Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human (mutate? magic user?)

Occupation: Unknown, some sort of illegal trade

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None; formerly Mouse

Enemies: Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Mouse

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, New York

First Appearance: Marvel Collector's Edition#1 (1992)

Powers/Abilities: Devil Grip appeared to possess some form of superhuman strength, at least enough to break through iron cemetery fence bars. He was also able to hold the arms of Ghost Rider in his vice-like grip.

(Marvel Collector's Edition#1/2 (fb)/[BTS]): Devil Grip hired Mouse to perform unknown tasks for him, but when Mouse discovered the truth of his operation, Devil Grip went in pursuit of the boy.

(Marvel Collector's Edition#1/2): Devil Grip caught up with Mouse in a cemetery. About to kill the boy, Devil Grip was confronted by Ghost Rider, who had just encountered the hurt and bloodied Mouse in his human form of Dan Ketch. Grabbing Ghost Rider, Devil Grip began to boast of his strength. Ghost Rider then took the opportunity to give Devil Grip his "penance stare," immobilizing the villain with the memories of his previous victims.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie, John Herbert and Jimmy Palmiotti

Don't look for Marvel Collector's Edition#1/2. That's actually#1, story#2. It was a promotional comic that was a mail-away from Charleston Chew candy. As such, the story MAY be outside continuity, but until proven otherwise, I'm considering it canon.

Profile by Madison Carter


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(Mike McCormick) - After his father died five years ago, Mike McCormick became ostracized by his fellow kids, who nicknamed him Mouse. Looking to impress them, he took on a job working for Devil Grip. When he learned the truth of the operation, Devil Grip decided to kill him. Chased through a cemetery, Mike ran into Dan Ketch, who then transformed into Ghost Rider and defeated Devil Grip. Ghost Rider then took Mouse to the hospital, driving him past the kids who previously belittled him, and his mother.

--Marvel Collector's Edition#1/2


Devil Grip: Marvel Collector's Edition#1, story 2, p3, pan2

Mouse: Marvel Collector's Edition#1, story 2, p1, pan4

Marvel Collector's Edition#1 (1992)

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