main image"SNIPER CHICK"

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Presumably human mutant

Occupation: To push and groom others for their own survival

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: "Tattoo Man", an unidentified power player;
    formerly Nick Nixon

EnemiesTatiana Caban, Lil' Bro, Kiden Nixon, Nick Nixon, Cameron Palmer, Bobby Soul

Known Relatives: Unidentified power player (father)

Aliases: "Lady"

Base of Operations: Presumably mobile

First Appearance: NYX: No Way Home#4 (February, 2009)

Powers/Abilities: The "Sniper Chick" was inexplicably unaffected by Kiden Nixon's ability to freeze time and could move freely within the frozen time as Kiden did. She was also skilled in the use of a sniper rifle, chemically drugged syringes and other firearms. She was also able to see and communicate with the ghostly spirit of Nick Nixon.


(NYX: No Way Home#4 (fb) - BTS) - Following the "Tattoo Man"'s death, the "Sniper Chick" placed a card telling Kiden and the others where to find her on the "Tattoo Man"'s body.

(NYX: No Way Home#4) - While Kiden Nixon used her powers to search for  more clues to Cameron Palmer's kidnapping, the "Sniper Chick" watched Kiden retrieve the card she left on the "Tattoo Man." Later, when Kiden snuck out of Dr. Cecilia Reyes' apartment to follow the instructions on the card, the "Sniper Chick" confronted her, gloating at her manipulating of Kiden. After Kiden demanded to know where Cameron was, "Sniper Chick" prepared to punch Kiden and Kiden used her powers, only to find that the "Sniper Chick" was unaffected. The "Sniper Chick" then punched Kiden in the face, warning that she would have to do better than that. She then revealed that it was her job to teach Kiden, warning Kiden that she was much harder to kill than the Tattoo Man. She then gave Kiden a business card for Empire State University and a photo of the tortured Cameron Palmer, walking off and leaving Kiden with that information. Returning to her headquarters, the "Sniper Chick" told Kiden's father Nick that everything was going as planned.

(NYX: No Way Home#5) - After Kiden and her friends left Dr. Reyes' apartment, the "Sniper Chick" watched as an undercover cop staked out Cameron Palmer's apartment, reporting her findings to her father/boss. When Kiden left her friends behind to meet the "Sniper Chick" at Empire State University, the "Sniper Chick" met Kiden and once again reminded her that her kidnapping of Cameron Palmer was all to teach Kiden to survive. After Kiden managed to elbow her, the "Sniper Chick" drugged her and brought her to her headquarters for torture. She shortly thereafter captured Bobby Soul, Tatiana Caban and Lil' Bro as well. Checking on Bobby and prepping him for torture, the "Sniper Chick" next checked on Tatiana, offering her a chance to survive then leaving her to think about her offer. "Sniper Chick" next met with the ghostly Nick Nixon, who reminded her that Bobby was ready for torture. With "Sniper Chick" distracted with Bobby, Nick appeared to Kiden, reminding her that he was there for her.

(NYX: No Way Home#6) - Returning to Tatiana, the "Sniper Chick" gave Tatiana a gun and tried to push Tatiana into killing her. In an effort to push Tatiana to a breaking point, the "Sniper Chick" shot the ground, causing a splinter to slice her across the face. A hallucinating Tatiana eventually pulled the trigger on the gun, thinking she had killed the "Sniper Chick", but "Sniper Chick" reminded her that Tatiana was still drugged and had only hallucinated the "Sniper Chick"'s death. Surprised that Tatiana pulled the trigger, the "Sniper Chick" accused Tatiana of being a killer then left to check on Kiden, whom she attempted to turn against her father by teasing at Nick Nixon's involvement in her capture. When Nick ordered her out of the room, the "Sniper Chick" claimed that he had ten minutes to say what he needed to say but before she could leave, the "Sniper Chick" was punched in the face by Tatiana, who had assumed the "Sniper Chick"'s form using the blood left on the floor from the "Sniper Chick"'s earlier face injury. Realizing that Lil' Bro had led Tatiana there, the "Sniper Chick" angrily accused Nick of lying about Lil' Bro's powers just before a dragon psychically summoned by Lil' Bro bit "Sniper Chick"'s head off. Tatiana and Bobby then freed Kiden and Cameron Palmer. As they escaped to leave Cameron Palmer at Memorial Hospital, Nick Nixon spoke with the "Sniper Chick"'s boss, who was also her father, and asked why the boss did not seem grieved that his daughter had died. The boss replied that he had other children and her life was worth seeing what Lil' Bro was capable of.

Comments: Created by Marjorie Liu, Kalman Andrasofszky, Sara Pichelli and Ramon Perez.

The "Sniper Chick"'s codename was revealed in the character design sketch page in NYX: No Way Home#4.

Profile by Proto-Man.

"Sniper Chick" has no known connections to

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NYX: No Way Home#5, p16, pan6 (main image)
NYX: No Way Home#6, p14, pan5 (headshot)

NYX: No Way Home#4 (February, 2009) - Marjorie Liu (writer), Kalman Andrasofszky (pencils), Sara Pichelli (pencils, inks), Ramon Perez (inks), John Barber (editor)
NYX: No Way Home#5 (March, 2009) - Marjorie Liu (writer), Kalman Andrasofszky (pencils), Ramon Perez (inks), John Barber (editor)
NYX: No Way Home#6 (April, 2009) - Marjorie Liu (writer), Kalman Andrasofszky (pencils), Sara Pichelli (pencils, inks), Ramon Perez (inks), John Barber (editor)

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