Iron Fist and got him the medical attention he needed. As soon as he recovered, Iron Fist was determined to find Power Man, who had been kidnapped by robbers on behalf of Bushmaster. Scarfe offered him whatever assistance he could. Not too long afterwards, when Iron Fist had discovered Bushmaster was keeping Cage trapped on a yacht, Scarfe, Iron Fist and several officers boarded a coast guard patrol boat that took them to meet the vessel, which had dropped anchor just outside U.S. territorial waters. While Scarfe remained on board, Iron Fist proceeded to liberate both Power Man and Doctor Noah Burstein, though the experiments Bushmaster had subjected Cage too had somehow canceled out his bulletproof skin. Cage was shot in the back and fell into the ocean, wounded and unable to save himself.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#68) - Scarfe was relieved to find Iron Fist had managed to save his wounded partner and bring Noah Burstein aboard the coastguard ship at the same time. When they spotted that Bushmaster's yacht was about to re-enter U.S. territorial waters, Scarfe told the police boat to intercept. Using a megaphone, he ordered those on the yacht to stand down and prepare to be boarded. In response, Bushmaster's mercenaries immediately opened fire. Scarfe and his men returned fire and Rafael even called in additional coast guard boats as back up. As the high seas shooting war continued, Scarfe was concerned about the fact that Colleen Wing and Misty Knight were involved in this, seeing as they were civilians. Knight told her ex-partner to worry about protocol later as he needed their help at the moment. The battle ended when Iron Fist dove under the yacht and used his iron fist to disable the vessel. Returning to shore, Scarfe was kept out of a mission in which Power Man & Iron Fist planned to locate and free Noah Burstein's kidnapped wife Ellen. When the duo, aided by Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, managed to rescue her, defeating Gorilla Man (Arthur Nagan) in the process, Scarfe and his men showed up to take the felons into custody.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#71) - Scarfe and his forces came in at the tail end of the fight Power Man & Iron Fist had with the villain Montenegro in Times Square. The duo managed to fight off the man-mountain mercenary, forcing him to flee before meeting with Scarfe on the street. Like the others, Scarfe was stunned to find Cage had used the "coin" (actually a circuitry-controlling piece of micro-tech the size of a quarter) in a vending machine that Power Man proceeded to wreck to retrieve the artifact.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#73) - When the Galadorian Spaceknight Rom used his neutralizer weapon to take out a Dire Wraith disguised as a Times Square hooker, her pimp went to the police. While many of his colleagues dismissed these claims, Rafael nevertheless informed Power Man and Iron Fist, who went on to investigate this previously unknown "silver robot."

