Real Name: Unrevealed, possibly Fredd

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-Fredd) Titan/Kree hybrid

Occupation: World conqueror, villain

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Psycho-Man

Enemies: Captain (Genis) Marvel, Drax, The Microns;
    Avengers, Fantastic Four (both of his native dimension)

Known Relatives: None, though he claims to be a evil twin clone of the son of Elysius and the original Captain Marvel, making them his parents in an abstract way.

Aliases: None;
    the extra "d" was because he was too evil for just one "d"

Base of Operations: The Psycho-Man's ship in the Microverse, Formerly his native Earth

First Appearance: Captain Marvel V#15 (March, 2001 )

Powers/Abilities: Fredd has his own version of the Nega Bands, and uses their full potential, unlike Captain Marvel of Earth-616. He can control, manipulate, and harness incredible amounts of energy for a variety of purposes because he is energy, and manipulating energy is like manipulating himself. He was able to use his energy manipulating powers to beat Captain Marvel in under five seconds with some energy restraints, and to fight against both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers of his dimension simultaneously. He was also observed firing energy blasts.

History: (Captain Marvel V#16 (fb)) - In Fredd's native dimension, he nearly conquered the world. He stood up to the combined powers of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four of his world for days until they had destroyed a good portion of the Earth they were trying to save. Fredd gained the upper hand, but then Mister Fantastic of his dimension pulled a gadget on him that encased him in a cocoon like structure and sent him away to the Microverse. 

(Captain Marvel V#15) - Psycho-Man discovered the cocoon containing Fredd and knew that there was an incredible power inside of it; power he wished for himself. After failing to  break through Fredd's prison, Psycho-Man mentally enthralled Drax the Destroyer to break open the cocoon for him. Drax managed to shatter Fredd's cocoon with his incredible strength, and Fredd emerged and met the Psycho-Man. Fredd showed no respect for Psycho-Man, who threatened to use his emotion controlling device on Fredd. However, Fredd simply said that the device in question travels over waves, just like any other such device and he could manipulate all kinds of waves. Fredd then attacked Psycho-Man, firing a blast at him. Psycho-Man tried to defend himself, but Fredd wrapped him up in an energy restraint and tightened the restraint until Psycho-Man became agreeable. Fredd asked Psycho-Man if he had ever dreamed of taking over other worlds, but before the conversation got very far, Captain Marvel found Psycho-Man's ship. Fredd saw Captain Marvel and introduced himself, saying, "My name is Fredd, and I happen to be Captain Marvel’s evil twin clone future self from an alternate dimension! And once we obliterate you, we’re going to go topside and take over the outer universe, which is what I was trying to do before I wound up here. Hope you don’t have a problem with that"

(Captain Marvel V#16) - Fredd said that he is going to use Captain Marvel as a means to return to the outside world so that he can take it over. Psycho-Man had a ray that could return someone to normal size, but they'd never tried it on somebody with his physiology, so they would test it on Captain Marvel. He also said that he was going to simply kill the Microns. Captain Marvel attacked Fredd, but Fredd easily beat him, wrapping him up in energy tendrils. Fredd then explained his history to Captain Marvel. Fredd went on to throw Captain Marvel into the Psycho-Man's regrowing chamber; however, the experiment nearly ripped apart both Captain Marvel and Rick Jones, so Fredd commanded Psycho-Man to abandon the experiment. He did so, but Captain Marvel was nowhere to be seen. Fredd discovered that Marvel was not molecularly sound due to their failed experiment and that he was in the machinery of Psycho-Man's ship. Fredd started to draw Marvel out of the machinery and into his Nega Bands; he absorbed Marvel, but found that he can’t control him. Marvel, inside the machinery, took control of the Psycho-Man's emotion controlling device, and used it against Fredd. Fredd became doubtful, afraid, and then angry. He said that he is going to bring this place down around Psycho-Man’s non-existent ears. Fredd destroyed Psycho-Man’s ship; In the aftermath, Fredd was nowhere to be found.

Comments: Created by Peter David, Chriss Cross, Rodriguez, Livesay, and Candelario

God Bless Peter David for his great run on Captain Marvel. Fredd is way too cool a villain to not bring back.

Thanks to for the image.

Profile by Stunner

Clarifications: Fredd should not be confused with


Captain Marvel V#15 (March, 2001 )
Captain Marvel V#16 (April, 2001 )

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