Real Name: Roxanne ??

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Horror actress

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Edvard Haberdash (Nightmare), Lucre

Enemies: Neurotica

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Taran Tula and many other movie characters

Base of Operations: Club Fear
formerly Lucre Films studio

First Appearance: Nightmare#1 (December, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: None, but she was able to do her own stunts and could even fight back against monsters.


(Nightmare#3 (fb) ) - Roxanne was abused in her past.

(Nightmare#1 (fb) ) - Roxanne became an actress and after starring in many horror movies of Lucre she became part of many people's nightmares, drawing the attention of Nightmare himself.

(Nightmare#1) - Roxanne was staring in another of Lucre's movies as the vampire Taran Tula. She ruined a shot when she joked around about the taste of the fake blood. Lucre got angry with her and ordered her to come with him to his office. Roxanne was told to never ruin a shot like that again or else she would be replaced. Roxanne didn't take him seriously because without her Lucre would have no career. She looked into Lucre's family album and asked him if he had a twin after seeing a picture of his mother with a stroller for twins. Lucre took the album away from her and she left. She left the studio to take a nap and Nightmare watched her. Nightmare decided to meet her personally on Earth afterwards. He soon met her and Roxanne was impressed that all his words were like her own thoughts. Roxanne went with Nightmare, now calling himself Edvard Haberdash, to an amusement park on Coney Island and they kissed each other in a funhouse.

(Nightmare#2) - After leaving the amusement park Roxanne fell asleep on a park bench and had a nightmare wherein Edvard killed her in one of Lucre's movies. She awoke and was really frightened. She told Edvard that she had a nightmare, but didn't tell him that it was about him. Roxanne later took Edvard to her working place in Lucre's studio. Her co-workers thought that Edvard looked creepy. After work she went with Edvard out again and he kept asking questions about Lucre which made her jealous. She wanted to leave him, but when she saw that Edvard gave an old homeless guy his money she returned to him.

(Nightmare#3) - Some time later at another rendezvous on Coney Island Roxanne wanted to know the truth about Edvard. She wanted him to reveal his secrets and he showed her some of his powers without revealing his true nature. They went to the opening of Club Fear and Roxanne was still a little bit scared of Edvard. She asked Lucre for help, but he told her that she deserved this. She watched Edvard and Lucre become partners. Afterwards Edvard left with her again and they had a little chat. Roxanne told Edvard that bad things happened to her in her past and she became mad when he was just enjoying her pain. She left Edvard after this incident. She told her landlord Mrs. Biddle to never let Edvard in again because he was dangerous. Roxanne returned to Club Fear and wanted to threaten Lucre that she would quit if he didn't help her. She left when she saw Edvard and Lucre making a pact. She returned to her apartment and listened to the mean messages Edvard left behind on her answering machine. Through the window she saw him standing on the street and she closed the curtains.

(Nightmare#4) - Roxanne continued to play her role as Taran Tula and Lucre humiliated her all the time. She angrily left the set and Edvard let monsters attack her behind the scenes. Roxanne fought the illusions until she fell into the arms of Edvard again. She wanted to know why he did this and he told her that he wanted to possess her. She didn't want this and Edvard threw her into the Nightmare Chair. She saw her nightmares come true. When she left the chair again she saw Edvard changed and fighting Phobia. Roxanne realized the power of Edvard and thought that she probably needed his protection. She accepted her fate as the girlfriend of Edvard Haberdash. Suddenly Dementia and Neurotica attacked her boyfriend. Neurotica also attacked Roxanne who lost her sense of what was real. Roxanne came back in to her right mind again when all the fights were over. She asked Edvard if he would let her go if she wanted to and he assured her that he would, but Roxanne knew that this wasn't true. Roxanne now acted as the lover of Nightmare in a role that decided whether she lived or died.

(Marvel Swimsuit Special#4) - Roxanne visited Madripoor with Nightmare during Prince Baran's tourism boost attempt.

(Over the Edge#7) - Roxanne helped Edvard to run Club Fear. One day Dr. Strange visited them and Roxanne realized immediately that her boyfriend and Strange were no friends. She still feared Edvard, who decided to help Strange in order to win her true love back.

Comments: Created by Ann Nocenti, Joe Bennett and Mike Witherby.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Roxanne wasn't seen since Over the Edge#7 because Nightmare returned to his realm and to his old ways of evil.

No further details were given to the nature of her abuse or the person who did it.


Roxanne aka. Taran Tula has no known connections to

Nightmare#3, cover (main image)
Nightmare#2, p1, pan1 (head shot)

Nightmare#1-4 (January, 1995 - March, 1995) - Ann Nocenti (writer), Joe Bennett (pencils), Mike Witherby (inks), Chris Cooper (editor)
Marvel Swimsuit Special#4 (1995)
Over the Edge#7 (May, 1996) - John Rozum (writer), Stephen Jones (pencils), Mike Witherby & Ralph Cabrera (inks), James Felder (inks)

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