Real Name: Angeline Morrow

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Operative of the Shroud, former criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Cat, the Shroud, Spider-Man, Tigra, Wonder Man

Enemies: Crooked Man, Deacon, Galeno Gang, Scorpion

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Cat's Jazz Club, Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: Marvel Preview#21 (Spring, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Mouse is a skilled pickpocket, and usually drives the Shroud's get-away vehicles. She also serves as a musician while at the Cat's Jazz Club.

History: (Marvel Preview#21)- Mouse was one of the criminals gathered by the Crooked Man to serve in his personal empire, wanting her for her pickpocketing skills. She and Cat witnessed the arrival of the Shroud, who convinced the Crooked Man to allow him into his gang. When the Crooked Man captured an artist to collect a ransom from his agent, Cat and Mouse aided the Shroud in collecting the ransom by having Mouse snatch the briefcase from his hand. The Crooked Man ordered the duo to leave the Shroud behind, but they broke his rules, and helped the Shroud escape in their car. Returning to the Crooked Man, they helped the Shroud set an ambush for the Crooked Man. The Crooked Man and all of his men wound up being caputured by the police, but the Shroud hid Cat and Mouse. He then revealed to them that his motivation was to destroy crime from within, and asked them to join. Mouse liked the way the Shroud operated, and agreed. The Shroud then presented them with wine he had taken from the Crooked Man, and held a toast.

(Marvel Team-Up I#93)- Cat and Mouse were performing at the Cat's Jazz Club, the Shroud's base of operations, when a fight broke out there between Spider-Man and the Tatterdemalion. The Shroud prevented them from becoming involved.

(Marvel Team-Up I#94)- Spider-Man, under the influence of Dansen Macabre, webbed up Cat and Mouse at the Cat's Jazz Club while looking for the Shroud. The Shroud was ultimately able to free Spider-Man from her control.

(West Coast Avengers I#3 (fb, BTS))- Cat and Mouse were assaulted at the Cat's Jazz Club by the Galeno Gang while the Shroud was in San Francisco. The Galeno Gang, having transferred their loyalties to Graviton, wanted to send the Shroud a message.

(West Coast Avengers I#3)- Cat and Mouse were found by Tigra and Wonder Man of the Avengers, but were reluctant to tell them what happened until the Shroud appeared, and vouched for the two Avengers. Mouse related what had happened to the Shroud.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/3)- Mouse kept in contact with Cat as he spied upon the gangster Deacon for the Shroud. As Mouse was reporting Cat's information to the Shroud, the Cat's Jazz Club was invaded by the Deacon himself, and he threatened Mouse. The Shroud came to her rescue, but the Deacon overcame the Shroud's mystic senses with his powers, then destroyed the Cat's Jazz Club. The Shroud brought Mouse to safety.

(The Shroud#1)- In New York, Cat and Mouse monitored the Shroud from their van while he fought Garrick King and his men. When the Shroud was done, Mouse drove the van to their temporary base of operations.

(The Shroud#2)- Mouse helped receive the Scorpion from the Shroud, who they incapacitated using virtual reality devices created by Cat.

(The Shroud#3)- As Mouse was about to sedate Scorpion, he broke out of his shackles and threatened her. Mouse managed to free herself using gas, allowing the Shroud to fight him. Although the Scorpion escaped, the Shroud made a point of thanking Cat and Mouse for their services.

(The Shroud#4)- As the Shroud set off to confront the forces of the crimelord Lassiter and the Cult of KÔli, Mouse convinced Cat to use a spider-tracer the Shroud had acquired to help send Spider-Man to assist him. After the Shroud and Spider-Man had defeated their enemies, she and Cat met up with the Shroud to set off on their next adventure.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#14/3)- Cat and Mouse stood by as the Shroud grappled with his past, and finally determined that they would remain in Manhattan, and make it their new base of operations.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Steven Grant and Steve Ditko.

Mouse is supposed to be blonde, but was depicted with brown hair in Shroud#1-3 and purple hair in#4, even though the Scorpion calls her "blondie" in#3.

Her real name was revealed in Shroud's profile in OHotMU A-Z HC#10.

Profile by Prime Eternal

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