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Real Name: Violet ??

Identity/Class: Human sub-species (werewolf)

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsDr. Meroux


Known RelativesCharles (husband)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: (Historical) "The Man Who Cried Wolf!" (1945);
   (Marvel) Monsters Unleashed#1 (July, 1973);
    {prima apparizione in Italia: Il Corriere della Paura#2/1 (luglio, 1974) Editoriale Corno}

Powers/Abilities: Transformed into a werewolf, Violet's human physical abilities increased making her stronger, quicker and more agile. She had claws and long fangs, pointed ears and probably a better sense of smell. Her transformation happened during full moon and she could not avoid it. She could infet others with the curse of the werewolf through her bite.

History: (Monsters Unleashed#1 (fb) - BTS) - Violet was a beautiful lady, married to Charles, a writer.
    Charles had left home to write somewhere quite and had settled in a valley where Violet reached him one month later. Violet did not know that Charles had met and fallen in love with Lisa.

(Monsters Unleashed#1 (fb)) - One night under the full moon Violet was stalked by a werewolf.

(Monsters Unleashed#1) - Scared mad Violet tried to convince Charles about what she had seen, but Charles apparently did not believe her even though he had heard the howl and had seen the tracks. It was Lisa's plan to drive Violet crazy, to make Charles divorce her. Afraid and neglected by Charles, Violet became hysterical and Charles suggested to her to consult Dr. Meroux, but she refused.
    The next night Charles left Violet alone on purpose, even though he knew she was afraid of the full moon and of "the werewolf". 

    When the werewolf arrived it was actually Lisa, who attacked Violet in her house. Lisa would have killed Violet if Charles had not arrived in time to stop her. Unfortunately Charles was too late to prevent Lisa from biting Violet in the neck infecting Violet with the curse of the werewolf before fleeing.
    Lisa was killed by the hunter Pierre and Charles fainted when he saw her true form.
    Hours later Violet guessed what had happened between Charles and Lisa. Staring at the full moon she let the curse transform her. She did not wait to take her revenge on Charles.

Comments: Character created by Robert Bloch. Adapted to comics by Gerry Conway (writer) and Pablo Marcos (pencils and inks).

    In the case of Violet the werewolf curse acted immediately. Only a few hours after the bite she became a werewolf for the first time under the full moon which also transformed Lisa.

Profile by Spidermay.

Violet has no known connections to any other "Violet" or "werewolf" character.


    Charles was a normal human. He was a writer and was married to Violet.

    Charles was writing a book and left for a town in a valley of woods to be alone and make it easier for him to write. He met Lisa, a beautiful girl, and the two fell in love. Lisa was a werewolf, but Charles did not know it.

    One month later Violet reached Charles. Lisa and Charles schemed to allow Charles to leave Violet by driving Violet insane.
    For six nights Charles heard the howl of a wolf coming from the lake and the sixth night Violet was stalked by a werewolf. Charles acted as if Violet was mad, believing that Lisa had arranged some sort of trick. He suggested to Violet to visit Doctor Meroux, hoping he would diagnose her as hysterical, but Lisa refused.
    The next day Charles met Lisa again asking her how she could command a wolf, but she avoided to reply and he noticed something strange in her behaviour and in her determination.
    That night Charles left Violet alone at home in order to scare her even more. He reached Lisa when the full moon had risen and discovered the truth.     He saw Lisa transforming into a werewolf. Like awakening from a dream Charles understood that Violet was in serious danger and ran home. He arrived too late to prevent the werewolf Lisas from biting Violet and infecting her with the werewolf curse. Lisa ran away only to be killed few hours later by Pierre, a local hunter. Charles stopped Victoria's bleeding and called Dr. Meroux for additional help. When some hunters brought back the body of a dead old woman Charles realized that it was Lisa in her true form. The shock was too much for him and he fainted.
    He awoke a few hours later. Violet was staring at the full moon as she had understood what Charles had done to her. She transformed into a werewolf and Charles could not escape her wrath.

--Monsters Unleashed#1

Dr. Meroux

    Dr. Meroux was a normal human. He was a doctor of some king (physician and psychologist at least).

    Meroux was aware of the danger of the wolf, about men who became wolves themselves and cases where animals and people had been attacked and killed by a wolf.

    Meroux arrived after Charles had already treated Violet. He claimed that she had been lucky compared to the other victims of the wolf.


--Monsters Unleashed#1


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Monsters Unleashed#1, p10, pan5 (Violet, main image)
Monsters Unleashed#1, p6, pan2 (Violet, head shot)
Monsters Unleashed#1, p5, pan3 (Charles)
Monsters Unleashed#1, p9, pan5 (Dr. Meroux)

Monsters Unleashed#1 (1973) - Gerry Conway (adaptation), Robert Bloch (original story), Pablo Marcos (artist), Roy Thomas (editor)

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