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#76) - When the mad mercenary Warhawk used a sniper rifle to take down Colleen Wing, Scarfe and his men responded to the emergency. They blanketed the neighborhood while Iron Fist and Misty Knight partnered in a futile attempt to take him down.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#83) - Following Iron Fist's injuries at the hands of the insane Warhawk (who believed he was still fighting in an Asian conflict), Power Man made his way to the building that Warhawk had holed up in. He was spotted by Scarfe, who had cleared the area. Rafael tried to talk some sense into the furious Power Man, who went in and mercilessly beat the mercenary into submission, leaving him for Scarfe and his men.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#84) - After Luke Cage's girlfriend Harmony Young was brutally injured by Sabretooth (who mistook the model for her roommate, private investigator Misty Knight), Scarfe and a team of NYPD forensic experts showed up to examine Harmony and Misty's apartment for clues. However, Scarfe refused to share any information because Misty was no longer with the force, insisting she left the actual police work to him.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#84 - BTS) - Ignoring Scarfe's demands, Power Man, Iron Fist, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing struck out on their own and managed to find and defeat both Sabretooth and his ally the Constrictor.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#84) - The heroes were happy to inform a surprised Scarfe that the two super villains had not only been captured, but also made a full confession, revealing they'd been working for Montenegro for months.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#94 - BTS) - With the new Chemistro on the loose in New York, using his alchemy gun to transform innocent civilians into glass, Scarfe and his men were on high alert. When a report came in that Chemistro was spotted in the Port Authority bus terminal, Scarfe sent in the NYPD to seal off the area. He also informed Power Man & Iron Fist, who responded immediately.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#94) - As soon as they arrived, Iron Fist went off to find a way into the bus terminal, which Chemistro had seemingly sealed hermetically. Scarfe and Power Man discussed the situation until Cage received Iron Fist's signal, telling he had found a way in. Against Scarfe's better judgment, the two heroes went to confront Chemistro, leaving a baffled and frazzled Rafael behind to be comforted by Misty Knight, who explained they had a personal stake in this.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#94 - BTS) - Though eventually defeated, Chemistro still managed to prevent getting captured and escaped.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#96 - BTS) - Lieutenant Scarfe and his men were called in at 4 in the morning to stop a gang of robbers from plundering an electronics store in Times Square.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#96) - Just as Scarfe and his forces were ready to make the arrest, Chemistro showed up, seemingly out of nowhere. He used his alchemy gun to turn the chemical composition of the coats of Scarfe and three of his officers into highly flammable phosphorus. Even though Scarfe immediately tried to get rid of the garment, he still endured severe burns and had to be taken to the hospital. There, he was visited by Power Man, Iron Fist, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, who were concerned for their friends' well being, especially since he'd been admitted for nearly a day and had yet to receive any treatment.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#96 - BTS) - Cage went to find Scarfe's physician, only to find it was his old girlfriend Claire Temple. She grew infuriated when he insisted the lieutenant deserved the best care possible, telling him in no uncertain terms that he was in no position to order her around, let alone demand preferential treatment. She then went in to examine Scarfe.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#96) - After Doctor Temple's initial treatment, Rafael Scarfe was allowed visitors. He told Power Man & Iron Fist that Chemistro was responsible for his injuries, even offering to officially hire them to take the villain down. The Heroes for Hire assured him they didn't charge friends. Misty Knight stayed with Scarfe at the hospital while the duo went out to find and eventually defeat Chemistro.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#99 (fb) - BTS) - Hoping that Luke Cage's associate D.W. Griffith knew more about the whereabouts of Power Man and Iron Fist, who had been reported dead after a fight with Shades & Comanche, Scarfe went to the filmmaker's apartment, only to find it had been broken into by the criminals Shades & Commanche, who were sent to retrieve footage linking businessman Ward Meachum to them.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#99) - As Scarfe continued to examine the damage, Power Man and Iron Fist showed up alive and well. Rafael pointed out the thieves were obviously looking for one of D.W.'s movies, seeing as they tore through his darkroom. As they discussed the matter, Colleen and el Aguila came in, relieved to find the heroes alive and well. However, Scarfe was ready to arrest el Aguila, remembering there were over a dozen warrants out for him and even warning the Heroes for Hire that they were in big trouble if they had been accessories to his crimes. El Aguila defused the situation by pointing out that Scarfe was free to chase him, but by doing so would only delay rescuing Misty Knight. Moments after Colleen had explained the situation, Fera burst in through a window, announcing she was pleased to find her enemy Iron Fist alive so she could kill him after she had retrieved the right movie (as Shades & Comanche had accidentally stolen the wrong tape). Though she fought the heroes to a standstill, Fera soon realized they outnumbered her and left, dodging the bullets Scarfe fired after her. In the aftermath, Cage found the movie Fera had been looking for. After playing it, the heroes and Scarfe learned of Ward Meachum's involvement with their enemies. Iron Fist and the others vowed to storm the Rand-Meachum Corporation and free Misty.

