Real Name: Roxanna ??

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Saleswoman at Sol Botanicals

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Freddie, Katey, Loopy, Jack Russell

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An apartment somewhere in New York City

First Appearance: Werewolf by Night II#1 (February, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: She is a capable saleswoman and has a far too forgiving personality. She was unaware of Jack's secret life as the Werewolf.

Height: 5'6" (by approximation)
Weight: 125 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde


(Werewolf by Night II#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Jack promised to move out of his old apartment. It became a tradition for Roxanna to ask Jack if he finally made good on his promise on the first of each month. He also promised her to stop drinking. She eventually got used to Jack disappearing for three days without calling.

   Jack and Roxanna didn't go as often to Father Adobe's church as they used to do.

(Werewolf by Night II#1) - On the first of the month Roxanna asked Jack once again if he finally moved out of his old apartment. Unhappy with their relationship Roxanna mentioned that she would pretend that he wasn't gone again for three days and that he didn't promise her that he would stop drinking. She wasn't sure if she could continue the relationships because he would never come to her place, she hated to come to this part of town and Jack kept so many secrets from her. Jack was sorry, hugged her and told her he loved her. With a tear in her eye Roxanna accepted his apology and washed his dishes.

   Later that night Roxanna was in bed while Jack was up again doing research on the source of the Werewolf curse.

(Werewolf by Night II#2) - When Jack came to her apartment and told her that he would be away for a few days Roxanna became angry at him. She reminded him that he had to prove that he was worth the effort and that he chose the worst moment to bail on her again (PMS was kicking in ;) Seriously!).

   Returning from his trip Jack took Roxanna to the funfair. She became again teary-eyed when he told her how sorry he was. When she left to go pee Jack was lured away by Smedley.

(Werewolf by Night II#3) - In an delusion Jack got stuck in a bestial form after taking the Ghost Train funride. Roxanna became scared when she saw him in this state and he accidentally ripped out her throat with his talons when she tried to run away.

(Werewolf by Night II#4) - Jack was reunited with Roxanna at the funfair after returning from Vârcolac's portion of Hell and leaving the Ghost Train ride. Roxanna was mad at him because he didn't wait for her when she went to pee. He tried to catch up with Smedley, but failed. Roxanna wanted to know where he had been the last hour and Jack told her that he had gotten a tattoo.

(Werewolf by Night II#5) - Jack surprised Roxanna at work and bought her roses.

(Werewolf by Night II#6) - Roxanna took her friend Katey on a double date with Jack and Freddie. Roxanna couldn't hide her disgust at Freddie's dog Loopy eating from his plate. She told Freddie that Katey was quite a golfer to give them something to talk about, but it became awkward when Freddie pointed out that he wasn't much of a golfer because he was in a wheelchair. Freddie's story about a guy dying from a heart attack due fto clogged arteries from fortune cookies made her laugh.

(Strange Tales IV#1/2) - While at work Roxanna told Mrs. Simmons that the expensive plant she was holding was a freerange cabbage. She received a call from Jack, who told her that something had come up and that he would be away all night. Roxanne realized how funny he sounded (he was partially transformed at the time) and wanted to know where he was, but he left without telling her. Mrs. Simmons then commented on a tumbleweed and Roxanne looked annoyed.

(Strange Tales IV#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Roxanna went on vacation on her own.

(Strange Tales IV#2/2) - Detectives Phil Jones and Len Miko came to Jack Russell's apartment to see him, but Roxanne opened the door. She had just returned from the vacation and didn't know where her boyfriend was either. Asked if she had seen him lately she told them that it depended on what he had done.

Comments: Created by Paul Jenkins (writer) & Leonardo Manco (artist).

She didn't seem very helpful to the police, was far too forgiving to her jerk boyfriend and was in general just the girlfriend.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Roxanna has no known connection to:

Katey has no known connection to:


She is a friend of Roxanne, who was taken to a double date by her with Jack and Freddie. She was quite a good golfer with a four handicap and mentioned during the double date that she was usually down in Myrtle Beach at this time of the year. Freddie's story about a guy dying from a heart attack caused by fortune cookies made her chuckle.

--Werewolf by Night II#6

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Werewolf by Night II#1, p16, pan2 (main image)
Werewolf by Night II#4, p22 (head shot)
Werewolf by Night II#6, p5, pan3 (Katey)

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Werewolf by Night II#3-6 (April-July, 1998) - Paul Jenkins (writer), Leonardo Manco (artist), Joe Andreani (editor)
Strange Tales IV#1-2 (September-October, 1998) - Paul Jenkins (writer), Leonardo Manco (artist), Joe Andreani (editor)

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