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Real Name: ?? Watkins

Identity/Class: Human sub-species (werewolf; 1950s)

Occupation: Librarian

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsMr. Grey, Katy

EnemiesHarry Higgins

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: 234, East 2nd Street of an unspecified town in the USA

First Appearance: Menace#1 (March, 1953)

Powers/Abilities: In his human force Watkins was fearful and had a weak heart. Watkins' curse forced him to transform into a werewolf at midnight. The transformation induced fur, claws and fangs growth and he gained feral instincts and an increased aggresiveness. The transformation did not depend on a full moon.


(Menace#1) - Mr. Watkins went to work in a library, taking the place of Katy. Katy was tormented by Harry Higgins, a horny joker, and Higgins liked her very much. When Higgins found Watkins at her place Higgins started to hate Watkins. Watkins became the target of Higgins' jokes and pranks that involved terror, ghosts and vampires. The more Watkins trembled in fear of those stories, the more Higgins was delighted and pulled his leg.

    One night Watkins received a visit at home. He wanted to be alone because it was almost midnight, but Higgins was at the door and again jested with Watkins. But when midnight arrived Watkins transformed into a werewolf and attacked Higgins for the last joke.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer) and Werner Roth (artist).

Higgins was very likely killed.

Profile by Spidermay.

Mr. Watkins has no known connections to

Harry Higgins has no known connections to

Mr. Grey has no known connections to any other "Grey" or "Gray" character.

Harry Higgins

    Harry Higgins was a normal human with the bad habit of making evil jokes. He was indecent and cocky.

    Harry liked Katy, a librarian, but she always refused his invitations. One day Harry discovered that Katy had left the job and that her place had been taken by Mr. Watkins.
    Watkins became one of Higgins' preferred targets.
    One evening Higgins disguised himself as a ghost to scare Watkins. The next night Higgins found Watkins' address on the phone guide and went to find him. He found Watkins scared, but the actual cause of his terror was that it was midnight and he underwent the transformation into a werewolf. Unfortunately for Higgins this last, scary joke was on him.



    Katy worked in a library.

    Katy was stalked by Harry Higgins and did not like him. She detested his jokes and his cockiness. She switched jobs and moved away. She was substituted by Mr. Watkins.




Mr. Grey

    Mr. Grey was the office head of Katy and Mr. Watkins.

    One day Grey heard a shriek in the library. It was Watkins who had been scared by one of Harry Higgins' jokes. Grey asked if there was something wrong.





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Menace#1, p5, pan6-7-8-9 (Watkins, transformation)
Menace#1, p3, pan2 (Watkins, head shot)
Menace#1, p5, pan5 (Higgins)
Menace#1, p1, pan1 (Katy)
Menace#1, p3, pan1 (Mr. Grey)

Menace#1 (March, 1953) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Werner Roth (artist)

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