(Power Man & Iron Fist#100 - BTS) - Master Khan (secretly Ward Meachum's ally all along) used the Power Gem of Quan to steal the 'heart of Shao-Lao' power from Iron Fist, rendering Danny Rand increasingly enfeebled and without a soul just as he was preparing to rescue Misty Knight.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#100) - Lieutenant Scarfe, determined to help free his old police partner Misty Knight, joined Bob Diamond, el Aguila, Colleen Wing, Power Man and Iron Fist at the Gem Theater on 42nd Street to discuss the rescue plan. Iron Fist, weakened and having to rely on a wheelchair, raised the point that it might be better if Scarfe didn't come because this operation was well beyond his jurisdiction and could get him into trouble. Rafael insisted he wanted to help, which led Iron Fist to hand him an advanced ray gun he'd confiscated on an earlier mission. The weapon had a stun setting, unlike a conventional firearm, so Scarfe wouldn't get in trouble for accidentally killing anyone. Arriving at Rand-Meachum, Scarfe joined el Aguila and Power Man in a frontal assault of the building's heavily armed security forces.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#100 - BTS) - While Scarfe, Cage and Aguila fought the bulk of the troops, Misty Knight freed herself and D.W Wright, who immediately retrieved his camera and began taping the fight from a safe location. Cage eventually beat Commanche and Shades while Fera helped Iron Fist regain his soul by attacking Master Khan, who disappeared from the earthly plane as soon as Danny smashed the Power Gem of Quan. Free from Khan's rule after tearing the Amulet of Shirrair from his neck, Fera took her leave.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#100) - With the villains defeated, Scarfe called in the NYPD to arrest Ward Meachum, Commanche, Shades and their henchmen.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#101) - Lieutenant Scarfe was contacted by the mercenary Vienna (posing as Angela Tortelli) when she discovered Power Man and Iron Fist gassed to near death by Impasse. He got them to the nearest hospital and informed Colleen Wing and Misty Knight of the situation, who went out to find and deal with whoever assailed their friends.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#103 - BTS) - When the Doombringer killed several diplomats from rival Arab nations Dhakran and Khotain in New York, using the preferred methods of their country's secret police, the United Nations approached Power Man and Iron Fist to investigate the matter.

(Power Man & Iron I#103) - Rafael Scarfe was more than a little annoyed by the diplomat killings, especially because he was not allowed to get directly involved. He nevertheless showed Power Man and Iron Fist around in the morgue where the various victims were kept.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#105) - When a group of home-grown Murkatesh radicals took Halwan's Princess Azir, her bodyguard Khumbala Bey and her royal following hostage in Madison Square Garden, they upped the ante by threatening to blow up the entire stadium. Rafael Scarfe figured the best bet would be to call on Power Man and Iron Fist, though against his better judgment, Rafael allowed Captain Jean DeWolff decided to hire new "hero for hire" Crime-Buster as well. The three heroes entered the Garden, though eventually Crime-Buster publicly disgraced himself by abandoning the mission while Luke and Danny both defused the bomb and freed Azir.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#109 (fb) - BTS) - Young down-on-his-luck teenager Sly stole a portable television in Harlem so he could watch a TV interview he had given days earlier about poverty. He fully planned to return the set the next day but was chased by NYPD officer Norman Riggs, who cornered him in a subway station and pulled his gun on him. Scared for his life, Sly jumped Riggs, who dropped the gun but also fell onto the track just as a subway train passed, killing the cop. In shock, Sly grabbed the gun and the television and went to the church of Reverend Otis Jeaver for sanctuary, threatening to use Riggs' gun. As soon as the media learned of a suspected cop killer holding a preacher hostage, the situation became a huge event. Rafael Scarfe and his team were called in to keep everyone at a distance.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#109) - Luke Cage happened to be visiting Harlem when he spotted the commotion and went up to Scarfe to find out what the problem was. Just then, Reverend Jeaver appeared in the church's upstairs window to assure the crowd that he was fine. Recognizing Power Man, the reverend asked him up to help resolve the issue. Scarfe allowed the Hero for Hire to enter the church.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#109 - BTS) - Cage remained in the church for an extended period of time, making the NYPD sniper team anxious and annoyed with Scarfe, feeling it would have been far easier to just take the teen out with a single shot. Unbeknownst to all involved, the mentally unbalanced Reaper had managed to make his way inside the church, looking for Sly. Eventually, Power Man heard the Reaper's approach and attacked. The flamethrowers Dawson had incorporated in his costume eventually set the mostly wooden house of worship ablaze.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#109) - As soon as he spotted the clouds of smoke emerging from the church, Scarfe figured "that crazy kid" was responsible and sent in officers Metcalf and Tesich for a quick sit-rep. They returned, reporting that Power Man was in there fighting "some maniac tossin' grenades." Just then, one of the explosives destroyed the church's main support column, forcing Luke Cage to stop fighting and instead focus on holding up the building. Outside, Scarfe was met by Iron Fist, who quickly went in to help out Cage. At the same time, the Reaper approached Sly and the reverend though once he looked the boy in the eye, he realized he wasn't inherently evil and decided to help him escape. Iron Fist was able to get Reverend Jeaver out but everyone was shocked when the church collapsed with Cage still in it. However, as the dust settled Power Man emerged unscathed as Scarfe took Sly into custody and other officers guided the mentally disturbed Reaper away.

