Real Name: Agatha Andrea Timly (see comments)

Identity/Class: Human (possible magic user? - see comments)

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Kraig

Enemies: Werewolf by Night (Jack Russell)

Known Relatives: Nathan Timly (husband, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A mansion on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California, USA (see comments)

First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight I#3 (May, 1972)

Powers/Abilities: Agatha appeared to have some occult powers such as telepathy, as she was able to detect when Jack's mind transformed into the Werewolf's.

Height: 5'6" (by approximation)
Weight: 150 lbs.
(by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Black with a white streak

History: (Marvel Spotlight I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Agatha was an occultist who wished to summon "long-dead gods" using the Darkhold. At some point, she and her husband Nathan took on the assistant Kraig and gave him a metal hand in exchange for serving them. At an unrevealed point, she also learned that Gregory Russoff formerly had possession of the Darkhold and believed that his son Jack (the Werewolf) had obtained it after the death of his mother Laura. Agatha and Nathan also learned of Jack's lycanthropy and followed his exploits after his first transformation. Two months after Laura's passing Agatha sent Nathan to learn more about the subject of their interest.

(Marvel Spotlight I#3) - Having taken advantage of finding Jack in need of temporary refuge, Nathan brought him back to their mansion to meet Agatha. Agatha attempted to have Jack tell her where the Darkhold was but Jack didn't know what she was talking about. When Jack passed out, Agatha had him locked in the dungeons. She tried again to interrogate him when he woke, arriving in the cell in time to stop Kraig beating their captive. When Nathan later made the mistake of entering Jack's cell while he was in his Werewolf form he was attacked and had to be saved by Kraig. Arriving to find Kraig about to slay the Werewolf, Agatha again had to order him to stop attacking.

   The next day, Agatha had Jack brought to her and she again demanded the Darkhold but Jack still didn't know and told her all that his mother had told him on her deathbed was concerning the family lycanthropy curse. Agatha still did not believe him and instructed Kraig to torture Jack. When Nathan jumped in to try to stop this, an enraged Kraig lashed out and killed him. Using this as a distraction, Jack managed to escape and hid in the barn. Agatha sent Kraig to find him but they were unsuccessful in doing so before Jack transformed into the Werewolf later that night. Finding the Werewolf, Kraig fought Jack until Kraig was killed when a bolt of lightning struck his hand. With the loss of her husband and servant and the Darkhold seemingly beyond her grasp, Agatha attempted to summon her "long-dead gods" without the Darkhold but was killed during the attempt (see comments).

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway and Mike Ploog

    Agatha's named was never stated in full, Kraig calls her Agatha while Nathan called her Andrea. The OHotMU profiles on the Werewolf all refer to her as Agatha Timly so I'm going to assume Andrea is her middle name.

   While Agatha never actually displayed direct superhuman powers, she was inexplicably able to sense Jack's transformations into the Werewolf as noted above in powers and she had sought to summon gods using the Darkhold, which likely would've taken at least a minor amount of magic-using ability. Of course, we only ever saw her attempt and fail to summon her gods without using the Darkhold so we don't know for sure if she actually had real mystic abilities or perhaps she failed because she didn't have the mystic ability. --Proto-Man

   We see Nathan beginning a sentence while driving up a road with the Hollywood sign visible to their left but somewhat distant, and the next panel while still completing the sentence he arrives at the Timly mansion, which is high in the hills and remote from any other houses. Glancing at a map, that suggests a location somewhere in the southern edge of Griffith Park.

   It's not clear exactly how Agatha died. She was in the middle of trying to summon her dead gods and then she simply collapsed clutching her chest. It might be the magic she invoked was fatal without the right information from the Darkhold, but it's not outwith the realm of possibility that she simply suffered a heart attack brought on by all the recent stress. - Loki

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Profile by Copeinator123.

Agatha Timly has no known connections to:


Kraig was the deformed, one-handed servant of Agatha and Nathan. Kraig did not like to be touched and felt that no one other than the Timlys were nice to him ever since they had given him a metallic-clawed hand. Despite Nathan instructing Kraig not to bother the chained-up Jack, Kraig approached him once they were alone, hoping that if Jack shared his "secret" with the Timlys they could restore his lost hand, and when Jack insisted he didn't know anything, Kraig began to beat him until the Timlys arrived in the cell and Agatha ordered him to stop. Later, when Nathan was attacked by the Werewolf, Kraig saved him but again had to be told by Agatha to stop attacking the Werewolf before he strangled the chained beast. Later, when Agatha failed to get information about the Darkhold from Jack, she asked Kraig to torture him.  Nathan tried to stop this but Kraig lashed out in rage and killed Nathan. Jack used this time to escape and Agatha sent Kraig to find him but they were unsuccessful in doing so before Jack transformed back into the Werewolf with the rising of the moon. After finding the Werewolf, Kraig fought Jack until Kraig was killed when a bolt of lightning struck his metallic hand.

--Marvel Spotlight I#3

Nathan Timly

Nathan Timly was the meek husband of Agatha. For reasons uncertain, he only referred to Agatha as Andrea. When Jack began transforming into the Werewolf, Agatha had Nathan approach Jack's stepfather Philip Russell to obtain information about Jack, and as a result Nathan was present when the police called Philip out to the family's beach house following an incident where a biker gang had attacked Jack's sister Lissa only to be driven off by an unidentified creature (Jack as the Werewolf). Arriving within moments of the incident, the police shot and wounded the fleeing Werewolf, who hid nearby to evade the police. Arriving with Philip, Nathan spotted the Werewolf hiding in the underbrush nearby while Philip was talking to the police, Nathan said nothing to the others, and instead returned alone after dawn, correctly anticipating that Jack would have reverted by this point to his human form. Seeing Jack, his clothes in rags thanks to his transformations, attempting to hitchhike out the area, Nathan picked him up and took the injured man back to their mansion to meet Agatha.

After bringing him to Agatha, Nathan believed that Jack did not know anything about the Darkhold. While imprisoned, Jack transformed and attacked Nathan when Nathan made the mistake of sneaking food to him while the moon was risen. Nathan was saved by Kraig. The next day, when Agatha again failed to obtain what she wanted from Jack, she ordered Kraig to torture the information out of him. Nathan was appalled by this and tried to stop Kraig but made the mistake of chastising Kraig as he pushed him away from Jack; hating being touched or laughed at, a momentarily enraged Kraig lashed out and killed Nathan.

--Marvel Spotlight I#3

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Marvel Spotlight I#3
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Marvel Spotlight I#3 p11 pan1 (Nathan)
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Marvel Spotlight I#3 (May, 1972)  Gerry Conway (writer), Mike Ploog (art), Stan Lee (editor)

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