Membership: A bunch of unidentified Lilin

Purpose: Killing and eating human flesh

Affiliations: Lilith (mother), the Lilin (brethren)

Enemies: Werewolf (Jack Russell), Miss Finster, residents of Morristown

Base of Operations: Morristown, New Jersey
formerly: Shadowside dimension

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#143/2 (early December, 1993)




History: The Goblins were born by Lilith along the many other Lilin. They became part of the attack on Earth.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#143/2) - The Goblins came through the Dark Mist to Morristown at Halloween. They killed some children, took their costumes and continued their tour to the houses of unknowing citizens. They killed an elderly woman and when they took off from her house they ran into Jack Russell. He wasn't able to stop his motorbike and ran over one of the Goblins. When he saw the head of the elderly woman rolling out of the Goblin's sack he realized what they truly were and attacked them as Werewolf.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#144/3) - Werewolf was stopped by the local police who thought that he was attacking children. The Goblins took off and ran to Morristown's grade school where children were presenting the play "Goblin Night". Once again they killed some children and took their costumes. They entered the stage and continued to kill children in front of their parents who didn't had a clue that this cruelty wasn't part of the play. Werewolf arrived at the scene and slaughtered the Goblins in front of the shocked parents.

Comments: Created by Len Kaminski, James Fry & Rey Garcia.

I named them Goblins because the story was called "Goblin Night". Actually they were just a bunch of random Lilin with a hunger for human flesh and less intelligence than the smashing Hulk.

Finster is the German word for dark or gloomy. I don't know if Kaminski knew this, but her name seemed appropriate as she was watching her play turn ugly from the shadows only lightened up by the stage-lights for one second.

Profile by Markus Raymond


The Goblins have no known connection to

Miss Finster have no known connection to

Miss Finster

She was a teacher in Grade School and behind the children's play "Goblin Night". She was shocked when she saw the bloody chaos on stage and thought that the kids just messed up the whole play. Later she realized with the other viewers that it was all real. She listened with the others to the speech of Werewolf who warned them to stay alert in the future because if they didn't monsters like these could bite them into their butt anytime.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#144/3


Marvel Comics Presents I#143, p13, pan4 (main image)
Marvel Comics Presents I#144, barcode side, p4, pan4 (Miss Finster)

Marvel Comics Presents I#143-144 (December, 1993) - Chris Cooper (writer), James Fry (pencils), Rey Garcia (inks), Ricahrd Ashford (editor)

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