(Daredevil I#218 - BTS) - Hoping to prove himself a great performer before a massive audience, the Jester escaped from prison and kidnapped Benedict LaForge, who was scheduled to perform the lead in his favorite play Cyrano de Bergerac, which was set to be broadcast on live television. Jester took LaForge's place and went to dress rehearsal. Daredevil got wind of this but was unable to find LaForge, instead going to the theater, planning to arrest Jester when the play was finished. At the same time, Bernard was discovered by a patrolman in an abandoned cellar in Brooklyn. The police immediately sent Scarfe and his fellow Lieutenant Flint to the theater where LaForge was supposed to perform.

(Daredevil I#218) - Scarfe and Flink entered the premises, looking for the Jester. They didn't have to look for long because the Jester showed himself and lured the cops away as the play went along. The Jester kept Scarfe and the others occupied until just after Cyrano was done. The Jester was then revealed to be a disguised Daredevil, who felt the best way to deal with the real Jester was to allow him his moment to shine. As soon as he came off stage, Jester willingly surrendered to Scarfe and his men.

(Namor, The Sub-Mariner I#11 (fb) - BTS) - At some unrevealed point, Rafael Scarfe was promoted to NYPD's Captain of Detectives.

(Namor, The Sub-Mariner I#11) - Rafael Scarfe went to visit Misty Knight in the bionics ward of New York's Howard Stark Memorial Hospital after she was attacked by a man whom she was convinced was her deceased lover Iron Fist. The man even used what looked like the iron fist to rip off Misty's bionic arm. Somewhat unsure, Scarfe nevertheless decided to have Daniel Rand's body exhumed.

(Namor, The Sub-Mariner I#13) - As the trial of the Sub-Mariner was going on elsewhere in New York, Scarfe, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing presided over the exhumation of Daniel Rand's coffin. Both Misty and Rafael were not too keen to see the contents of the casket but Scarfe pointed out that it was the only way to confirm whether or not it really was Rand who had assaulted her. However, as the coroner opened the coffin, all they found was rotting plant matter.

(Namor, The Sub-Mariner I#20) - Scarfe met Misty and Colleen in their Broadway offices to discuss the recent revelation that the mysterious Daniel Rand who had besieged Knight was actually a disguised Super-Skrull. Since Kl'rt knew things only the real Danny could know, Misty believed Rand still had to be alive somewhere. Their discussion was interrupted by the arrival of "Tyrone King," who announced the continued survival of Iron Fist was of particular interest to him.

(Namor, The Sub-Mariner I#22 - BTS) - Scarfe was by no means convinced Tyrone King was legitimate despite him having a career of several years with the NYPD. Upon returning to his office, he ordered his subordinate Pam to pull King's file, only to discover his records were missing.

(Namor, The Sub-Mariner I#22) - Scarfe discussed the missing Tyrone King records with Pam, stunned that every reference to his involvement with cases Rafael knew King was involved in were missing. As Pam mentioned that archivist Ben McMurty had noted that the name "Tyrone King" translated into "King King," Scarfe ordered Pam to get the commissioner on the line to get his input. When it took Pam longer than usual to respond, Scarfe went to look for her and found King strangling her. Tyrone used his free hand to grab Rafael. "Tyrone" told the captain he was displeased with him nosing through the records of Tyrone King's illustrious career, claiming he couldn't allow that because it might lead to exposing who he really was and blowing his cover. Struggling to break free, Scarfe wondered if "King" was the Super-Skrull again, only for the mysterious man to deny this and admit to being somewhat acquainted with the Super-Skrull. Despite the fact Scarfe kept asking questions, "Tyrone" simply stated that the captain needed to have his small but oh-so-inquisitive mind readjusted.

