Real Name: Lenore Rogaland

Identity/Class: Human werewolf (late 19th century)

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Formerly the Frankenstein Monster

Enemies: Frankenstein Monster, her father, unidentified priest.

Known Relatives: Unidentified father (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unrevealed;
    formerly an unidentified village off a Scandinavia fjord

First Appearance: Monster of Frankenstein#5 (September, 1973)





Powers/Abilities: As a werewolf, Lenore had superhuman strength, durability, speed, and agility, as well as enhanced senses (including vision extending into the infra-red spectrum) and sharp fangs and claws. She was susceptible to silver and wolfsbane, and presumably possessed the other standard werewolf abilities and vulnerabilities, turning to a monstrous creature under the light of the full moon.






(Monster of Frankenstein#5 (fb) - BTS) - Lenore was raised in a small fishing village off a fjord in Scandinavia. At some point Lenore was transformed into a werewolf, and the villagers, their priest, and even her own father plotted her destruction.

(Monster of Frankenstein#5 (fb) - BTS) <1898> - Villagers tied Lenore to a cross on the mast of a boat that was set on fire.

(Monster of Frankenstein#5) - The Frankenstein monster saw Lenore, unconscious and tied to the mast of the burning boat, and he boarded the boat, untied her, and swam her to land, where he was surprised to overhear the local villagers had been the ones to place her there and that they were celebrating her death. He took her into a barn to recover in secret and calmed her as she awoke to stop her from screaming too much at the site of him. Lenore told him that the people were possessed by the "demon in the black robes," and that they had ordered her death because only she could resist his evil spell. Lenore further identified the barn as her own father's and showed him a silver sword lodged in a tree, which she said was placed there by the demon so it could never be used against him. The monster decided to seek Lenore's father's aid, and Lenore tried to stop him, telling him that her father was under the demon's spell, but then she fainted. The monster brought Lenore to her father who was surprised to see her alive, assumed the monster to be a demon and vowed to destroy his daughter himself. The monster overpowered Lenore's father who then died from the strain of battle. Taking medical supplies from her father's house and knocking out another man who rushed in and saw them, the monster then took Lenore into the forests in the highlands where he hoped to find privacy so that he would have the time to win her heart.
    Finding shelter within a hollowed out tree, the monster bandaged and cared for the burns on her feet for a few days, hunting for food and even carving a comb for her. Lenore was happy for the comb and teased the monster, asking if she looked so bad that she needed one. When he expressed his hopes that she could could love such a hideous monster, she told him that she saw he was good and kind, and that she cared for him very much...and might even grow to love him in time. He then carried here into the tree to sleep while he rested under the full moon, but he awoke in the morning to find her gone. Assuming the villagers had recaptured her, he rushed back to the village, along the way finding a bloodied wolf carcass hanging from a tree limb and later Lenore's tattered dress. As he reached the village the next night, he saw a wolf creature attacking and slaying a guard. Reasoning that the creature had taken Lenore, he attacked it, and the two fought savagely. Wounded by deep slash to his throat, the monster stumbled back against the tree and found Lenore's father's silver sword. As the wolf creature leapt at him again, he pulled out the sword and stabbed it through the creature's chest. The creature died, and the Frankenstein monster wept as it turned back into Lenore.
    The monster then encountered the villagers, one of whom hurled a rock at him, as well as their priest, whom the monster realized was the "demon in the black robes" Lenore had described to him. Hurt at the deceit and the loss of Lenore, the monster departed the village.

Comments: Created by Gary Friedrich, Mike Ploog, and John Verpoorten.

    I'm not sure why Lenore hadn't turned into a werewolf while she was under the full moon when she was tied to the boat, or after the Frankenstein monster had untied her. I guess the full moon on the first page was just artistic license.

    Lenore was not specifically named as a werewolf, but described as being possessed by a wolf-demon, which isn't too far off, as all werewolves derive power from the legendary wolf-demon.

Her last name was revealed in the Werewolves profile in OHotMU A-Z HC#13.

Profile by Snood.

No KNOWN connections to:

Lenore's father

    Having lost his right hand and eye at some point, he joined with the other villagers to kill Lenore after discovering she was a werewolf. When the Frankenstein monster brought Lenore to him, unwittingly seeking his aid, he tried to kill both the monster and Lenore, but after being subdued by the monster he died from the strain.


    He wielded a lead-filled wrap on the end of his stump as a blunt weapon to enhance his striking power. He also carried a battle-axe and was reasonably competent in a fight, but his heart had apparently weakened with age


--Monster of Frankenstein#5






"demon in the black robes"


    The local priest, he apparently led the villagers to try to destroy Lenore, believing she was possessed by a wolf-demon. Lenore told the Frankenstein monster that the priest was a "demon in the black robes" and that he had possessed the other villagers and wanted to destroy her because she was the only one to resist his control. After Lenore's death, he met with the Frankenstein monster, revealing the full truth and then encouraging him to leave before the villagers tried to destroy him.

--Monster of Frankenstein#5



images: (without ads)
Monster of Frankenstein#5, p3 (saved by Frankenstein monster)
        p6, panel 4 (face)
        p7, panel 3 (father)
        p18, panel 2 (werewolf form)
        last page, panel 3 (priest)

Monster of Frankenstein#5 (September, 1973) - Gary Friedrich (writer), Mike Ploog (penciler), John Verpoorten (inker), Roy Thomas (editor)

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