Real Name:  Hector Morales

Identity/Class:  Human

Occupation:  Student

Group Membership:  An unidentified gang

Affiliations:  Paolo, Tamisha

Enemies:  Gordo, Kara, Kiden Nixon, Cameron Palmer

Known Relatives:  None

Aliases:  Baby, Little Boy, Shorty (all insults from Kiden and other students)

Base of Operations:  New York

First Appearance:  NYX#1 (November, 2003)

Powers/Abilities:  Hector Morales had no superhuman powers, but was semi-skilled at using a handgun as well as bribing. He had connections to others in his gang, which helped him sneak a gun onto school premises.

head shotHistory:  (NYX#1) - During a typical day at school, Hector Morales picked on a boy named Gordo by hitting him in the head with a ball as Kiden Nixon and her friend, Kara, watched on. To get a reaction, Hector threw the ball and hit Kiden, who made a joke on Hector's behalf. The two shared harsh words until Hector angrily smacked Kiden across the face. In retaliation, Kiden jumped at Hector and ripped one of his earrings out just as their teacher, Ms. Palmer, broke up the fight. As Ms. Palmer escorted Hector to the school nurse, Hector whispered to Kiden that she was dead. After his visit to the hospital, Hector confronted Kiden and Kara in the hallways, letting a girl named Tamisha and her friends rough up Kara while he and his friends held Kiden back. Kiden yelled stop, causing time around her to stop, freezing Hector and the others in place. When she touched Hector's arm, time came speeding back into effect and the force generated broke Hector's arm.

 (NYX#2/NYX#4 (fb) - BTS) - The next day, Hector returned to school in cast, where he bribed the school police officer into letting him sneak a gun to school. He later confronted Kiden in the halls, where he pulled the gun on her and fired. Kiden yelled stop, freezing time again. While inside her "No Time" zone, Kiden touched Hector's gun, causing time to speed back into effect. The force generated caused Hector to misfire and hit Ms. Palmer, who was trying to reach Kiden.

(NYX#6 - BTS) - Following the shooting of Ms. Palmer, Hector was sent to a juvenile hall.

Comments: Created by Joe Quesada, Joshua Middleton, and Jean-Francois Beaulieu.

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Hector Morales has no known connections to


Gordo was a student at the Rudolph Giuliani High School with Hector. During one day at school, Hector taunted Gordo and hit him in the head with a ball.



Paolo was a member of Hector's gang of hoodlums and when Kiden ripped Hector's earring out, Hector called to Paolo for a knife. Paolo prepared to pull out his knife, but stopped when their teacher, Ms. Palmer arrived. He later joined Hector in the hallways when they confronted Kiden

--NYX#1 (2/4 (fb) -BTS,  

NYX#1, p14, pan2 (Gordo)
 p18, pan5 (Hector Morales headshot)
 p24, splash page (Paolo)
NYX#2, p12, pan4 (Hector Morales fullbody)

NYX#1 (November, 2003) - Joe Quesada (story), Joshua Middleton (art), Jean-Francois Beaulieu (art assist)
NYX#2 (January, 2004) - Joe Quesada (story), Joshua Middleton (art)
NYX#4 (July, 2004) - Joe Quesada (story), Joshua Middleton (art)

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