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Real Name:  Cameron Palmer Hayes (see comments)

Identity/Class:  Human

Occupation:  Substitute teacher;
former teacher at Rudolph Giuliani High School

Group Membership:  None

Affiliations: Tatiana Caban, L'il Bro, Kiden Nixon, Bobby Soul, X-23 (Laura Kinney);
formerly Gordo, Kara, Sam Palmer (see comments), Principal Sherman Weismann

Enemies:  Diesel, Gutierrez, Hector Morales, Paolo, "Sniper Chick," Tamisha, Tanya, Zebra Daddy

Known Relatives:  Sam Hayes (ex-husband)

Aliases:  “Babe,” “Cam,” "The Mother Theresa of Giuliani High"

Base of Operations:  Her apartment on East 25th Street in New York City, New York

First Appearance:  NYX#1 (November, 2003)

Powers/Abilities:  Cameron Palmer had no superhuman abilities, but was a skilled teacher. She was also not bad at using a frying pan as a weapon.

Height: (by approximation): 5'5"
Weight: (by approximation): 115 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark brown

head shotHistory:  (NYX#1) - When a fight broke out between Kiden Nixon and Hector Morales, Cameron Palmer was the teacher present who broke it up. She ordered Hector to the school nurse and Kiden to the guidance counselor. After making sure the students got where they needed to go, she returned to her classroom, where she taught her students about the words of Martin Luther King Jr. Three minutes before the bell rang, Kiden returned to her class from the counselor and disrupted the class. She then quieted the class down and reminded them of the next day's assignment to compare the sermons of Martin Luther King Jr. to the mutant manifesto by Charles Xavier. In the hallway after class, Hector threatened Kiden by having his friends beat up her friend Kara. Ms. Palmer arrived in the hallway in time to see Kiden "break" Hector's arm (not realizing that the break was accidentally caused by Kiden Nixon's mutant powers).

 (NYX#2 (fb)) - The next morning, Cameron's boyfriend Sam made her breakfast in bed. When she asked about his choice of Garth Brooks music first thing in the morning, he reminded her of her roots. He then asked her about what happened at school the day before and she replied that when Hector's arm was broken, it seemed as if it happened in such a way that it felt like an old vinyl record skipping. During their discussion, her responsibility to her students came into conversation and Sam reminded her that they call her "the Mother Theresa of Giuliani High." She jokingly threatened to throw him off the bed and the two playfully fell off to bed. Later that day at school, Cameron was present when Kiden Nixon was sent to the principal for the events of the day before. She asked Kiden who actually broke Hector's arm, but Kiden remained silent until Principal Weismann told her to get out of his office. Cameron then attempted to convince Principal Weismann that Kiden was really a good girl, but he sternly asked her to leave his office as well. Ms. Palmer quickly left and then tried to catch up with Kiden in the hallway in an attempt to talk to her personally. As she was making her way through the crowded hallway, Hector Morales pulled a gun on Kiden and Kiden yelled stop, freezing time in place. When Kiden touched Hector's gun in the "No Time" zone, it caused time to come speeding back into effect, generating enough force to throw off Hector's aim and causing him to shoot Ms. Palmer instead of Kiden herself.

 (NYX#4 (fb)) - Immediately after the shooting, Kiden ran from the scene but followed the ambulance to the hospital, where she discovered that Cameron had lost a lot of blood.

 (NYX#7 (fb) - BTS) - Not long after the shooting, Cameron apparently got married. The marriage soon fell apart when Sam left her, claiming that she had changed since the shooting.

(NYX: No Way Home#2 (fb) – BTS) – When Sam left Cameron, he left behind a letter claiming that he felt like, as a teacher, Cameron was being dragged down by the very children she was trying to help. Feeling like most of them were con artists and losers, Sam refused to be dragged down with Cameron.

 (NYX#2) - Six months later, after she had somewhat recovered from the gunshot wounds, Principal Weismann visited Ms. Palmer's apartment and asked her to come back to teach. Cameron asked about Kiden, but Weismann explained that Kiden had been missing since the shooting. She eventually declined Weismann's offer to return to teaching and was terrified when Principal Weismann accidentally dropped a picture, shattering it. The sound of the breaking glass frightened Cameron into a crying fit due to its similarity to the sound of a gunshot. Later that night, Kiden arrived at her apartment, only to find Ms. Palmer laying in a tub filled with her own blood due a near-overdose of Vicodin.

 (NYX#3) - Kiden quickly called 9-1-1 and an ambulance soon arrived to take Ms. Palmer to the hospital. At NYU Hospital, Kiden patiently waited by Ms. Palmer's bedside to make sure she was ok and soon after, Ms. Palmer returned home to her apartment with Kiden there to help. When Ms. Palmer tried to convince Kiden to return to her family, Kiden tried to explain that it was her fault that she was shot. Cameron angrily told Kiden that if Kiden did not go home the next morning, she would call child services. That night, Kiden had a vision of her deceased father that told her to go to the Hotel Brasil, Room 202. Kiden wrote the address down using a permanent marker and left that night. When she left, Cameron awoke to find that Kiden's writing had bled through the paper. Cameron quickly followed Kiden to the Hotel Brasil, where the both of them found a bloody X-23 sitting over a dead man's body.

 (NYX#5 (fb)) - When Cameron and Kiden arrived at the Hotel Brasil, they were spotted by Tanya, one of the prostitutes who worked for a pimp named Zebra Daddy who had been X-23's "employer." Tanya phoned Zebra Daddy and told him that X-23 had killed one of her customers. Cameron, Kiden, and X-23 soon left the scene and Tanya informed Zebra Daddy.