(Namor, The Sub-Mariner I#24 - BTS) - Master Khan, out to make sure at least someone was impressed by the intricate complexities of his plans, told Rafael Scarfe what he had been up to while posing as Tyrone King.

(Namor, The Sub-Mariner I#25 (fb) - BTS) - Khan took his time explaining his long running scheme to destroy Iron Fist to Scarfe. First, he rescued the Super-Skrull, securing the alien's services by hypnotizing him, making him believe he was actually a young boy named Bobby Wright with uncontrollable super powers that came into contact with Power Man & Iron Fist. To ensure Bobby's relationship with Iron Fist developed as planned, Khan took on the form of Bobby's guardian, as well as NYPD veteran Tyrone King, who also became involved with Misty Knight out of spite. In the end, Khan's plan worked: Iron Fist seemingly perished when Bobby's powers flared out of control and apparently incinerated him. However, Khan was not aware that a few weeks before Iron Fist's supposed death, following a mission to K'un-Lun, Iron Fist had been replaced by a H'ythri agent, who had died in his stead.

(Namor, The Sub-Mariner I#24) - After hearing out Khan, Scarfe pointed out that even if he was destined to forget all he'd just heard, he still felt Khan had dropped so many obvious clues that others would eventually find out about his involvement. Khan could do nothing but agree, looking at the dead form of Rafael's assistant Pam, who had discovered his identity as well. That didn't stop Khan from messing with the captain's mind by shoving his immaterial hand in his head. As the captain looked on in horror, Master Khan stated that, when all was said and done and if Scarfe survived, he might permit Rafael to once again remember all he had been told... if it amused him.

(Namor, The Sub-Mariner I#25 - BTS) - Waking up after Master Khan's mental meddling, Scarfe still retained all the information Khan had told him. Though severely weakened, Rafael decided to tell Colleen Wing and Misty Knight in person and started to make his way to Nightwing Restorations.

(Namor, The Sub-Mariner I#25) - Rafael Scarfe stumbled into the Nightwing Restorations offices, where he was met by the very concerned Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. Even though he had difficulty believing it himself, he revealed Tyrone King was really Master Khan, as well as all the other things Khan had told him.

(Iron Fist IV#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Scarfe grew disillusioned with his work and considered quitting, even telling Iron Fist this in passing. However, he still stayed on.

(Iron Fist IV#3) - After encountering a mysterious band of zombie-like vampire creatures that hounded him in Colorado, Iron Fist called in to the NYPD to find, much to his surprise, that Scarfe was still working there. He wanted to know more about the threat he'd just faced, with Scarfe wondering where Danny had been, as these "Night Terrors" (actually Shadow Thieves) had been active for over three months, seemingly killing without rhyme or reason. Scarfe was stunned to learn that the menace had sought out Iron Fist specifically, despite having ties to K'un-Lun and Chi, the God of Breath. Scarfe was glad to get any background information but their call was cut short when the "Night Terrors" returned and Iron Fist had to defend his companion Mary Blue Cloud Dreams.

(Iron Fist IV#5 - BTS) - Scarfe did some research, finding out more about the victims of the Shadow Thieves. After learning their second lethal casualty was brought to the Sioux Falls morgue, he informed Iron Fist, who, along with Mary Blue Cloud Dreams, proceeded to check it out. After some doing, Chi managed to kidnap Mary, forcing Danny Rand to become the Iron Fist again in order to fight back. He moved to New York to continue his quest.

