Real Name: Fred "Freddie" ??

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Logger; former sanitation engineer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Katey, Loopy, Roxanna, Jack Russell

Enemies: None (he is probably his own worst enemy)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
formerly New York City

First Appearance: Werewolf by Night II#5 (June, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Fred possesses no superhuman abilities. Despite being crippled and therefore bound to a wheelchair he recklessly drives a quad with a trailer for his dog Loopy.

Height: 6'3" (by approximation)
Weight: 190 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Brown


(Werewolf by Night II#5 (fb)) - <Three years ago> Jack Russell and his only real friend Freddie were working maintenance and trying to fix a broken sluice gate in New York City's dockside sewer system when. When Jack turned a wheel at the wrong time a pipe bursted and the rush of water caused a 600 lbs. sewer grille to fall on Freddie and break his back. The water rose quickly and Freddie would've drowned with the grille trapping him underwater if Jack had not turned into his Werewolf form to lift the grille off Freddie and carry him back to the surface where Jack called an ambulance. Freddie survived, but the accident left him permanently paralyzed from his waist down. Freddie never asked Jack any questions about the incident and pretended like it wasn't a big thing.

(Werewolf by Night II#5 (fb) ) - Bound to a wheelchair Freddie went into the tree business and worked as a foreman. Because he was wheelchair-bound nobody ever complained about him just sitting around and giving orders. Because his dog Loopy tended to chase after falling trees his men built a hammock out of jeans to keep him from getting hurt.

(Werewolf by Night II#5 (fb)) - <One week ago> Freddie was driving around on his quad with Loopy when the dog jumped off at 60 mph to chase after a cop. He apparently survived the incident because Freddie made the dog wear a helmet while taking him with him on the quad.

(Werewolf by Night II#5) - Jack visited his old friend Freddie after he had gained control over his Werewolf persona form again. Jack waited for Freddie, who arrived shortly after on his quad with Loopy inside a trailer. Freddie swerved at the last moment to not run over Jack while Loopy jumped Jack. Freddie didn't realize that his leg was on fire until Jack pointed it out to him. Jack carried Freddie over to his car and after Loopy was properly strapped in in the back went for a ride to the Wolfies gas station. They talked about the accident that paralyzed Freddie, his current job and Jack's girlfriend Roxanna. Arriving at the gas station Jack took Freddie for a stroll in his wheelchair and they kept their conversation going.

(Werewolf by Night II#6) - Jack took Freddie on a double date with Roxanna and her friend Katey at the China Palace. It became awkward quickly when Freddie told everyone that Loopy let of real bad farts when he was fed Chinese food and then asked Katey if she was finished with her orange chicken because it was Loopy's favorite. Rox tried her best to change the topic and told Freddie that Katey loved golfing, but when Katey asked Freddie if he liked golfing he jokingly pointed out that he didn't as much as he used to since he was in a wheelchair. His anecdote about a guy he knew that played the lottery numbers from his fortune cookies every week until he died of a heart attack caused by the Chinese food clogging his arteries made everyone laugh. Jack was then called away by a message hidden in a fortune cookie.

Comments: Created by Paul Jenkins (writer) & Leonardo Manco (artist).

A fun guy, who probably died in another accident.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Fred has no known connection to:

Loopy has no known connection to:


Loopy was Freddie's crazy dog, who liked to chase cops and falling trees. Freddie made him wear a helmet when he took Loopy with him while driving around with the quad and had his men create a hammock out of a pair of jeans to keep the dog from getting crushed under a tree. Loopy also loved Chinese food, especially orange chicken. Freddie gave him Chinese food even though he knew it made Loopy fart pretty badly.

--Werewolf by Night II#5 (Werewolf by Night II#5(fb), 5-6

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Werewolf by Night II#6, p6, pan1 (main image)
Werewolf by Night II#6, p5, pan2 (head shot)
Werewolf by Night II#5, p9, pan4 (Loopy)

Werewolf by Night II#5-6 (June-July, 1998) - Paul Jenkins (writer), Leonardo Manco (artist), Joe Andreani (editor)

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