 (NYX#4) - Kiden, Cameron, and X-23 went to a restaurant where Kiden explained what had happened in the six months that she was missing. She explained that a vision of her father told her to go to Cameron's apartment to save her. Cameron argued with Kiden, claiming that Kiden needed to return to her family. Their argument was broken up when X-23 finally spoke up and explained that she did not kill the man that she was sitting over when they found her.

(NYX#4/NYX#5 (fb)) - The trio soon returned to Cameron's apartment (not knowing that Tanya was still following them and informing Zebra Daddy of their every move) where X-23 told them what really happened at the Hotel Brasil. In the middle of the explanation, Kiden saw another vision of her father.

 (NYX#5) - After speaking with the vision of her father, Kiden told Cameron and X-23 that they had to leave the apartment immediately. Moments later, a group of Zebra Daddy's men busted into the apartment and shot up the place. Cameron, Kiden, and X-23 managed to escape down the fire escape outside. Kiden soon saw another vision of her dad, telling them to go to the Bronx. The trio quickly hopped onto a train and when they arrived in the Bronx, they found a young girl named Tatiana being attacked by an anti-mutant mob. While Cameron expressed worries about the situation, X-23 calmed Tatiana down.

 (NYX#6) - Once Tatiana was convinced into following Kiden, Cameron, and X-23, Cameron spoke with Kiden about how she had finally come to the conclusion that Kiden really was responsible for the problems in her life, despite her best efforts to think the opposite. She then angrily told Kiden that she could understand why Kiden's mom's life got better after Kiden left.

 (NYX#7) - Soon after while Tatiana was explaining the irony of her mutant powers, Cameron Palmer once again confronted Kiden and apologized for what she had said earlier. She then explained that her apology was necessary because despite the problems that Kiden had created, the situation had cleared the deadwood from her life. Cameron then told Kiden about her husband and how he had left her following the shooting. After their discussion, Cameron managed to convince Kiden and the others to return to her apartment so that they could at least get her credit cards and perhaps salvage what was left of her belongings. Kiden started to argue but saw yet another vision of her father telling her to go to the apartment. They all agreed to go and Cameron told the girls to remain behind and call the police if her apartment light did not come on. She also told the whining Tatiana that if she did not want to see things through with them that she could always return home. Once inside her apartment, Cameron was attacked by one of Zebra Daddy's men before she could flip a lightswitch. As Kiden, Tatiana, and X-23 prepared to rescue Cameron, they were also attacked by Zebra Daddy and his men. X-23 and Kiden soon fought back and were soon joined by Felon, a young man whom Kiden's father had also recruited by appearing to him in a vision. Inside her apartment, Cameron improvised and hit her attacker with a frying pan, causing him to shove her out the window. Now calling herself Catiana, Tatiana transformed into a cat-like state and scaled the wall to save Cameron. When Tatiana accidentally dropped Ms. Palmer, Kiden once again froze time and pulled a mattress under Cameron to save her. When she un-froze time, X-23 quickly killed Zebra Daddy. The police soon arrived and Felon offered the women a safe place if they went with him. Trusting him, the foursome followed.

(NYX: No Way Home#1) – Deciding to start substitute teaching in an effort to get her life back in order, Cameron Palmer routinely visited the apartment of Bobby Soul, which now housed Tatiana Caban and Kiden Nixon, as well as Bobby’s L’il Bro. Arriving to bring the group some groceries, Cameron reminded them all that they should return to school but her efforts were met with disagreement. Later that day, while Kiden was working at her job at the Corner Cafe, Cameron’s home was ransacked and she was kidnapped from her apartment.

(NYX: No Way Home#3 (fb) – BTS) – After being kidnapped, Cameron was delivered to the enigmatic Sniper Chick at Empire State University.

(NYX: No Way Home#4) – After taunting Kiden Nixon with a photo of the tortured Cameron Palmer, the Sniper Chick returned to her headquarters to speak with the spirit of Kiden’s father Nick, who was playing chess with the chained up and seriously injured Cameron Palmer.

(NYX: No Way Home#6) – Following their own torture at the hands of the Sniper Chick, Kiden Nixon and her friends freed a terrified and raving Cameron Palmer, who demanded they stay away from her. Unsure if she was drugged or had just lost her mind due to her recent experiences, Kiden and her friends left Cameron at Memorial Hospital while they left to continue their lives.

Comments: Created by Joe Quesada, Joshua Middleton, and Jean-Francois Beaulieu.

In NYX#5, Kiden referred to Cameron Palmer as "Ms. Hayes." Since it was never explained, my opinion on the matter is that "Palmer" was Cameron's maiden name. While it was never actually said that she was married, the picture that Sherman Weismann accidentally broke was a picture of Cameron in a wedding dress. I think this means that she married her boyfriend Sam sometime in the six-month period following her shooting and that Sam's last name must have been "Hayes," which would make her name "Cameron Palmer Hayes."

In NYX#7, Cameron tells Kiden that her husband's name was "Frank" and that he had run out on her, but in NYX#2, Principal Weismann refers to him as "Sam," which is what Cameron refers to him as at the beginning of NYX#2 as well. I'm going to go with the idea that his whole name is "Samuel Frank Hayes."

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Cameron Palmer has no known connections to


Sherman Weismann was the Principal of Rudolph Giuliani High School and Cameron's boss. When Kiden Nixon was sent to his office for the fight between her and Hector, he grew angry at Kiden and eventually told both her and Ms. Palmer to leave his office after Ms. Palmer attempted to explain to him that Kiden was really a good kid. Six months after her shooting, Principal Weismann visited Ms. Palmer in her apartment and asked her to return to teaching but she declined.

--NYX#2 (fb) (#2

images: (not counting ads)
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NYX#2, p18, pan1 (Principal Sherman Weismann)
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NYX#5, p13, pan2 (Cameron Palmer, headshot)

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