(Iron Fist IV#6) - Iron Fist reconnected with Scarfe and for the next several weeks, the martial arts expert fought numerous nests of Shadow Thieves with Scarfe and his forces ever at the ready to bring the defeated villains in. As he explained to Scarfe, he didn't fight them to defeat the individual Thieves, he also sought to send their master Chi a message. Scarfe replied that he was happy with the support, regardless.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Scarfe was demoted back down to lieutenant.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Scarfe grew increasingly disillusioned with his job after watching one too many obviously guilty criminals slip through the cracks of the American judicial system. When Daredevil, in charge of the Hand at the time, took over Hell's Kitchen and used the ninjas to take on the underworld, Scarfe made a radical decision. Along with his new partner Dwyer and a number of other police officers of the 12th precinct, he dressed up as a Hand ninja and started murdering criminals who had managed to avoid prosecution. Scarfe reasoned that he could get away with this rather unique brand of justice by blaming it on Daredevil. One of Scarfe's victims was Mikey Fortunado, a "business man" with obvious, though unproven, mob connections.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#1) - After murdering Fortunado, Scarfe was put in charge of the official police investigation. In this capacity, he was on a stakeout near the place where Fortunado died, watching to see who would come by to check on the body. As it turned out, the Shroud (Maxillian Coleridge) was the first to arrive on the scene. Scarfe led his men in to arrest the vigilante, who used his Darkforce powers to effortlessly elude the officers.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#1) - Misty, having been asked by Bobby Fortunado to find out why Daredevil had seemingly ordered his brother's death, started her investigation with a visit to Rafael Scarfe. He introduced her to his new partner Dwyer, before sitting down with Misty to discuss the Fortunado case. He readily confirmed the Hand was behind it, adding that since "them guys in the pajamas" moved in, over two hundred people had gone missing with five daily murders in the last month alone. Scarfe flat out refused to let Knight see the body, explaining that he couldn't spare the time and besides, "Fortunado's a slam dunk."

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#1 - BTS) - One of Scarfe's next victims was Sergey Bulovic,a black market hoodlum wanted by Interpol. The mercenary Silver Sable was hired by the organization bring him in alive and was more than a little annoyed to find he was dead.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#2) - Scarfe and his ninjas broke into Bobby Fortunado's apartment, slashing his men to bits before killing Bobby. who was still on the phone with Misty Knight, who had called to tell him that she feared his life might be in danger.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#3) - Scarfe and his men continued their killing spree, ambushing and murdering pedophile Dudley Miller, whom they had arrested five years ago but were forced to let go on a technicality.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#3) - Misty Knight met with Rafael Scarfe in Central Park to discuss the possible involvement of Mr. Negative. Scarfe dismissed the notion and generally acted like he wasn't interested in the matter, which stunned Knight. She told her old partner that even if Mr. Negative wasn't behind the killings, it most definitely wasn't the Hand either which meant the police could actually do something about it. Scarfe replied that it didn't work that way, everything that seem even remotely connected to the Hand or Daredevil ends up on the so-called "Daredevil Pile," which they consider closed cases. He then got a call from Dwyer, who officially informed him of Dudley Miller's death. Scarfe used this particular bit of information to rob Misty of the notion of Mr. Negative's involvement before reminding her she should drop the investigation in her condition.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#3 - BTS) - To drive home his point, Scarfe arranged for some thugs to ambush Misty and beat her up with baseball bats. Writhing in pain, Misty realized he was behind the killings. At the same time, the Hand dropped in on the mercenary Paladin to convince him to stop meddling in their affairs. He was saved by the Shroud. Meanwhile, Silver Sable used her contacts to discover a connection between the Hand's most recent victims: they were all criminals who had escaped justice.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#4) - Rafael visited Misty in the hospital, concerned about her and the baby. Knight told him interference from her bionic arm made it impossible to do a proper MRI-scan. Just then, Daniel Rand arrived, which Scarfe felt was the right time to take his leave. He did warn Misty to take it easy because nobody wanted her in the hospital.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#4 - BTS) - Moments after Scarfe left, Knight turned to one of the nurses and told her to drop the act. Silver Sable was impressed Misty was able to see through her disguise. They quickly shared notes, both concluding that the "Hand" killers were part of Scarfe's precinct. Misty asked Sable to contact Paladin and the Shroud while she sought out Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich. The two heroines came up with a plan: lure the "Hand" to the old Symkarian embassy by spreading word on the street that wanted criminal Marcos Vicello was using the building as a hideout. If the "Hand" took the bait, they would confront them and use the embassy's surveillance technology to record and transmit any and all evidence to the police, who would be right outside along with Ben Urich, who was ready to publish.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets I#4) - Scarfe and his ninjas entered the Symkarian embassy and immediately stabbed what they thought was Vicello from the back. Stunned to find they had been duped by a mannequin and a recording of the mobster's voice, they were then confronted by Misty, Silver Sable and the Shroud, who remarked that she'd never met a Hand ninja with a Bronx accent before. Knight told them to surrender but Scarfe and the others naturally tried to fight their way out of the situation. Easily defeated by the heroes, Misty used her bionic arm's magnetic functions to remove Scarfe's mask. After forcing the others to do the same, she wanted to know what had happened to Scarfe that pushed him to this. Furious over Misty's sanctimonious attitude, Rafael started to rant and rave about dirtbags like the Fortunados ruining innocent lives and getting away with it, calling the murders he committed "dispensing a little justice." He went on to say how good it felt to put down the vermin, knowing they'd never bother anyone again. According to the lieutenant, every cop dreams of doing what they did but only they had the guts to take advantage of the Shadowland situation. He also admitted to sending the goons that beat Misty up because she didn't take the hint and back off. Having heard enough, Misty offered Scarfe and his men a choice: either they turned themselves in or she and the other would take them in. This made the lieutenant and his officers laugh, quite rightly pointing out that no one would believe the word of a private investigator and two mercenaries over that of four police officers, not with all the evidence pointing towards Daredevil.

