Real Name: Wendy Christiansen (Ponygirl), Hal Flynt (Mouse)

Identity/Class: Human; computer hackers

Occupation: illegal computer hackers

Affiliations: former agent of the Punisher (Castle) and Vito Vaducci;
    worked alongside Mickey Fondozzi

Enemies: Mickey Fondozzi, Microchip/Cringe

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Pony

Base of Operations: formerly Mickey Fondozzi's trailer, New Jersey?
    formerly one of the Vaducci crime family's buildings in Manhattan

First Appearance: Punisher II#98 (January, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled with computer hardware, software, hacking, etc.
    Pony seemed to specialize in software, while Mouse was more of a hardware kind of guy.

Height: Ponygirl: 5'4"
              Mouse: 5'6"
Weight: Ponygirl: 120 lbs.
               Mouse: 145 lbs.

(Punisher II#98 (fb) - BTS) - After dropping out of high school, they were employed by the crime boss Vito Vaducci as numbers crunchers.

(Punisher II#98) - While on the trail of the drug lord Cringe (who was actually an alias used by Microchip as a plot against Castle), the Punisher sought information from the computer database of the Vaducci crime family. He confronted the young hackers Ponygirl and Mouse. Rather than kill them, he instead offered them a chance to live if they came to work for him. As benefits he offered: (1) not killing them, (2) anything they could carry out of the Vaducci's cash counting room in the three minutes before he would blow it up.
    Castle set them up in Mickey Fondozzi's trailer, unaware that Fondozzi was working with Microchip on this one. The two set to work right away, successfully cracking Cringe's computer code for his transactions. They also pulled up a warning program that told them if they crossed him they would die.

(Punisher II#99) - Cringe's program deleted the files on him from Pony and Mouse's system. Pony halted the program and then began searching for anything that had been preserved. They managed to locate a Cringelli manufacturing plant in Newark, which Castle investigated. However, it turned out to be a trap of Micro's and the Punisher ended up imprisoned in Micro's long term holding cell, with which he hoped to recondition Castle.

(Punisher II#100) - Still at Fondozzi's trailer, Pony and Mouse began to worry as they hadn't heard from Castle in over 24 hours.

(Punisher II#101, 102) - Pony and Mouse scoped out the building to which they had sent the Punisher. They saw Carlos Cruz, Micro's replacement Punisher, heading into the building (Micro had sent him to check on Castle). Castle ambushed Cruz, but Micro then released an anesthetic gas, which dropped Castle, which Cruz--protected by the oxygen supply in his helmet--escaped again.
    However, after Cruz left, Pony and Mouse approached the security system holding Castle. Mouse tried to decrypt and deactivate the system, but was nearly electrocuted in the process.

(Punisher War Journal#78) - Pony and Mouse located the circuit breakers to Castle's cells and shut it down, releasing the Punisher.

(Punisher II#103) - The Punisher took Pony and Mouse to a motel for a week, where they tracked down the location of Microchip. The two succeeded in destroying Micro's whole operating system with a "level four computer virus", and the next day Castle confronted Micro in his new base.

(Punisher War Journal#79) - While Castle confronted Micro, Pony and Mouse returned to Fondozzi's trailer, picked up as much of their stuff, and as much cash, as they could carry. They then fled the country to somewhere; Mexico, Rio, the Caymans, New Zealand...anywhere neither Castle nor his enemies could find them.

Comments: Created by Chuck Dixon and Rod Whigham.

In doing this recent rash of Punisher profiles, I'm amazed by the amount of characters who are still alive. I wonder if we'll ever see them again. Still, you can't complain about the current work by Garth Ennis, et al!

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