(Shadowland: Blood On The Streets I#4) - Before Misty could force Scarfe to surrender, the Hand came crashing through the embassy's windows ready to take out the "pathetic fools who sullied the name of the Hand." Misty, Shroud and Silver Sable defended the faux Hand members from the real ninjas with some handy assistance from Paladin, who was on the roof with a sniper gun. Just as she defeated the last Hand member, Scarfe took Misty hostage, gun against head. He forced Silver Sable to open the doors of the embassay so he and his men could go free. Sable warned him they wouldn't get far but Scarfe said he just needed to get far enough to call for backup and have all of them put on the most wanted list. As he opened the door, he saw that the police was already there, as well as Ben Urich, who had shared Scarfe's confession (covertly transmitted by Sable) to the officers outside. Still not ready to give up, Scarfe threatened to kill Misty if he couldn't get away. In the end, Misty ended the stalemate by using the magnetic pulse ability of her bionic limb to knock him out. Misty then watched her old partner get dragged away like a common criminal. As he was driven off in the back of a police car, she was left to wonder if Rafe had a breakdown or if he was right about the justice system being broken.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), Pat Broderick (pencils) and Bob McLeod (inks).

Oh Rafael... years between appearances and when you finally return during 2011's Shadowland event, you're a mobster slashing wannabe ninja nutjob. Still, a good story is a good story even if it means sacrificing over 25 years of character development to tell it. On the other hand, Scarfe had entertained the thought of quitting the force before, as revealed in 2004's Iron Fist mini so it's not entirely unthinkable that he at last reached a breaking point and resorted to extreme measures.

Makes you wonder what the future holds for this character. It's hard for a cop to go to jail, though. When and if he gets out, he might feel the need to settle the score with Misty Knight, perhaps even becoming a supervillain in the process with some help from the Tinkerer. With a name like Scarfe, one could just see him in a criminal trio with the Crimson Cowl and Tatterdemalion

Man, those Power Man & Iron Fist tales sure told one heck of a complicated story at times. Covering a relatively minor character's role in these convoluted tales without having it either come across as incomplete or overly explained proved to be quite the challenge. 

Thanks to Markus Raymond and Minor Irritant for remembering Scarfe's status quo shocking Shadowland appearances.

Profile by Norvo.

Rafael Scarfe should not be confused with

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